Master Rahool (Don’t Trust Him)

Don’t Trust Master Rahool


What does it mean? Signaling 400 years in orbit. No language known in the archives oohhhh ooh This is beautiful this is like music Now what use would creatures like that have for music, no its language, gold signal. Drifting out their deep beneath dead ocean signaling all the while, we the first to crack it.No no it couldn’t possibly be that simple. Oryx-Dead-King. Oryx Dead King, 3 words, 9 word bursts over and over. Osiris?

Welcome back Guardians, yes today we are speaking about the Cryptach. We will discuss the Cryptarchy (both Tower and Reef), the role of the Cryptach, Master Rahool and end with an interesting finding about Master Ives backpack. I also have some new artwork for you, entitled “Spawn divider” inspired by the Deathsinger video. For those still wanting more lore about Master Rahool and second part to this video will be released soon on the channel that focuses solely on Master Rahool’s tower mumblings.

In the description you will find a links to my Twitter, my Twitch channel where I stream Destiny lore live and today a link to a fellow Aussie’s youtube channel who also posts Destiny lore videos, however he has a slightly different approach. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny lore episode.

Let’s begin with the Cryptarch itself. Firstly, the terminology in the grimoire cards can be very confusing. I believe that the word Cryptarch refers to the overarching organization, within that exists divisions, the Reef Cryptarchy and the Tower Cryptarchy, then we have Crypto-archaeologists or more colloquially called Cryptarchs (Master Rahool and Master Ives are examples of this) and they study Cryptography.

So, as mentioned, the Cryptarch has both a Tower and a Reef Cryptarchy.  This is reinforced by the Reef Frames grimoire card which reads, “The Reef Cryptarchy is careful to back up and encrypt all data stored on Frames, and to wipe the Frames’ processors on a regular basis.” The Bolt Caster grimoire card reads, “Excerpt of a missive from Lord Shaxx to the Tower Cryptarchy.” These cards reinforce that both the Tower and the Reef have separate Cryptarch divisions.

Furthermore, even though these divisions come under the banner of the Cryptarch, it does not necessarily mean that they cooperate with each other or even like each other. The Master Ives, grimoire card reads,

“The Reef Cryptography will educate you on the true nature of encryption, if you so desire… The role of the Cryptarchy is to encrypt and safeguard civilization’s informational infrastructure, not to decrypt anything and everything for a lowdown scavenger who happens upon an engram.”

Yes, I think the Reef Crytarchy are calling Guardians scavengers.

It appears that the Reef Cryptarchy does not agree with willingly decoding engrams and providing information to Guardians. They argue that Cryptography was created to protect and encrypt our information, not decode it. It seems that being more secretive has worked well for the Reef as their Cryptarch libraries are enormous. The legendary scout rifle, Hygiea Noblesse describes how “over half of the asteroid [is] devoted to their sprawling libraries.” The Reef Cryptarchy libraries are so massive that they take up over half of the asteroid.

The Hygiea Noblesse scout rifle also provides another interesting insight about the Reef Cryptarchy; it has further divisions. The item description reads,

“The Reef Cryptarchy’s Hygiea Division is its largest, with over half of the asteroid devoted to their sprawling libraries.”

This implies that the Reef Cryptarchy has so many members that they can form separate divisions and furthermore each division may even have hierarchy.  The Maraid, is the Queen’s equivalent Books of Sorrow, and indicates that there are likely more senior and commanding Cryptarchs in the Reef. It reads,

“The chronicles of Queen Mara Sov of the Awoken, compiled by the Primarchs of the Reef Cryptachy.”

I make the assumption that the Primarchs are some of the most senior and most trusted Crypto-archeologists, as they have been trusted to compile Queen Mara Sov’s chronicles.

Interestingly, we are not aware of any divisions or hierarchies in the Tower Cryptarchy, the Cryptarch grimoire card could even be said to indicate that Master Rahool is the only Crypto-archaelogist in the Tower. It reads,

“Master Rahool’s insatiable curiosity drove him to the Tower, where, as resident crypto-archaeologist he can work directly with Guardians returning from the frontier.”

Master Rahool is referred to as the resident crypto-archaeologist, which you may interpret as being the only crypto-archaeologist stationed in the Tower. However, you could also argue that “resident” just means he is one of the crypto-archaeologists in the Tower.

I am of the personal belief that Master Rahool is a Reef born Awoken and began in the Reef Cryptarchy, he was the only Crypto-archaeologist, or at least one of the few Cryptarchs to leave the Reef and assist the Tower. Potentially, Master Rahool rejected the philosophy of the Reef Cryptarchy, who insists their role is to only encrypt and protect information and provide information carelessly to Guardians. Maybe Master Rahool, believed that the information should be more readily available in order to effectively fight the Darkness.

This is why I believe Master Rahool left the Reef. I believe this is reinforced by in the Cryptarch grimoire card that says,

“Mater Rahool’s insatiable curiosity DROVE HIM to the Tower”

I believe that the Reef Cryptarchy feel almost betrayed by Master Rahool, remember that Reef born Awoken consider themselves superior to Earth born Awoken. I believe this resentment towards Master Rahool is reinforced in the Master Ives grimoire card, which says

“PLEASE NOTE: The Tower Cryptography operates under many false beliefs”

Also note that if you stand around Master Ives in the Reef he will say

“You will find the Reef Cryptarchs are somewhat more competent than that Rahool.”

