Deathsingers (Daughters of Oryx)


Character Lore

Oryx was dividing the spawn. He cut apart the larvae with his sword, Willbreaker. The two divided pieces would not die but grew; powerful twins that ascended to wizards, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk The Deathsingers.
(Picture on the dreadnaught, showing worm larvae, overlap)

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing the lore surrounding the Daughters of Oryx, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk the Deathsingers. I will discuss why Oryx decided to have “sons and daughters”,  how the Deathsingers were created, how the Deathsingers helped create some of the most powerful Hive weaponry (including weapons wielded by guardians), the main purpose of the Deathsingers and also the raid mechanics seen in the King’s Fall raid.

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Let’s begin with why Oryx decided to have “sons and daughters”. In the Book of Sorrows, Verse 3:8- King of Shapes, Auryx kills the worm God Akka, cutting him to pieces with a sword. From this he discovered the secret to calling upon the Deep, he wrote those secrets on a set of Tablets, which became the Tablets of Ruin. The Tablets of Ruin allowed Auryx to navigate the Deep and commune directly with the Deep. Whilst it is not confirmed, this area where Auryx speaks with the Deep appears to be another dimension, separate from his throne world. This area, is where Auryx learns the power to take and becomes Oryx the Taken King.

So, why would someone as powerful as Oryx need “sons and daughters”? When Oryx communes with the Deep, he has to leave his throne world and this leaves him vulnerable to sabotage, specifically from his sisters Savathun and Xivu Arath. Oryx suspects that when he is absent from this throne world, Savathun and Xivu Arath try to disrupt his lines of tribute as well as steal the Tablets of Ruin. This is reinforced in Verse 4:4- More beautiful to know, where Oryx says,

“I think that Savathûn and Xivu Arath are trying to steal the tablets from me. They must have cut off my tribute while I was away communing with the Deep. I love them so dearly. No one else is clever or strong enough to try to break me. No one else can give me this gift.”

You will know that if Savathun and Xivu Arath are successful in crippling Oryx’s system of tribute it would be catastrophic for Oryx. The system of tribute is extremely important to any ascendant Hive because this is what allows them to feed the growing hunger of their worms. The system works by having lesser Hive, like Thralls, tithe energy from killing to more superior Hive, like Acolytes, who then tithe energy to even more superior Hive, like Knights and so on and so forth, until the tithing is delivered to Oryx himself, allowing him to feed his worm. If this system was not in place, Oryx could not kill enough beings to feed his worm and consequently his worm would destroy him. In addition, apart from just quenching the hunger of Oryx’s worm, the system of tribute frees up valuable time so that Oryx can follow his nature, which is to navigate and explore. If he had to spend his entire time killing in order to feed his worm, he would not have enough time to navigate and explore.

Not only did Savathun and Xivu Arath try to cripple Oryx’s system of tribute, which would destroy him, they also planned to strand Oryx in another dimension. This is reinforced by Verse 4:5- This Love is War which reads,

“BETRAYAL- We have marooned Oryx within the Deep. This is our obligation as lords of the Hive, to make war upon each other, to eradicate weakness and make ourselves sharp.”

This… is why Oryx decided to have sons and daughters. He needed a family to protect his lines of tribute, to protect his throne world, whilst he was absent, whilst he was navigating and exploring. This is reinforced by Verse 4:4- More beautiful you know, which says

“When I get home from my wanderings in the Deep, and I take back my throne, I’m going to have children. That’s what I need.”

The idea that Oryx needed “sons and daughters” to secure his lines of tribute is further detailed in the description of Crota’s birth in Verse 4:6- Eater of Hope, which reads,

“You are Crota, my son. Welcome. I fought my way out of hell to make you. I fought my traitor siblings and I fought the swarming corpse of Akka and I cut my way back into my own court, the High War, which had been usurped. Once I had made war on Savathûn, and crippled her tribute so that she could never challenge me, and once I had tricked Xivu Arath, and poisoned her tribute so that she could never again try to take my tablets, and once I had arranged my own lineages so that I would be greatest among the Hive and secure on my throne — then I found a mother to make spawn. One of those spawn was you.”

