Master Rahool Tower Quotes

Master Rahool Tower Quotes


“Rahool’s true love is history. He treats each new find as a chance to understand the glory of the Golden Age or the terrible truth of the Collapse. Listen carefully to his murmurings: he may be the first to understand”.

Welcome back guardians, today we are going to have a detailed look at the Tower mumblings of Master Rahool. Some would argue that the in-game dialogue of Master Rahool confirms he is hiding something from Guardians, whilst others would argue he is leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for Guardians to discover the truth.

This video is intended to compliment my previous lore video on the Cryptarch, however there was just too much information for one video. I have placed a list of all of Master Rahool’s dialogue in the description below, where you will find some quotes that are not included on the wiki page.

Some quotes seem relatively innocent, whereas others seem to contain a hidden meaning. I have separated the most important quotes into three categories, those that involve Rasputin, quotes that involve the Black Garden and quotes about Osiris. The description below contains links to my twitter, twitch account (where I stream Destiny lore live each week) and my patreon page which helps funds the Destiny artwork. And this week I have some Master Ives artwork relating to a backpack, which I think you will enjoy. This is Myelin Games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

Lets begin with quotes that involve Rasputin. Master Rahool directly referecens Rasputin by saying,

“Rasputin’s fingerprints are all over this data. He doesn’t even care if we know”.

This could be interpreted multiple ways from Rasputin tampering with this data and he does not even bother to cover his tracks or maybe that Rasputin is confident that we could not even stop him from accessing the data even if we tried. We don’t really know what this data is, however I believe the data has something to do with Rasputin’s role during the collapse.

This is reinforced by two quotes from Master Rahool. In the first he says,

“Urd, Verdandi, Skuld. Old names for Earth, Mars, and Venus in the pre-collapse holy text”

Urd, Verdandi and Skuld have a greater meaning than just representing old names for Earth, Mars and Venus but are actual names of three Norns from Norse mythology. Norns are divine female beings who rule the DESTINY of gods and men. The specific Norns mentioned in this quote, “Urd, Verdandi and Skuld” translate to “what once was” i.e. the past, “what is coming into being” i.e. the present and “what shall be” i.e. the future.

Please be aware I do not have any background in Norse mythology, however here is some further information I found on the Norns,

“They dwell within the Well of Urd beneath Yggdrasil, the great ash tree that stands at the center of the universe and holds the Nine Worlds, its branches and roots. They shape destiny by carving runes into the trunk of the tree, or, in some sagas and poems, by weaving destiny like a web or tapestry.”

So at the center of the Norse universe is this mythical tree, Yggdrasil, it’s branches extend to the Nine worlds and the Norns influence the destiny of these worlds by carving runes into the tree trunk. Some text also specifies how the coming of the Norns ended the Golden Age of the Gods.

Why does Master Rahool mentioning three Norns that control the destiny of the cosmos have anything to do with Rasputin? Well, in Norse mythology, the Norns feature in a Nordic poem called Voluspa. This poem details the creation of the world and the coming of the end and should sound very familiar because it is mentioned by Rasputin in the Ghost Fragment: The Darkness, Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 3 and Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5 grimoire card.

Voluspa is first mentioned in the Ghost Fragment: The Darkness grimoire card. Whilst this card is written in code and relatively secretive, I believe it describes when Rasputin first discovered the approaching Darkness and predicted its arrival in our solar system. Rasputin could not determine what the Darkness was, however he was able to determine that it was hostile and therefore activated a number protocols in order to prepare. The card reads,

“Promote event to SKYSHOCK: OCP: EXTINCTION. Activate VOLUSPA. Activate YUGA. Cauterize public sources to SECURE ISIS and harden for defensive action.”

Voluspa is later mentioned in Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 3 and Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 5 grimoire cards mentioning that Voluspa is in FAILURE. Aslo, the alternative ending to Promethean Code mission, Cayde-6 mentions that we crack the Voluspa protocol.

The fact that Master Rahool references the Norns from the Voluspa poem, which is specifically referenced by Rasputin indicates that Master Rahool knows a great deal of information about the collapse. If we wanted to speculate further, when Master Rahool says

“OLD NAMES for Earth, Mars and Venus” I instantly think of the grimoire card Ghost Fragment: Mysteries which many believe to be narrated by Rasputin, it reads, “I bear an OLD NAME. It cannot be killed. They were my brothers and sisters and their names were immortal too.”

So, has Master Rahool discovered the code names of the warminds, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld? One for each planet, earth, mars and venus. Many would argue that metaphorically speaking, the Warminds are like the Norns, they controlled the destiny of man and god (i.e. if you consider the traveler as a god) because if you believe the speculation that Rasputin crippled the Traveler when the Darkness arrived. Therefore he controlled our destinies.

Let’s move onto the second quote by Master Rahool that references the collapse. He says

“A Wind Age, a Wolf Age; a presentiment of the Collapse?”

