Siva Returns

Siva Returns


My summation: SIVA is actually a nanotechnology capable of breaking down any existing matter very similar to Glimmer.
Unfortunately, these SIVA mites reuse the energy and matter based on a set of programmable directives. SIVA does not cease until said directives are complete.

Welcome back Guardians with the Age of Triumph in full swing there is a ton of new lore that is not just within the grimoire cards, but also in the item descriptions, one such selection is the new Adept versions of the Wrath of the Machine raid weapons.

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To begin i’d like to cover some of the lore around the creation of SIVA.

SIVA was first created within a Clovis Bray laboratory with intentions to aid off-world colonization. It was ideal because SIVA could be programed to become virtually anything, it also doesn’t expire, degrade, or forget. It can remain dormant even on long voyages. Nearly any problem a deep-space colonist could have, SIVA can fix. It requires no external power source, so it’s effects could last forever. All you would have to do is give it a directive, and it wouldn’t stop until it gets a new one.

The project lead for SIVA, Dr. Willa Bray, a daughter of Clovis Bray, and she was ruthless with SIVA’s development. The Dormant SIVA clusters demonstrate Willa Bray’s treatment of her scientists in order to push SIVA into full scale development, despite protest from her scientists. Regardless, the SIVA replication complex was produced, that is the source of SIVA, which we destroy in the Rise of Iron campaign. Dr Zarin Shirazi is the first to voice concern with SIVA,  the Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.2 cards read,

I understand your concerns. You’re a good researcher, Zarin. Your work here has been deeply appreciated.

So you’ll listen? You’ll cease this line of inquiry?

On the contrary, we’ll take your valuable findings and run with them. Your work will live forever.


As Dr Shirazi’s concerns are ignored, she refuses to assist any further with the development of SIVA. The Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.3 reads,

I’m surprised, I have to say. Although perhaps I shouldn’t be. It does save time to run experiments in parallel. I see the benefit to the colonization effort, but I can’t support those plans. I won’t help you.

Strictly speaking, Zarin, your participation isn’t necessary.


Dr Shirazi is promptly replaced and a new more compliant scientist, Dr Zhang, takes the lead on hundreds of tests, and the SIVA Replication Chamber is made. The Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5 reads,

What do you have to report, Dr. Zhang?

Full functionality of the test nanites in our two hundred tasks across multiple trials and environments. They’ll be what Clovis Bray is remembered for, hundreds of years from now. All that’s left is construction of the creplication chamber and initiation of production.


The Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.9 card continues,

The complex is ready for wholescale replication of the SIVA nanite. We are waiting for your signal to start.

Thank you for your faithful service, Dr. Zhang. I look forward to the wonders that come from this replication complex. The New Machine Age, shall we call it? Let’s begin.


At some point, either during the creation of SIVA or after SIVA was created, Dr Willa Bray has a conversation with a General Chen Lanshu. Whilst the initial intention of SIVA was for colonization and development, General Lanshu thought SIVA would have invaluable military applications. If you put the Wrath of the Machine raid armor together it tells this story. It reads,

Doctor Bray, I’m sure you’ve realized SIVA’s applications extend beyond colonization. ~SIVA.MEM.CL011

Spliced cosmoclast gauntlets.

I’m not sure what you mean, General. Is this still about the Exodus program? ~SIVA.MEM.WB012

Spliced Cosmoclast Plate

The Exodus program would be interested in exploring SIVA’s defensive applications. ~SIVA.MEM.CL013

-Cosmoclast Mark

General, my team did not intend for SIVA to have military applications. ~SIVA.MEM.WB014

– Spliced Cosmoclast Helm

Dr Willa Bray, despite her ruthlessness with the development of SIVA, does generally appear surprised by the thought of using SIVA as a weapon. With the benefit of hindsight, we know that SIVA was eventually used as a weapon. Rasputin used it to prevent the Iron Lords from accessing the SIVA replication complex. Ghost Fragment Rasputin 6 confirms that Rasputin activated SIVA against the Iron Lords, it reads,

“SITE 6 has been breached by unauthorized users with [O] energy. I am invoking PALISADE IMPERATIVE. [O] lifeforms in restricted areas will be suppressed.