This verse also has the first and only mention of Oryx’s mate, who remains un-named. However, the important aspect here is that Oryx had multiple spawn, as it says, “ONE of those spawn was you” and so I believe that Oryx has more children, even more than just Crota and the Deathsingers. The reason why we do not hear of any other spawn is because they have not ascended. The spawn of Oryx are not automatically given a position amongst the ascendant Hive, they have to earn it. This is reinforced by Verse 4:6- Eater of Hope, where Oryx says this to Crota,

“Your life will be a battle too. You will have to win your place at the High War. I will give you nothing… except this, your first sword, and this name I have prepared for you”.

Furthermore, all Hive spawn are born the same. They are not born as knights, or wizards or ogres. Every Hive starts as Thrall and must ascend to a greater beings. This is reinforced by Verse 3:0- Hive which reads,

“A mother Wizard gets fertility from a mate, or from herself. From the Wizard the spawn, from the spawn our Thrall, from the survivors our Acolytes who contend. If they contend well, their worm is fed, and from the well fed worm come Knights and Wizards and Princes.”

Also remember, that this ascension, this evolution from Thrall, is quite difficult because Oryx introduced the system of tribute and they now have tithe energy to their superior Hive, so only the strongest and most lethal Hive could kill enough to ascend.

So, Oryx has decided to have a family to protect his tribute and tablets of ruin, he finds a mother, Crota is born amongst other spawn and then the Deathsingers are created. We are unsure whether their creation is by pure chance or whether it was intentional. The grimoire card for Ir Halak reads,

“Oryx was dividing the spawn. He cut apart the larvae. With his sword. And the two divided pieces. Grew into twins.”

Verse 4:7- shapes: points also reads

“I made you by cutting one larvae in half. It would not die. Each half grew into one of you. My sword is named Willbreaker, but it never broke you.”

Ir Halak and Ir Anuk were created by being cleaved in half by Willbreaker, Oryx’s sword, and they did not die. This foreshadows the immense power of the Deathsingers, as even as larvae they were resilient to death. But why was Oryx cutting his larvae in half, was this intentional or a mistake? There are a couple of potential speculative reasons behind this; firstly it says “Oryx was dividing the spawn.” This gives me the impression that Oryx was splitting the spawn into different groups, maybe he was separating any larvae that appeared weak or deformed from healthy and strong larvae. I can also imagine, that if Oryx was sorting his children, he would not be gentle and caring but rather careless and in a hive fashion push them aside, dividing them into two groups using a sword, using Willbreaker. If this was the case and he was “sorting” the spawn, using his sword, maybe he accidently cut one of the larvae in half and to his surprise it did not die.

Alternatively, maybe Oryx was killing his spawn on purpose, as this would not be the first time that he had cut his children apart. In Verse 2:6 The Sword Logic, Oryx learns sword logic from the Hive Gods and is asked to kill his children with a long blade and watch how the blade changes. It reads,

“You are no longer bound by causal closure. Your will defeats law. Kill a hundred of your children with a long blade, Auryx, and observe the change in the blade. Observe how the universe shrinks from you in terror.”

Verse 4:4- More beautiful you know, also says that Oryx wanted children to “love and kill” and so maybe he was intentionally killing his spawn to either feed his own worm, to strengthen his sword Willbreaker, which was a method taught to him by the worm gods or maybe Oryx was trying to see if any of the larvae would actually survive a cut from Willbreaker. Any larvae that could survive would prove its worth as part of the final universe and surely develop into a powerful Hive force. I keep imagining a 300 Spartan vibe, where any weak children would be killed and the strong would be tested at a young age to form a truly formidable army.

Regardless to why Oryx was cutting apart his larvae, the surviving pieces grew into Ir Halak and Ir Anuk. Whilst, the wizard Deathsingers are twins, literal cut form the same larvae, Verse 4:7 Shapes: points emphasizes that the Deathsingers have quite separate traits and strengths. It even appears that the Deathsingers were raised by Oryx’s sisters, Savathun and Xivu Arath.

