Destiny 2: The Vex Guardian – Ahser Mir!

“Ah, Assistant,  you’re just in time to join my dimensional anomaly research crew.”

Welcome back guardians. This video will have spoilers, leave now if you do not want to hear any Destiny 2 spoilers. Today, we are talking about Asher Mir, the half guardian Half vex who was first introduced in the Age of Triumph grimoire cards. Fireteam Chat from IGN featured an adventure in the European Dead Zone that was lead by Asher Mir. So in today’s video we will discuss the implications of this.

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For those who are not aware, during Age of Triumph they released the grimoire card Ghost Fragment: Eris Morn. In this card, Eris Morn visits an awoken guardian named Asher Mir in a medical bay in the Tower. The card reads,

His name was Asher Mir.

Irascible. Annoying. Cantankerous. She’d even seen Ikora Rey become… exasperated in his presence. Her lips quirked, very slightly, upwards. A kindred spirit, if she’d ever had one.

Her smile died as her gaze slid to his side. His Warlock garb had been stripped from his body, and she could see his pale blue chest as it rose and fell in the bed. His arm. His arm was gone.

In its place was a thing. The point where mechanicals knit with flesh was ghastly to behold, but the design was unmistakable to any Guardian who’d been in the field: Asher Mir’s arm was that of a Vex construct.

Her eyes flicked to the ghost at the window. It too, was transformed. The unmistakable outline of Vex technology encrusting and penetrating the small warden’s shell. That red, staring eye…

So, Asher Mir, the kindred spirit of Eris Morn, is basically unconscious in a tower med bay, infected by the Vex, and his ghost has also been converted, illustrated by it’s red, staring eye. The card ends with Eris saying that she needs to leave the tower, the card reads,

“I must find a new path through the night. The Hive are vast, and ancient. A power from far beyond our realm. If we are ever truly to face them, ever truly to put an end to their hate, I must step beyond the safety of the City.”

“Be safe, Gensym Scribe. A storm is coming. And I will not be at your side when it finds its way to our shores.”

With those words, and a gathered locus of power, she was gone.

So, Eris leaves the Tower, I presume to pursue other Hive threats such as Oryx’s sisters. She also refers to Asher Mir as a Gensym Scribe. Gensym Scribe has only one other mention in the lore, and that is in the description of a warlock bond called Harlequin Pendulum. The warlock bond reads,

A curious device, sought after by the Gensym Scribes.

Honsetly, I never expected to hear from Asher Mir again, he seemed beyond recovery, infected by the Vex and for the most part I thought that Asher Mir was a secondary character and the role of this card was to inform the reader that Eris Morn has left the Tower, and that she will not be in the Tower in Destiny 2.

Well, now we know that Asher Mir, somehow escaped the med bay or recovered in some way prior to the Cabal invasion because he is in Destiny 2, at least as a quest giver. He presents as the crazy scientists and it is hard to tell whether this was his previous cantankerous self or an effect of the Vex cells. Just remember back to how Kabr from the Vault of Glass describes the Vex cells in his blood and brain, and the Vault of Glass raid armour that speaks about the dangers of Vex cells, most famously the Grips of the Hezen Lords which reads,

 I have only one piece of advice: never touch a living Vex.”

We are not too sure whether Asher Mir’s current behaviour is a side effect of the Vex infection or just his usual crazy self, however the mission he sends you on in the EDZ is intense.

It is hard to determine what the true intentions of Asher Mir is, however, he is conducting an experiment with the Taken and you are also a test subject. The adventure starts with Asher Mir saying,

“Ah, Assistant,  you’re just in time to join my dimensional anomaly research crew.”

Failsafe then claims that Guardians will provide the brute force and that Failsafe will provide the computational force. Your first task as part of this dimensional anomaly research crew is to destroy Taken in order to gather Taken Radiation. Asher says,

“Let us begin with barbaric close combat with the Taken. It is a scientifically sound proposition and it is in no way suspicious.”

After collecting enough Taken radiation, you enter a Cabal research base, and because you have so much radiation, you attract the Taken to the area, who then proceed to attack the Cabal. Your ghost says,

“We are almost to the research base, so we just walk around, but in a taken-y way”

Then Failsafe says,

“The Taken will think you’re one of them and flood into the European Dead Zone. Asher Mir said it would be like a plague and as scourge.”

On the surface it appears like you are using guerrilla warfare to encourage your enemies to attack each other, and I do think this will be a theme in Destiny 2 because we have seen a similar mission where we ambush the Cabal but frame the Fallen by using their trip mines.

However, it also seems like you are trying to lure out the Taken for another reason, not just to attack the Cabal but like Asher Mir is after something else? When the Taken first flood in, Failsafe mocks,

“Theeeyyy’re gonna get Takeeen.”

And Asher says,


I cant help but think that Asher Mir is trying to work out the process of Taking, or who is control of the Taken or how to control the Taken in the absence of Oryx. There is a much bigger topic here to discuss which is, who, if anyone is currently controlling the Taken. The closest we have come to answering this is, Blessious, another content creator, actually asked a Bungie employee about who controls the Taken and the bungie employee said that currently they are like zombies without a master. However, now with Destiny 2, I do think it is possible that someone has claimed the throne.

You end the “experiment” by then destroying the Taken Blights, your ghosts says

“That did it, all the blights are gone”

and Failsafe then hints that there will always be taken by saying this,

“Except for the ones all across the Solar System,” that will continue to happen for eternity, or until the sun burns out.”

There will always be blights across the entire solar system? For eternity? Remember Guardians, remember the message that one of Oryx’s sisters left us on Dreadfang,

Kingly brother, I thank you for the gift of your failure. The sword logic demands a pinnacle.

The question is, who is the pinnacle now?

That concludes this latest Destiny Lore episode. If you would like to suppor the channel leave the word “Pinnacle”, to represent whoever is in control of the taken. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.