Rasputin Never Shot the Traveler

Rasputin and the Traveler


The Guardian Vanguard hoped that Rasputin might make a powerful ally, capable of mapping and reviving Golden Age military assets and recruiting them for the City’s defense. But Rasputin has proven recalcitrant and high-handed, unresponsive to the City’s outreach.

We cannot characterize Rasputin’s strategic objectives and capabilities, cannot define its physical or computational architecture, cannot ascertain its disposition with regard to the City, and cannot be sure it retains memory of events before the Collapse.

The Traveler came out of nowhere. Entirely unanticipated. Imagine if it hadn’t been friendly. Imagine that. Rasputin surely has.

Welcome back guardians, today we are revisiting the theory that Rasputin crippled the Traveler. I am for the most part very specific with my scripts and writing, often using phrases such as “I believe”, “I think this means”, “I interpret this as”, which are all intended as ‘sign posts’, indicators to the listener that what I am saying is not fact but an interpretation. An interpretation of the grimoire cards. Unfortunately, I did not do this for the Collapse video, and made it seem like it was fact that Rasputin crippled the Traveler. I admit I have also been biased towards this topic in the past, so I hope this video will correct that and present some evidence to why Rasputin did NOT cripple the Traveler.

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I want to structure this video based on a reddit post by Gaelhelemar, I not going to cover all the points in as much detail, so please feel free to read the post in it’s entirety, I will leave a link in the description. The first major point that is addressed in the post is about the Books of Sorrow. Specifically, how the Traveler was associated with two races, the Ammonites and the Harmony.

The Traveler empowered the Ammonites with paracausal weapons allowing them to fight Auryx (Auryx, later becomes Oryx, the Taken King). Verse 2:6 the sword logic reads,

“AT LAST! We knew curiosity would draw you back, Auryx. In their desperation, the Ammonite have begun using paracausal weapons.

What are these? How do they work? Wouldn’t you like to know. Suffice to say that some powers in this universe are superordinate to mere material physics.

The source of these weapons is the Traveler, the Sky’s bait star. Their effect is subtle, but devastating.”

Even though the Ammonites were using Paracausal weapons, they were still destroyed by Auryx and then the Traveler left them. Verse 2:9 Crusaders of the Books of Sorrow reads,

“It’s done. Eir and Yul feed on the Leviathan’s carcass. Xivu Arath has made a temple of the Chroma-Admiral’s impaled corpse. Below us, Savathûn’s poisons stain the Ammonite home sea black. Their screams flavor the void.

The Traveler has fled.”

The point being argued is that the Traveler empowered the Ammonites first and only fled once the Ammonites had been completely destroyed. So this may indicate, that the Traveler would have done the same for us, i.e. the Traveler would not have fled humanity upon just seeing the Darkness but would have provided us with the tools to defend ourselves. It would have stayed and fought, like it did with the Ammonites.

The second race I mentioned is the Harmony. It appears that the Traveler also empowered the Harmony, leaving behind an object referred to as the Gift Mast. The Gift Mast seems to contain a lot of light which the Harmony were able to use. Verse 5:3, I’d shut them all in cells reads,

“HARMONY. When the Traveler passed across Harmony, it lied to the orbits of ten worlds. Now they orbit the black hole. The Traveler lied to the accretion disc, so that it would give warm light to these worlds.

THE GIFT MAST. When the Traveler left Harmony, it made a monument out of the black hole’s polar jet. In the jet there is a hollow mast which sings in radiance. This is the Gift Mast and we will devour it, we will eat the Sky out of it, we will snap it like a bone.

THE HARMONY STING. The Harmony have weaponized their dead star.”

The main point being made here, is that the Traveler had already gifted the Harmony with advanced technology or at least the means to fight Oryx, i.e. the Gift Mast and the reason for the Traveler leaving the Harmony was not necessarily related to the Darkness or Oryx. It seems that the Traveler had already left the Harmony prior to the arrival of Oryx. The reddit post argues that there is no solid precedent that the Traveler simply flees and abandons civilisation on the arrival of the Darkness.