Regardless of Master Rahool’s origins and even though it appears that the Reef Cryptarchy are more secretive, I still hold some reservations about whether Master Rahool can be trusted. He definitely gives the impression in the grimoire cards that the Tower Cryptarchy is more transparent with their knowledge than the Reef Cryptarchy, however we cannot necessarily trust that to be the truth. I will speak in greater detail about Master Rahool shortly.

However, for the moment, let’s briefly cover the general purpose of the Cryptarch. As I mentioned before, it appears that Cryptography was initially developed to encrypt and protect information, however since the collapse, Cryptarchs, well at least the Tower Cryptarchy, have been using the study to decrypt information to uncover the forgotten technologies of the Golden Age and to better understand our enemies.

An aspect of this decryption appears to be “decoding engrams”. The Master Ives grimoire card describes engrams as a state of matter. In reads,

“In ancient times, Earthlings thought there were three states of matter. We now know there to be four: solid, liquid, gas and engram. Of these, the engram is the purest state of matter.”

It appears that Cryptarchs have the ability to decipher this information presented as an engram and by doing so the objects true form is revealed. We don’t really know how this happens but I assume that engrams were developed during the Golden Age as a way of encrypting and safeguarding valuable information, technology, weapons and armor.

The Cryptarchs not only seek to uncover the history of the Golden Age but they also seek to understand their enemies. This is reinforced by the Psion Flayers grimoire card which reads,

“We have just as much to learn from our enemies as we do from our past – Master Rahool”

and the Blood of Oryx grimoire card which emphasizes the Cryptarchs desire to understand the Hive. It reads,

“Research into the cyphers and runes of the Hive leads the Cryptarchs to believe the Hive sects all serve one great master. The Blood of Oryx are feared to be the direct servants of this dark lord. The name Oryx appears too many times in Hive rituals to be ignored.”

Right now it appears that Cryptarchs are a blend of archaeologists, historians and linguists but don’t be fooled they are well aware that knowledge is power and the right knowledge can be used to create powerful weapons. The Bolt-caster grimoire card is a good example of this. Lord Shaxx requests assistance from the Tower Cryptarchy on how to forge the exotic sword, Bolt Caster. It reads,

“Excerpt of a missive from Lord Shaxx to the Tower Cryptarchy… there must be a way to imbue it with light… I have little gift for the science of this, but my resolve will not be thwarted. Maybe the Cryptarchs can advise.”

This seems to suggest that the Tower Cryptarchy provided the essential information required to fabricate the exotic swords we see in Destiny.

The Cryptarch’s knowledge of weapon fabrication may be even greater than you think… ever notice the barrels of weapon materials stamped with Crux/Lomar next to Master Rahool’s stand? Yeah, Crux/Lomar, the weapon foundry that was founded by the weapon smith Feizel Crux, creator of Gjallarhorn and Victor Lomar, creator of the Truth rocket launcher. It seems that the Tower Cryptarchy, or at least Master Rahool has some very powerful allies within the Tower. As I said, they are not your standard archaeologists or historians.

Let’s continue to speak about Master Rahool. Master Rahool’s influence with weapon foundries may even extend beyond Crux/Lomar. In fact, it seems that Master Rahool is also very good friends with Tex Mechanica. The foundry that brought us The Last Word and The Chaperone. In the Chaperone exotic quest line, Amanda Holliday request that we bribe Tex Mechanica’s research division with a generous donation in order to receive the shotgun, Chaperone. And who are we directed to bribe, yes, you guessed it, Master Rahool.

I believe that Master Rahool’s networks in the Tower is greatly overlooked by many guardians and apart from being aligned with two powerful weapon factories, he is also good friends with Fenchurch Everis; the co-founder of Eververse Trading Co, a company who sells Taken armour (which was developed by experimenting on captured Taken in the Prison of Elders) and the company quote

“deals exclusively in a rare Awoken crypto-currency called silver.”

Some might choose to trust Master Rahool because of his subtitle political power in the Tower, whereas others consider the opposite true, those with the most power are most vulnerable to corruption. Regardless, to whether you trust or distrust Master Rahool, there is no denying that he has major influence in the tower; he has the power to encrypt and decrypt vital information from the Golden Age, he has detailed knowledge of our enemies, he has detailed knowledge about how to create powerful weapons, he is linked with two powerful weapon foundries and he is aligned with what could only be described as the Bank of Destiny, the Eververse Trading Co.

I am no closer to trusting Master Rahool now, than before, however I also have my suspicions about the Reef Cryptarchy and specifically Master Ives. I can only wonder what messages the Reef Cryptarchy have intercepted in the deep of space, what secrets they refuse to share with the Tower and the Guardians. The Reef Cryptarchy’s power may extend well beyond Earth and The Reef and possibly extend to the Jovian Colonies. In fact, Master Ives provides a clue in plain sight, he boldly states that the Cryptarchy have made contact with the Nine and proudly wears Xur’s backpack, as if it think we were too stupid too notice!

Thank you for watching, that concludes this episode of Destiny lore. A follow up video will be released shortly that will examine the in-game dialogue of Master Rahool. Let’s finish with the new artwork for this week. It is titled, “spawn divider”, Oryx carelessly dividing his spawn into two groups and accidently cutting the spawn in half creating the Deathsingers! If you would like to support the channel and cannot think of a comment, leave the word, Backpack, to speculate that the Cryptarch have made contact with the Nine!

Once again it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games. Peace.