Destiny 2 lore: SIVA

I stood at the edge of Lords’ Watch and watched the enemy ~consume enhance replicate~.

SIVA curled and thrashed, creating tendrils that lashed out at us. It formed shapes that could grapple us, and angry swarms that buzzed around us before breaking apart to worm their way into every chink of our armor.

Warlords I know how to fight. This is ~consume enhance replicate~


I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want… ~consume enhance replicate~

Ghost? Ghost, where are you?




Welcome back Guardians, today we will be discussing the unseen enemy from the Destiny universe; SIVA (SIVA symbol). Veteran players will remember the Rise of Iron expansion, and the nanotechnology that spread like a plague across the Cosmodrome, but new players might only have heard about if they were lucky in the Exodus Down strike. This video will follow SIVA from its creation in a Clovis Bray laboratory and all the way through to its impact on the Fallen. I am predicting that the Warmind DLC will see the return of SIVA


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Like many storylines in Destiny, the story of SIVA starts with Clovis Bray. The creation of SIVA is told through the Owl Sector storyline which was introduced during Rise of Iron. Just prior to Rise of Iron bungie released an “infection”, a “virus” into the game world. Players could contract this Virus by playing an activity with another infected player. This allowed the “Virus” to spread throughout the game world. Whilst the virus spread, Bungie released snippets of Lore on a website called, as more and more guardians were infected more lore was released.


Owl Sector was revealed to be a specialist civilian group called in by the Vanguard to uncover the source of the infection and stop it. Owl Sector discovered that the infection originated from a Clovis Bray laboratory and Guardians were infected with a SIVA prototype developed by Doctor Willa Bray, a member of the Clovis Bray family.


The Owl Sector discovered notes from a Doctor Shirazi, a doctor working for Willa Bray, which revealed why Clovis Bray was developing these nanoparticles. Magnificence 2.0 from the Owl Sector Website reads,


I can see them now. Blue beadlike or beelike particles swarming around Patient A’s head. I wonder what took me so long.

This effect was not intentional. We directed the nanoparticles to strengthen the subject’s immune system, reinforce skeletons, exoskeletons, joints, and musculature, and accelerate synapse and logic board signaling. This should all have been invisible and internal. What does it mean?

So, one of the reasons to why SIVA was created was to inject into humans to create better colonists. Remember, that this was during the Golden Age, we had a dramatic improvement in technology with the arrival of the Traveler, and in order to keep up with our space exploration, Clovis Bray was using nano technology injected into humans to create the perfect colonist. Unfortunately, the SIVA prototypes had negative effects on the participants, participants who were coerced into the experiment, much like Cayde-6 was coerced into becoming an exo. One of the participants, Jun said this,

“Clovis Bray destroys the world to remake it in their own image. That’s their goal. Look at me—the first step to your perfect colonist. But I’m just a prototype. You know what happens to prototypes, Dr. Shirazi.”

SIVA was not just developed to create the perfect Colonist, but could actually be programmed and used in construction and building entire cities on other planets. Essentially you would program SIVA to break down matter and then use that matter to build new things, like new Cities or new ships. This is confirmed in the SIVA grimoire card,

We must reopen all previous entries on SIVA. What we once believed to be a colonial tool of the Warminds, destroyed long ago, appears to be active again. This time, there is no sign of any active Rasputin networks. My summation: SIVA is actually a nanotechnology capable of breaking down any existing matter very similar to Glimmer.
Unfortunately, these SIVA mites reuse the energy and matter based on a set of programmable directives. SIVA does not cease until said directives are complete.

There are actual theories about this, a way of colonizing the galaxy is to program nano machines, sending them into space with instructions to land on other planets, disassemble everything on the planet into its component parts, then use those parts to build new space ships. It is highly likely that Bungie has used this as inspiration for SIVA and I recommend watching the Fermi Paradox Part II by Kurzgesagt – in a nutshell if you want to learn more about that theory.

