Destiny 2 lore: Will Nokris return

Character lore: Nokris

I think this used to be a terminal used by Eris Morn. Lots of notes in here about the Hive, their Prince Crota. The Taken King, Oryx. Huh. I wonder where she went off to?

The markings suggest this is a Hive god, but I don’t recognize the symbol. Nothing in the World’s Grave file either. The name is… Nokris.

Welcome back Guardians. With the release of Destiny 2, one item has been added to the data base that speaks about Nokris, one of the greatest mysteries from Destiny 1. The Gensym Knight gear set from IO contains a letter from Asher Mir to Eris Morn and mentions Nokris. Whilst it is only a short paragraph it can be dissected and combined with our knowledge from Destiny 1 to gain more knowledge about Nokris.

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Destiny 2 lore: Callus’s assassin

Character lore: Rull

The greatest warriors of the Clipse lay dead. They formed a bloody trail through the Leviathan. Only Rull had lived to see the throne room.

Calus calmly sipped his wine and considered Rull from the height of his golden seat.

“Are you hungry?”

Rull stared dumbfounded, bleeding and exhausted. He didn’t know what to make of a creature that would casually offer sustenance and slaughter in equal measure.

“I offer you a warrior’s paradise, Rull of the Clipse. Join me, and be counted among the lucky few that might see the end of this world.”

What could Rull do but accept?

Welcome back Gaurdians, today we are starting the series about the Shadows of Calus. The Shadows of Calus are different species that Calus recruited into his Empire in order to enact his revenge on the Cabal who betrayed him, which includes Dominus Ghual. The normal Leviathan raid armour for the Titan tells the story of Rull, Gun of Kaga Clipse.

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Destiny 2 lore: No Iron Banner lore

Iron Banner

Welcome guardians. It hurts my soul to make these kind of videos, because the support for the Lore at the moment has been amazing. However, with the release of Iron Banner I was honestly shocked that no Iron Banner gear had a Lore tab. I have been pretty tight lipped about critiquing the Lore in Destiny 2, so today I am going to give my overall opinion on the Lore in Destiny 2 starting with the Iron Banner. Please note this feedback comes from a place of passion and only wanting what is best for Destiny 2 and the lore community.

As usual, I will be live over on twitch when this video is released. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. PS I know I am potatoe at PvP


Let’s start off with the Iron Banner Gear. In Destiny 1, the Rise of Iron expansion introduced a plethora of Lore surrounding the Iron Lords, in fact the writing team made it clear that Rise of Iron was not an expansion about Fallen SIVA but was an expansion about the Iron Lords, to tell the backstory of the Iron Lords.

All of the original Iron Lords, Saladin, Efrideet, Jolder, Perun, Skorri, Felwinter, Gheleon, Radegast, Silimar and Timur had their own grimoire cards and interconnected stories. Efrideet actually left the Iron Lords and joined a non-miliatry Guardian community, a pacifist community, likely friendly to the Fallen considering they are called bug-huggers. Jolder sacrificed herself at the SIVA replication complex to seal SIVA away, leaving Saladin alone. Perun fought side by side with Saladin and Radegast before the days of the City to defend a settlement from a Warlord named Segoth, by the way Segoth’s head is an artefact in Destiny 1. Skorri made the battle-bard that buffed her teammates. Felwinter was a previous Warlord that converted to an Iron Lord. He returned back to his territory, Felwinters Peak and brutal killed the new reigning Warlord Citan. Gheleon gathered ahamkara bones. Radegast was the one who actually formed the Iron Lords AND was the one to give the name Guardians, before Radegast, we were not called Guardians, we were called the Risen. Radegast formed this alliance to help defeat the warlords. Silimar was architect and designed Felwinter’s peak. Timur was obsessed with the Warminds and Clovis Bray.

You get the point, there is a lot of lore surrounding the Iron Lords.

In addition, when Rise of Iron was released they also released new collectables, SIVA fragments, which told the story of how SIVA was created, how SIVA destroyed the iron lords and how the Fallen integrated SIVA.

I don’t understand why none of this has been included in Destiny 2. Even if they recycled some of the grimoire cards from Destiny 1, even that would have been better than nothing. They already used some Destiny 1 grimoire cards in the subclass missions, in case you did not know, when you go to unlock your other subclasses, when you enter the Dark Forest, some of the quotes are actually from Destiny 1 grimoire cards, including Toland The Shattered for the Warlocks.

