Destiny 2 lore: Hive pods on Titan

Welcome back Guardians, in today’s Destiny 2 lore episode we are going to explain what exactly is happening on Titan, which involves those strange Hive pods, Savathun and the giant beast in the depths of Titan.

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To really understand what is inside these Hive pods, you need to understand why the Hive are on Titan. If you are anything like me, I didn’t really understand why we were sent to Titan, apart from trying to retrieve Zavala. The basic premise is that Zavala went to Titan to try and build a resistance to strike back at the Cabal, even though this is stated in the very first mission, I must have not read the mission description the first time around (arrow pointing to Titan).

Sloane also summarizes the importance of Titan in prepping a fleet, arming guardians and specifically decrypting Red Legion transmissions. She says.

Commander if I may, Guardian this is deputy commander Sloane. We have a counter-offensive to plan. To do that, we need to get this station up and running. There’s a fleet to prep, Guardians to arm, and a trove of intercepted Red Legion transmissions to decrypt. It’s critical we gain access to the station’s control center. That’s where you come in. If the Light really is with you, send the Hive back to hell.

Decrypting Red Legion transmissions actually becomes a central mission for being on Titan, in fact it is the reason for why Guardians are sent into the Arcology, we are tasked with retrieving a golden age CPU which is predicted to provide enough power to decrypt Cabal transmissions. Although it is not every explicitly said, I imagine this is why Zavala came to Titan, Zavala realized that Titan was a previous Golden Age colony and may contain technology to win the war. Many scannables reference what Titan was like during the Golden Age, including numerous marketing campaigns to entice colonists to the moon of Saturn.

“Screen’s dead, but the feed’s still running. Ooh, kind of a catchy jungle. “New pacific archology! The next frontier is you!”

“The screen is broken, but the data flow is intact. It’s streaming some kind of commercial, talking about all the wonders of living on the “new frontier of humanity.” Heeuh.

So, Zavala comes to Titan, (cutscene with Zavala) hoping to salvage any golden age relics and formulate a plan to defeat Ghaul, BUT little did he know that the Hive had already invested the planet (invested tunnels). So, what are the Hive doing on Titan? Well essentially the Hive on Titan are doing the exact same thing as what the Hive did on the Moon in Destiny 1, they are building an army and trying to summon their Hive god, most likely Savathun, Oryx’s sister.

If you remember back to Destiny 1, in our dimension, the moon had a summoning crystal, and the same crystal existed in Crota’s throne world, for whatever reason, Crota needed to be summoned from his throne world to our dimension. It is never really explained why Crota could not just enter our dimension and needed to be summoned, but essentially the Hive were breeding an army on the Moon and then Crota was to be summoned to the Moon to then invade Earth. Obviously, we interrupt the summoning ritual in the Dark Below Campaign by destroying the crystal and then we head into Crota’s throne world during the Crota’s End raid, defeating Crota once a for all.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Books of Sorrow, to truly defeat the Hive gods, you must kill them in their Throne worlds. Oryx and his sisters, Savathun and xivu arath each created their own throne worlds, essentially, other dimensions that protected them from dying.

So like the moon, I believe the exact same thing is occurring on Titan; the Hive are building an army and they are trying to summon Savathun from her Throne world to our dimension. The Strike mission, Savathun’s Song, is the main evidence for this where we literally stop a summoning ritual by the Hive. Your ghost says,

Ghost: This is a cap on some kind of summoning spell. The whole thing is being powered by Void light. The Hive are calling something to Titan. No wonder they don’t want company.

Considering there are multiple Hive enemies that reference Savathun and multiple scannables that reference Savathun and the name of the strike mission is Savathun’s Song, it is heavily implied that the Hive are trying to summon Savathun to our dimension. Further-more, there is a scannable that reinforces the idea of crystals being teleport links between our dimension and the Hive throne world, have a listen,

“It seems like these floating stones mark places where the Hive have weakened the line between our world and theirs. Bet all the weird magic they have out here comes from sources like this.”

I think you can say with a high level of confidence that the Hive are trying to summon Savathun from her throne world to our dimension, and like the moon, the Hive already on Titan are building and establishing Savathun’s army.