Using the same line of thinking, we can examine the Fallen to give us some indication to the behaviour of the Traveler, and how it previously aligned with other races and responded to Oryx and/or Darkness. Unfortunately, there is very little information regarding the Traveler leaving the Fallen and very little information is known about the Whirlwind. However the most commonly referenced card relating to the Traveler leaving the Fallen is the Variks, The Loyal grimoire card which reads,

“First , the Great Machine. Then, sky fell away. Whirlwind ripped away the past. All honor lost, all hope. Judgment not enough. Cannot keep Wolves from Kings, Scar from Winter. Fell to fighting. Fell to hate.”

Some will argue because it says “first, the great machine” it implies that the Traveler fled as the darkness approached and then the Whirlwind happened. Whereas, others may see this as too separate events, similar to the Harmony, the Traveler had already left for reasons unknown to us and then the Whirlwind occurred. Whilst we do not know what happened during the Whirlwind, I do believe, like the author of this post, that the Fallen encountered Oryx as indicated by the King’s Fall raid weapons that refer to Chelchis, the Kell of Stone.

To summarise the information so far, the argument is, we should not use the Ammonites, the Harmony and the Fallen as evidence for the Traveler fleeing when faced by the Darkness, because why the Traveler left this races is not truly known. I think that is a fair point, so now let’s move onto the Dreams of Alpha Lupi cards.

These cards reinforce the same point, that the Traveler did not flee previous civilisations, it visited these races, gave them their own Golden Age and then left. The cards also implies that the Traveler choose our civilisation to build and actually fight the Darkness.

Ghost Fragment: The Traveler reads,

“You have lived as invisibly as possible, flicking from solar system to solar system, making grand plans, overseeing the culturing of civilizations, before leaving in a blink. But you have no recollection of ever wanting worship or even thanks from those blessed by you. “

Like I said, the traveler was just building civilisations and then leaving. Not necessarily fleeing the Darkness. I can understand this line of thinking, however in the books of sorrow and in the Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 2, it refers to the chase, the chase between the Traveler and the Darkness, I have to assume that the Traveler knew it was being pursued, it knew it was being tracked by the Darkness. And so personally I think it much more likely that the Traveler only visited this races to create proxy armies to slow down Oryx and the Darkness. Just like it says in the Darkness grimoire card which reads,

“Certain positions – often labeled heretical – imply that the Traveler itself triggered the Collapse, or that it knew the Darkness was coming for it and hoped to use the Solar System as a sacrifice or a proxy army. “

HOWEVER, even if that was the case, even if the Traveler was arming civilisations as distraction, sacrifices to slow down Oryx, that does not mean that the Traveler was going to do this to us. This may sound too evil for the Traveler to do, but do remember that the Traveler was willing to do anything to trap the worm gods on the fundament, which included creating the God Wave known as the syzygy, designed to wipe out all species on the planet and prevent the worm gods from making a symbiotic pact. However, even if it did do this, it does not mean that the Traveler intended to sacrifice us, in fact, the Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 2 grimoire card implies the opposite, it reads,

“This has been such a long chase. This will be the place you will fight. Fight and win.”

This implies that the Traveler choose to stay and fight, it did not intend to flee the darkness when it reached humanity. The last Dreams of Alpha Lupi card that I want to address is the Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 3 card.

The Ghost Fragment: The Traveler 3 card reads,

“The knife had a million blades. And you were giant, powerful and swift. But the knife pinned you. Cut your godly flesh away.”

The author of the post makes the comparison of the Knife, to the darkness. This is very reasonable because all of the Taken grimoire cards refer to a knife. When Oryx takes these beings, he refers to all of their weakness, then changes them, improving them and gifting them a knife. So if the Knife represents a weapon of the Darkness, then this card confirms that the Darkness crippled the Traveler not Rasputin.

Whilst I believe this is completely reasonable, I do have one major rebuttal to this and that is in the Ghost Fragment: Mysteries grimoire card where it implies that Rasputin fought the Darkness using a weapon called Aurora Knives.

The Cards reads,

“Consider IT the power Titanomach world-ender and consider what IT means. I met IT at the gate of the garden and I recall IT smiled at me before before IT devoured the blossoms with black flame and pinned their names across the sky.

