Destiny 2 and Exodus Black

Nessus and Exodus Black

Event Lore

SIVA doesn’t expire, degrade, or forget. It can remain dormant even on long voyages. Nearly any problem a deep-space colonist could have, SIVA can fix. Just give it a directive, and it won’t stop until it gets a new directive. This sounds like it could be invaluable to Exodus colonists.

Welcome back Guardians. Today we are discussing the Exodus Project, including Exodus Black which was revealed as a crashed colony ship on Nessus in Destiny 2 and we will also discuss how this is linked to SIVA in destiny 2. This video is intricately linked to the Owl Sector, General Chen Lanshu, Malahayati, Rasputin and Clovis Bray, I have multiple videos on those topics which I will link below.

Also, My Name is Byf is also covering this topic so for another opinion on this complex story see his video, it will be the first link in the description.

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Let’s begin with what is the Exodus Project? I believe the greatest clue to understanding the Exodus Project is the conversation between Dr Willa Bray and General Chen Lanshu. Willa Bray, is the daughter of Clovis Bray, Clovis Bray obviously being the name of a man but also the name of the corporation, Clovis Bray. The Dormant SIVA fragments released with Rise of Iron confirms Willa Bray was responsible for the development of SIVA.  Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5 reads,

“ What do you have to report, Dr. Zhang? Full functionality of the test nanites in our two hundred tasks across multiple trials and environments. They’ll be what Clovis Bray is remembered for, hundreds of years from now. All that’s left is construction of the replication chamber and initiation of production.”


The Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.9 then confirms the construction of the SIVA replication chamber and that they are now ready to commence wholescale production of SIVA. The card reads,

The complex is ready for wholescale replication of the SIVA nanite. We are waiting for your signal to start.

Thank you for your faithful service, Dr. Zhang. I look forward to the wonders that come from this replication complex. The New Machine Age, shall we call it? Let’s begin.


At some point either during the development of SIVA or after SIVA had already been developed, General Chen Lanshu would approach Willa Bray and enquire about using SIVA for the Exodus Project. It appears that General Chen Lanshu is in some sort of position of authority within the Exodus Project and the Project appears to be about Deep space colonisation, however it also seems like Chen Lanshu wants to not just use SIVA for colonisation but to also weaponize it. The conversation about the Exodus Project between Willa Bray and Chen Lanshu can be discovered by putting together all of the raid item descriptions from Wrath of the Machine in numerical order. Item descriptions that end with CL are memories of General Chen Lanshu and item descriptions that end with WB are memories of Willa Bray. The conversation reads as follows:

Let’s get to it. How can Clovis Bray help the Exodus project? ~SIVA.MEM.CL001

We’ve found a way to push our matter encryption technology even further. ~SIVA.MEM.WB002

Habitats, equipment, repairs of all kinds—all of these things can be made from one material. ~SIVA.MEM.WB003

SIVA doesn’t expire, degrade, or forget. It can remain dormant even on long voyages. ~SIVA.MEM.WB004

Nearly any problem a deep-space colonist could have, SIVA can fix. ~SIVA.MEM.WB005

And how long do the effects of SIVA last? ~SIVA.MEM.CL006

Well, SIVA requires no external power source, so…forever. ~SIVA.MEM.WB007

Just give it a directive, and it won’t stop until it gets a new directive. ~SIVA.MEM.WB008

This sounds like it could be invaluable to Exodus colonists. But Malahayati has some concerns. ~SIVA.MEM.CL009

General, poorly worded or malicious code is the fault of the programmer, not SIVA itself. ~SIVA.MEM.WB010

Doctor Bray, I’m sure you’ve realized SIVA’s applications extend beyond colonization. ~SIVA.MEM.CL011

I’m not sure what you mean, General. Is this still about the Exodus program? ~SIVA.MEM.WB012

The Exodus program would be interested in exploring SIVA’s defensive applications. ~SIVA.MEM.CL013

General, my team did not intend for SIVA to have military applications. ~SIVA.MEM.WB014

Willa, some of history’s greatest inventions began as unintended side effects. ~SIVA.MEM.CL015

