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The role of the Cryptarchy is to encrypt and safeguard civilization’s informational infrastructure, not to decrypt anything and everything for any lowdown scavenger who happens upon an engram.

Welcome back guardians, today I am going to be talking about the importance of the Cryptarch in Destiny 2.We will talk about the origins of engrams and their purpose, as well as why we need a crypto-archeologist in destiny 2, why from a Lore point of view Destiny games will always have a cryptarch.

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Let’s start with the origins of engrams and what engrams are meant to do. In the exotic sword guest, In Good Temper, it is revealed that Doctor Willa Bray, daughter of Clovis Bray and creator of SIVA developed the first engram matter-encryption techniques during the Golden age. The quest step reads,

“The unique datastatic structure of relic crystals inspired Doctor Willa Bray to develop the first engram matter-encryption techniques during the Golden Age.” —Ghost

It also appears that the development of engram matter-encryption was what lead to the creation of SIVA. In the Spliced Nanomania Vest Willa Bray says this to general Chen Lanshu,

We’ve found a way to push our matter encryption technology even further. ~SIVA.MEM.WB002

This implies that the matter encryption technology developed by Clovis Bray also lead to the creation of SIVA. So, I think it reasonable to conclude that Clovis Bray, specifically Willa Bray was responsible for engram matter- encryption techniques, but that does not mean that Clovis Bray made engrams, it just means that Clovis Bray encrypted engrams.

Engram is actually confirmed as a state of matter in the Master Ives, Cryptarch grimoire card. It reads,

In ancient times, Earthlings thought there were three states of matter. We now know there to be four: solid, liquid, gas and engram. Of these, the engram is the purest state of matter.

So Clovis bray did not invent engrams, but rather discovered a way to encrypt and protect information within the engram. We don’t exactly know how this process works, but somehow weapons and armor take the form of an engram and then that engram can be encrypted so no-one can gain access to that technology, essentially this was a way to protect our weapons, armour and knowledge of the golden age falling into the hands of our enemies.

This is why we need the Cryptarch order, the Cryptarch order is for Crypto-archeologists who specialize in encrypting and decrypting engrams. This is confirmed by the Master Ives grimoire card, it reads,

The role of the Cryptarchy is to encrypt and safeguard civilization’s informational infrastructure, not to decrypt anything and everything for any lowdown scavenger who happens upon an engram.

As you may have noticed, even though Crypto-archeologists like Master Ives can encrypt and decrypt engrams, he is not too happy about freely decrypting engrams for guardians, essentially saying, we should not just be giving this information away to anyone. Master Ives does not only dislike Guardians but he also appears to dislike Master Rahool. There appears to be two separate branches of the Cryptarch order, one is the Tower Cryptarchy and the other the Reef Cryptarchy. Master Ives believes that the Reef Cryptarchy is superior to the Tower, he says in game,

 “You will find the reef cryptarchs are somewhat more competent than that Rahool.”

We don’t really know why Master Ives despises Master Rahool or the tower Cryptarch in general, however it is interesting how all Cryptarch- archeologists that we know of are Awoken, Master rahool, Master Ives, Tyra Karn. The odd thing, as I mentioned earlier in the video, it seems like Clovis Bray were the ones to develop the engram encryption techniques and it appears that Tyra Karn also founded the Cryptarch Order during the time of the Iron Lords, the Tyra karn grimoire card reads,

In the time of the Iron Lords, Tyra was the keeper of their stories. Later, she helped found the Cryptarch order, but withdrew from its day-to-day operation to concentrate on her studies.

So once, again, I am not too sure why all Crypto-archeologists are awoken, because Tyra Karn was on earth with the Iron lords when she helped found the Cryptarch order and I assume Willa Bray was also on earth when she developed engram matter encryption.

The only thing I could find that may explain why all of the Cryptarchs are Awoken is that the Cryptarch libraries in the Reef are apparently bigger than any other collection, so it seems that the Reef have been stock piling this information, and this is complete speculation, but maybe the Reef became a training centre for the Cryptarchs, and because the Awoken do not like Earth born, most cryptarchs are Awoken. The Hygiea Noblesse scout rifle confirms the superiority of the Reef Cryptarch libraries, it reads,

The Reef Cryptarchy’s hygiea division is its largest, with over half of the asteroid devoted to their sprawling libraries.”

So.. to summarise everything so far, Crypto-archeologists are members of the Cryptarch order who decrypt and encrypt engrams. Engrams is a state of matter and by encrypting it, we can protect our golden age technology from our enemies. Without Cryptarch’s we cannot access that golden age tech, they are essential to our survival in Destiny 2, unless you want to just be using the Kvostov for the entire game.

If therefore makes complete sense from both a Lore point of view and from a game play point of view that Destiny 2 has a cryptarch which is why Luke Smith says

“Certainly some of those characters like Rahool– I mean, what’s a Destiny game that doesn’t have a Cryptarch?”

This does not mean that Master rahool specifically will be returning, it just means, we will have a Cryptarch, someone to decrypt all the engrams concealing weapons and armour from the Golden Age. The Cryptarch in the Farm social space has now been confirmed as Tyra Karn, as revealed in the social space tour by IGN.

If that was not enough to convince you of the necessity of the Cryptarch, I want to briefly mention a number of other roles that the Cryptarch play. The first is to uncover the truth of the Collapse, they are essentially historians. The master Rahool grimoire card reads,

Rahool’s true love is history. He treats each new find as a chance to understand the glory of the Golden Age or the terrible truth of the Collapse. Listen carefully to his murmurings: he may be the first to understand

The Cryptarch also decipher enemy languages. This is reinforced in the Ghost Fragment: Hive 4 grimoire card,

What may seem like a void between their shrieks, holds, what I believe to be yet another clue to their origins. In one tone the Hive plea to their gods, but in the next, they whisper to another.

Perhaps it is here which holds the answer to their ultimate demise, or a bridge to their desires. In my studies, I still struggle to match the tones to their rune system. If only Crytparch Adonna were still with us. No one has yet to match her adept.

Whilst this grimoire card seems to give the impression of the Cryptarch understanding the verbal language of our enemies, they also appear to decipher the written language of our enemies. The World’s Grave grimoire card reads,

“At long last we have a chance to learn the Hive’s ultimate goals. The Cryptarchs are in a frenzy, working day and night to decipher what you stole from the World’s Grave.” – Ikora Rey

In fact the Cryptarchs have collected information on every enemy race, for example the Blind Legion grimoire card reads,

“PERIMETER SECURE.” Cryptarch translation of a Blind Legion transmission, repetition 6140

The Archive grimoire card reinforces the knowledge they have about the vex, it reads,

“The Cryptarchs are overjoyed, Guardian. An entire hidden Archive full of Vex research. Even chronicles of the legendary Vault of Glass. Perhaps this will finally help us crack its riddles.” – Master Rahool

The Cryptarchs also appear to have vital information regarding weapons, which is revealed in the Bolt-caster grimoire and I would also argue that they store powerful artefacts in their libraries. This is because in the ghost fragment: Warlock grimoire card, a warlock stole a fragment of Ahamakara bones from their libraries, this fragment actually influenced the Warlock indicating that even though dead, some of the power of the Ahamkara remained.

As you can see, the Cryptarch is an extremely important and easily one of the most essential components to destiny 2, so just remember Guardian, when you see Tyra Karn at the Farm in Destiny 2 be sure not to complain about the decryption of the engrams and just be thankful that the art of cryptology was not lost in the attack.

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