Destiny 2 Raze Lighter wont return

Raze Lighter

Exotic weapon lore

You reclaimed Willbreaker, won it for the Light! Guardian, I…was wrong about that sword. Wrong about you. Perhaps even…wrong about myself.” —Eris Morn


Welcome back guardians, today we will be covering the lore of the Exotic sword Raze lighter. The reason why I was interested in this was due to images emerging of Lord Shaxx wielding Raze lighter in Destiny 2, which was something that has been on our radar ever since the mega blok leaked images back in January.

IN today’s video, I want to cover the lore first and then move into the significance of Shaxx having Raze lighter in Destiny 2, because it does dramatically effect the Lore, technically if Shaxx has Raze lighter in Destiny 2, the other exotic swords do not exist. So I want to explain this in greater detail.

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The in-game lore for the exotic swords is actually very in-depth. It is told through three separate quest lines, the first is the Taken King quest line of “A Broken Will”, the second is the Taking King quest line of “A sword reforged” and the third is actually the exotic quest line of the same name, “A sword reforged”. If you take all of the quest steps and NPC dialogue from each quest it provides some incredible knowledge about the process of crafting exotic swords. Unfortunately, many people skim over this information and this is quite hidden as all of the NPC dialogue does not appear in the destiny databases, so unless you are paying attention at the time of completing the quest… this lore becomes lost to the corners of time, so let’s re-tell the story of the crafting the exotic sword Raze Lighter.

This story starts with defeating Oryx in the Taken King campaign, upon Oryx ‘Taking’ himself his sword Willbreaker is left behind. Willbreaker is no ordinary sword, the Dark-drinker grimoire card provides an excellent description of it, it reads,

Firstly: Its blade is not dulled by age. Each death it trades for life hones its edge, gives it weight and gravitas and insistence within the vortex of its own totality.

Nextly: Willbreaker transcends liminality. Willbreaker demands a subjugation more diffuse than the simple snick and smash of a physical brink. It does not have to touch you to wound you.

And lastly—and this is critical: To be taken in Willbreaker’s grasp is to know true bliss; that is, to be simplified; that is, to be reduced to one’s most basic level, shedding all higher-order thoughts of fear or duty or selfishness; that is, to feel only pain.

In addition, Willbreaker is the sword that Oryx inserts into the Hull of the Dreadnaught that activates the super weapon destroying the awoken fleet. According to the Books of Sorrow, Oryx used this same technique to destroy a race known as the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible, verse 4:11 of the books of sorrow reads,

Oryx attacked the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible, who guarded the Nicha Thought-ship. When the Flotilla surrounded his Dreadnaught, Oryx put his sword into the hull, and he used the power of the Deep (and the clever systems his daughters built) to push his throne-world out into mere reality.

On top of that, Willbreaker was the sword that lead to the creation of the Deathsingers, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk, in a… sort of round-about way, Oryx actually cut a larvae in half with Willbreaker but it did not die and the two halves became the Deathsingers. As you can there is already some rich lore to Willbreaker and we have not even really mentioned the culture of the Hive and use of Swords.

Regardless, Eris Morn appears at the end of the campaign and claims a shard from Willbreaker which begins our quest to create an exotic sword. The Broken Will is the first quest and Eris Morn says.

“Speak to Lord Shaxx

Can what was broken be repaired? Can what was tainted by redeemed? Guardian, this was Willbreaker, the blade of Oryx. Long did it dwell in Darkness. What use is it now? Here, take this evil from me.

The sword shard is then taken to Lord Shaxx and it is referred to as the Shard of Darkness. Shaxx says,

Shard of Darkness

That sword shard you carry… is that the dreaded Willbreaker, sword of Oryx? I have not seen such a blade in many years, Guardian. May I ask what you plan to do with it?

At this point we get some more Lore about Willbreaker itself and what it is made from, Shaxx confirms it is made from Hadium, he says,

Willbreaker was forged of Hadium, a singular metal favored by the Hive. It is not found in our solar system, but if you happen to find some, I can put it to use.

So why did the Hive favor Hadium, well the Hadium Flake inventory description reads,

“Shards of a reactive metal that stores whatever energy it is exposed to.”

So Hadium stores energy, which is really cool, it suits the Hive theme, their weapons are often described as alive, hungry, consuming the light and the fact that the Shard is called a Shard of Darkness, I assume at this stage, the shard has absorbed energy of the Darkness.

So.. what Shaxx asks us to do, is to gather Hadium flakes and this time infuse the Hadium with the light rather than the dark, and this is why we have to infuse Hadium with Motes of light.

Once we do this, Shaxx is able to form the basis of the sword and we get to pick from the legendary swords Sol Edge, Arc Edge or Void Edge. This is where gameplay outrules the Lore, technically, there is only one Willbreaker, there was only one Shard of Darkness from Willbreaker, and technically you should only be able to make one of these swords. However, of course you can carry all three legendary swords and all three exotics, however be aware from a lore point of you, only one of the exotic swords should exist in the Destiny universe.

Lets assume that you choose Sol Edge, because technically for Shaxx to have Raze Lighter in the future when the Cabal attack, you must of selected Sol Edge at this stage. This is when the “A sword reforged” quest line begins.

Shaxx says this,

The reforging is complete. Now we must teach the Hadium to reattune itself to the Light, not the Darkness.”- Lord Shaxx.

Once again this reinforces my previous point of Hadium absorbing energy and how we “purify” this sword, we reattune it. You have to use your sword to defeat major enemies but also Guardians in the crucible. I don’t really know why you have to defeat guardians but it is part of the quest line.