This is reinforced in Verse 4:7, where it appears Oryx has not seen his daughters in a very long time. Oryx says, “Look at you! Already you are grown, my daughter, already you are a wizard. Have I been away so long?” The idea that the Deathsingers were raised by Savathun and Xivu Arath may further reinforce Oryx’s plan to secure his lines of tribute, as the Deathsingers could closely monitor Savathun and Xivu Arath, ensuring they did not betray Oryx.

Ir Anuk, the weaver, appears to have been raised by Savathun and consequently out of the two Deathsingers, Ir Anuk has more knowledge and cunningness. This is reinforced by Verse 4:7 shapes: points which reads,

“Already you are grown, my daughter, already you are a wizard. Have I been away so long? Now you are Ir Anûk, and Savathûn cackles and rages at your brilliance. You have written eleven axioms describing the ascendant places, our throne world. You have announced that you will kill one of these axioms, as Akka would kill the truth, and in mantling Akka you will become a God, as I am.”

Ir Anuk, has written axioms, an axiom is “a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.” It is like the accepted truth about something. So in this case, Ir Anuk has discovered the truths about the ascendant plane, the throne worlds. I sort of consider this like the laws of that realm, the laws of the ascendant plane and Ir Anuk has documented them and as the verse says, “Savathun cackles and rages at [her] brilliance.”

Ir Halak, the unraveler on the other hand appears to be raised by Xivu Arath. Xivu Arath’s nature is too wage war on everything, so consequently Ir Halak is more combat focused than Ir Anuk. Verse 4:7 Shapes: points hints at that Ir Halak was the specific sister to create the Deathsinger song. It reads,

“And you, Ir Halak, you are a wizard too, as is the way of twins. I have been with Xivu Arath, who complains that you have made a song, and sung it in her throne world, and killed everyone who listened, quite irrevocably. Will we have songs instead of swords and boomers? What have you made for me? It is a tooth shaped like death! I will keep it in my mouth. What have you written for me? It is the course of the Nicha Thought-ship! I will track it down.”

Let’s continue, the Deathsingers are now very powerful wizards, powers that almost match, if not exceed Savathun and Xivu Arath. The Deathsingers created very powerful Hive weaponry including the Deathsinger song, the Oversoul, the Annihilator Totems and the superweapon aboard the Dreadnaught. As previously mentioned one of the first weapons created was the Deathsinger’s song created by Ir Halak.

We first encounter the Deathsinger’s song in the Crota’s End raid, where Ir Yut, another Deathsinger, sings the song which wipes the entire fireteam if we do not intervene. I assume that Ir Halak passed the knowledge of the Deathsinger’s song to other power wizards, such as Ir Yut. In the Ir Yut, Deathsinger grimoire card, Toland reveals that “The song is death” and to simply “hear it is to die”. The Deathsong does not discriminate between ally or enemy and Ir Halak actually sang the song in Xivu Araths throne world and every Hive who heard the song died irrevocably.  Oryx himself even questions the power of the Deathsinger song, saying that it could even replace the Hive swords and boomers?

However, the most obvious conundrum is how do they Deathsingers sing the song and not die themselves? Toland poses this question to Eriana-3 in the Ir Yut, Deathsinger grimoire card. The answer to this question appears to be the Oversoul (and likely the Brands of Unraveler and Brand of the Weaver which we will see in the King’s Fall raid and I will speak later on).

The creation of the Oversoul was introduced in the Book of Sorrows, Verse 4:8- Partition of Death. Oryx discovers the sisters in wound between dimensions dying and they explain that they are trying to create an Oversoul. An Oversoul involves removing their soul and placing it in the throne world making the Deathsingers more difficult to kill and allowing them to refine the Deathsinger song. The Verse reads,

“We propose a method by which Ascendant souls can be detached and integrated into a tautological and autonomous thanatosphere, which we tentatively term an oversoul. Oversouls can be stored in a throne world as a mechanism of enhanced death resilience. As a side effect, new refinements to our Deathsong may be achieved, moving us closer to a generally effective paracausal death impulse.”