So, with the exclusion of Lore tabs on the Iron Lord items, what we are unfortunately left with is weapons and armour pieces that have no context, they are hollow, extremely superficial and they do not contribute to understanding and progressing the Destiny Universe; they simply look cool. Well, really only the armour looks cool, many of the weapons are re-skins, which I know many people are annoyed about.

Now, I want to contrast this lack of Lore to the Lore of the Raid, the Raid lore shows Bungie potential with in-game story-tellling. For example, if you are a Titan, and collect the Titan armour set in the Raid, if you read every item from head to toe, it tells the Story of Rull, a Shadow of Calus. Which is the next video by the way. The armour hints at what this mysteries species, the Clipse may look like, the armour is regal with a gold and purple palate representing how Calus bribes his army and gives these extravagant gifts. All these elements come together to expand the Destiny Universe, to give depth to the Universe and increase immersion in the game.

The new Iron Banner armour has a Samurai theme, with no context, no lore and no relevance to the Iron Lords. It is literally like they said, what do the kids like these days… Samurai’s? Does Bungie truly believe that everyone who plays PvP is not interested in the Lore, it’s PvP do not worry about adding the Lore. In my opinion this sets a dangerous precedent of prioritizing aesthetics over world building and storytelling. Imagine if this thinking is applied to DLCs, cool shiny new armour but no substance, no depth. Just give people cool loot and they will buy the DLCs, no need to have background lore.

When you contrast the effort that went into the Raid lore with the absence of Lore in the Iron Banner it is hard not to think that something must have gone wrong again, did they lose their writing team, did they not have enough time to add the Iron Banner Lore, did they decide that PvP players do not like the Lore, I honestly trying to find some justification for not including the Iron Lords lore. Obviously, there is no grimoire cards, there is no mission dialogue in PvP and as I have explained there is no lore tab, so does that mean the Lore of the Iron Lords will not feature in Destiny 2?

My overall opinion about the Lore tab in Destiny 2 has been hit and miss. Destiny 2 seems to have this spectrum from amazingly good lore, like what is seen in the Raid gear, where everything works together, to some incredibly bland lore, to completely non-existent like the Iron Lords.

Lets now move pass the Iron Banner topic and talk more in general about how Destiny 2 has delivered the Lore. IN my opinion, the lore has become incredibly inaccessible to the average player despite being included in-game. The scannables are either one of two options, the first option is that they require such detailed knowledge of Destiny 1 grimorie cards that new players would not understand them OR option two they are filler content and do not actually add any world building. Combine this with a lack of codex, somewhere to store this scannables so that they can be listened at a later time, and with the removal of the grimoire card score and I don’t see why any new player would be motivated to scan the environment, there is no reward.

As much as I would like to think that I make awesome content and the massive jump in views on my channel is attributed to the content I make, I actually think that the increase in popularity of Lore videos is directly related to how inaccessible the lore is in game. New players have scanned a couple items here and there in the EDZ, heard names like Savathun thrown around in mission dialogues, heard Sloan mutter the name of Dredgen Yor and then once their interest has been peaked, they have zero avenues to investigate the lore, so the next best thing is to youtube search, who is Savathun, who is Dredgen Yor et etc.

I know that many other Lore content creators share this feeling, there is a general disappointment in the scannables in Destiny 2.

I do not like making this videos, but I feel like Bungie missed a massive opportunity to introduce new players to the Lore of the Iron Lords, I feel like the lore is incredibly in-accessible to new Destiny players and I feel that if Bungie is saying Destiny 1 was episode zero, well then Destiny 2 should be doing real work in setting the foundation of this universe. Everyone witnessed the potential of bungie with the work completed with the Taken king, the books of Sorrow, Rise of Iron and as it stands Destiny 2 is nowhere close to delivering the level of quality lore and that just baffles me.

Unfortuantely, this video was not a pleasure to make, but I appreciate you listening, if you would like to support the channel, you can leave the phrase, “Lords of Lore” to show your support for the Iron Lords. This is myelin games. Peace.