This can be interpreted in a couple of different ways. A wind age may make reference to the Whirlwind event that wiped out the Eliksni and the Wolf Age may reference, the Iron Lords/Iron Wolves?. However, once again it can also be seen as a Nordic reference. In Nordic mythology there is an event known as Ragnarok, which is detailed in the same Nordic poem, Voluspa. During Ragnarok a number of gods are killed including Odin and Thor and the world is submerged in water. Afterwards, the world resurfaces anew and fertile and is repopulated. The stanza about Ragnarok reads,

“brothers will fight and kill each other, sisters’ children will defile kinship. It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife —an axe age, a sword age —shields are riven— a wind age, a wolf age— before the world goes headlong. No man will have mercy on another.”

Whilst it is difficult to uncover exactly what Master Rahool is speaking about, the two quotes I have mentioned strongly suggest that Master Rahool is piecing together the events of the collapse including Rasputin’s involvement. This is why I believe the Cryptarch grimoire card says,

“Rahool’s true love is history. He treats each new find as a chance to understand the glory of the Golden Age or the TERRIBLE TRUTH of the Collapse. Listen carefully to his murmurings: he may be the first to understand”

However, the question is, is Rahool leaving a bread crumb trail of clues for us to discover the truth about the collapse, or is he hiding information?

I also believe that Master Rahool’s knowledge goes beyond information about the collapse and even extends to the Black Garden and Osiris. If you listen closely Master Rahool says,

“Why a garden? Eden? Hesperides? Hesperides from hesperus, Venus on Venus? No, no!”

This could easily be interrupted as a reference to the Black Garden on Venus. Similar to how Master Rahool used Nordic metaphors to explain the collapse, he appears to be using Greek mythology to explain the Black Garden. He says, Hesperides during this quote, Hesperides are nymphs. They guard the Garden of Hera. At the centre of the Garden of Hera is a tree, this true grows golden apples. To eat the apples is to become immortal. This metaphor may indicate that Master Rahool understands the nature of the Black Garden and if this is true, then the Golden apples that grant immortality in the Garden is likely a reference to the Heart of the Black Garden. We don’t really know exactly what the Heart of the Black Garden is, however if it is worm related or darkness related, it does grant immortality like we have seen with the Hive and Oryx.

Maybe Master Rahool understands more about the black garden than anyone else in the tower.

Let’s move on to the quote about Osiris, which many of you are likely familiar with. Master Rahool says,

“Oryx-Dead-King. Oryx Dead King, 3 words, 9 word bursts over and over. Osiris?”

Some would argue that this is less lore related and more evidence for cut content in Destiny. Remember this quote, has been available since the Alpha, well before the release of the Taken King. By the way if you do not believe me, search youtube and you will find videos uploaded years ago that show Master Rahool saying this quote.

Regardless, this single quote contains speculation for the most mysterious characters in Destiny. A reference to the number Nine, leads most to think about The Nine. Referencing Osiris in relation to the Hive is also strange. As we know that Osiris is more obsessed with the Vex and Toland is more obsessed with the Hive. This quote could quite possible link both characters together, remember that multiple cards also link Toland and Osiris. For example, in the Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth grimoire card, Toland says

“But I have work to do. I shout into deep places. Osiris! I call. Osiris, Osiris! Can you hear me?”

The Crota, Son of Oryx grimoire card says,

“The nature and possible interrelationship of the Vex gate system with Hive netherworlds remains unexplored.”

This single quote makes us question what information does Master Rahool have about the Vex, the Hive, Oryx, the Nine, Toland and Osiris. The quote says “Oryx-Dead-King” does that mean there was some kind of time travel involved and this message revealed the defeat of Oryx in the future? Or was “Dead King” more symbolic of Oryx’s immortality and relationship with the worms? Maybe this was Oryx’s original name during development of Destiny before they changed it to Oryx, the Taken King.

We may never know the full extent of master rahool’s knowledge, but he has information about some of the most significant events that occurred in destiny, from the collapse to the black garden, to things that involve Osiris and toland.

Lastly, let me leave you with this coincidence. Remember the mythical tree, Yggdrasil, which I mentioned before, its Nine branches extend to the Nine worlds and the Destiny of the Nine worlds is influence by the Norns who carve ruins upon the tree trunk. Have you ever counted they number of branches on the Iron Banner symbol?

Thank you for watching this latest Destiny lore video, now let me sure you the artwork for this week. It is tilted Backpack, it explains how Master Ives and Xur ended up with the same backpack. By the way, I said to the artist, we have never seen Xur’s back before so be creative, so he drew butterfly on his back! Ha… cant prove it wrong! Seriously though, if this art is voted in, for next months artwork to be completed, I think I will change this to a symbol of some sort of theory that represents the nine and maybe I will ask for feedback from subscribers to what this symbol should be because we have never seen the back of Xur before.

If you enjoyed the video and cant think of comment, you can leave the comment, Yggdrasil to represent the similarities between the Nordic mythology and the Iron banner.

As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.