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As we are sent out back into the wild frontier, into the European Dead Zone, we are going to find a place where there was a shard, that was discarded from the Traveler during the Collapse, so a piece of the Traveler is out there in the world and the farm is right nearby.

That is where Humanity stops retreating.

Welcome back guardians, today I wanted to speculate on how we reclaim our powers in Destiny 2. What you just heard was a quote from Deej during a PlayStation interview. Deej confirmed that within the European Dead Zone there is a shard of the Traveler, and I believe this is integral to how we reclaim our powers.

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Firstly, thank you to MrHappysadass, one of my twitch moderators for helping find the screen shots used in this video. Let’s begin, so why, is a shard of the Traveler important for us to reclaim our powers. Well it appears that a shard from the Traveler, even though separated from the Traveler, is still connected to the Traveler via the Light.

The mission chamber of night is a good example of this. The Hive have claimed a shard from the Traveler and they are draining the Traveler’s light by performing a ritual on the shard. The mission dialogue reads,

“Nothing is more important now. We believe the Hive are engaged in a ritual that is draining the Traveler of its Light. Whatever power they wield must be understood and destroyed.”

And this,

It’s a shard of the Traveler! They were using it against the Traveler, devouring its Light. But we freed it. And our new friend said there are enemies on Venus worse than this? Great…

So we know that shards of the Traveler are very well connected to the Traveler and the Hive were even able to drain the Travelers light by conducting rituals on the shard. Whilst we, do not want to drain the light, we do want to reconnect with the Light and gaining access to this shard in the European dead zone may be the key to this.

In fact, reconnecting to the traveler through the shard may be called, remote associated energy transference. Have a listen to this dialogue from the Against The Hive mission, it reads,

“The Grave makes it clear: the Hive are actually reaching out to the Traveler. They’re doing some sort of ritual, some kind of remote associative energy transference. It’s bad. We have to tell the Speaker. Now.” —Ghost

The Chamber of Night mission also says,

Like the Speaker said, everything is connected within the Light. Now that I know to look for it, and from the data we gathered, I’ll be able to pinpoint it, to find the ritual they’re performing. We have to stop them, Guardian.” —Ghost

So, this shard in the European Dead Zone may be our best chance at reconnecting with the Traveler, which would explain why the new social hub, the Farm, is in such close proximity to the shard.

However even if we do access the shard, our connection to the light may still be blocked by the Cabal’s device. But I assume like the Shard that the Hive stole, the Shard in the European Dead Zone may also contains it’s own light. So even if we cannot reconnect to the Traveler we could use the Light from the Shard itself as a source.

Like I have said many times before, I believe that we channel the light from different sources, for example we go to Mecury for the Sunbreaker mission, the Black Garden to access the Void for the Nightstalker and the Arc storms on Mars for the Stormcaller, and so it would make complete sense to find the Traveler’s shard in the European Dead Zone in the hope that it can provide a Light source that we can channel as a weapon.

Now, this is complete speculation at the moment, however here is the cool thing that may support this theory, we know that when the Traveler arrived it had the ability to terraform planets, it changed entire planets… what if a Shard of the Traveler has the same ability, what if the Shard in the European Dead Zone has slowly be changing it’s surrounding landscape.

Have a look at these images. This looks like a Void river and this actually looks like a smaller fragment of the shard glowing in the characteristic color of the void, purple. Does this indicate the area were we will access the Void?

And have a look at this… there is an Arc storm within the Traveler’s shard. Is this were we access Arc light from?

It would make sense, especially since immediately after the Cabal attack I assume we would not have immediate access to our ships, so I speculate that we will need to journey to the farm and then visit this shard of the Traveler to reactivate our powers. On your journey from the crumbling Tower to the Traveler’s shard in the European Dead Zone, try not to die Guardian… we may not be able to revive you yet.

I hope you have enjoyed this latest Destiny Lore episode, if you would like to support the channel but cannot think of a comment, leave the word, “Shard” to symbolise the potential main source of the Light in Destiny 2 until we free the Traveler. This is myelin games. Peace.