Destiny 2 Lore: The Traveler/shard is the only source of Light?

Sources of Light


Welcome back guardians. I have more of a lore news video today where I wanted to talk about some of the information currently on the Destiny 2 website which relates to the new locations in Destiny 2. Specifically I wanted to mention the Travelers shard in the European Dead Zone, Titan and IO. The information on the website has some pretty significant lore implications.

Before we start, I have a couple of other announcements, I have made the final decision upon the voice actor for the Anan comic book, I will make a video announcing the winner on Wednesday.

Also, please check out Log Power slaves parody video on Titans in Destiny 2, Log is one of my co-hosts from the Destiny Down Under podcast and all round top bloke. I will put his video in the first link of the description.

Lastly, as usual, I will live over on twitch when this video is uploaded youtube. I have also added some more streams to the schedule. Destiny streams are at night for the US and paragon streams are in the morning.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

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Destiny Subclass Lore: Bladedancer

Sublcass Lore


Set aside your weapons and lose yourself in the blade trance. Arc Light galvanizes your armor and hastens your movements, and when your knife finds a target it discharges a snap of annihilating current. For as long as the trance lasts, you are the very shadow of death.

Welcome back guardians. Today we are continuing with the Destiny Lore subclass series, and this time we are covering the Bladedancers. I know, this seems a bit unfair considering I only recently covered the Golden Gun hunters… but the comments in that video were hilarious and surprisingly really good natured, considering I essentially called all Hunters arrogant, you instead proved that you had a pretty good sense of humour just like your Vanguard mentor Cayde, so thank you for that. With E3 on the horizon, with the playable ArcStrider, I also thought it was a perfect time to cover the Bladedancer. I will cover the general lore and attitude of Bladedancers (which is quite different from the Golden Gun) and then cover potential legendary Bladedancers, one of which may be Shiro-4.

A big thanks to Lydell070898 and Splashback77 on discord for collating all the in-game text for me for the Bladedancer. Also a quick reminder about my patreon page, all donations go towards employing artists to create the Destiny Lore comic books, Gamma trap is working very hard on the next one, which will be out just before Destiny 2, here is a sneak peak.

Also, you can read all of my destiny lore scripts on my website, link below and lastly, I will be on twitch as soon as I upload this, today is lore night, feel free to join and ask a question.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

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Destiny 2: No more Exo Stranger

Exo Stranger not set to return in Destiny 2

Character Lore

Welcome back guardians, just a very quick video to update you on some more Lore news regarding Destiny 2. This was covered in the PC gamer interview with Luke Smith, a link to the article will be below. It is worth a read, as there is some interesting information about guided games, shared loot with clans, reasons for changing the subclasses and much more.

As usual, when I upload a video on youtube, I will be live over on twitch, feel free to come and join. If you would like to read the script for this video, you can find it over on my website, link below. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 Lore news updated.

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The Ahamkara

Character Lore


Welcome back everyone to another Destiny Lore episode. Today we are covering the legend of the Ahamkara. The video will cover where these dragon-like creatures came from and why they were hunted to extinction. There are portions of speculation throughout, so I will make sure you are aware of what is said in the grimoire cards and what is my own interpretation or speculation. If you want greater clarity of direct quotes, place the subtitles on and you will be able to see the quotation marks. Also, I do not believe these are the Ahamkara on Venus, and the one you see in the Tower, I believe are the Roc, yes as the Vanguard strike playlist the Roc. Roc in mythology are giant legendary birds of prey. Now that, that’s out of the way, we will begin.

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Who are the Hidden?

Character lore

The Hidden

The Awoken have played their part. This was all part of the plan. Guide them, my Hidden friend. It is all up to you now.

Welcome back guardians, today we will be discussing the Hidden, a group of secret Guardians that report to Vanguard Warlock Ikora Rey. We will discuss general function of the Hidden, the members of the Hidden and major influences of their actions.

It has been a busy week of Destiny Lore, links to “How do Guardians die?”, “Malahayati the warmind” and “Did any Iron Lords survive?” are in the description below. Tune in to Twitch for my Destiny Lore live streams which are 6pm-8pm every day with the exception of Saturday nights, if you are watching this video the moment it is released, I am streaming right now. Stay up to date on Twitter, especially if you want to help film destiny lore videos as I post when I filming. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

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What was Felwinter’s Lie?

Character Lore


Forged in remembrance of Felwinter, he who stared into the Void.

Welcome back guardians, today we discussing the classic Iron Banner weapon that sparked many theories about the Iron Lord, Felwinter. Of course we are talking about the Iron Banner shotgun Felwinter’s Lie. With the release of Rise of Iron many expected the lie of Felwinter to be revealed in the grimoire cards or even through in-game storytelling, however I personally did not find the answer very obvious. This destiny lore episode will explore four theories to what Felwinter’s Lie was? Unfortunately, if you are looking for a solid conclusion here, you will not find one, these are purely speculative theories based upon the grimoire cards and item descriptions.

At the end of this video, I have some exciting news, the comic book series is returning and I already have some artwork to share with you all. In addition I will be joining a new podcast called Destiny DownUnder, the links to the podcast twitch and twitter is in the description below and we will be live on twitch each Friday night from 10pm EST US, starting 14th October. Be sure to follow Destiny DownUnder on twitch and twitter so you don’t miss the first podcast!

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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