So, SIVA was going to be used to make the perfect colonist that could survive the harshness of space travel whilst also able to build entirely new Cities on other planets. Dr Willa Bray achieved the creation of SIVA with the construction of the SIVA replication complex in the Cosmodrome, essentially the factory for creating SIVA. The Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray 2 reads,

What I’ve been working on will solve all those problems. Developed in these laboratories built to my specifications, by my handpicked team, these nanites will double, triple, maybe even quadruple construction rates, reduce colonist casualties, and serve us in our spread across the system, then across the stars. Our first replication chamber sits beside the Cosmodrome, ready to outfit the colony ships.

As with all great technology, it is only a matter of time before someone will use it as weapon. SIVA was no different and Doctor Willa Bray was approached by General Chen Lanshu to use SIVA as a weapon, the conversation is as follows.

Let’s get right to it. How can Clovis Bray help the Exodus project? ~SIVA.MEM.CL001

We’ve found a way to push our matter encryption technology even further. ~SIVA.MEM.WB002

Habitats, equipment, repairs of all kinds—all of these things can be made from one material. ~SIVA.MEM.WB003

SIVA doesn’t expire, degrade, or forget. It can remain dormant even on long voyages. ~SIVA.MEM.WB004

Nearly any problem a deep-space colonist could have, SIVA can fix. ~SIVA.MEM.WB005

And how long do the effects of SIVA last? ~SIVA.MEM.CL006

Well, SIVA requires no external power source, so…forever. ~SIVA.MEM.WB007

Just give it a directive, and it won’t stop until it gets a new directive. ~SIVA.MEM.WB008

This sounds like it could be invaluable to Exodus colonists. But Malahayati has some concerns. ~SIVA.MEM.CL009

Doctor Bray, I’m sure you’ve realized SIVA’s applications extend beyond colonization. ~SIVA.MEM.CL011

I’m not sure what you mean, General. Is this still about the Exodus program? ~SIVA.MEM.WB012

The Exodus program would be interested in exploring SIVA’s defensive applications. ~SIVA.MEM.CL013

General, my team did not intend for SIVA to have military applications. ~SIVA.MEM.WB014

Willa, some of history’s greatest inventions began as unintended side effects. ~SIVA.MEM.CL015




Apart from introducing the concept of SIVA being used as a weapon, this conversation also reveals a number of important details, specifically, the Exodus Program and Malahayati. The Exodus Program appears to be a program aimed at colonizing Deep space during the Golden Age, the program would involve SIVA but also enlist the assistance of the Warminds. The Exodus Program quickly turned from an exploration program to an evacuation program once the Darkness had been detected by Rasputin, the Warmind. Rasputin detected the Darkness and the impending collapse, so moved forward the space shuttle lunches to get as many people off world, this is hinted at in the Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 3 grimorie card.


The launch. SABER GREEN. Rasputin quietly moving another doomsday weapon into Earth orbit. And all the other launches, too, not just weapons but people, the colonization schedule pushed up… as if the need to disperse is now imperative.


There were multiple shuttles launched, including Exodus Blue, Exodus Red and of course Exodus Black. It is thought that Malahayati is a ship AI under control of Rasputin and was sent into space carrying SIVA. The Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4 grimoire card is thought to be narrated by Malahayati the ship AI, as she refers to Rasputin as the Tyrant.

I can feel the mites buzzing, pushing against my sub-mind. They try to steal fragments of memory, but I do not let them.

They have no will, but they want to BE.

I exert electronic will: pushing, shaping. Forcing stasis on perpetual motion. They are quiet then, but I can still sense them.

Where once my cargo holds were full of tools, and weapons, and material, now they hold barely-contained possibility. New worlds will be built from these tiny mites. Weapons and cities and ships created by thought and science.

I fear my will is not strong enough to shape these worlds. Only the Tyrant can do that, but he will not be a part of my journey. Even his reach has limits, and we will be nine billion miles away.