IT was stronger than everything. I fought IT with aurora knives and with the stolen un-fire of singularities made sharp and my sweat was earthquake and my breath was static but IT was stronger so how did I survive?”

If this is infact Rasputin speaking in this card, then the million knives that pinned the Traveler could be Rasputin. AND do believe that this card is referring to Rasputin as at the beginning of the card it says, “I bear an old name. It cannot be killed” and in Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 4 it says,

“and you’re certainly not MINE although once you must have been

[I bear an old name. It cannot be killed. Not even here.]”

As you can see, I don’t believe anything I have mentioned so far could be used as conclusive evidence that Rasputin did or did NOT cripple the Traveler. So now let’s move onto the Rasputin cards which I think is often the centre piece for this argument.

The main card in question is Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5. This is the card that essentially hints that Rasputin may have crippled the Traveler. The card provides a list of conditions that must be met and if met the card provides an action plan for what to do, the action plan reads,

“Stand by for DECISION POINT:

If available ISR and WARWATCH indicates imminent [O] departure

> then [O] departure compromises human/neohuman survival and epoch strategy



Perform deniable authorization: full caedometric and noetic release

Prevent [O] departure by any means available

Stand by for effect assessment criteria:

Coerce pseudoaltruistic [O] defensive action.

Defer civilization kill.”

Many have accepted that [O] represents the Traveler, so this card means that if all of the requirements were met, then Rasputin would cripple the traveler, prevent Traveler departure by any means available because Rasputin predicted that this would force the Traveler to create a defensive mechanism, as it says “coerce pseduoaltruistic [O] defensive action”.

So one of the first questions that I think should be answered is, were all of the requirements/conditions met. So let’s go through each line, each requirement that must be met for Rasputin to enact this plan that prevents the Traveler from escaping. The first requirement is


This requirement is met in Ghost Fragment: Darkness grimoire card where it says, “I am invoking Carrhae white and assuming control of solar defences.”

The next requirement is


I believe this requirement is also met in the Ghost Fragment: Darkness grimoire card when it says, “Cauterise public sources to SECURE ISIS and harden for defensive action”. ISIS being an Egyptian god is the clue to this requirement.

The next requirement is


I believe this requirement is met also in Ghost Fragment: Darkness when it says, “Promote event to SKYSHOCK:OCP:EXTINCTION”.

The next requirement is

“If VOLUSPA is ACTIVE and in FAILURE [[synapse to FENRIR::SURTR]]”

Once again the Ghost Fragment: Darkness grimoire card reads “Activate Voluspa” and then in Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 3 it says, “Forecasts unanimously predict terminal VOLUSPA failure.”

The next requirement is


I believe this requirement was met in Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 3 card which says, “I am declaring YUGA SUNDOWN effective on receipt.”

The next requirement is

“If AI-COM has granted PERMISSIVE POTENTIATION to outboard resilient instances”

I do not have any reference to this requirement being met, so I think it reasonable if you argued that not all of the requirements were met so Rasputin never crippled the Traveler. I think you could argue that this is evidence for the Traveler not being crippled by Rasputin. Regardless, lets keep checking the other requirements.

The next reads,

“If tactical morality is built at MIDNIGHT”

I believe this requirement is met in the Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 3 grimoire card which reads, “Format moral structures for MIDNIGHT EXIGENT.” After all of these conditions/requirements that card continues and reads,

Stand by for DECISION POINT:

If available ISR and WARWATCH indicates imminent [O] departure > then [O] departure compromises human/neohuman survival and epoch strategy

Now this requirement is the requirement I would debate the most. As far as I am aware we do not know if this was met. We do not know if ISR and WARWATCH indicated that the Traveler was going to leave. There are hints within the grimore cards that Rasputin did not trust the Traveler, like the opening quote I used from Ghost Fragment Old Russia 3 which reads,

“The Traveler came out of nowhere. Entirely unanticipated.

Imagine if it hadn’t been friendly. Imagine that.

Rasputin surely has.”

Whilst this may suggest Rasputin was suspicious of the Traveler it does not mean that Rasputin determined with confidence that the Traveler would leave. If this requirement is not met, then Rasputin would not take action and would not cripple the Traveler.

