Dredgen Yor’s Identity Confirmed

Dredgen Yor

Character Lore

And while he recounted once more the events of his time in the shadows he took his Rose from its holster and began grafting the bone to its steel frame — just another trophy, from another battle won.

It was only later, and far too late, that the first whispers came and the bones revealed their true, jagged purpose.

Welcome back guardians… with the release of Age of Triumph comes 9 new grimoire cards, 2 of which relate to Dredgen Yor. The first is called Legend: Rezyl Azzir – The Triumphant Fall, which relates to directly to yor and the second is called The Shadows of Yor, which is more about the dark guardians, following in the foot steps of yor, which I have previously made a video on.

With the release of the Age of Triumph,  Triumphant Fall grimoire card, it is now very hard to deny that Rezyl Azzir is Dredgen Yor. Something that I speculated upon with the Rise of Iron grimoire cards.

Before we get stuck into why I think this theory is definitely true now, I am streaming Age of Triumph right now, likely running some raids, so feel free to join, I am sure people will be dropping a bunch of lore in the chat.

This is myelingames I hope you enjoy this latest destiny lore episode.

Let me start at the beginning for those who are not aware of the Rezyl Azzir Dredgen Yor theory… well I don’t even know if I would still call it a theory at this stage, I think it more likely confirmed. When Rise of Iron was released, a new grimoire card was released named Legends and mysteries: Rezyl Azzir.

This card describes how Rezyl Azzir had to gone to the moon in search of Nightmares. The card reads,

“Rezyl had come to Luna in search of nightmares, and after his long journey—from the growing City beneath the Traveler to the ends of the Earth and beyond—he found himself face-to-face with the remnants of stories he’d hoped were nothing but lies.”

It is somewhat implied that he is investigating the Hive, as Rezyl Azzir enters an area, we don’t know what it is, it is underground, on the moon, almost a bit like a temple, whatever it is rezyl azzir enters through these large doors.

“He stood, a large man made small against the massive, looming doorway. The knot in his stomach was telling him to turn back.Instead, he moved forward, toward the doors; sealed, as they were, for ages untold. After only a few steps, a shrill, heavy scraping cut the air. The massive doors were opening.
Rezyl steadied his rifle as a lone shape, floating just above the ground, appeared from the deep black beyond the threshold. The figure in the doorway—a dark, ethereal woman cloaked in tattered ceremony and armored with ornate bone—danced in the air. Rezyl and the demon woman held their ground, contemplating one another.”

It then goes on to say,

“We’ve come. We’ve seen. Maybe the best course here is to warn others. Gather an army.” “Maybe.”
“I’m just saying… It’s possible you can’t handle whatever it is we’ve upset here.” “We’ve woken nightmares.” Rezyl’s attention was singular; focused intently on the dark beyond the threshold. “The Hive were supposed to be gone.” The Ghost mulled the full consequence of this mistaken belief. “They’ve been silent for—”

This implies that the Hive had not been encountered for some time and Rezyl Azzir was somewhat investigating their presence. Although it is not confirmed, I feel like this was a personal matter for Rezyl Azzir, not a mission from the Vanguard.

Regardless, Rezyl instructs his ghost to remain at the entrance and enters this Hive invested area alone, saying that if he was to fall, that his ghost needs to “warn them all”, saying “there are worse things than pirates”.

With his Ghost agreeing, Rezyl encounters a Witch named, Xyor. This witch essential casts a spell on Rezyl, a spell that will corrupt him and shatter his light. The card reads,

“Rezyl flinched as the wicked woman began to speak in a tongue that resembled torture more than language. The pain was searing, complete. The demon approached the writhing hero. As she spoke her violent words began to take shape, morphing from syllables of death to a known offering of haunted human languages.

The demon woman leaned in close… and whispered, intimately. Rezyl’s ears bled as she spoke. “I am the end of ‘morrows. Xyor, the Blessed. Xyor, the Betrothed. I am of the coming storm. These are not my words, but prophesy. Your Light will one day shatter and die. For now it simply offends… And you, dear, sweet, fragile thing, shall be made to suffer for your transgressions upon this holy ground.”

