Destiny 2: No more Exo Stranger

Exo Stranger not set to return in Destiny 2

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Welcome back guardians, just a very quick video to update you on some more Lore news regarding Destiny 2. This was covered in the PC gamer interview with Luke Smith, a link to the article will be below. It is worth a read, as there is some interesting information about guided games, shared loot with clans, reasons for changing the subclasses and much more.

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In general, it sounds like Destiny 2 is a serious overhaul of the storyline for Destiny 1, even referring to Destiny 1 as issue zero in a comic book series and that the story arc only really begins with Destiny 2. When asked if we will learn more information about core story in Destiny 1, the Speaker, the exo stranger and the Darkness, if those questions will be answered, this was the response,

“Not specifically all of those questions. I think some of those questions we’ve taken off the shelf to look at, and some of those questions we’re leaving on the shelf and may never answer. Personally, I think of Destiny 1 as sort of an issue zero in a comic book series.

 It’s about introducing the universe and some characters in it and some statements, but I think we want to—and a bunch of those statements were questions.

I don’t know that we’ll answer all of those statements from the first game, and aren’t going to attempt to in Destiny 2 either. We’re telling a story here with some momentum and I think it’s going to show direction and progress for where the arc of Destiny is going to go.

And that arc is, for us, really beginning with game two.”

Unfortunately, it only gets worse from here. When questioned about whether we will ever find out who the Exo Stranger is speaking to on the phone, the response is this,

Yeah, there’s a world where the Exo Stranger has a cartoon or a comic book series or whatever. With Destiny, we have so many cool opportunities to tell stories in and out of the game. And we have a bunch of characters who are interesting, but the Exo Stranger is one that always makes me chuckle a little bit.

Because I feel that’s one character where we actually wrapped up the arc. She gave you a sweet gun and then dissolved, presumably off to do something else. So I feel like, of all of our characters we’ve introduced and exited, we actually exited her effectively.

But she always comes up. She always comes up, so there’s obviously something to that character that piques people’s curiosity.

I would just like to say that in essentially three years of making content, I have only once criticised Bungie, and that was only recently with my Grimoire cards gone video, I never made Destiny is dead video or anything like that, because in general I can be empathetic and understand that making video games is bloody hard, and I cant do it, so why criticize. For the most part, I was even shouting the opposite and defending Bungie, saying, hey there is a story here, there is a really unique story her that is fantastic, my channel has generated over 14 million views, on pretty much only destiny lore. However, I have to strongly disagree here, the story arc for the exo stranger is finished? you wrapped up her arc? we never found out who she was, what time period she was from, who she was talking to, why the exotic gun you receive is linked to praedyth’s ghost shell in the Vault of glass, why her grimoire cards are written in the same style as the Vex researchers, specifically maya sundaresh… nothing… The only thing we really know is that she fighting the war against the Vex… and last time I checked the Vex are still in Destiny 2, so how can her story arc be finished.

Well at least we will see the Queen in Destiny 2 right? Well, probably not, this is the response to questions regarding the Queen of the Reef,

No, no, I’m not going to talk to you at all about any of those characters. I know that there is a lot of passion from our fans about the mysteries of the Awoken and the Reef.

 And while Destiny 2 is not going to specifically stare into those mysteries, we see it in the way people that cosplay the characters and love them. So yeah, there are more stories to be told there.

Did he just reduce Mara Sov to a cosplay character, she is not important to the lore of destiny, people can be passionate about her and dress up as her, but we only see Mara Sov, queen of the awoken, one of only three major races in Destiny as a cosplay character. I feel like some of these comments are so dismissive of the Lore community, that this article cant be real, it has to be joke. I wish it was joke.

I really thought, that the storylines in Destiny 1 led somewhere, that everything was intentional, that there was this trail of bread crumbs that led to a fantastic conclusion. But I am slowly losing faith in that now. It does not mean that they wont start new and interesting stories in Destiny 2, however, I am just not hopeful of getting any resolution to what was started in Destiny 1. And for most people, that is fine, a lot of people hated the D1 story and will be glad to see it go, but I also know that Destiny Lore community has grown a lot since the release of D1 and there are likely a number of people that share my concerns and disappointment with the information we have about Destiny 2.

To be honest, this interview has completely demotivated me to make Destiny Lore videos, why should I invest hours upon hours analysing the Lore, defending the story of Destiny, saying how brilliant and complex it is… when in the eyes of Bungie it is just cosplay characters. Storylines that they may finish or might not finish? Why should I bother covering Lore for Destiny 2, who knows if they will ever resolve the new storylines they introduce, maybe they will just shelve them too.

Anyway, that is going to bring us to the end of this video, you will still see Destiny lore videos from me, right up until the Beta and Destiny 2, and then we will have to re-assess. If you would like to support the channel, leave the word, “shelf” because that is apparently what will happen to most of D1 storylines.

This is myelin games. Peace.