Now, here is where it gets really interesting and the Hive do something that we have not quite seen before. They have two components for breeding the Hive, the first component is the Hive bodies themselves and the second component is the worm inside the Hive.

Most of you likely know by now, but just in case you don’t, the Hive have a worm inside of them. Oryx formed a symbiotic pact with the worm gods on the planet the fundament, Oryx struck a bargain with the worms gods, who are agents of the Darkness, similar to how the Traveler is an agent of the light. The pact with the worms required the Hive to keep killing, death fed their worms and in turn granted more power, however, if they Hive failed to feed their worms through killing, their worm would consume them.

So, I believe that the yellow sacs on Titan contain the physical bodies of the Hive being breed. This is reinforced in the first Titan mission called Hope. In that mission we have to clear out the Hive Breeding ground by destroying the yellow sacs.

The second component to create the Hive, is the worm. It appears that the Hive are breeding the worms too. Have a listen,

“It’s a cocoon of some kind. The life inside it isn’t Hive, exactly. This could be how the Hive’s symbiont worms grow.”

Now, this is interesting for multiple reasons. In the Books of Sorrow, Oryx was given the worm larvae from the worm gods, and even though we saw the worms on the Dreadnaught, I don’t believe we have seen the Hive breed the worms themselves. In fact, this is what Oryx discovered is that he could never truly become powerful because he was given the worms, and the Sword logic demands that they take, it was this realization that led Oryx to kill one of the worm gods, Aka, which then gave Oryx the power to become the Taken king.

So, instantly I think, Savathun is the sister of trickery and cunning, she is breeding the worms, if she has the ability to breed the worms, would you she not breed them so that they would no longer harm the Hive, whilst still granting them power?

So this is what I am speculating, the Hive are exactly doing this, they are breeding a different version of worms on Titan and we can see this evolution and experimentation in the cocoons of the Worm as the Hive perfect the breeding. Have a listen to this scannable,

“These Hive spawn pods are different from the ones we say before. Maybe a different brood. Or a different generation. Gross and confusing.”

As you can see this cocoon looks different from the first worm scannable. Is this the first stage of upgrading the worms. Then we find another cocoon that reads,

 “Yet another strain of Hive. They’re doing an awful lot of testing out here. Trying new things with magic and ugh breeding.”


This to me confirms my theory, the Hive are experiment with breeding and I think they are specifically experimenting with breeding the Hive worms. Lastly, we can see what I believe to be the final form of the experiment, a very advanced looking cocoon with a rune etched on the side. Have a listen,

“We saw this rune before, on the Dreadnaught. It means either “doorway” or “treasure” or “chamber” Perhaps the Hive use this run to tap into their Throne-world dimensions.”

Could this be the final worm experiment, that the Hive created this cocoon and using their magic connected the cocoon to their throne world, changing the very nature of the worms, allowing the Hive to breed the worms to grant them power but without any of the drawbacks.

Of course this is complete speculation, however I do believe it reasonable that this rune cocoon contains the worms because the pods are often consistently positioned next to live worms, almost as if they have hatched. Furthermore, we see Titan hollowed out by Hive tunnels, filled with the yellow sacs and these strange pods. Which once again to me indicates that this is the final stage of their worm experiment. Their breeding grounds are full of the yellow sacs and these strange pods.

I think at the very least, there is enough evidence in the scannables to suggest that the Hive are experimenting with breeding the worms. From my point of view, the idea of the Hive creating a synthetic worms on Titan makes sense, because Savathun is the sister of cunning and trickery and in addition, she was in possession of the Vex mind, Quria blade transform and this vex mind that was trying to simulate the Hive worms. I wonder if the Vex mind was used in the process of experimentation and breeding of the worms.

If you believe this theory, then this is where things really start to get scary, because in the depths of Archology lurks what I believe to be massive Hive worm, which I believe is supported not only by the appearance of the creature but because we know the Hive are experimenting with worm breeding on Titan. So if this is a worm, who is the most likely candidate… that’s right a Hive god? What other Hive entity would be large enough to receive this worm?

Has Savathun created a Giant synthetic worm to replace her own and free her of the worm bargain? Lets just hope we can prevent Savathun from ever being summoned.

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As usual it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.