House of Kings

House of Kings


“House of Kings. Name comes from the old world, from before the Whirlwind. Most Houses carry their name for pride. Kings carry their name because … is what they are.” “The Kell of Kings, we know nothing. Wherever, whoever it is, it remains hidden.”

Welcome back guardians, today’s episode will focus on the most secretive Fallen House, House of Kings. We will cover their legacy prior to the Whirlwind, their involvement in the Battle of Six Fronts and Twilight Gap, how they are linked with the House of Devils and lastly pose the question, will the House of Kings make an appearance in Rise Of Iron?

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This myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

Let’s begin with some information about the House of Kings prior to the Whirlwind. Most of you will know that the Traveler visited the Fallen before coming to our solar system. The Fallen refer to the Traveler as the “Great Machine”. The Fallen were not always called the Fallen, we gave them that name and they were initially known as the Eliksni and arguable had their own Golden Age with the presence of the Traveler.

This is reinforced by The Mystery: The Vault of Glass grimoire card which appears to describe the Fallen society before the Whirlwind in the presence of the Traveler. It reads,

“Harsh light from an unfamiliar sun backlights the four-armed creature, making it impossible to see its face… While the noises themselves are harsh, the tone and content seem almost gentle. A curious creature, not a violent or angry one. The lens refocuses beyond the creature’s head as it talks, and a startling landscape climbs to the horizon. It’s a paradise. Carefully tended lakes and rivers, water everywhere, wind their way between fields of lush iridescent crops and into groves of starkly colored trees. Every inch of the land seems engineered, brushed by a sculptor’s hand for form and function both. The sky is a light pink, spotted with clouds and crowded with ships. Thick lanes of aerial traffic soar through the air, tightly managed and seemingly endless. And beyond it all, above the clouds, hangs a perfect alabaster sphere.”

This grimoire card paints a very different picture about the Fallen, a relatively peaceful society. This is even further reinforced in the Ghost Fragment: Fallen 3 grimoire card, which implies that maybe the Fallen were only violent towards humanity because we refused to “share” the Traveler.

The card reads,

“Remember the hope that brought us here. Remember the age before the Whirlwind, when ether ran free, when we ruled ourselves and our futures as kings. We wanted more than glimmer and glints and herealways. Always remember that we came to this star in hope. And remember that we were denied! Remember the City of the Death of Children, the City That Docks, which claimed for itself the Great Machine that might have saved us. Remember the City that even now sends its ghouls to murder our Primes, starve our ether, and leave our young to die gasping. Curse that City and its name. The curse is just.”

As you can see, we branded the Eliksni as the Fallen, as scavengers, as pirates, we  even associated with the Darkness, yet they are more like us than any other enemy in Destiny.  To my knowledge we do not really know what the Whirlwind is, apart from an event that tore the Fallen apart. However, Variks, implies that the Traveler left the Fallen just prior to the Whirlwind occurring.

This is reinforced in the Variks, The Loyal grimoire card which reads,

“First, the Great Machine. Then, sky fell away. Whirlwind ripped away the past. All honor lost, all hope. Judgement not enough. Cannot keep Wolves from Kings, Scar from Winter, Fell to fighting. Fell to hate.”

It appears that the Traveler, left the Fallen just prior to their Whirlwind, consequently the Fallen were thrown into chaos and fighting begun amongst the Houses. We don’t know if the Whirlwind is the Darkness however Ghost Fragment: Fallen 3 implies it is similar to the Darkness and says this about the Fallen,

“We gathered to take that City and save ourselves from extinction, saying to each other, we must be a storm, a Whirlwind, a darkness.”

So, the Fallen had a very civilized and political society prior to the Whirlwind and different Fallen Houses also existed prior to the Whirlwind. The Variks grimoire card I mentioned before says

“Whirlwind ripped away the past, Cannot keep Wolves from Kings, Scar from Winter, Fell to fighting. Fell to hate.”

