Destiny 2 lore: Uldren betrayed us?

Character lore: Prince Uldren

The seventh Paladin commands the Royal Awoken Guard, whose primary task is to safeguard the Queen in any and all matters. This includes threats not only to her person, but to the Reef as a whole. As such, the Royal Awoken Guard work closely with the Queen’s brother, Master of Crows, Prince Uldren Sov, and every Guard member is trained in espionage and diplomacy as well as in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.

Welcome back Guardians. Today we are talking about the possibility of Prince Uldren and Variks controlling the Fallen, betraying Guardians and directing the Fallen against us. In today’s Lore video I will be using a combination of information from the Destiny 1 grimoire cards and the Destiny 2 scannables in the European Dead Zone.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 Lore episode.

Before starting, this video requires some background knowledge about the new Fallen House seen in Destiny 2 and in general to accept that Prince Uldren and Variks is in charge of the new Fallen House in Destiny 2, you have to be happy to accept a major assumption that there is only one Fallen House now. The Fallen have combined forces.

I have scanned 42 items in the European Dead Zone, which includes the Farm and from that there are 3 scannables that suggest that Variks and Prince Uldren are leading the unified Fallen house. The first two are Fallen supply crates draped in the fallen banner for the House of Judgement. Variks was the last remaining Fallen belonging to this House and obviously aligned with Queen of the Reef, Mara Sov. Variks abandoned the Fallen during the Reef Wars, after predicting Skolas’s defeat, however has only ever wanted what was best for the Fallen. Here is what the Scannables say;

Sojourner’s Camp

“I wonder if these supplies fell out of a Fallen skiff. Or a ketch. Fallen names are so ugly. Dreg. Wretch. There are other things besides short vowels and plosives, you know.”


Supplies marked for the House of Judgement… I wonder what happened to Variks. You think the Reef survived the Red Legion?

These scannables are quite subtle however could have some big implications, such as, is Variks supplying armor/weapons/materials to the Fallen in the European Dead Zone? As I said, House of Judgement is a very very specific house, solely represented by Variks in Destiny 1, the fact that his banner is plastered on supply crates is highly suspicious. Fallen House banners with the exception of the generic banner we see everywhere in the European Dead Zone, are extremely rare. I have only seen one House of Devils banner, and these House of Judgement Banners.

Now, I think it reasonable to argue that I may be looking too much into this, however I want to show you the last scannable which I think is fairly incriminating for Prince Uldren and Variks. Have a listen:

Sojourner’s Camp

“More Fallen transmission data. I’m… well this is weird. I’m seeing some file headers with Awoken symbology? What’s that about?

Within Destiny’s Lore file headers are very official. The best example of this is the files you find in the Vault of Glass from Praedyth’s ghost shell, which is stamped with future war cult headers, and when you show this to Lakshmi-2 she is extremely confused claiming she has no recollection of these files, however as the Future War Cult leader she must have stamped them.

The fact that we have see Fallen transmissions in Destiny 2 with Awoken symbology is very suspicious. It suggests that they are receiving orders from the Awoken and as you Ghost says, we don’t even know what happened to the Reef, in the previous scan you ghost wonders what happened to Variks.

I agree that these scannables by themselves are not very conclusive, however if we dive back into the grimoire cards from Destiny 1, I think you come to the same conclusion as me and be highly suspicious of Prince Uldren and Variks.

Lets start with Prince Uldren and then we will finish with Variks, and I do think that Variks is an essential component to this theory.

In Destiny 1, Prince Uldren is called Master of Crows. Prior to the Taken King and the Awoken’s failed attack on the dreadnaught, Prince uldren was in charge of the Crows. Within the grimoire cards the Crows are described as either mechanical, drone-like sentient creatures that can fit in the palm of your hand, i.e. like a mechanical crow OR they are described as Awoken field agents.

The Crows have multiple functions including gathering intelligence, repairing machinery, delivering important messages, intercepting and decrypting enemy communications and assisting the creation of powerful Awoken weapons.

For example, the Crows were pivotal in winning the Reef Wars. The Reef Wars was the battle between the Queen of the Reef and the House of Wolves, the Crows successful intercepted and decrypted Fallen communications which provided the intelligence needed to win a number of pivotal space battles.

Also during the Reef Wars, the Crows assisted the Techeuns to create an illusion of the Harbinger. The Harbinger was an awoken weapon that queen used to destroy half of the Wolf fleet during their first encounter. It is also the weapon we see in the Taken King cutscene where the Awoken take on Oryx. The illusion of the weapon that the Awoken help create scattered the House of Wolf fleet and once again lead to a key victory.

This would not be the last time that the Crows would work with the Queen’s Techeuns because the Crows would later assist with the research and development of Taken Gaurdian armor.

As you can see, the Crows are extremely powerful operatives and Prince Uldren was Master of Crows up until the Taken King.

So… what happened to Prince Uldren after the battle between the Awoken and Oryx. Well Prince Uldren crashed landed on Mars. I am not too sure how he made it from the Rings of Saturn to Mars, however the grimoire card The Aftermath is quite clear about his location. It reads,

He jumped up; his ship was still contained in its protective sphere. He tried to retract the shield, but it was locked to its initiation time. He couldn’t remember activating it. Then he remembered the battle. That blast…

He tried to calm himself again, forcing long breaths. He realized where he was: Mars. Athabasca. The Candor Isles. He hadn’t been here in so long, not since he found the Black Garden.

