Do Guardians Age? Destiny

Guardians get old?

Character Lore

“This may not make sense to you, but it took your fight to remind me that immortality is not the same as invincibility.”

Welcome back Guardians, by far my favorite scene from the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal was the cutscene involving Zavala as he is revived from a crashed ship and journeys towards the Traveler. If you are anything like me, I instantly recognized the character as a “young Zavala”, before any other context was giving, my mind said, this is a young version of Zavala… but why, Guardians don’t age right? Well that is what we are going to discuss in today’s Destiny Lore episode and we will also discuss how this scene very cleverly portrays a “young” Zavala without contradicting the Lore of Destiny.

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This is myelin games, I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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Lore of the Gunslinger!

The Gunslinger!

Character Lore

A new Gunslinger, hey? Aim true, Guardian. Most embarrassing thing a Hunter can do is snap off a shot of solar power only to see it spatter off a wall. Get out there and practice a bit. Feather the trigger.

Welcome back Guardians, this is a continuation of my subclass lore series, where I cover each subclass in Destiny. Of course, today we are talking about Gunslingers, the Golden Gun subclass of Hunters. We are going to cover a couple of different topics during this video, firstly we will briefly touch upon some of the most infamous Golden Gun Hunters in Destiny’s lore, secondly we will look at the philosophy/attitude of Gunslingers and lastly we will look closer at the mechanics of the Golden Gun, whether Hunters put solar energy into an existing weapons or whether they actually materialise a Golden Gun from nothing using solar energy. And the answer is not as obvious as you think.

A big thank you to lydell070898 who is part of my discord who provide all of the quest line dialogue for the Gunslinger, he actually started a fresh hunter to capture both PvE and PvP questlines.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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Destiny 2: NO more Grimoire!

Is there Grimoire cards in Destiny 2?

“The answer to that question is ‘no’ and the reason it’s ‘no’ is because we want to put the lore in the game,” “We want people to be able to find the lore. All the story is told through the Adventures, it’s told through the characters in the world, it’s told through the campaign and it’s told through scannables you find throughout the world.” – Steve Cotton.

What you just heard was a quote from a Forbes article about Destiny 2’s grimoire cards, or lack of grimoire cards. I had caught wind of this a couple of days ago, but the previous articles were a lot less definitive and I thought it might just be click bait, apparently My Name is Byf also asked the question to Luke Smith, and he also confirmed grimoire cards will not be returning to Destiny 2. I understand there is a “Show Lore” button in the game, but we don’t know how this functions yet. There is a fair bit a panic in the lore community at the moment, this includes myself, because these changes may severely impact the content we make. So in this video, I will give my opinion about the good, bad and the ugly of removing grimoire cards from Destiny 2.

ON another note, my website has been updated with every lore video that I have made (excluding collaborations), so if you are new to Destiny Lore you can search all of my videos at once. Just type a key word into the search bar and if I have ever mentioned that character or event you will be able to see the corresponding video, you can also read the script rather than having to watch the video.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 coverage.

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Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal, Complete Breakdown

Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal

Complete Breakdown

Welcome back Guardians… can I still call you Guardians… anyway today I wanted summarise the Gameplay reveal, I have just finished watching it and wanted to share all of the main points that I could spot. There is a ton more to cover, however that will take some more time to go through the reveal multiple times with a fine-tooth comb. Without saying, this video will contain spoilers for destiny 2, if you don’t want to know anything about Destiny 2 click away now. After the intro I will leave a contents page so you can skip to any section you want to know information about, I will also put the time stamps in the description.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this Destiny 2 coverage.

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Osiris, Permanent Radiance

Character Lore

Osiris achieved a constant state of Radiance?

Open yourself to the Light. Glimpse, for a few rapturous moments, the truth beyond the powers you wield.

A Warlock in a state of Radiance threatens to slip beyond the bonds of the material, shrugging off physical harm, channeling a torrent of abilities. Some may learn to elevate nearby Guardians, gifting them with power.

Welcome back guardians, this is a follow up video to my Sunsinger video where I briefly mentioned how Osiris may have been able to achieve a constant state of radiance. I wanted to expand on this theory and this may allow Osiris to travel through time.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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Sunsinger Lore


Character Lore

“The Light saved us from death and forged us into weapons. We seek to understand it, to embrace it, to consume and be consumed by it. We hope to become radiant.”

Welcome back guardians. Today I wanted to talk about Sunsingers, I was really interested in knowing how Sunsingers revive themselves, how do they bring themselves back without a ghost. Whilst there is no concrete answer to this I wanted to put all of the Sunsinger lore from the subclass quest line together to see if it contains any clues. Whilst researching this video, I also found out some very interesting things about Toland and Osiris.

