Destiny Defender Titan Lore: Subclass Series

Defender Titan

Subclass Series

At Six fronts, defending the Wall was not enough. Titans had to become a wall.

Welcome back guardians. Today we are continuing with our subclass Lore series, where I explain each subclass in Destiny 1, and next on the List is Defender Titans. You can find all of my subclass lore series in the playlist on my home page and in the description below.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

Let’s start with some general lore about the Defender Titans and then we will move onto legendary Defender Titans within Destiny’s history. Defender Titans, like the Striker Titans and considered front-line guardians. This is told to us during the Armored light quest line, it reads,

A Defender is a front line Guardian. Your fists expel Void as effectively as any firearm. Go to the Crucible. Show me.

I imagine that Defender Titans are considered Front line guardians due to their history in protecting the City. I believe that the Defender titans were prominent in the defence of the City, specifically the battle of Six fronts. They were likely the front line of defence. The Defender’s Mark, which is a Titan mark that you receive for completing Path of the Defender, implies that Defender Titans had a prominent role at Six Fronts but also that the origins of the Defender Titan is entwined with this battle. The item reads,

At Six fronts, defending the Wall was not enough. Titans had to become a wall.

The battle of Six Fronts took place in the early history of the City and I question whether this was the first occurrence of defender Titans and whether this subclass was created out of necessity, defending the Wall was not enough, so Titans became the Wall. Did Titans first develop this technique, light manipulation out of the necessity to defend the City? Was it this circumstance that created the Defender Titans. We actually know that a similar thing occurred with the other subclasses, for example, the Gunslinger, the Gunslinger quest line talks about before the City, all they had was the light and a steady aim, so what did they do, made a Golden Gun. I definitely think it makes sense that subclasses were created out of necessity, to solve a certain problem, to fill a gap, and I think it reasonable that the early Defender Titans were created during the early defense of the City.

This idea, that the origins of the Defender Titans originated from the need to defend the City and defend the Wall is reinforced by the Path of the Defender quest line, which sees Defender Titans and the Wall as one, almost synonymous, the quest reads,

“The Wall. It keeps the dream of the City intact. On the battlefield, the Defender is the Wall. And her allies stand behind her.” —Zavala


“When people of the City think of a Titan, they think of a Defender. As the Walls hold back the Darkness, the Defender holds up the Light.” —Zavala

The idea that the Defender Titan was created in order to fulfill the need of defending the City is further reinforced by the Training methods for Defender Titans, the training methods involve Guardians imagining and being the wall, have a listen to Wei Ning’s approach.

“Be the Wall, they always told me. When you’re forming the Ward, imagine the Wall before you. Walk inside it, wrap it around you. That never worked for me. I just get really, really angry and then the Light does the rest.” —Wei Ning

So, obviously Wei Ning did not really listen to the training, however, you can Defender Titans are taught to use imagery of the City Wall in order to create the Ward of Dawn. Whether you think the first Defender Titans originated from the Battle of Six Fronts or not, I think it hard to deny that the City Wall is intricately linked to the training of Defender Titans. The speaker even considers Defender titans to be the true borders of the City, almost like the Defender Titans and the wall are one in the same, the defender crucible quest line reads,

The Speaker says the Wards of Light are the True borders of the City. Your Ward shines as brightly as any I’ve ever seen. Take it to the stars and push the Darkness back.

So why are defender Titans so powerful, why are they so useful during a siege on the City. Well, Lord Shaxx explains how their expert defense can demoralize and exhaust their enemy. Shaxx says this,

“Armies of the Darkness have crumbled while trying to take positions fortified by Defenders. Exhaustion and broken morale can be deadlier than any weapon.” —Lord Shaxx

Without doubt, Defender Titans have been integral to defending the City, and their fundamental use of the void light is without question, however they do have one flaw, a flaw that is also shared with Hunters, they do not really understand the Void. There are few Nightstalkers, i.e. Hunters that can wield the Void, and whilst there may be may Defender Titans, Gunnvor and Ikora Rey reinforce that their actual understanding of the void is limited. The Titan named Gunnvor pokes fun of Warlock when discussing the void, it reads,