From this conversation, we get a lot of information about the Exodus Project. They refer to Exodus colonists, deep-space colonists, and on the surface it appears that the Exodus Project is about deep-space colonization, I assume during the Golden Age. Why was SIVA important for Colonisation of deep-space, well it had multiple uses. SIVA could not only be programmed to build things but SIVA could also be injected into humans to strengthen their bodies. A lot of this lore is actually told to us through the ARG that Bungie released just prior to Rise of Iron, that was the buzzing SIVA mites that infected guardians. This Lore was released through the Owl Sector website. I have two whole videos detailing this lore, but essentially, Clovis Bray experimented on people with these SIVA prototypes, some of the people died, whilst others had tortious side effects, but what is extremely interesting is the researchers regret not incorporating a kill switch for the SIVA prototypes injected into the subjects. Essentially, they had no way to stop SIVA, or remove SIVA once people had been injected with it. This is what Dr Shirazi says about the SIVA mites,

“These prototypes are too deeply embedded in my subjects’ systems to extract by force. Organs, neurons, frontal cortex… Even complete hemodialysis would be insufficient. I must find another way. For Susan. For Yaris. For Kit. Maybe even for Jun.”

Dr Shirazi would then go on to say she believes she discovered a way to render SIVA dormant. The Owl Sector website reads,

Long and sleepless nights. My whole staff in isolation suits, bent over our microscopes. But we have discovered a solution, I think. We have not tested it on patients yet, only pure prototype samples. If we toggle Fibrons 7, 21, and 16 across all nanoparticles with pulses of particular wavelengths, enough interference should be generated to render them dormant.

This has an interesting consequence, as it makes Guardians question whether we were every truly cured from the SIVA mite invection, or if the SIVA inside of us was also just made dormant.

Regardless of the success or failures of these experiments, SIVA had multiple uses for colonisation from actually building physical structures, but also strengthening the body for deep space colonisation. It was the Fallen that actually got hold of these SIVA prototype notes from the Clovis Bray laboratory, which was why the Fallen were able to use SIVA to strengthen their body. This is told to us in the Download complete mission, the in-game dialogue reads,

“Nothing says “were in the right place!” like dead fallen. There, that’s the Bray research archive! Now to rummage through its files. Interesting there were multiple prototypes, each programed to serve a different function. One that built constructs, viral armor enhancements- that’s neat- and we have a winner! Cybernetic diagnostics, exactly what the Fallen would need to- Oh maybe later. We’ve got company.”

So, let me try and summarize thus far, essentially what you need to understand is that Clovis Bray created SIVA, they created the SIVA replication complex, the experimented on injecting SIVA mites into people to strengthen their bodies, the Fallen discovered Clovis Bray’s experiments notes and lastly, the point of this video, General Chen Lanshu had a conversation with Willa Bray, the creator of SIVA, to use SIVA for the Exodus Project, for deep-space colonization but also wanted to use SIVA for military applications.

Despite Willa Bray being hesitant to allow General Chen Lanshu to access SIVA because the general implied that it could be used for military purposes, I assume, that General Chen Lanshu did get access to SIVA for the Exodus Project because the ship-AI known as Malahayati is documented as containing SIVA. I initially thought Malahayati was another warmind, however I believe Malahayati is just a ship-AI that is involved with the Exodus Project. Malahayati specifically appears to be tasked with working with General Lanshu. This is confirmed in the Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 3 grimoire card which reads,

“General,” Malahayati sends. “You’re making Rasputin nervous.”

“Am I?” Lanshu banks, grinning, spiraling around the fuel tank. The machine hates risk. Risk to the General, sure, but also risk to Rasputin’s ships. “Is that the word he used, exactly?”

“He can be very charming,” the submind assures her. Malahayati works with Chen Lanshu, and she is certainly charming, but this is Rasputin’s territory, Rasputin the tacit king, the brooding wary first-among-equals.

Yesterday Lanshu spoke to a colony ship AI and it called Rasputin ‘the Tyrant.’ Not without affection. And certainly not without respect.

This provides even more information, it seems that Rasputin has control over these ships, I do assume that these are Exodus Project ships, controlled by Rasputin. They are referred to as subminds, and this ship AI refers to Rasputin as the Tyrant. We also know that Rasputin and one stage controlled SIVA, he was the one to unleash SIVA upon the Iron Lords when they first tried to destroy the replication chamber.

In the same card as the previous quote, it also appears to document the moment Rasputin detected the darkness and consequently Rasputin tried to launch as many as the Exodus ships as possible before the collapse. Have a listen,

The launch. SABER GREEN. Rasputin quietly moving another doomsday weapon into Earth orbit. And all the other launches, too, not just weapons but people, the colonization schedule pushed up… as if the need to disperse is now imperative.