This means that the House of Wolves, House of Kings, House of Scar and House of Winter were present in Fallen society prior to the Whirlwind.

House Judgement was likely also there, as Variks says “We were not prepared to withstand the Whirlwind. No one is.” House of Rain and also House of Stone were also likely present prior to the Whirlwind. In general, it is possible for every Fallen House we currently know to be an original Fallen House prior to the Whirlwind, however it is also completely possible that some Fallen houses were only created after the Whirlwind.

Why is this important? Well, before the Whirlwind it appears that one house had the most power. Yep, House of Kings. During the House of Wolves quest line, Variks says this,

“House of Kings. Name comes from the old world, from before the Whirlwind. Most Houses carry their name for pride. Kings carry their name because … is what they are.” – Variks. Furthermore your ghost says this, “”Why do you think the Houses are named the way they are? House Winter. Maybe it’s geographic? House Kings, some kind of global ruling sect? Strange to think about how these terms have survived, their context completely removed.” – Ghost.

Using this information it appears, that the House of Kings ruled over the other Fallen houses prior to the Whirlwind. Even so, I also believe other Houses had equally powerful responsibilities. For example, in the Skolas: Defeated grimoire card, it says that House of Judgement “once kept codes of dignity and law?”. In general, it seems that prior to the Whirlwind each Fallen House had certain roles and responsibilities and the House of Kings likely oversaw this.

This may explain why the Kings hold disdain for the other Fallen Houses, because after the Whirlwind the other Houses started to try and gain control, specifically House of Wolves. Essentially the Fallen had their own Faction Wars. Skolas even reflects on his decision to try and become the Kell of Kells, in that in his efforts to become the ruling House he potentially doomed the Fallen.  This is reinforced by the Mystery Fate of Skolas card which reads,

“His House of Wolves is enslaved! His people have been played! And it was his hubris, his would-be cunning that did it! While the other Houses fought for their future on Earth, throwing themselves at the Great Machine, Skolas wasted his people in games of betrayal and ambition. Bitter pride brought a bitter end!”

Although the Fallen began to fight amongst themselves, some of the Houses were still loyal to the House of Kings, however I use the term loyal very loosely. Those houses include the House of Devils and House of Winter. The Reason why I say these specific Houses is because they assisted at the Battle of Twilight Gap. The Battle of Twilight Gap was a major battle in defense of the City and is often thought to be led by the House of Devils, however the House of Kings may have had more influence than we once thought.

Firstly in the Kell Rising mission Zavala says this,

“The House of Wolves and the Awoken tore the Reef apart trying to get a tactical advantage. All the while, we were desperately trying to hold the Walls against the Devils, Kings, and Winter. It was one of the darkest chapters in the City’s history.” —Zavala.

The Ghost Fragment: Fallen 3 also confirm that the House of Devils, House of Kings and House of Winter attacked the City at Twilight Gap, it reads,

“We gathered to fight against our twilight, King and Devil and Winter, all of us but us, the Wolves. Why? What kept us from the Gap?”.

So we know that three major houses, Devils, Kings and Winter attacked the City at Twilight Gap and the House of Wolves was meant to join the battle, however the Queen of the Reef stopped the House of Wolves at the Reef.

The House of Devils grimoire card implies that the Devils coordinated the attack and gathered the other Houses, it reads,

“This is the House that led the battle at the Twilight Gap.”

However, this is somewhat misleading, as there is one grimoire card that indicates that the House of Kings actually control the House of Devils.

Prince Uldren says this about the House of Kings in the Paskin, King Baron grimoire card,

“Look at it from the House of Kings’ perspective. Their power is matched only by their cleverness. They rule the Devils from the shadows and came too close to toppling the City not once, but twice. We don’t know much about them, but we know this: the Kings want the Traveler.”

