Destiny 2 lore: Are we in a Vex simulation?

Character lore: Osiris

Welcome back guardians, the new Curse of Osiris live stream had many interesting story components but the one thing that really peaked my interest was the mention of Vex simulations. Narrative lead for Curse of Osiris, Christine Thompson said this,

“Not technically the Vault of Glass, Osiris is in a place called the infinite forest. It is a reality engine that the vex use to simulate all of the aspects of reality that they can touch because they are looking for something specific, they are looking to brute force reality and find the thing they want… and Osiris is looking for it too.”

This gets me excited because it feels very true to the lore of the Vex from Destiny 1. So today, we are going to talk about the Vex simulations, the researchers to first discover the Vex simulations from Destiny 1, and whether we are in a Vex simulation. Of course, I will address the obvious in-game dialogue where it says that the Vex cannot simulate the Light.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 Lore episode.

Lets start with the Destiny 2 in-game quote that talks about the vex simulating the light, or rather how the Vex cannot simulate the light. This occurs multiple times in game, however the adventure Deep Conversation on Nessus is a good example

“That Mind said one last thing as it died. It’s afraid. Afraid of your Light – the one thing in this galaxy it can’t simulate. Probably old news to Ikora, but I’ll ping Vanguard.”

From this point of view, it seems relatively simple, no the Vex cannot simulate us, however, the developers said something really interesting during the live stream about the Light. Have a listen.

“At the end of the Destiny 2 campaign, there is a re-awakening of the traveler, a pulse of light spreads out across the solar system and that has repercussions” – Deej

“As players saw at the end of the game, that wave of light goes all the way across the solar system and beyond and one of the things it touched was mercury. Now the traveler waking up and that wave of light was actually an essential component for what the Vex want to do, they were waiting for it.” – Christine Thompson

I am predicting that when the Traveler awoke at the end of Destiny 2 this activated something, that would allow the Vex to gather more data on the Light and eventually simulate the Light and consequently Guardians. If the Vex could simulate us, they can then predict how to defeat guardians and ensure that the future is one that belongs to the Vex. My theory is, that the Cutscene that we see with Osiris in the simulated Vault of Glass is actually occurring in real time after we defeat Ghaul and the Traveler awakens. As the Traveler awakens and the pulse of light is sent across the galaxy, it does something to the Vex… and now the Vex can see the Light. Osiris says this to his ghost,

“They can see your light”

Osiris can no longer walk freely through the simulations, the Vex have become aware of him and the light. I.e. before the light was acting as almost a cloaking device, some sort of protection, and whatever happened when the traveler awoke allowed the Vex to now detect the Light and detect Osiris in their simulations.


So, are we in a Vex simulation? I think the most accurate answer would be, NOT YET. There is enough in-game lore in Destiny 2 to suggest that the Vex have not been able to construct simulations of the light and in addition, the grimoire cards of Destiny 1 also disproved the Vex simulation theory. For those who are not familiar with Destiny 1 lore, the grimoire cards described a team of researchers from the Ishtar Collective, the team were experimenting on a Vex mind and discovered that the Vex were simulating them. Ghost Fragment: Vex reads.


ESI: I have a working interface with the specimen’s internal environment. I can see what it’s thinking.

ESI: It’s simulating us. Vividly. Elaborately. It’s running a spectacularly high-fidelity model of a Collective research team studying a captive Vex entity.

SUNDARESH:…how deep does it go?

ESI: Right now the simulated Maya Sundaresh is meeting with the simulated Chioma Esi to discuss an unexpected problem.

SUNDARESH: There’s no divergence? That’s impossible. It doesn’t have enough information.

ESI: It inferred. It works from what it sees and it infers the rest. I know that feels unlikely. But it obviously has capabilities we don’t. It may have breached our shared virtual workspace…the neural links could have given it data…

SUNDARESH: The simulations have interiority? Subjectivity?

ESI: I can’t know that until I look more closely. But they act like us.

SUNDARESH: We’re inside it. By any reasonable philosophical standard, we are inside that Vex.

ESI: Unless you take a particularly ruthless approach to the problem of causal forks: yes. They are us.

SUNDARESH: Call a team meeting.

Ghost Fragment Vex 2 continues by explaining how if the Vex can simulate us, then we how do we know that we are not already in a simulation. It reads,


DUANE-MCNIADH: I don’t understand. So it’s simulating us? It made virtual copies of us? How does that give it power?

ESI: It controls the simulation. It can hurt our simulated selves. We wouldn’t feel that pain, but rationally speaking, we have to treat an identical copy’s agony as identical to our own.

SUNDARESH: It’s god in there. It can simulate our torment. Forever. If we don’t let it go, it’ll put us through hell.

DUANE-MCNIADH: We have no causal connection to the mind state of those sims. They aren’t us. Just copies. We have no obligation to them.

ESI: You can’t seriously – your OWN SELF –

SHIM: [profane] idiot. Think. Think. If it can run one simulation, maybe it can run more than one. And there will only ever be one reality. Play the odds.


SHIM: Odds are that we aren’t our own originals. Odds are that we exist in one of the Vex simulations right now.

ESI: I didn’t think of that.







The Vex researches planned to prove their reality by contacting Rasputin the warmind, as the predicted that the Vex could not simulate the Warmind, the Ghost Fragment: Vex 3 reads,

SUNDARESH: That’s right. We bring in someone smarter than the specimen. Someone too big to simulate and predict. A warmind
SHIM: In the real world, the warmind will be able to behave in ways the Vex can’t simulate. It’s too smart. The warmind may be able to get into the Vex and rescue – us.

In Ghost Fragment Vex 4, it is implied that the researchers, proved their reality by using Rasputin as neural firewall, protecting them from the Vex simulation. The lore of the Vex researchers combined with how the Vex could also NOT simulate Oryx and his worm, the worm being an agent of the Darkness, seems to suggest that we are not in a Vex simulation.

Guardian, it is imperative that we keep it that way, go to Mercury, meet with Osiris and do what is required to prevent the Vex simulating our light.

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