Destiny 2 lore: The Fulminator, Shadow of Calus

Character lore: The Fulminator

Calus gestured towards the crackling Arc storm before him. The energy mass shivered, tethered to a golden spindle in the center of the chamber.

“You are marvelous,” he said to the Arkborn. His eyes drank in the flickering light, reflecting nothing. “You will cast a glorious Shadow.”

A panel on the wall lit: THIS SHIP IS TINY.

Welcome back Guardians, today we are continuing with the Shadows of Calus series. If you are new to this series, you can watch them in any order, a link will be below to the other episode about Rull. Essentially, the Shadows of Calus are different species that Calus recruited into his Empire to enact his revenge on Dominus Ghaul. They act as assassins, killing anyone who helped Dominus Ghaul’s military coup. Each raid set from the Leviathan normal mode tells the story of a different Shadow of Calus, and today we are covering the Arkborn, and specifically a character called the Fulminator, which featured in the Warlock raid gear.

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Like all of the Raid lore, if you have the full armor set, you can read each lore tab starting with the Helm and finishing with the class item and it will tell the story in chronological order. So, lets start with the Mask of the Fulminator from the Warlock set, it reads,

Calus gestured towards the crackling Arc storm before him. The energy mass shivered, tethered to a golden spindle in the center of the chamber.

“You are marvelous,” he said to the Arkborn. His eyes drank in the flickering light, reflecting nothing. “You will cast a glorious Shadow.”

A panel on the wall lit up in Cabal: THIS SHIP IS TINY.

The emperor threw his head back and guffawed. “Compared to the interstellar conduits of your people anything would seem small. The Leviathan is formidable in its own right, I assure you.”


“Of course. You are all I need. Your very presence eviscerates flesh.” He gestured, and a metallic shell lowered from the darkness above. Now the Fulminator was free to walk the decks of her new flagship.

This item describes a species known as the Arkborn, which appears to be sentient energy, sentient Ark energy. This is confirmed in the flavour text for the Mask of the Fulminator which reads,

“How does one convince a creature of pure, sentient energy to pledge her loyalty? The agency to leave home is intoxicating for anyone.” — Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

The Fulminator, which appears to be a leader of the Arkborn is aboard the Leviathan speaking with Calus, and criticises the Leviathan for being a small ship! So you can only imagine the magnitude of their interstellar conduits which Calus describes.

The lore tab for the Mask of the Fulminator also seems to imply that Calus is somehow holding the Arkborn hostage, forcing the Fulminator to work for Calus, as the Fulminator communicates through Cabal writing, “Leave my people be. I will serve.”

We don’t really know how Calus is threatening the Arkborn, but the Boots of the Fulminator says that Calus recruited the Shadows through Bribery and promises of wealth. Whilst it talks about Calus providing gifts to the Shadows of Calus this is likely not the exact truth, as Rull and Jarus, both other shadows of Calus were recruited into Calus’s empire after their entire battalion was destroyed. For example, Rull was the lone warrior to survive and make it to Calus’s throne room aboard the Leviathan, it was then that he was recruited into the Shadows.

The Mask of the Fulminator ends with Calus providing a suit of armor to “contain” the Fulminator, I imagine that the ark energy just fills the armour and it is the amour itself that really gives the appearance of the Fulminator. We do not know what this armor looks like, however we have based the design upon that of the Warlock Raid gear.

Continuing with the story, the Wraps of the Fulminator explains how the Councillors of Calus, which I assume are the Psions we see throughout the raid, designed the armor for the fulminator but could not finish it because of the immense power the fulminator emanated. The Wraps flavor text reads,

“Before my Councilors and I could finalize her containment armor, the very presence of the Fulminator assaulted the senses. She was breathtaking.” —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

The Wraps of the Fulminator describes an assassination mission completed by the Fulminator once recruited into Calus’s shadows. The Fulminator tracks a statesman called Tha’uul, who played a part in the military coup against Calus. The last moment of the statesman is described in the Wraps of the Fulminator and the first sentence of the Robes of the Fulminator, it reads as follows,

He had no idea she was still there. He thought he had outrun her, but the Arkborn knew that bipeds rarely look up.

