Destiny 2 lore: Drang and Sturm

Character lore: Sigrun and Victor

“And so the pair are reunited. Sturm and Drang. For the first time in centuries. Thank you, Guardian for allowing me to see history firsthand. Go with these relics of war. And may your place in their story be a worthy one.” – Tyra Karn

Welcome back Guardians. Today I wanted to dive into some exotic weapon lore, specifically the pair of pistols Sturm and Drang. There is a very good reason to why these pistols work in symbiosis refilling each other’s magazines, and that is because they represent two lovers.

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The first clue to the lore of these weapons is hidden in their design. They are very reminiscent of German World war II pistols; a subtle hint that the lore of these weapons may be linked to Germany. This of course is no mistake, as Sturm and Drang is a reference to a 18th Century German Literary movement characterized by shocking the audience through extremes of emotion, often, violently expressed by the individual.

The Novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is often considered an important novel of the Sturm and Drang time period. In the novel, a young man, Werther, falls in love with Charlotte, a beautiful young girl who is already engaged to another older man.  Werther befriends both Charlotte and the older man but is tortured by the fact that he cannot be with Charlotte. After confessing his love for Charlotte, he requests a set of pistols from the older man, which he explains are for going on a journey. Werther uses on the weapons upon himself, ending his life. The novel ends with a hint that Charlotte may die of broken heart, and that she did in fact love Werther.

This sets the foundation for the Lore of Sturm and Drang, extremes of emotion, love with pain and torment which finally express themselves in a violent and tragic conclusion. In Destiny’s lore, Sturm and Drang, tell the story of Victor and Sigrun, who like Werther and Charlotte experience extremes in emotion with a tragic conclusion.

The item description for Sturm describes the weapon as an ancient ceremonial pistol, with an inscription that reads, “To Sigrun, from Victor”.

Oppositely, Drang’s item description has an inscription that reads,

“To Victor, from Sigrun.”

The weapons are described as ceremonial pistols, so there is an implication that Victor has confessed his love for Sigrun, and that she has reciprocated. Of course though, we suspect that the relationship is more complicated similar to the love triangle from Goethe novel. This complication is hinted at, in the lore tab for Drang, it reads,

v_v_v_victory: WE GOT ACCEPTED!!! 
Waelcyrge: haha…
v_v_v_victory: SIGRUN!!!!!!!!
v_v_v_victory:: we are LITERALYL going to make history 
v_v_v_victory: like babies are going to be sitting in school on a WHOLE NEW PLANET
v_v_v_victory: and the teacher will be like ‘LISTEN UP you little idoiots’ 
v_v_v_victory: ‘some brave-ass people voluntered to leave EVERYBODY THEY KNEW + LOVED so that YOU could walk around on this weird planet’
v_v_v_victory: haha 
v_v_v_victory: youre pumped too right?
v_v_v_victory: i know youre pumped 
v_v_v_victory: sig?
Waelcyrge signed off at 07:46:45 UTC-8.
v_v_v_victory: gd it

Your message ‘gd it’ could not be delivered because the recipient is offline.

As you can see the lore tab reads like a text chat, between Victor, whose user name is vvvictory and Sigrun who user name is Waelcyrge. By the way, both Sigrun and her user name are linked to Norse mythology, Sigurn being a Valkyrie. Like Charlotte, the Valkyrie Sigrun, was promised to be married to another person, separating her from her love, Helgi. However, unlike Charlotte’s love, Werther, Helgi, did not kill himself, but rather killed everyone else separating their love. Even so, it was too late, and they were not united.

Bungie has put a couple of different layers into this lore that share the same theme, different stories, yet both fulfill the characteristics of Strang and Drum literature, extremes of emotions often expressed in violent conditions.

So what happened between Victor and Sigrun. Obviously, Victor was extremely excited to be aboard Exodus Black, the same crashed ship upon Nessus. As with the Exodus Project, Victor with the others aboard Exodus Black would colonise new worlds. Sigrun didn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm, choosing to ignore Victors chat, even leaving mid conversation.

Sturm provides the next chapter to this story, it reads,

“Please! You don’t understand. I’m supposed to be on that ship.”

The guard smiled at Sigrun with gentle condescension. “That’s not possible, ma’am.”

She understood why he would believe that; all of the colonists had entered cryo two weeks ago, but she could see the crew waving for pictures. They were awake! She could be awake, too. “I’m supposed to be on that ship,” she insisted, leaning around the guard. There was still time. She could find whatever horrible cryo-coffin they’d loaded Victor into; she could kneel before it and beg him to forgive her. He wouldn’t hear her but he wasn’t gone yet—

“I need you to take a step back, ma’am.”

“Captain Jacobson!” Sigrun darted past the guard. “I’m a colonist! You can’t leave without me!”

Sturm reveals that for whatever reason, Sigrun did not join Victor on the Colony ship, however now has had a change in mind, but it is too late to join her love. If Victor and Sigrun’s relationship mimics that of Charlotte and Werther or the Valkyrie, Sigrun, then I imagine another man was involved and Sigrun choose not to leave Earth with Victor.

Whilst this lore tab is open to interpretation, and we cannot be certain if Sigrun was reunited with Victor after changing her mind, the theme of Sturm and Drang would indicate that this love story ends in tragedy, that it ends in an intensity of emotions aimed at shocking the audience.

In their death we remember the story of Victor and Sigrun by re-uniting their ceremonial pistols, Sturm and Drang, upon their pairing, Tyra Karn says this,

“And so the pair are reunited. Sturm and Drang. For the first time in centuries. Thank you, Guardian for allowing me to see history firsthand. Go with these relics of war. And may your place in their story be a worthy one.” – Tyra Karn

The Ornament “Symbiosis” shows that we have truly united the lovers in death, as strum and drang and molded into a single weapon.

That concludes this latest destiny 2 lore episode. If you would like to support the channel, lave the phrase, “Together forever” which is the exotic perk of drang. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.