Prince Uldren implies that the House of Kings controls the House of Devils and the card seems to indicate that the House of Kings ordered two attacks on the City, most would agree that the two major attacks on the City include, Battle of Twilight Gap and the Battle of Six Fronts. I am inclined to believe Prince Uldren as he is typically a well-informed character in Destiny and belief that House of Kings coordinator both Twighlight gap and Six Fronts, using the House of Devils as pawns and cannon fodder. If true, this has really big implications for Rise of Iron. For example, do the House of Kings still control the Devils, or have the Devils parted from the Kings once they found SIVA?

The most concerning thing about the House of Kings, is that we have not even seen their leadership, their Kell, their servitor, their archon. On a side note, I am not going to speculate about the Archon priest who is wearing gold plated armor but is also from a different house, I will save that information for another Fallen video.

Some may argue that Rezyl Azzir may have actually killed the Kell of House of Kings. The War Without End grimoire card describes two incidents, the first is Eksori’s Ambush and the second is the Tescan Valley Encounter. These events possibly took place after Battle of Six Fronts and before the Battle of Twilight Gap, however that is still speculative. In the first event, Rezyl Azzir kills a House of Devil’s Captain and in the second encounter Rezyl kills a Kell from a ketch with “Unfamiliar markings”. This Ketch may be the House of Kings, and potentially the King’s banner may have been relatively secret at this stage because they were ruling from the shadows.

Regardless, I think it is safe to say that the House of Kings still has strong Fallen leadership that we are yet to witness. This is reinforced by the House of Kings grimoire card which says,

“The colors of the House of Kings are rarely seen. They act with brutal contempt, as if they hold their rivals – other Fallen and City alike – in disdain. We have yet to grasp the full measure of their strength.”

Prince Uldren further reinforces in the Veksis, King Baron grimoire card that the Kell of the House kings remains hidden. It reads,

“Of the Kell of Kings, we know nothing. Wherever, whoever it is, it remains hidden, even when the so-called Kell of Kells comes to its borders. Instead, it sends just two Barons: Paskin and Vekis.”

Prince Uldren not only confirms that we do not know anything about the leadership of the House of Kings BUT the House of Wolves are not even given an audience with the House of Kings. Many will know the seen which Prince Uldren is describing, it is the Ruling House mission, where we see two King Barons, meeting with Yavek, the Wolf Barren. So Skolas, the proclaimed Kell of Kells was trying consolidate the fallen Houses and sent Yavek to negotiate with the House of Kings.

The Yavek Wolf Baren grimoire card reads,

“Yavek was a minor lieutenant of Skolas’ during the Reef Wars who evaded capture after the Cybele Uprising. After Skolas returned to the House of Wolves, he named Yavek a Baron to reward his loyalty, and sent him to Earth to be his negotiator with the Houses of Kings and Devils.”

Rather than reveal themselves, the House of Kings only sent two Barons, Vekis and Paskin as revealed by their perspective grimoire cards. In the Paskin, King Baron grimoire card, Prince Uldren says that the House of Kings would not bow to Skolas saying,

“Short of the Traveler itself calling Skolas by name, the Kings would not just roll over for anyone, no matter what. They’re too ambitious” and Prince Uldren says “We don’t know much about them, but we know this: the Kings want the Traveler.”

Petra Veji sugar coats the situation after completing the Ruling House mission saying,

“The Wolves are dead, and the Kings…well they’re still a danger to the City, but at least they don’t work for Skolas. I call that a win. Come on back, Guardian.” Variks is slightly more concerned and says this in the Ruling House grimoire card, “Goes after Winter, Devils, Kings. Seeks power. Kings deny him. Kell of Kings hides well. Perhaps he will take back the Great Machine. Perhaps I chose the wrong side. It is not too late-“.

Do not be fooled Guardian, the Kings rule from the shadows, their banner illustrates their ambition to claim the traveler and now the only question is, with the discovery of SIVA did the Kings increase the power 10 fold, and now control an army of modified Devils to throw at the City Walls, or did the Devils break free of the Kings with their new found power?

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