The main argument here, is that Ghost Fragment Rasputin 5 is a plan, not a report. It is not necessarily saying what happened. The card itself even says, “CONTINGENT ACTION ORDER”. A contingent action order, may mean this is a contingency plan, which is a plan designed to take account of a possible future event or circumstance, this card is planning a scenario IF the Traveler decides to leave. It is not a recount of events that happened.

Further supporting this the reddit post speaks about the ordering the Rasputin cards, the ghost fragment darkness card and the Sleeper simulant card according to their subject lines. These cards start with a series of numbers and letters and also end with a series of numbers and letters. For example, the Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5 card reads like this,

V101NTS923ATS000 (start)

V101NTS923ATS001 (end)

This may indicate the order in which the cards should be read, if this is the case, then Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5 is actually the very first card, it has the lowest number at V101, the Ghost Fragment Darkness is the next card with V113, Ghost Fragment Rasputin 3 is next with V120, Ghost Fragment Rasputin 6 is next with V150 and Sleeper simulant is last with V156. Once again, this would support that the statements in Ghost Fragment Rasputin 5 are simply a plan, they did not necessarily happen.

Now, just be devil’s advocate, I do have some rebuttals to this theory. Firstly, the Ghost Fragment: Darkness grimoire card appears to document when Rasputin first detected the Darkness and following the previous mentioned naming sequence, the Ghost Fragment: Darkness card comes second after Rasputin 5, Rasputin 5 is the contingency plan, why would Rasputin make a contingency plan if he had not yet detected the Darkness yet? Why did Rasputin make a contingency plan that accounted for the Traveler leaving if the Darkness had not even been detected yet?

Secondly, the series of numbers and letters also end with a distinct pattern. We are not sure how these numbers may impact the order of the cards and so should also be hesitant about ordering the cards based upon just the first number and letters.

Thirdly, I believe that Seth Dickinson the primary writer of the Books of Sorrow also made comment on the headings in the Rasputin cards, however it did not confirm that the numbers and letters were timestamps. I believe this interview is on Episode 22 of the Destiny Ghost Stories podcast, however unfortunately I have not found the direct quote yet. So please take that with a pinch of salt.

Lastly, I would argue that the Rasputin 5 grimoire card coming first is actually greater evidence for Rasputin crippling the Traveler. I believe the card is more than plan, Rasputin is a computer, this is a script, this is code telling Rasputin systems how to react within certain conditions. The card says it is


An imperative means, “giving an authoritative command”, so if this card comes first, as the reddit post suggests, this is the authoritative script, this is the code that dictates how the systems will react. As the events are occurring this script is running in the background and checking off the criteria as it occurs. Carrhae white check, Egyptian security state check, skyshock check, yuga check etc etc.

And so I believe this whole video, this whole discussion boils down to one of the requirements, one of the conditions that must be met in Rasputin 5,

If available ISR and WARWATCH indicates imminent [O] departure > then [O] departure compromises human/neohuman survival and epoch strategy

As far as I am aware, we do not know if Rasputin detected the imminent departure of the Traveler and like this reddit posts suggest we should not use the Fallen, the Ammonites or the Harmony as precedent for the Traveler’s behavior. So, we will have to just add this to the list of Destiny mysteries that I hope will receive some resolution in Destiny 2… however I have feeling this will remain a mystery for some time.

Thank you for your feedback on the Collapse video, I apologize for misleading anyone to make it seem like it was fact that Rasputin crippled the traveler, it definitely is not fact. That concludes this latest destiny lore episode if you would like to support the channel leave the word “departure” to indicate that this conversation all boils down to whether Rasputin detected the Traveler’s depature.

As usual it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace

Ok, real talk, I am sure anyone who has made it this far in the video already understands this, but there is a difference between making a reddit post and making a youtube video. I feel like youtube videos perform better when you pick a theory, when you pick a side, because it is more entertaining, there is a fine line between what you include and what you do not include. Destiny Lore videos are difficult because you are trying to balance information and entertainment. I hope that people can understand that, that this is my interpretation of the grimoire cards, which I specifically pieced together in a certain way, to tell a certain story, so that people are entertained and inspired to do their own research… anyway, thanks for listening.

Double peace.