Do Guardians Age? Destiny

Guardians get old?

Character Lore

“This may not make sense to you, but it took your fight to remind me that immortality is not the same as invincibility.”

Welcome back Guardians, by far my favorite scene from the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal was the cutscene involving Zavala as he is revived from a crashed ship and journeys towards the Traveler. If you are anything like me, I instantly recognized the character as a “young Zavala”, before any other context was giving, my mind said, this is a young version of Zavala… but why, Guardians don’t age right? Well that is what we are going to discuss in today’s Destiny Lore episode and we will also discuss how this scene very cleverly portrays a “young” Zavala without contradicting the Lore of Destiny.

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This is myelin games, I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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