Destiny 2: Why it is called the Leviathan Raid

Welcome back guardians, I am sure you have already seen numerous videos revealing the name of the new raid in Destiny 2, which according to the playstation trophies, is called the Leviathan Raid. Many people have drawn the connection between Leviathan and the Books of Sorrows, however today I want to suggest another theory. This theory was told to me by AnonPig, co-host of the Destiny LoreCast, a podcast dedicated to Destiny Lore. I leave a link to his twitter and the podcast in the description below.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 lore episode.

In case you do not know, the PlayStation trophy list was discovered online and in the list it revealed the name of the raid in Destiny 2.  The Trophy is called “Belly of the Beast” and the description reads,

“Complete the Leviathan raid.”

In destiny’s lore there are two things that come to mind when you use the word Leviathan. The first is the Books of Sorrows and the Second is The Nine. I will explain both of these pieces of Lore, however I don’t think it is either of them.

Regardless, in the Books of Sorrows, a Leviathan was introduced as an agent of the Light. The Leviathan is preventing the worm gods from escaping the planet the Fundament. The worm gods need a host to leave the planet and the Leviathan’s along with other agents of the Sky try to prevent that. Remember that the Light is referred to as the Sky and the Darkness is referred to as the Deep in the Books of Sorrow. In Verse 2:1 Conquerors it reads,

For millions of years the Leviathan caged us here. It is a pawn of the Sky, a philosophy of cosmic slavery. The Sky seeds civilizations predicated on a terrible lie — that right actions can prevent suffering. That pockets of artificial rules can defy the final, beautiful logic.

Verse 1:9 The Bargain also reinforces how the Leviathan tries to prevent species from forming a bargain with the worm gods, it reads,

For millions of years We have been [trapped|growing] in the Deep. From across the stars We have called life to Fundament, so that it might contend against extinction. For millennia We have awaited you… our beloved hosts.

Against you stand the cruel Leviathan and all the forces of the Sky. They would crush you down into the dark. They have arranged their moons to drown you, in fear of your potential.

Obviously the Leviathan fails to prevent the Hive from forming a symbiotic pact with the worm gods. The Leviathans are described as creatures hiding in the depths of the fundament and are as large continents, you may have never noticed, however the artwork I use as my end card (or use to use) features a scene from the books of sorrow, it has the syzygy which is the god wave, which was caused by the Traveler to destroy the species on the Fundament and prevent them from making a bargain with the worm gods, but I also have a Leviathan as big as the continent hiding in the depths of the ocean.

You can see why it is so appealing to associate the trophy with the Books of Sorrow leviathans, these giant creatures and the trophy is called Belly of the Beast… BUT what does this have to do with the Cabal Raid, well I think nothing. I cannot see how the Leviathan’s in the books of sorrow would be connected to the Cabal.

The second option I mentioned was the Nine. The grimoire card, Ghost Fragment: legends 2 says this about the Nine,

The Nine are ancient leviathan intelligences from the seas of Europa or the hydrocarbon pits of Titan.

Unfortunately, very little information is gained from this sentence, apart from a nice connection with us going to Titan. I do agree that the new Destiny 2 locations should be closer to the location of the Nine, however I do not think that the Leviathan Raid is related to the nine.

So… here is the best theory that I have heard, it is simple, but sometimes the simple answer is the correct answer.

The Cabal ship crashed into the Dreadnaught is called the Dantalion Exodus VI, in demonology, the study of demons or beliefs about demons, Dantalion is a powerful duke of hell. If we look at another Cabal vehicle, such as the Imperial Land Tank, Cerberus Vae III, Cerberus in greek mythology is the Hound of Hades, a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld. So both these Cabal vehicles have a common element in naming, they are based upon religious beliefs or mythology.

So, what if leviatgan represents a Cabal ship, vehicle,  war base or even super weapon,  it is following the same  naming stricture as previous cabal ships and tanks,  ie  something from mythology or religion. Of course Leviathns present in both religious texts and mythology. Whatever this ship, tank, weapon is, it must be extremely important to the Cabal to feature in the raid. Now here is the kicker, in Christianity the Leviathan has been described as the demon of Envy, I will read you an except from Wikipedia,

St Thomas Aquinas described Leviathan as the demon of envy, first in punishing the corresponding sinners. Peter Binsfeld likewise classified Leviathan as the demon of envy, as one of the seven Princes of Hell corresponding to the seven deadly sins.

This is extremely fitting because Ghaul was raised to be envious of humanity because the Traveler choose Humanity. So how fitting would it be that Ghauls ship is named Leviathan, the demon of Envy.  That concludes this latest destiny lore episode, if you would like to suppor the channel leave the word, “Envy” to represent the naming structure of Cabal ships and why the raid is called the Leviathan Raid. Stick around if you want to hear more about patreon, otherwise, as usual it has been a pleasure this is myelin games peace.