As the quest progresses, Shaxx says,

“This is a critical moment. The sword’s Hadium metal wavers between two poles. You must seal the sword for the light- by wielding it against the Darkness. And what better opponent than a Sword of Oryx?” – Shaxx

At this point we enter the Dreadnaught and defeat Ecthar, Sword Of Oryx, the quest step reads,

“Nightstalker scouts aboard the Dreadnaught place Ecthar, Sword of Oryx, in the ship’s Asylum. We’ll need to defeat him to finish purifying your sword.” – Ghost

After defeating Ecthar you have completely purified the sword of Darkness, Shaxx says,

This was once a weapon of the Darkness, prisoner to its own cruel purpose. Now, it is a weapon of the Light, a companion to a  noble warrior. Congratulations, Guardian.

And the quest step reads,

“I now detect only pure Light within the sword. We’ve made scientific history, Guardian! And to think all it took was a little bit of smashing stuff!” – Ghost.

However, you do not have Raze Lighter yet, all you have is a legendary sword that has the Shard from willbreak in it, you have re-forged with Hadium flakes and purified it with the Light, essentially, now you truly have the basis, the framework for Raze Lighter. So, the next quest is the exotic quest of the same name, “A sword reforged”.

By the way, the fact that exotic quest and the previous quest have the same name, caused a ton of issues with tracking down the lore for this video! It made it very difficult to find footage of each quest step.

Regardless, the exotic quest starts with

Gather rare materials and attune your light

Your Sol Edge is mighty, but we can do better. You own Solar light will make it so.

So this quest is about taking the legendary sword that we made from the shard that is already purified, but now amplifying it, really enhancing it’s powers. As Shaxx says, to do this, we need to use our own Solar light. The process for doing this is inserting Soliton Flares into the sword, this item actually allows the sword to channel our Solar energy. We have to collect the Soliton Flares from Helium filaments on the moon.

Lord Shaxx says,

“Your Solar Edge is strong, but we can make it stronger. I’ll need soliton flares, found within helium filaments on the Moon. In the mean time, you must practice your Solar powers.” —Lord Shaxx

Once you have completed collecting the materials, Lord Shaxx says,

Tempered with soliton flares, the blade will drink in your solar light and draw strength from it.

I now await material shipments from the City’s foundries. Return on the next Armsday. Then I will be read. And Guardian, come ready for a fight.

Really cool stuff, I never realized it was the Soliton flares that allowed your sword to essentially channel your Solar energy.

Not so cool, is having to wait for armsday, regardless upon the next arms day, a foundry known as Cassoid deliver the materials required to forge the blade.

For whatever, reason you now must kill the wardens in the Alak-hul mission, Shaxx says,

With thanks to Cassoid foundry, this step is complete. Now comes the hard part, Guardian. Eris Morn tells of three Wardens of Oryx who stand guard over the defiant Alak-hul. You must slay the wardens and alak-hul to channel their power into your blade.

So, killing your respective warden, in this case, Adleg for the Raze Lighter allows you to channel their powers into the sword. I am not too sure why we do this, as we have already gone to an extreme effort to purify the sword and to channel our own light into the sword, but for what ever reason, this cements the power of your exotic sword, the quest actually describes it as sealing the blade, it reads,

Defeat Adleg, Warden of Oryx, and then Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, within 30 seconds to seal your Sol Edge.”The Wardens you seek are infamous devourers of the Light. Each has its own heinous preference. Together, they guard the Sunless Cell, where Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, languishes.” —Eris Morn

The most important part about this message to me, is seal your “Sol Edge”, it confirms that we are modifying that original legendary sword that we selected from Shaxx at the beginning, that the Sol Edge, becomes Raze Lighter, which is why, only one exotic sword exists in the Destiny Universe, the legendary swords with the shard should not exist, they become their respective exotic sword. After defeating the warden the quest will finish and Shaxx says,

You return victorious with a new blade, one that deserves a new name. I dub it “Raze lighter” for it will burn down your enemies and all they hold dear. Wield it well, Guardian. And thank you.

Then Eris says this,

“You reclaimed Willbreaker, won it for the Light! Guardian, I…was wrong about that sword. Wrong about you. Perhaps even…wrong about myself.” —Eris Morn

So now that you know all of the Lore, you can understand the significance of Lord Shaxx wielding Raze lighter. And I do believe it is Raze Lighter, it cant be Sol Edge because that becomes Raze Lighter, and I do not believe it is the Sol Infinite Edge which was a reward from the friends request because if this image is true it clearly shows the jagged design of Raze Lighter.

So.. Lord Shaxx having Raze lighter in destiny 2 technically should cement in the lore for exotic swords, if he has Raze lighter, then Bolt Caster and Dark Drinker should not exist, we should not be able to see or use them. So how did Shaxx get hold of Raze Lighter, I can only assume he “found it in our vault” during the Chaos of the Cabal attack. Just before we lost all of our gear, Shaxx happened to get his hands on our Raze lighter. Sneaky Shaxx! It will be interesting to see what happens in Destiny 2 when it comes to exotic swords, however if they stick to the lore, there is some easy justification here to why exotic swords will not return in Destiny 2, especially if Shaxx has the Raze lighter.

That concludes this latest destiny lore episode, if you would like to support the channel, leave the word “Willbreaker” to signify the origin of the exotics swords and why there can only be one. As usual it has been a pleasure, peace.