These subclass videos are challenging to write because often the dialogue of the subclass quests are not included in the databases, the dialogue in your progress menu is often in the databases, but when you complete each step and speak to your corresponding vanguard, what the Vanguard says is often not documented anywhere.

If you would like to join my discord to help out with this kind of things please see the link in the description, I still have Golden Gun, Blade Dancer, Striker Titan and Defender Titan videos to complete.  The discord is not just for helping me out but you can speak with other like-minded lore fans, the lore-theories section is for posting theories you want me to look at, the lore conversation is for chatting about the lore in general and the general section is just for anything you want to talk about.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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House of Stone- What Happened?

The House of Stone


Eliksni songs still tell of Chelchis, Kell of Stone, who stood before the Maw.

Welcome back guardians, today I wanted to cover some of the new items released with Age of Triumph, specifically the King’s Fall raid items. The King’s Fall raid items are quite unique as they tell multiple stories about multiple characters and the character I want to focus on today is Chelchis, Kell of Stone.

The thumbnail artwork was provided by Brandon McCamey if you would like to pick up any of his work in poster format please see the link below. If you are watching this between 7-9pm EST US, Sunday, Wedenesday or Friday, I will be livestreaming right now.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny Lore episode.

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Darkness: The True Enemy


Character Lore

“…saw Darkness. But not in the abstract, not like the Speaker talks about it. Real, flesh and blood Darkness standing before me. It wore a Fallen Captain like he was a suit of clothes. It laughed at me. Reached out a hand. And then I was gone, off to somewhen else.” —File 48743 from Praedyth’s Ghost”

Welcome back guardians. Today I wanted to talk about the real war in Destiny and that is the battle between the Light and the Darkness. I also want to try and explain why the Darkness is pursuing the Light or rather wants the Light eliminated. Whilst the Cabal clearly impose a major threat to the City in Destiny 2, by destroying the Tower, I do think they are overshadowed by a greater war between the Light and the Dark.

Thank you to AnonPig for sending me some information regarding the description of the Darkness. And as usual, thank you to brandon mccamey for providing the artwork seen at the beginning of this video. If you would like to pick up poster versions of any of his work, see the links below.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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Rasputin Never Shot the Traveler

Rasputin and the Traveler


The Guardian Vanguard hoped that Rasputin might make a powerful ally, capable of mapping and reviving Golden Age military assets and recruiting them for the City’s defense. But Rasputin has proven recalcitrant and high-handed, unresponsive to the City’s outreach.

We cannot characterize Rasputin’s strategic objectives and capabilities, cannot define its physical or computational architecture, cannot ascertain its disposition with regard to the City, and cannot be sure it retains memory of events before the Collapse.

The Traveler came out of nowhere. Entirely unanticipated. Imagine if it hadn’t been friendly. Imagine that. Rasputin surely has.

Welcome back guardians, today we are revisiting the theory that Rasputin crippled the Traveler. I am for the most part very specific with my scripts and writing, often using phrases such as “I believe”, “I think this means”, “I interpret this as”, which are all intended as ‘sign posts’, indicators to the listener that what I am saying is not fact but an interpretation. An interpretation of the grimoire cards. Unfortunately, I did not do this for the Collapse video, and made it seem like it was fact that Rasputin crippled the Traveler. I admit I have also been biased towards this topic in the past, so I hope this video will correct that and present some evidence to why Rasputin did NOT cripple the Traveler.

If you have corrections like this in the future, please feel free to use my discord and post in the “lore section”, however try not to debate within the lore tab, as all you will do is bury your own feedback. Take any discussion into the general section.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

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Where are the Ghosts? (Destiny 2)

Where are the Ghosts in Destiny 2?


“In its dying breath, the Traveler created the Ghosts…To seek out those who can wield its Light as a weapon.

Built from machinery and the Traveler’s Light, Ghosts guide their Guardian companions in the quest to reclaim our solar system.

Every Ghost seeks out its Guardian among the ancient dead. The Ghost serves as scout, librarian, and mechanic, waking ancient machinery and cracking alien codes. In the right situations, a Ghost can even save a Guardian from death.

But Ghosts are not immortal. As far as Guardians know, every loss is irreplaceable.”

Welcome back Guardians. Destiny Lore is becoming increasingly popular, not only do we have the return of Sir Wallen, but My Name is Byf is continuing to make outstanding content, as well as other content creators who typically don’t make Lore videos, making Lore videos, which is fantastic to see. Overall, increasing the interest of Destiny’s story can only be a good thing as we prepare for Destiny 2. And with this surge of interest I am getting a lot more general lore comments on videos and today I wanted to answer the most common comment I have seen recently, “Where are all the Ghosts in the trailer? Do we lose our Ghosts?”. This will be a short quick fire lore video answering a question directly from the community, so be sure to leave any questions in the comments and upvote any lore topics you want to see covered.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

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