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Guardians get old?

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“This may not make sense to you, but it took your fight to remind me that immortality is not the same as invincibility.”

Welcome back Guardians, by far my favorite scene from the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal was the cutscene involving Zavala as he is revived from a crashed ship and journeys towards the Traveler. If you are anything like me, I instantly recognized the character as a “young Zavala”, before any other context was giving, my mind said, this is a young version of Zavala… but why, Guardians don’t age right? Well that is what we are going to discuss in today’s Destiny Lore episode and we will also discuss how this scene very cleverly portrays a “young” Zavala without contradicting the Lore of Destiny.

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Before getting into analyzing the Zavala video, lets answer the question, do Guardians Age? I believe the answer to be no and here is why. In the Rise of Iron campaign, Lord Saladin says this,

“This may not make sense to you, but it took your fight to remind me that immortality is not the same as invincibility.”

I believe Saladin’s reference to immortality is him referencing the ageing process, dying of natural causes and that he is making the distinction between this and being killed by someone i.e. invincibility. Saladin understood that Guardians could be killed (under certain circumstances), yet they could also live forever i.e. immortal, especially if you avoided all conflict.

So why then, does Saladin have grey hairs, well this is what stumped me the first time I looked into this idea, and I was promptly corrected by subscribers that Saladin likely had grey hair at the time of being revived for the very first time. He was already old when he was revived. This is supported by the cut scenes in Rise of Iron that have large amounts of time between them. For example, the cutscene with the replication chamber is much earlier in our history and yet Saladin has the same number of grey hairs. Furthermore Efrideet has kept her extraordinarily young appearance and voice over a very long period of time. In fact, Efrideet even confirms that Guardians do not age in the Iron Banner dialogue, she says,

“To me, the Iron Banner is a way to prepare yourself for your unique purpose. And without purpose, all of our strange, wonderful powers are meaningless. After I left the Banner, my agelessness felt like a burden. Only when I found new purpose was I able to make good use of my powers again.” —Lady Efrideet

Now, not aging presents an interesting dilemma for Guardians, in an era dominated by conflict, I imagine you would look to senor Guardians as mentors, people to provide wisdom about how to stay alive but this is quite hard to do because Guardians don’t age, you cannot recognize senor Guardians by their appearance only. For example, Efrideet, despite her appearance, she is a highly experienced Guardian. This exact dilemma plays out in the Ghost Fragment: Titan grimoire card which reads,

/ A Ghost without a Guardian. I remember when I was risen, you know. When I woke in that wreckage, to see my Ghost hovering there, its light in my eyes, like an angel. And it said –
/ This story again.
/ Disrespectful youngster.
/ Youngster? I could be older than you, Tibon!

Once again, this reinforces that you cannot tell a guardians age by their appearance. Also, it reinforces how Guardians lose their previous memory, this Guardian does not know how old they are.

Sooo… why did my mind play a trick on me, why did I automatically assume I saw a young Zavala in the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal, the more I thought about this topic, the more I thought, Bungie goofed up they definitely showed Zavala aging.. when they shouldn’t, so I obviously watched the trailer again and again, checking Zavala’s face for any signs of aging, and then I realized the cleaver way that Bungie presented a young Zavala.

So, if you watch the trailer, Zavala’s face does not show any signs of ageing from the moment he is resurrected to current day… then again, Zavala was a pretty safe choice, he literally has no hair on his head or face, with the exception of his eyebrows.

The way bungie portrayed a young Zavala was through his armor. When he is first resurrected he is wearing all white armor, a color that we instantly associate with common armor, armor that reflects our own journey as Guardians, there is nothing fancy about this armor, there is nothing glamorous, in fact it even just looks like an astronaut’s suit. Like all Guardians wearing this gear, you die pretty quickly.

As you mature, as age, you get better gear, and of course you can kick more fallen but… but of course, you are going to die a couple of times.

This theme continues, and we see Zavala become more powerful as he dons more powerful armour.

This leads all the way up to Zavala donning his current gear set, clearly more powerful and considerably more bulky in comparison to his previous armor. Maybe you guys already noticed this, but I had to watch the video a couple of times to really understand how they created the impression of young Zavala, aging and developing into the powerful Vanguard Commander we see today.

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