Destiny 2 lore: Was the speaker a fraud

Character lore: The speaker

Was the Speaker a  fraud?

Tell me speaker, what more does the traveler want of me?

Ghaul, I speak for the Traveler, I never said it spoke to me

Welcome back Guardians, the Destiny 2 cutscene involving Ghaul and the Speaker left many wondering  if the Speaker was a fraud all along, had the Speaker fooled guardians and the population, did he really have a connection with the Traveler, or was he a self-elected fraud that took advantage of a world crisis. In today’s video we are going to discuss all the clues that may suggest that the Speaker was like every other Guardian and never had a powerful connection with the Traveler.

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Destiny 2 lore: Leviathan prestige raid lore changed by Bungie

Welcome back Guardians. 3 days ago I made a lore video about the Prestige raid gear which was found in the Destiny database. The raid gear introduced more characters that we have not previously seen in the lore, each character appeared to be a shadow of Calus. The Shadows of Calus are essentially different species from differently planets recruited by Calus through bribery or threat to assassinate his enemies. The prestige raid gear introduced a Fallen Shadow of Calus, named Sekris, which was extremely interesting… well guess what, it has been completely removed and replaced with something entirely different. In fact, all of the shadows in the prestige raid armour, which include, Sekris, Baron of Shanks, Feltroc, the Skull-piercer and Valus Nohr have been removed.

Why, I am not sure? Will they return I also don’t know? So in today’s video, I want to explain the new lore of the prestige raid gear because which seems to suggest that Calus forgives Ghaul and accepts Ghaul back into the Cabal Empire.

As usual, I will be live streaming when this video goes live, I am having a lot of fun helping people get through the raid, feel free to come join. Also, the artwork in this video is by brandon mccamey, and was made possible with patreon. So thank you to everyone who donated.

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Destiny 2 lore: Ana Bray is not the exo stranger

Character lore: Exo stranger

Let me see what you… a bracelet. With the symbol of House Bray? Ana Bray’s personal sigil. Guardian, the inner circle will be grateful that you have returned this artefact to the Tower.

And now… what? A ring, with the symbol of the Warlock Pujari? Death, again. Like Ana Bray, a Guardian fallen to the second death. Lost to us. We shall study these objects, Guardian. Learn why they have been pulled through time.

Welcome back Guardians, with the secret room in the new social space in Destiny 2, many are wondering who is Ana Bray? [INSERT FOOTAGE] In destiny 1, theories emerged speculating that Ana Bray was the Exo Stranger and in this video I am going to tell you why that is NOT the case and I would like to draw your attention to some of the most neglected Lore in Destiny 1, Owl Sector. Whilst there are only a couple of items that refer to Ana Bray in Destiny 1, there is a wealth of information about how the Bray family operates in the lore of Owl Sector.

For those who do not know, just prior to Rise of Iron, Bungie released an Alternate Reality Game, ARG for short, where they released an infection into the destiny player base, indicated by these buzzing colours above player’s heads. As more and more players became infected with the SIVA proto-types a website updated which essentially released a communications chat log with how the Vanguard were trying to control the infection. A civilian group known as Owl Sector were called in to manage the disaster and advise the Vanguard. In trying to control the situation Owl Sector discovered that the SIVA-mites originated from a Clovis Bray laboratory and in the process Owl Sector dug up a whole bunch of Clovis Bray documentation, notes that emphasised the corruption and dark history of Clovis Bray.

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Destiny 2 lore: Are the Fallen working for Calus?

Character lore: Sekris, Baron of Shanks

Welcome back guardians. Even though the prestige mode for the Leviathan Raid has not been released, you can still find the armor set for prestige mode in the database. The Warlock armor set references a Fallen Baron and in today’s Destiny lore episode, I wanted to cover the significance of this and whether the Fallen are working for Calus? In addition, I am going to introduce the Lore about Calus’s Shadows, Calus’s personal army of intergalactic hitmen.

The artwork seen in this video is by Brandon McCamey and was possible with your generous support on patreon.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 Lore episode.

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Destiny 2 lore: Cayde-6’s story gets worse!