I speculated that Rezyl Azzir was dredgen yor, because this witch is the very same witch from the year one exotic bounty to obtain thorn. This scene depicts the downfall and transformation of Rezyl Azzir into Dredgen Yor. Despite this, there was still a number of holes with this theory, specifically the class of Rezyl Azzir and the fact that he was using an auto rifle, many did not want dredgen yor to be a titan, the grimoire cards for thorn show a warlock and there even Hunter cape called Cloak of Dredgen Yor, so it did not completely make sense that Rezyl Azzir was a titan who became dredgen yor, in addition he used an auto rifle, if he used a hand canon rather than an auto rifle, the theory would have been stronger. However the new grimoire card provides explanation for all of this.

So the new grimoire card, Legend: Rezyl Azzir – the triumphant Fall, continues the story of Rezyl Azzir on the moon. Rezyl Azzir is still battling the Hive and it appears he is being overrun with thrall. Due to the onslaught his auto rifle runs out of ammo and he begins to use it as a club to kill his enemies. After the Rifle gets lodged in the head of what I assume is a thrall, it then says this,

“The Titan, awash in the ash and gore of his enemies, pulled his cannon and in one motion feathered the trigger to level the wretched beasts closest to him. The bloom from each shot lit the cavern with flashes of red heat — a garden of angry roses blossoming in pointed defiance of this vile, hateful kingdom of shadows.”

This is highly suggestive that Rezyl Azzir is using the hand canon rose, the precursor to the hand canon thorn. After defeating the Thrall, a Knight appears and the card reads,

“The fight he had come all this way to find, the enemy he had hoped was nothing but a legend’s lie, seemed eager to greet him. He smiled beneath his helm, then spun his Rose with a confident Hunter’s twirl, before steadying his aim and fanning its hammer one more. The angry bloom lit the dark.”

This paragraph I believe is bungie making reference to the Cloak of Dredgen Yor. He spun with a confident Hunter’s twirl, so maybe Rezyl Azzir was a fan of the Hunter cloak and likes to twirl, hence why there is a Cloak of Dredgen Yor. Honestly, I think this is a subtle hint at the writers saying, “I know I know, there is a Cloak of Dredgen Yor, but he is still a Titan.” Rezyl azzir is a titan and he became dredgen yor. I really do think that is why this sentence was included. He spun with the confidence of a Hunter’s twirl!

Only moments later it would say,

“His Rose gripped tightly in his vice grip, the Titan charged forward.”

There is really no doubt that Rezyl is a titan and he is wielding rose. Either way, Rezyl defeats the Hive and returns to the surface of the moon. The card reads,

“Two days had passed since Rezyl stepped from the dark corridors beneath the moon, back into the light. His Ghost pressed him for details time and again. He wanted to know all he could of the wicked woman and her promise of suffering.

Of the sea of mindless, chittering death. Of the hulking knight and Rezyl’s epic battle. The Ghost was enthralled and deeply concerned. If the monsters below the moon were active and aware, the City must be warned. Rezyl agreed.

As they watched another Earth-rise from the lonely quiet of the lunar surface and planned their long journey home, Rezyl pulled fragmented bone from the pouch that hung on his left hip: a reminder of the evil that lurked beyond the light, and the last remnants of the wicked woman’s betrothed. And while he recounted once more the events of his time in the shadows he took his Rose from its holster and began grafting the bone to its steel frame — just another trophy, from another battle won.

It was only later, and far too late, that the first whispers came and the bones revealed their true, jagged purpose.”
This paragraph undoubted confirms that the hand cannon that Rezyl is holding becomes thorn. “Jagged purpose” is a phrase that is used to describe Thorn, the Ghost Fragment: Thorn card says,

“In his first moments as a new being, he looked down at his Rose and realized for the first time that it held no petals: only the jagged purpose of angry thorns.”

For all the nay Sayers out there, it is getting harder and harder to deny that Dredgen Yor is Rezyl Azzir!

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