SIVA use authorized. Self-destructs disengaged. Security codes reset. All defenses activated. Frames activated.


Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.6 would also confirm Rasputin’s use of SIVA, it reads,

Fellwinter tried to communicate with the Warmind. Called it Rasputin. ~consume enhance replicate~ Said he could make it understand. Tell it we meant no harm.

Rasputin didn’t answer with words.


Of course, I don’t need to remind you that the Fallen would eventually gain access to SIVA and transform themselves. Now as Guardians we raid what the Fallen have made themselves into, in the Wrath of the Machine. As a general rule armor pieces won within a raid reflect the enemy defeated. The Vault of Glass is a great example, Cowl of the Hezen lords reads,

The helm’s nerve interface incorporates Vex cells. They’re dead, of course. But not too dead to dream… (Cowl of the Hezen Lords)

So when we go into the Wrath of the Machine it makes sense that the armor we take out of it is made using SIVA. This is further reinforced by the first ornament set we received where SIVA particles are lit up around the armor. And that brings us to the weapons, the majority of these weapons are all Foundry based weapons that have been improved with SIVA, fully leveling it up even shows SVIA particles protruding from the frame.

The original Thesan FR4 reads

Hasten the dawn with the new Omolon Thesan FR4.

And the wrath of the machine Thesan FR4 reads…

Thesan FR4: Hasten the ~SIVA replication~

The change in the flavor text strongly suggest that SIVA has modified this weapon.

So what does this have to do with the new Age of Triumph Wrath of the Machine adept weapons, well as Ian McIntosh said in the Bungie live stream we see another transformation, the third and most matured stage. The Adept versions of the primary weapons continue the story of SIVA

The first SIVA modified Chaos Dogma reads

~consume enhance replicate consume enhance replicate~ will drown your enemies—

While the newest version, the adept version reads,

~replicate(pain) consume(enemies) OVERRIDE sig(gunsmith)~

SIVA is changing itself, the base weapon was likely modified by the Gunsmith, Banshee-44, and now we see SIVA is overriding his inputs. This strongly suggests that SIVA is giving itself new directives. When SIVA was first created, once you gave it a directive it would continue with that directive until given another one… these weapons seem to suggest otherwise.

Steel Medulla further proves this point, the first version reads

~replicate~ devastate your foes ~consume~ Herja ~repeat

And the adept version says

~enhance(devastate) consume(foes) repeat insert(bansheeInterrupt(override))~

Again we’re being shown that SIVA is interrupting and overriding Banshee. It wishes to “consume foes” but who exactly is it considering foes? Currently it’s still a weapon that we wield so we decide, but how long until it starts choosing for itself?

Genesis Chain might actually provide a clue to how SIVA is doing this, how SIVA is given itself new directives. The original.

SUROS ARI-41 ~insert(SIVA in THIS(current projectile))

And the Adept version says

~if(input(SIVA)) // echo Shirazi // output(death) // ask(not in vain)~

“Echo Shirazi” it’s echoing, replicating, pretending to be Shirazi, someone who could give input a directive, an original creator of SIVA, someone who can override Banshee’s directive.

And Fever and Remedy only further reinforces this. The original says

Judith-D: ~consumption~ strongly encouraged.

And the final version reads

~replicate(encourage)~ strongly ~enhance sig(EscherZhang)~

Dr. Zhang, remember Dr Zhang come after Shirazi and assisted with creating the replication chamber, and I assume would outrank Shirazi. SIVA is enhancing its signature, making itself the one who calls the shots, possibly even sentient, which I have speculated about before!

Maybe the best clue to the truth here, is what Deej says during the age of triumph livestream. He says,

“it’s shedding SIVA, it’s almost like SIVA’s becoming rampant and actually coming off of the armor to go affect other forms.”

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