She hovered far above her target, specific limiters on her armor disabled so that Arc could flow freely and lift her to the heavens.

Below, the statesman had chosen a brightly lit street that led to a dead end on the left turn in front of him. She descended.

The charred husk that was Statesman Tha’uul had revealed several things before he expired.

The Fulminator electrocutes the Cabal to the point were only a charred Husk remains. Apparently before being killed the Statesman revealed that the Fulminator looked like a Warlock stormcaller, the item reads,

He had mistaken her for a “warrior of the Light,” one of their “storm bringers” who apparently bore a resemblance to the Fulminator. She wished to see one of them. No biped was ever anything like her. She felt something like regret when Tha’uul said his people were mobilizing to annihilate them.

The fact that the statesman mistakes the Fulminator for a stormcaller is one of the reasons to why we made the Fulminator look like a Stormcaller warlock, essentially, this Sentient ark energy wearing a suit of armour making it look like a Guardian.

Moving to the next item. The Robes of the Fulminator lore tab continues to explain the overall goal of the Shadows of Calus, apart from assassinating targets that were involved with Ghaul’s military coup, the goal of the Shadows of Calus was to also assassinate Ghaul himself. The lore tab reads,

Now that the military was in power, in Calus’s absence, military parades on Cabal worlds were commonplace. Ghaul’s flagship would take part in one such celebration, on Resignation Day, in the fringes of the Sol system, in honor of a mythic Praetor.

That was where the Shadows would kill the Dominus.

The Boots of the Fulminator continues with the story to assassinate Dominus Ghaul with the Shadows upon a ship enroute. The boots lore tab also emphases how loyal the Shadows of Calus had become to Calus, it reads,

The Fulminator noticed a difference in her fellow Shadows as they prepared for war.
The usual bickering, fostered by the multispecies makeup of Calus’s enforcer group, vanished overnight as they faced the task they had gathered to complete: kill Dominus Ghaul.

Calus had recruited them through bribery or promises of wealth and resources for their homeworlds. None of them expected to survive their mission. The might of the Red Legion had grown vast. This acceptance brought them together.

The Fulminator didn’t understand, or care. As long as Calus left the Arkborn to their interstellar conduits, she would do what she had done since the day she came aboard the Leviathan: destroy the enemies of the emperor.

The Boots tab is important for a number reasons, but most importantly it reinforces how the Shadows are multiple species, and that Calus has essentially assembled a team of the strongest warriors from each species.

The Shadow’s bond finishes the Story of the Fulminator as they assault Ghaul’s ship in an attempt to assassinate him. The lore tab reads,

Jarus’s fighter soared like a blade into the throat of the Dominus’s command ship. They hoped it wouldn’t matter. Jarus died on impact. The Shadows burst forth from his shattered vessel, the Fulminator leading the charge.

Every limiter on her armor was undone. The unrelenting fury of her being loosed onto the bridge would permanently disable her. She would still exist, but couldn’t anchor herself or manipulate anything around her. She would scatter to the winds.

Navigation displays exploded in a shower of sparks as she passed. The storm she had become reached an apex of intensity, and she reached out to scores of Cabal and swallowed them and she felt them die. She wrapped Ghaul in her light, enervated him in bursts of flaring Arc. She was fading. He would die. Wouldn’t he?

The lore tab finishes with the Fulminator encompassing Ghaul in ark energy, she opens the limiters on her armour allowing her ark energy to flow freely as a weapon, however she begins to feel herself fade, and unlike the previous Cabal that she just killed, she begins to question whether she can in fact kill Ghaul.

Obviously Guardian, we know the outcome, the Fulminator must have failed, her spark extinguished, the storm passed… Ghaul lived, well, lived until he faced a real warrior of the light.

That concludes the story of the Fulminator, a truly unique shadow of callus, essentially sentient Ark energy that Calus recruited to assassinate his enemies. If you would like to support the channel, leave a like and the word, Arkborn.

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