Destiny 2: NO more Grimoire!

Is there Grimoire cards in Destiny 2?

“The answer to that question is ‘no’ and the reason it’s ‘no’ is because we want to put the lore in the game,” “We want people to be able to find the lore. All the story is told through the Adventures, it’s told through the characters in the world, it’s told through the campaign and it’s told through scannables you find throughout the world.” – Steve Cotton.

What you just heard was a quote from a Forbes article about Destiny 2’s grimoire cards, or lack of grimoire cards. I had caught wind of this a couple of days ago, but the previous articles were a lot less definitive and I thought it might just be click bait, apparently My Name is Byf also asked the question to Luke Smith, and he also confirmed grimoire cards will not be returning to Destiny 2. I understand there is a “Show Lore” button in the game, but we don’t know how this functions yet. There is a fair bit a panic in the lore community at the moment, this includes myself, because these changes may severely impact the content we make. So in this video, I will give my opinion about the good, bad and the ugly of removing grimoire cards from Destiny 2.

ON another note, my website has been updated with every lore video that I have made (excluding collaborations), so if you are new to Destiny Lore you can search all of my videos at once. Just type a key word into the search bar and if I have ever mentioned that character or event you will be able to see the corresponding video, you can also read the script rather than having to watch the video.

This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny 2 coverage.

Let’s start with why this is a big deal and how this will effect content creators who cover Destiny’s lore, especially creators like myself who cover Lore only. All of the lore content creators that I know, use Ischtar Collective to research their videos. Ischtar collective is a website that draws upon Bungie’s API allowing it to automatically collect and store every item description, every bounty, every mission description, every grimoire card, everything, and put it in this one location. I can then search the database for key words and it will show every item that mentions that word. I then read through every item, select the most appropriate items and grimoire cards and create a narrative, a story, speculation, a Destiny Lore video.

The concern is, if there are no more grimoire cards, and everything is ONLY in-game, (if it is in-game and online, that is ok) but if it is just in-game, websites like Ischtar collective will not be able to automatically grab that data, every item description, every grimoire card. So someone needs to manually transcribe every item, grimoire card, mission description etc. Now Ischtar Collective already has to do this with some items, for example, Ghosts scans have to be manually edited, dialogue in cut scenes have to be manually edited, but for the most part these are only small amounts in comparison to the total number of items, bounties, grimoire cards etc. Ghost scans were supplements to the Lore, they were never the main source of Lore, however the quote I mentioned at the beginning,

“All the story is told through the Adventures, it’s told through the characters in the world, it’s told through the campaign and it’s told through scannables you find through the world”

Makes it sound like the primary source of Lore will be items that we cannot get automatically through Bungie’s API. So potentially, what this boils down to is manual translation of the lore from the game into a database rather than automatically collecting that information from Bungie’s API.

The issue with this is on multiple fronts. Firstly, if the Lore community does not band together to help create new databases with Destiny 2, the time taken just to gather the right information would be weeks, rather than hours. Right now, I usually spend anywhere between 3 to 6 hours just researching topics, and that is using Ischtar collective’s database, if I had manually collect every item and transcribe it, we are talking about days, weeks or even longer, and even then I cannot be confident that I have not missed some information.

So how this impacts you the viewer, if we don’t come together as a community and find a solution for gathering these items and building these databases, I cannot see it being possible to deliver weekly content. So the bottom line for viewers, is less Lore videos. How this impacts youtubers, if they cannot deliver weekly content, and youtube is their job, creators will move away from making lore videos, youtube is extremely punishing if you do not upload every week, in fact it is punishing if you do not upload every day. So adding days or weeks just to research items for one video means that Lore videos are not viable for youtubers whose career is making content. Right now we are in the Golden Age of Lore videos with so many great content creators putting out multiple videos are week, and I think this is at risk.

If I was to play devil’s advocate, I think you could argue the positives of this change. From what I can gather, communities like Dark Souls, function very similar, you need to discover the Lore in the game and from what I can see, compared to the Destiny Lore community, Dark Souls Lore videos are spaced much further apart, only every second week, or even every month, BUT those videos are highly valued because it is so difficult to piece the Lore together.

The ironic thing, is that I am sure Bungie wanted to make the Lore more accessible, however if it is only available in game, it could cripple the content creators that promote Destiny’s Lore and inspire people to read more into the story. For this reason, it might have the opposite effect to what is intended.

The second issue with manually transcribing databases is accuracy. Even if we do create a community database, it is possible that people will input entries that are incorrect, whether that is simply spelling mistake or more serious errors where they heard something wrong, this would be a real risk. So if this is the case, you would always have to question the reliability of the items you use in your lore videos.

On the same note as accuracy, as someone who is very thorough with my research, if it was a manual entry database I would always have to question whether an item existed that contradicted my theory. The audience would have to accept that Lore videos are created upon a limited number of items and there may be items that have not been documented or discovered yet.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that I am concerned with the complexity of the Lore if it is in-game only! The success of Destiny lore channels comes from the creators interpretation of the grimoire cards, their ability to find different pieces of Lore and piece them together, my concern is, that if Lore is only in-game that some of that complexity is lost. If everyone can open a menu in-game and read an item and understand 100% what that means, then there is no point to my channel. People don’t come to my channel for me to recite grimoire cards or items, but actually interpret them and put them together in some sort of sequence to tell a story. If that complexity is lost I do not think that Destiny Lore channels have value, I do not think they have entertainment value, I think they lose the ability to immerse people in the Destiny universe.

And so, I really hope that if all the Lore is in-game only, I really hope that the complexity still lives and that they have not dumbed the Lore down. I have always said I want the Lore in game but I never wanted it exclusively in-game and that is the real issue at the moment, and that is what this whole video boils down to. If Destiny 2’s lore is exclusively in-game, I will need to have a serious think about my channel, the content I make, the direction I am going, everything.

On a personal note, youtube has become more than just a hobby, a passion, I have spoken to many of you about your health, your mental health, about what my content means to you, and I have realised it means a lot to a lot of you, and I just really hope that I can continue to make Destiny Lore videos for you to enjoy.

Grimorie cards were heavily criticised upon Destiny’s release however it ended up spawning a passionate community of people that love Destiny’s universe, it spawned a community that I don’t think bungie expected.

Finally, on a purely selfish note, I have put so many hours into my channel, so many weekends, so many nights, so many missed parties, did not see my friends I did not see as often as I should because I prioritised making youtube videos, did not see my girlfriend as often as I should because I was making content (and I live with her by the way) and you guys know, that I many channel never exploded like a lot of other youtube channels, I have slowly but surely grinded my way to the position I am now, and I was really happy and confident going into Destiny 2, thinking you know, maybe I can make a career out of this, maybe I can do something I love every day as  job, maybe I can provide entertainment for thousands of people through youtube, and these changes threatens that dream, and that is hard. You place the youtube adpocalypse on top of that, and it becomes twice as hard.

Right now, I hope I am completely overreacting, but to be honest, I just could not write another Lore video until I had this conversation with you all. I must trust that I will be able to adapt my channel and my vision to any changes that Destiny 2 brings and that I can continue to follow my dream and passion.

Thanks for listening guardians, your support now is more important than ever, if you would like to support the channel, leave the phrase, “grimoire gone”, to fair well grimoire cards as we look to the future of Destiny Lore videos.

This is myelin games. Peace.