At first I thought that the Exodus project was in response to the Collapse, at first I thought that the Exodus project, was simply about evacuating Earth in response to the Darkness BUT I do not think that this the case, the Exodus Project was running during the Golden Age, they were colonizing deep space already, then the darkness arrived, and consequently Rasputin pushed all the schedules forward to try and evacuate Earth. We actually see a number of these Exodus Projects that actually never made it off Earth, the first is Exodus Blue and the second is Exodus Red. The Exodus Blue grimoire card reads,

Grimly referred to as “The Graveyard,” Exodus Blue was only recently secured for Crucible combat. Located among the ruins of one of the Cosmodrome’s colony ship gantries, this site is a memorial to the grief and horror of the Collapse. Thousands died here in a last-ditch effort to outrun the oncoming Darkness.

Exodus Red is mentioned in the Ghost Fragment Old Russia 2 grimoire card. Once again it appears to be a ship AI, similar to Malahayati, which I think once again reinforces that a core component of the Exodus Program was very intelligent ship AI’s required to navigate Deep space and who responded to Rasputin. I believe the card is narrated by the Exodus Red ship AI and it reads,


ought we might shoot our way out of this one. But it looks like that’s unlikely. Even the Tyrant is exploring other options.

I am peaceful by nature. These great matters of eschatology bewilder me. My one love is my ship, and the people aboard it. In a fuzzy sense I suppose I also

MAYDAY. MAYDAY. MAYDAY (do forgive me please).

love to dream of the worlds I’ll help make – flowers I’ll plant, if you’ll grant me poetry enough to think of my passengers as seeds. But those dreams have gone! So sad. Now I am packed bulkhead to bulkhead with cold terror. Refugees from a nightmare I don’t even know how to understand. I wish I could comfort them.

I’m trying to be brave. But conditions outside are terrible. I suspect I won’t make liftoff.

By the time you read this, whoever you might be, I suppose you will know. EXODUS RED will be long gone – or rotting at its gantry, me dead inside.

I think this grimoire card clearly demonstrates that the Exodus Project already existed, it was up and running, then the collapse happened, they had this ships ready to go, so they packed them full of refugees and tried to flee earth.

Exodus Blue and Exodus Red may not have made lift off, however we know of at least one, possibly two that made it away from Earth (or had already launched prior to the collapse). The first is Malahayati, Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4 may be narrated by Malahayati because she refers to Rasputin as the Tyrant, the card reads,

I can feel the mites buzzing, pushing against my sub-mind. They try to steal fragments of memory, but I do not let them.

They have no will, but they want to BE.

I exert electronic will: pushing, shaping. Forcing stasis on perpetual motion. They are quiet then, but I can still sense them.

Where once my cargo holds were full of tools, and weapons, and material, now they hold barely-contained possibility. New worlds will be built from these tiny mites. Weapons and cities and ships created by thought and science.

I fear my will is not strong enough to shape these worlds. Only the Tyrant can do that, but he will not be a part of my journey. Even his reach has limits, and we will be nine billion miles away.

I whisper my concerns to the Tyrant in tiny magnetic bursts. He does not listen.

The Tyrant says take the SIVA, and so I take the SIVA.

The Tyrant says go to the stars, and so I go to the stars.

As you can see, this ship-AI has been sent into deep space carrying SIVA, instructed by Rasputin, instructed to use SIVA for colonization, I do believe because it is a ship-AI it is part of the Exodus Program, and I think it likely to be Malahayati. But we don’t know the fate of this ship and we don’t know the name of this specific program, i.e. we had Exodus Red and Exodus Blue before.

However, in the game informer article they said this,

“Finally, you can visit the planetoid of Nessus, where the vex have transformed the land from the inside out for their inscrutable purposes, and a lost Earth colony ship called Exodus Black crashed hundreds of years earlier.”

You combine this with all our previous knowledge of the Exodus project and their incorporation of SIVA for colonization, plus the screen shot from the Gameplay reveal which during a split second showed a Nightfall mission on Nessus that involved SIVA, the mission read,

“SIVA-corrupted Fallen have made their next inside a crashed ship. We cannot allow SIVA to gain a foothold here.”

Is this Exodus Black ship, the ship that I speculate was carrying SIVA, because it was part of the Exodus Project, crashed on Nessus unleashing SIVA. It is possible that Exodus Black is in fact Malahayati and Malahayati never made it nine billion miles away, but rather crashed Nessus. Regardless, I think the Lore of the Exodus Project explains how and why SIVA got onto Nessus.

When you explore Nessus for the first time, eyes up Guardian, we are yet to see what SIVA has done to the Fallen.

That concludes this latest destiny lore episode. If you would like to support the channel leave the word, Exodus Black, to represent a ship carrying SIVA, piloted by a ship-AI that crash landed on Nessus. As usual it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.