Striker Titan Lore: Subclass Series

Don’t let the Hunters or Warlocks deceive you, Guardian. Titans bear the weight of the City’s defense. We held the line at the Gap, we built the walls and keep the dream of the City alive. Without our strong arms and broad shoulders, what keeps the Tower standing? Never forget that.

Welcome back Guardians, today we are continuing my subclass series, focusing on the Striker Titan. I will speak about the role of a Striker Titan and include legendary Striker Titan’s in destiny’s universe. If you have recently started a new character and you are completing a defender Titan, please join my discord and DM, as I am still chasing all of the mission dialogues for the defender Titan video, specially, when you complete each step, the vanguard usually has a piece of dialogue which is not in the databases, but often important to the lore of the subclass.

As usual, when I upload a youtube video, I will be live over on Twitch, feel free to come and join. The script for this video will also be up on my website, link below. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

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