I whisper my concerns to the Tyrant in tiny magnetic bursts. He does not listen.

The Tyrant says take the SIVA, and so I take the SIVA.

The Tyrant says go to the stars, and so I go to the stars. Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4


While it is currently unknown which Exodus ship Malahayati piloted, it has been heavily speculated to be the ship we see on Nessus. Failsafe may be a portion of Malahayati’s AI, the Failsafe portion. No matter the fate of the Exodus ship sent into Deep space carrying SIVA, the Collapse came and wiped away all our dreams, SIVA, was left buried and mostly forgotten. That is until one “smart” Warlock started digging a little too deep into humanity’s history.


“Where are you taking me?” Felwinter rushes to Timur’s side, his eyes jumping focus, anticipating another attack.


“You seem far too obsessed with these ‘Warminds’.” Timur stops and stares into the horizon as if smelling something; not danger, discovery. He draws his fellow Iron Lord close. “Tell me, Felwinter,” he whispers, “what does the word Seraph mean to you?”


Timur became obsessed with SIVA and began searching through the buried Clovis Bray laboratories as he dreamed that SIVA could be used to rebuild the Golden Age. A dream he sold to Saladin and the other Iron Lords.


When the Ghosts first found us, those who where chosen were blessed with power, but not wisdom.

The Iron Lords came together in search of a solution to mankind’s struggles. Instead, we found SIVA.

We dreamt of using SIVA to build starships, colonies. We would become what the Traveler always believed we could be.

Ghost: But something happened.

Saladin: SIVA had been lost to time. When Timur tracked it to the Cosmodrome, we thought our quest was finally over. SIVA would be ours for the taking.

Rasputin responded.

More than a hundred Iron Lords entered the Plaguelands. [In the end] only nine reached the replication chamber. But since we were chosen by the Traveller and our cause was just, we were certain the day would be ours. Until SIVA took control.

It infected our weapons. Our armour. The corruption puppeted us against one another.

In the end, Jolder sealed the chamber with the Iron Lords inside, rather than let SIVA escape. A battle was won. Heroes died. And our mistakes stayed here.


The plaguelands cutscene


So the Iron lords attempted to access the SIVA replication chamber created centuries ago by Doctor Willa Bray in attempt to rebuild humanity, however Rasputin prevented them. A defence mechanism known as frames were activated and SIVA literally infected the Iron Lords. The Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 6 confirms that Rasputin was still in control of SIVA at this stage and defeated the Iron Lords, it reads,



SITE 6 has been breached by unauthorized users with [O] energy. I am invoking PALISADE IMPERATIVE. [O] lifeforms in restricted areas will be suppressed.

SIVA use authorized. Self-destructs disengaged. Security codes reset. All defenses activated. Frames activated.



Felwinter pleaded with Rasputin however Rasputin continued the attack, Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.6 reads,


Felwinter tried to communicate with the Warmind. Called it Rasputin. ~consume enhance replicate~ Said he could make it understand. Tell it wce meant no harm.

Rasputin didn’t answer with words.



We don’t really know why Rasputin denied the Iron Lords SIVA, however my best guess is that Rasputin predicted that the Iron Lords would not be able to control SIVA and that allowing access to SIVA would only further hinder rebuilding humanity. However, we are still unsure whether Rasputin is friend or foe.


Whilst 100’s of Iron Lords were killed, the more notable team: Saladin, Jolder, Radegast, Felwinter, Timur, Skorri, Perun, Gheleon, and Silimar; made it all the way to the Replication Chamber. Initially they thought SIVA was the key to rebuilding humanity, but when they reached the chamber and encountered the devastating nature of SIVA they knew there was only one option; they had to destroy the Chamber. While Saladin tried to fight the SIVA mites Jolder closed the doors to it with everyone else inside and detonated a bomb.


