Destiny 2 lore: Expansion II character identity

Character lore: Elsie Bray, Ana Bray or Efrideet?

Welcome back guardians. Firstly, thank you to everyone who has sent me theories either via twitter, discord or any other means. My twitter pretty much exploded with theories about the identity of the female who featured on the Destiny 2 second DLC. The most common suggestion was Ana Bray, primarily due to the symbol seen on the armour. I wanted to give my thoughts on this possibility, both evidence for and evidence against, and there is some big pieces of evidence against this theory. I will also provide some other suggestions for the identity of this character.

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Ok, lets start with the most common theory, that this female character on the cover of the second DLC is Ana Bray. I will provide the evidence for and then against, then discuss other possibilities. So why are people suggesting Ana Bray, well, firstly, in the secret room in the Tower, above future war cult there is a scannable referencing Ana bray.

“Looks like a journal: Ana Bray. But I can’t tell who – Pretty much the entire thing is redacted. And there are whole pages missing. Something about all this seems… wrong. Am I worrying too much?”

So, naturally, Ana Bray is on the mind. Secondly, in Destiny 1 there was a Hunter cloak called “Strength of the Pack”, which read,

“A pattern worn by Ana Bray during the fateful battle of the Twilight Gap”

The similarities between the wolf symbol on the cloak and the symbol the armor piece has helped to support the theory. Thirdly, the symbol on the second DLC is a Warmind symbol and Ana Bray is from the Bray family, Clovis Bray, her father, started a company of the same name and is thought to have created the Warminds during the Golden Age. Whilst it is not specifically confirmed that Clovis Bray created the Warminds there are a number of hints in Destiny 1 that he was involved. Firstly, Dr Willa Bray, another Daughter of Clovis Bray created SIVA, this is told to us in the Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray collectables from the Rise of Iron release and SIVA is thought to be a tool of the Warminds. The SIVA grimoire card reads,

We must reopen all previous entries on SIVA. What we once believed to be a colonial tool of the Warminds, destroyed long ago, appears to be active again.

If Clovis Bray created SIVA, a tool of the Warminds, it may be possible they also created the Warminds. Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray grimoire card may also provide evidence for Clovis Bray’s involvement with the Warminds, its reads,

“she described test results from the last five billion runs of our AI Initiative”.

The AI initiate might be a reference to creating the Warminds, or it could be referring to the creation of Exos. Cayde-6’s journal confirms Clovis Bray’s involvement with creating the Exos. Finally, the in-game dialogue in Destiny during the mission, The Buried City reads,

Clovis Bray. A center for scientific advancement, interplanetary defense, AI development, research on the Traveler. This place could be a gold mine.

We know that Warminds were designed to defend entire planets and this dialogue suggests that Clovis Bray was known for interplanetary defence. Regardless, of whether Clovis Bray was involved with the creation of the Warminds, the imagery on the cover of the DLC is very reminiscent of SIVA, specifically aspects of the Wrath of the Machine Raid.

Lastly, the cover image gives the impression of coldness, and just visible in the background looks to be a planet or moon, this is a bit of a stretch, but we know Cayde-6 was converted to an Exo by Clovis Bray on an icy moon, so this may provide another link to the Bray family.

So, all of these things come together to suggest Ana Bray’s involvement.

Now…for the reason it is not Ana Bray… she is dead. I actually quoted this a month ago in my lore video about Ana Bray and the Exo Stranger. In Destiny 1, when you are completing the exotic quest for No Time To Explain, Laksmi-2 the Leader of FWC cult says this,

“And now… what? A ring, with the symbol of the Warlock Pujari? Death, again. Like Ana Bray, a Guardian fallen to the second death. Lost to us. We shall study these objects, Guardian. Learn why they have been pulled through time. – Laksmi-2

The fact that Laksmi-2 says second death, implies that Ana Bray, was revived as a Guardian (i.e. revived after her first death) but then died again as Guardian and could not be revived i.e. Lost to us. However, do remember that the mission has items that have been pulled through time from the Battle of Twilight Gap, considering the Curse of Osiris is the expansion prior, it is also possible that a time travel, multiple timeline theory could justify Ana Bray’s return.

