Destiny 2 lore: Savathun The Taken King?

Character lore: Savathun

The Taken are an army without a commander, Asher. If we leave them with a little piece and quite, they might crown a new king.

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing who is now in control of the Taken, which Hive entity has claimed Oryx’s throne. The Strike mission, Savathun’s song, the scannable items on IO and the IO adventure “Unexpected guests” seem to suggest that Oryx’s sister, Savathun, is now in control of the Taken. However, whilst I will discuss this as the main theory in this video, the deeper lore of destiny 1 may suggest Savathun is not in control and I will share that alternate opinion at the end of this video.

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Let’s start with the scannables on IO, specifically the blights. The blights appear to be transmitters between our dimension and the Hive ascendant realm. For those who are not familiar with the Books of Sorrow, the Hive created the ascendant realm to house their throne worlds. The hive gods, Oryx, Savathun, Xivu Arath and Crota could only be killed within their own throne worlds. That is why in the destiny 1 raids we have to enter Crota’s throne world to truly defeat Crota, and the same for Oryx.

So in Destiny 2, these blights seem to be a link between our dimension and the Hive ascendant realm allowing the Hive to peer into our dimension and it allowing them to communicate with their army. Have a listen:

“Another Taken Portal. I… uhh. I’m getting an active scan signal through there. I think something’s watching us.”

I think these blights are like transmitters. They’re either calling out to something, or… letting something whisper to the Taken here on IO.

So, who is on the other side of this link, the blights that connect us to the Hive ascendant realm, well there is quite of a lot of evidence to suggest it is Savathun. I scannable on IO says this,

“This is sending out some kind of resonant signal. The same syllables, over and over: Sa… Va… Thun…”

In addition, there is a strike mission called Savathun’s Song. In this mission, we see enemies called “Savathun’s Handmaiden” who are converting Guardians into crystals to harness void light and summon Savathun from her Ascendant realm. This is actually really subtitle and I did not realise this until I was writing the transcript for the strike mission. During the strike an unknown Guardian has gone missing whilst investigating a Hive ritual. He says this,

Unknown: Don’t come any closer. If you try to turn me into one of those dam crystals.

Ghost: I think alive is the bare minimum we should shoot for… Sloane? Are you there? That broadcast came from somewhere nearby… hurry.

You then enter another area, where your ghost says,

Ghost: I don’t understand. That Guardian should be right around here.

Then you see a Savathun Handmaiden around a void crystal. Later in the strike you enter a Hive tunnel full of void crystals and your ghost says,

Ghost: So many lives, wasted… The Hive are monsters

The mission ends with you tracking down another Guardian called Taeko-3 who sacrifices herself to make a void crystal and allow you to stop the summoning ritual. This is very subtitle and not terribly obvious during the mission, however if you look at your mission dialogue it says,

Silence Savathun’s song

Silence Savathuns Song. Use Taeko-3s void light against the Hive at the right moment.

So at this stage, we have a scannable and whole strike that seems to suggest that Oryx’s sister, Savathun, is trying to gain access to our dimension by being summoned via her handmaidens. If that was not enough, there is also an adventure on IO called “Unexpected Guests”. This adventure has you investigate Taken gathering at a Cabal camp, and also suggests that Savathun is in control of the Taken army. Here is what is said in the adventure,

Ghost: We found a scary portal. Reminds me of the ones we saw on the Dreadnaught (3:32)

Ikora: A portal to the Ascendant Realm. The Taken world lies beyond that veil. A new power must be seeking entrance into our world.

We attempt to seal the portal using arc orbs of light but not before something comes through, a Hive wizard called Iraz, Eye of Savathun.

Ikora: Hurry! Whatever is on the other side of that veil has to know you’re trying to seal it in. (8:52)

Ikora: Ikora, something’s coming through (11:37)

Asher: How deliciously unexpected.

Ikora then ends the mission by saying this,

Ikora: That creature was the servant of some higher power. I fear something has claimed Oryx’s crown. (13:21)

So… between the scannables, the strike mission and the adventure Destiny 2 seems to suggest that Savathun has claimed the Taken throne and is leading an attack on our world. The other reason why this is very plausible is because Savathun left in the Books of Sorrow and has not been seen since. Verse 5:4 of the Books of Sorrow reads,

Then sayeth Savathûn, “Siblings, listen, we must part ways a while, so that we may grow different.” She flies her war-moons into the black hole. Her throne becomes distant.

Sayeth Xivu Arath, “King Oryx, you take up too much space, your power constrains too many choices. I must go away from you.” She flies her war-moons away into the night. Her throne is barred shut.

Then Oryx was alone. He spent a while in thought, and those thoughts are recorded here.

Event though most of the evidence points towards Savathun as the next Taken king, there is another theory… a theory that is hidden in the Books of Sorrow from Destiny 1.

So, in the Books of Sorrow, Oryx was the only one to kill a worm god and from that he created the Tablets of Ruin, which then allowed him to commune with the Darkness, which then allowed him to become the Taken King and create Taken.

Savathun was known as the sister of trickery and she was constantly trying to undermine Oryx’s throne. Perhaps one of the most important events was when Savathun tricked Crota into making a portal that let the Vex into Oryx’s throne world. It was during this encounter that the Vex mind, Quria, Blade Transform was created. This Vex mind ran a number of simulations on the Hive and determined that their power originated from their symbiotic worms. The Vex mind never introduced the worm lavae into the Vex fluid however created a Vex priesthood to try and understand the power of the worms, I believe this lead to the creation of the Black Garden. Oryx eventually defeated Quria Blade Transfrom and captured the Vex mind gifting it to Savathun, Verse 5:2 of the Books of Sorrow reads,

“It’s a Vex I captured. Quria, Blade Transform. It made an attempt to puncture my throne. I thought you might enjoy studying it.” Oryx pauses, digesting — through the bond of lineage he can feel Crota killing, worlds and worlds away, and it tastes like sweet fat. “Quria contains a Vex attempt to simulate me. It might generate others — you, perhaps, or Xivu Arath. I’ve left it some will of its own, so it can surprise you.”

“I suppose it’ll blow up and kill me,” Savathûn grouses. “Or let the machines into my throne, where they’ll start turning everything into clocks and glass.”

“If it kills you, then you deserve to die.” Oryx says it with a quiet thrill, a happy thrill, because it is good to say the truth.

The reason why this is really interesting, is that in Destiny 2 in the world quest on IO you encounter Erosus Spawn of Quria and Ir Arok, Tongue of Quria. Unfortunately, I have not played this world quest yet because I am saving the loot to help level my character, so thanks to all the people on twitter who messaged me the screen shots, but does the presence of these enemies just acknowledge that Savathun still has Quria captive and is manipulating the Vex mind in some way…OR is there something more going on here… Remember what Oryx said, “Quria contains a Vex attempt to simulate me. It might generate others- you, perhaps, or Xivu Arath”, maybe all the evidence pointed at Savathun being on the Taken throne is a misdirection and it is not Savathun controlling the Taken, but rather the Vex mind Quria, Blade Transform simulating Savathun! During Quria’s first encounter with the Hive the Vex mind could not understand the worm gods, but maybe after a prolonged period of capture by Savathun, Quria Blade transform has broken free! This may explain why we see Spawn of Quria and Tongue of Quria.

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