A Warlock asked me once why the Void forms as a shield around a Titan. He went on about seeing into the abyss, the absence of form, that sort of thing. I waited for him to stop talking, passive. After his mouth wound down, I just nodded at him. ‘That’s why,’ I said.” —Gunnvor

And Ikora Rey says this,

The Titans decry the Voidwalkers of our use of Light. Vampiric and grotesque, they call us. But how do they think their Disintegration barriers form? What do they think happens to their atomized victims? Titans can be so amusing.” —Ikora Rey

I guess nothing really changes, once a know-it-all warlock, always a know-it-all warlock. Let’s move onto some Legendary Defender Titans. Without question, Zavala is amongst the elite of defender Titans, but I have already covered his Lore in the past. Obviously, you also heard about Wei ning, which like Zavala, Wei Ning was both a striker and defender Titan. Wei Ning died at the hands of Crota, impaled by Crota’s sword at the Battle for Mare imbrium.

One of the most undeniable defender Titans is Saint-14. Of course the Helm of Saint-14 has in my opinion one of the best exotic perks in the game and likely reflects the expertise of Saint-14 as a defender Titan. In addition, Saint-14 was a the Battle of Twilight Gap and also recommended Osiris be appointed the Vanguard Commander following the battle. He is also primarily known for his Crusade against the Fallen were he head butted a kill to death, which is why I had this art work made. More recently in the age of triumph grimoire cards, the Speaker referred to Saint-14 as his son, we don’t know if this was a literally or metaphoric use, there is potential that before Saint-14 was an Exo, maybe he was the son of the speaker and of most importance in the age of triumph grimoire card, is that Saint-14 is in pursuit of Osiris. The card, Legends: Saint-14 reads,

No, not this time. I have word that Osiris was seen on Mercury. The Caloris Basin. He’s turned his mind back to the Vex.”…

“Ghost, prepare my Vex arsenal and plot a course for Mercury. That old man is about to wake up hell.”

I hope, that Saint-14 returns in the Osiris DLC!

Lastly, I want to mention a group of Titans that appear to be defender Titans. The names, Emonda and Gunnvor are mentioned during the Path of the Defender quest line. If you search the database for these names, you will see that these Titans were part of the First Pillar order. The Murvaux Type 0 reads,

“Emonda Swale. Gave her last full measure in the Cosmodrome.” —The Last Stands of First Pillars

And the Murvaux Type 0 reads,

“Gunnvor, the Dawncaller. Gave her last full measure at the Ocean of Storms.” —The Last Stands of First Pillars

What is interesting is that you will find multiple other Titans who also gave a Last Stand, Kei-Ying gave his last stand at Twilight gap and Luke Romagne gave his last stand at the European Dead Zone. I believe that when these items refer to their Last Stand they are referring to Defend Titans holding the line until death. The reason for this, is the word Stand, represents Defender titans holding the line. This is reinforced in the path of the defender quest which reads,

You’ve returned, knowing not just how to stand, but when and why. And for that, you have my utmost respect.

Now you might say I am reading too much into this, but have a listen to the same line which is repeated in the Striker ques tline,

You’ve returned, knowing not just how to strike, but when and why. And for that, you have my utmost respect.

In this case, they have replaced the word Stand with the word strike, so I do think that when we talk about the Last Stand, we are talking about Defender Titans. If you look at the moto of the First Pillars, this makes complete sense, the First Pillar mark reads,

The many strategic victories of the First Pillar Order are not without cost.

And the Mark of the First Pillar

Titans train to fight on dangerous ground, a first line of defense against any crisis.

It seems like the First Pillar used Defender Titans very strategically out in the field to hold places of importance, constantly some of the members died and are now remembered for their last stand.

The question is Guardian, when will you last stand be?

That concludes this latest destiny lore episode, if you would like to support the channel, leave the phrase “Last Stand” to represent many of the Defender titans who I am sure will show their last stand against the cabal invasion.

As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.