Character lore: Cayde-6

Welcome back guardians to a continuation of the Cayde-6 story. If you are not aware, each week you can purchase treasure maps from Cayde-6 for the featured Destiny 2 location and when collecting loot from Cayde’s treasure stashes you will discover torn pages from his journal, which reveals the lore of Cayde-6

The first journal entry revealed Cayde had a family, a child named or nicknamed Ace and partner. In that video I spoke about Cayde being converted to Exo and the difficulties with Exo’s and Guardians recovering their memory. The second journal entry revealed that Cayde was still writing to Ace, his child, post collapse. The timeframe was confirmed because Cayde referenced the Awoken and the Awoken were not created until after the Collapse. During that video I explained the Awoken and I questioned why Cayde would have been still writing to Ace in his journal, because if it was after the Collapse he should not have any memory of his previous life and Ace likely would have died during the collapse. This is exactly what I said,

So, here are the three possibilities at the moment:

  1. Ace survived the Collapse but would surely be dead by now as there has been centuries since the collapse
  2. Ace died in the Collapse however also became a Guardian like Cayde, hence Cayde is still writing journal entries about him.
  3. Ace died in the Collapse and Cayde is still writing entries about his child as a way of coping with the loss.

Turns out that the new Cayde-6 Journal entry confirms that one of this options was correct, stick around to hear more.

I am live over on Twitch once this video is released, we are helping more people to get through the raid. The artwork in this video is by Brandon McCamey, link to his channel is below. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 Lore episode.

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Destiny 2 lore: Is Osiris the next Speaker?

Character lore: Osiris

You were a mighty warrior. I watched you at Six Fronts, and heeded the call of Saint-14 to appoint you Vanguard Commander, even when the Concordat claimed to have records proving you were a Golden Age experiment mis-incarnated as a human by an inept Ghost. Saint-14 assured me you were just a man without much patience for obfuscation.

I don’t know where you have gone, but I can no longer send Ghosts out to find you. Some come back— with tales of your death or how you went seeking answers from the far reaches of space and time. That you found a way to explore the Vex gate networks. That you’ve made breakthrough after breakthrough as to their origins— theories that a Guardian could not be simulated, that the Traveler might be an ontoformer or a god-incubator, that the Vex had diverged into multiple groups in order to secure ‘an end state for every possible configuration of reality’.

I fear you have become as obsessed with the Vex as Toland was with the Hive.

Welcome back Guardians today I wanted to cover Osiris. I would like to provide a short recap of Osiris for those who are new to destiny and also present the possibility of Osiris becoming the new Speaker.

The artwork at the beginning and end of this video, as well as the grimoire card templates were created by Brandon McCammey, a link to his channel is below. This was made possible with the donations from patreon, so that I can pay Brandon for his artwork. If you would like to support future videos like this please have a look at Patreon. If you do decided to support on patreon there are many rewards, including digital versions of the artwork and 3D phone wallpapers.

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Destiny 2 lore: Fallen allies (Titan secret ending)

Character: Mithrax, the foresaken.

“Secret Mission Ending on Titan”

Welcome back guardians.  Destiny 1’s greatest weakness, the grimoire cards that were not accessible in game, was also one of its greatest strengths, a diamond in the rough from which the Lore community was born… Whilst the Lore is now in-game in Destiny 2, the complexities of accessing the Lore remains, for example, some scannables in the open world change depending if you have played Destiny 1 before and some scannables also change depending on your race, i.e. human vs exo vs awoken.

Adding to this complexity, I was recently informed that some missions (which by the way, you can only play once per character) have an alternate ending depending on your actions. So unless you have made multiple characters or unless you have performed the right action and triggered the alternate ending, you may have missed some really cool lore.

Today we are looking at the ending of the Titan world quest, enemy of my enemy and specifically the battle between the Hive knight and the Fallen Captain at the end of the mission. As the player you decide who wins this battle and depending on who lives, the ending reveals an easter egg relating to the possibility of Fallen Allies.

In fact, the game hides this clue in plain sight, the mission is called, “Enemy of my enemy” but they have not completed this common saying, the saying normal goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!”. This ending of this Titan is a massive clue to Fallen Allies.

So stick around and I will show you both endings, also a big thanks to Patreon Andrew Beilman for letting me know about this because on both my characters I did not trigger the alternate ending. And a big thanks to Master Trey who still had not completed the mission on two characters so I could capture the footage.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest destiny 2 lore episode.

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