Destiny 2 Lore Pocket Infinity

Exotic Weapon Lore

Destiny 2 hints at Pocket Infinity

“You will find the nightmares grow worse. Thankfully, you no longer have need to sleep.” – Gallida Tuyet.

Welcome back Guardians, the quote you just heard is from the Destiny 2 warlock bond, Ego Talon. The reason why this item description is really interesting is that Gallida Tuyet is from Fireteam Tuyet which is the lost Fireteam on Venus, a fireteam who had the schematics for the creation of Pocket Infinity. This lore is told to us in the year 1 exotic bounty, “Shattered memory fragment”. So today we are going to talk about the lore of pocket infinity and the significance of this item in Destiny 2.

As usual, when I upload, I will be live over on twitch. Right now, I am actually working through the Titan quest lines to screen capture all the lore to complete my subclass lore videos. Feel free to come and join. The script for this video is also available on my website, see the link below. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

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Destiny Lore The Story of Amanda Holliday

Amanda Holliday’s tragic childhood

Character Lore

“We were some of the last refugees to make it to the City. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all the jokes. Know what? We did get lost. Many times. It wasn’t all that funny at the time. My mama’s shotgun, The Chaperone, was the only reason I made it here.” —Amanda Holliday

Welcome back guardians, I am sure many of you spotted what most would assume was a young Amanda Holliday in the Zavala D2 trailer. Despite the joyous look on her face as a ship flies into the distance, not everyone knows about the horror and hardships that Amanda Holliday witnessed as a refugee travelling to the safety of the last City. Today we will cover the lore of Amanda Holliday and the exotic shotgun, the Chaperone.

As usual, whenever I upload a youtube video, I will be live over on twitch, feel free to come and join. You can read the scripts for any of my videos on my website, link below and lastly thanks for all the feedback on the audio book, I will be making some changes. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

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Destiny 2 Raze Lighter wont return

Raze Lighter

Exotic weapon lore

You reclaimed Willbreaker, won it for the Light! Guardian, I…was wrong about that sword. Wrong about you. Perhaps even…wrong about myself.” —Eris Morn


Welcome back guardians, today we will be covering the lore of the Exotic sword Raze lighter. The reason why I was interested in this was due to images emerging of Lord Shaxx wielding Raze lighter in Destiny 2, which was something that has been on our radar ever since the mega blok leaked images back in January.

IN today’s video, I want to cover the lore first and then move into the significance of Shaxx having Raze lighter in Destiny 2, because it does dramatically effect the Lore, technically if Shaxx has Raze lighter in Destiny 2, the other exotic swords do not exist. So I want to explain this in greater detail.

That artwork at the beginning of this video was provided by Pat Garcia, a link to more of his work is below. If you are watching this video within the first two hours of release, I am currently live streaming over on Twitch, today is raid night, feel free to join. This is myelin games, and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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