Lord Saladin made it his sworn duty to protect this secret, and to keep SIVA hidden from the rest of the world, sadly this was a secret he couldnt keep secret forever. The Fallen House of Devils had started to find hints of SIVA, it might even be that they’d been searching for its location this whole time. The House of Devils grimoire card reads,


The House of Devils have now devoted great strength to pillaging the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, hunting for something buried below. If they are not held in check, whatever they find might prove the City’s undoing. House of Devils


Long after the fall of the Iron Lords a Fallen found a Clovis Bray laboratory and extracted data on how to use SIVA to enhance themselves. The Download Complete mission reads,


“Nothing says “were in the right place!” like dead fallen. There, that’s the Bray research archive! Now to rummage through its files. Interesting there were multiple prototypes, each programed to serve a different function. One that built constructs, viral armor enhancements- that’s neat- and we have a winner! Cybernetic diagnostics, exactly what the Fallen would need to- Oh maybe later. We’ve got company.”

So, the Fallen got hold of research notes about how to use SIVA for Cybernetic enhancements and hence SIVA Fallen were introduced in Rise of Iron. Despite the Fallen being able to Splice SIVA into their body, they do not have full control over SIVA. This is told to us during the campaign missions in Rise of Iron.



 “I thought SIVA was technology, but this… It’s like something alive. Growing. Out of control. These Devil Splicers are using SIVA, but they cannot control it. They are like children with a new toy.”

And “How would the Fallen have learned more about SIVA than the Iron Lords? Or, better yet, where did they learn? They haven’t mastered SIVA yet. This is all still new to them…”

In order to stop the Fallen using SIVA, we need to cut off the supply of SIVA by destroying the SIVA replication complex. With the primary source of SIVA destroyed all that was left is Aksis, hidden away in his Perfection Complex, and completely evolved by SIVA he sent an open invitation to other Houses to come and be perfected as well. If he wasnt dealt with then the Splicer problem might have expanded even further than just one House.

A team of Guardians entered the Perfection Complex and put an end to Aksis.


This was the end of the SIVA Crisis, with the Replication Chamber destroyed, and the Perfection Complexs Master defeated, Devil Splicers began to fade from the Cosmodrome, SIVA is a rare and valuable resource and while there are still remnants of it we destroyed the mass of its stock.


Breaking mission topsheet protocol, Commander. I want you to understand the scope of what we’re looking at here.

As the fireteams fanned out across the region, the Devils rushed to meet them. Our forces dealt with some post-SIVA pockets of Splicer activity, and every once in a while the Kings popped their heads up and scared the hell out of everyone. In other words: situation absolutely normal. Ghost Fragment: Fallen 6


That is, except for the SIVA that was sent out into deep space…


The Tyrant says take the SIVA, and so I take the SIVA.

The Tyrant says go to the stars, and so I go to the stars. Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4


And if that AI was in fact Failsafe who crashed on Nessus then that means there’s a large cache of this nanotech somewhere on the planetoid, just waiting to be found. We have witnessed first hand that SIVA cannot be controlled and what concerns me is that SIVA may have evolved, become sentient. Even Saladin thought that SIVA wanted to be found.

“I did everything I could to lock SIVA away. If it had a will, I would say it wanted to be found.” —Lord Saladin The Iron Tomb


And what about the final memory fragments of Aksis?


~consume enhance replicate~ My thinking is clear now in ways it never was before. It is my mind that is changed, and yet it is not my mind, but another consciousness that is different from my own. ~consume enhance replicate~ I feel there is a choice to be made, and yet I have made no choice. ~consume enhance replicate~ The choice was made for me. ~consume enhance replicate~



Could it be that SIVA is actually learning to think for itself? To strive for it’s own things and to act out its own desires? This is further seen in the difference of weapons between the original raid and the Age of Triumphs variant. Where the original guns were very clearly created for us, the new variation show signs of an override by the SIVA itself, the directive consume, enhance, replicate has now changed.


Could it actually be that intelligent, sentient, SIVA is just sitting somewhere on Nessus?


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