Another re-buttal to the Ana bray theory is that strictly speaking the wolf symbol on the Strength of the Pack is not necessarily specific to Ana Bray, the item says,

“A pattern worn by Ana Bray”

Not that it was her pattern or symbol. Furthermore, following the success of Twilight Gap the Wolf represented the strength and united of the City. For the guardians who had died at Twilight Gap, their armour was collected and forged into Gjallarhorn, Gjallarhorn has the wolf emblem and the exotic perk is wolf pack rounds. The weapon symbolises guardians fighting together in unison and as a team, like a wolf pack. Use Gjallarhorn has the Alpha Lupi wolf crest, which is different than the one we see on the armor, but the point I am trying to make is that in general wolf symbols in Destiny represent Guardians fighting together as team. The Iron Lords is another good example of this.

Regardless, I still think Laksmi-2 comment about Ana Bray is strongest re-buttal to the theory. So, if Ana Bray is truly dead, then who is it. Well, I think a Bray Family member is possible, specifically due to the expansion link to the warminds and SIVA. Elsie Bray would certainly suit the description. She is mentioned in the Destiny 1 ship Eon Trespass, which reads,

“Born from the mind of Elsie Bray, three years before she disappeared.”

The fact that the ship is called Eon Trespass may provide a nice link to the Osiris DLC, Eon means either an indefinite and very long period of time or a unit of time equal to a thousand million years, so Eon Trespass may translate to ship designed to Trespass time, which would suit the Vex DLC i.e. finding Elsie Bray at the end of the Osiris DLC may lead nicely into expansion II.

Apart from suspecting a Bray family member because of the warmind symbols on the expansion pass, the only other clue is the symbol on the armor. It does look like a Wolf, however I do not think that a wolf symbol narrows down the identity of this character. Many people identify the wolf with the Iron Lords and the Iron Banner, in fact, a secondary name for the Iron Lords is Iron Wolf. During Rise of Iron the Wolfswood bond, mark and cloak was released which all mentioned Iron Wolves, the bond reads,

Under a red dawn, the Iron Wolves gathered beneath the Ironwood.

Many people, including myself, thought that this was a reference to a new and separate group of Iron Lords, however, during a livestream the writing team was directly asked who are the Iron Wolves and the response was, that the Wolves and the Iron Lords are the same, it is just a different name.

So does the Wolf symbol represent an Iron Lord? Yes, it is different from the Iron Lords wolf symbol, and that might be enough for you to instantly rule out this theory, however Efrideet in my opinion is a very likely candidate. She was introduced during Rise of Iron however we never saw her face and she has not yet returned in Destiny 2. The fact that her face is once again concealed and we only see long hair may be a clue hinting at her return.

We know that the story of the Iron lords is heavily linked with SIVA and if SIVA was to return, which I believe it will as we have seen screenshots of SIVA referenced in game, then Efrideet’s return makes sense. If you are familiar with the Rise of Iron campaign and lore, you will know that it is hinted at that Efrideet left the Iron Lords before the Iron Lords attacked the SIVA replication complex; SIVA was sealed away with Saladin being the sole survivor.

So, a return of SIVA would provide a great justification for Efrideet to return, she didn’t fight SIVA the first time round, however she has now returned to assist the City. The burden of not helping the Iron Lords the first time round may be enough to overpower her pacifists nature and re-join combat. In addition, the character is a Hunter, thanks to Jake from Watermelon exo for that find. Efrideet is also a Hunter.

To summarise my final thoughts on the identity of this character, it really comes down to how much emphasis you place on the wolf symbol, if taken exactly, the best match is Ana Bray’s cloak from Twilight gap, however at the same time, Ana Bray should be dead. If you interpret the symbol more metaphorically, then maybe it represents an Iron Lord, Efrideet. If you place more emphasis on the Warmind symbol, SIVA involvement, icy moon, then I think a Bray family member makes sense, and I my best guess would be Elsie Bray.

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