As Prince Uldren begins to come to his senses in his crashed ship, he tries to search for his sister, Queen Mara Sov and the card implies he has some sort of telepathic link/sense the her Light. It reads,

The countdown to the shield’s deactivation pulsed. He tried again, to home in on her, to find if she truly gave herself for this battle. He felt close to something, a hum of starlight, then shield deactivation broke his focus.

The word Starlight is very significant in this quote, the word starlight is only mentioned in 6 grimoire cards and 5 out of the 6 grimoire cards are related to the Queen or the Awoken. Perhaps, maybe favourite quote comes from Ghost Fragment: Fallen 4, where the Kell of Wolves asks the Queen to surrender and the Queen responds with,

I AM NOBLE TOO, she says, OH LORD OF WOLVES… STARLIGHT WAS MY MOTHER. The Queen’s ship whispers in eerie erratic radio bursts. Servitors begin to report a strange taste in the void. AND MY FATHER WAS THE DARK.

So, that fact that Prince Uldren sense the starlight is important, it indicates that the Queen is still alive, and is important for later in this video. We actually know that the Queen is alive because during a livestream Bungie confirmed this and said she will be returning to Destiny.

After Prince Uldren makes brief contact with the queen by detecting her Starligh, the Crows find Prince uldren and the card ends with this;

He turned in despair to find hundreds of his Crow drones, deployed on Mars long ago, circling his ship, waiting.

“Welcome back, Master.” The one closest to him spoke first, and the others followed, a wave of salutations echoed throughout the dry sea.

And with that hope returned.

“Begin repairs on the ship immediately. Something has gone missing and you will help me find it.”

Up until the Age of Triumph, we did not know what Prince Uldren was up to, however with the Age of Triumph Bungie released the grimoire card Ghost Fragment: The Reef 4. In this card, Prince Uldren was intentionally captured by the House of Kings. He let himself be captured so that he could confront the Kell of Kings. The Card reads,

He let his captors drag him through the dirt…

They debased him. They abused him. He bit the inside of his cheek until the blood filled his mouth. He struggled not to resist.

They needed to believe he was broken. That he wasn’t a threat…

So he bent his head low, and listened to the guttural string of hisses and clicks issuing from the maw of a would-be king in yellow. A broken ruler of a broken house, and the last of his kind.

They were more alike than he cared to admit.

When the creature’s anger had burnt itself out, he raised his head to look at it. He did not need to speak.

One kell rises, and another bends its knee.

And the prince felt the little hum of starlight ripple through him. The one that let him know she would be pleased with what he had done.

This card is highly suggestive that Prince Uldren challenged the Kell of Kings, one kell rises and another bends its knee. Not only that, but once again, we have a subtitle reference to his sister by using the word Starlight and that his sister approves of his plan.

Now you know why I am suspicious of Prince Uldren controlling the Fallen House in Destiny 2. However, if this card was not enough to convince you, have a listen to the Paskin, King Baron grimoire card which describes how Prince Uldren admired the House of kings, it reads,

Prince Uldren: No. Short of the Traveler itself calling Skolas by name, the Kings would not just roll over for anyone, no matter what. They’re too ambitious.

Petra Venj: You sound like you admire them.

Prince Uldren: Power cleverly deployed is always worth admiring.

Whilst I think it very reasonable to suggest the Prince Uldren Challenged the Kell of Kings, you must also argue that Prince Uldren needs certain Fallen tools to control a Fallen House. This is where Variks comes in.

Whilst Prince Uldren was crash landed on Mars, Variks was given control of the Crows and we know that the Crows eventually found Prince Uldren, so there is potential for Variks to have been speaking with Prince Uldren secretly. The idea that Variks was speaking with Prince Uldren secretly through the Crows may be reinforced by the Challenge of the Elders grimoire cards which reads,

“You’ve seen the same reports I have, and more,” Petra said. “I’m not stupid. I know the Crows whisper secrets to you that you don’t pass along to the rest of us.”

And this from the Keeper’s mind item,

“Crows fly far. Bring us whispers of things to come.” —Variks.

On top of this, Variks is the only one to be in possession of the Elder Ciphers. The Fallen require servitors to produce ether to survive, however, they also need the Elder Cipher to distribute ether to their forces, the Kell of a House is normally in control of the Elder Cipher. This is reinforced by the Elder Cipher mission in destiny 1 which reads,

“Variks will summon you once the Elder Cipher is ready. Kell uses Ciphers to control the Ether flow. Archons and Barons take deep draughts, grow tall. Dregs with tiny sips stay small.”

So… NOW we have a very nice conspiracy, Variks is missing, he may still be in charge of the Elder Ciphers, Prince Uldren is missing, the grimoire cards suggest he confronted the House of Kings, the new scannables in Destiny 2 indicate that all the Fallen Houses are joined, we see supply crates draped in the house of judgement banenrs and finally the Cheery on top is the scannable which reveals Fallen transmission data containing file headers with Awoken symbology?

What do you think Guardian, is there enough evidence to suggest Variks and Prince Uldren are to blame? All I know is that Variks will always make decisions on what he thinks is best for the Fallen and lets face it… Prince Uldren never liked us.

That concludes this latest Destiny lore episode. As usual it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.