It appears that cunningness and brilliance of the sisters even surprise Oryx, so Oryx demands that they speak in laymen terms.  He says “Speak the Royal Tongue, or I’ll pin you up for Eir to eat.” The daughters respond, “If we can separate our deaths from ourselves, and hide them, we will be hard to kill.” Oryx then tells Crota to spend some time with his sisters as they have much to teach him. At this point, Crota also tries to be clever and accidently creates a portal that allows the Vex to enter Oryx’s throne world and this is the first documentation of the Vex.

However, before Crota royally screwed up, I assume he also learnt how to make an Oversoul from this sisters, because we see an Oversoul in the Crota’s end raid. The other place we see an Oversoul, is the Warpriest boss room in the kings fall raid upon the Dreadnaught, even though it is referred to as the Oculus in game, the developers have referred to it as an Oversoul during the Raid live stream. I have made a separate video on the Warpriest which covers this in greater detail.

Interestingly, the daughters of Oryx, may not have been the first wizards to experiment with this idea of detaching your soul to make you harder to kill. The three wizards we see in the Court of Oryx, may have tried a similar strategy first. They hid their souls in each other, so that the only way to kill them was to kill three of them quickly. The Alzok Dal, Gornuk Dal and Zyrok Dal card reads,

“First, before my daughters. I saw Alzok lead her sisters through the eye. Saying, death will be our coven. With black fire and gray blade. Gornuk consecrated their singing. They cut their deaths away. To Zyrok I said. Show me the place where you have hidden your death. I am Oryx, your lord. Oryx, my lord, she said. We have hidden our deaths in each other. So that we will never be alone.”

Arguable, the Deathsingers improved on this idea and created the Oversoul, from there they would go on to create the Annihilator Totems. The reason why the Deathsingers created the Annihilator totems was to destroy the Vex. As I previously mentioned, Crota accidently let the Vex into Oryx’s throne world and the Vex actually started to take over, as one of the Vex minds, Quria Blade Transform deduced the Sword Logic and became very powerful in the throne world. In fact, they fought in the throne world for 100 years. Verse 4:9 open your eye: go into it, reads,

“The Vex clattered around, constructing large problems. At first their constructions were deranged, because they didn’t understand the sword logic, which defined all rules in Oryx’s throne world. The geometry perplexed them. “I’ll cut them apart,”

Crota said. But just then, the Vex ritual-of-better-thoughts manifested a Mind called Quria, Blade Transform. Quria deduced the sword logic.

I have to kill everything, Quria resolved. Then I will be powerful. Crota’s gate began to emit warrior Vex, huge and brassy. He leapt forward to fight them, but they blinked away. After they fled from Crota, they killed two thousand of Oryx’s Acolytes and ten thousand of his Thrall. Soon they had established themselves as powers in this world, by right of slaughter. “Come forth, sister wizards,” called Ir Halak. “We need you.” Ir Anûk pulled a sword star out of the sky. Together the wizards charged it with killing power and made an annihilator totem, which they used to smash the Vex.”

There are couple of interesting aspects to the creation of the annihilator totems, firstly it was made by multiple Wizards. The Deathsingers actually called upon other wizards to charge it with Death. The second interesting thing, is that Ir Anuk, pulled a sword star out of the sky. As far as I know, this is the only reference to a sword star in the grimoire cards. However, a subscriber made a very interesting comment during my live stream that the sword star could be potentially aligned with the light, as Ir Anuk pulled it from the Sky. Remembering, that the Sky also refers to the cosmic force that is opposite of the Deep. The Sky is light and the Deep darkness. So, did the sisters use a weapon of light and transform it into the annihilator totems? We are not really sure however interestingly, the Annihilator totems are deactivated when a guardians stand directly beneath them, so maybe there is a connection with the creation of the Totems and the light.

Regardless, the Annihilator Totems were essential in controlling the Vex in Oryx’s throne world and eventually once Oryx was alerted to the Vex invading his world, Oryx defeated the Vex using the power of the Deep and by taking them.

The Deathsingers have created the deathsinger’s song, the oversoul, the annihilator totems, and would then go on to create another Hive weapon, the superweapon aboard the Dreadnaught. That is the weapon we see at the beginning of the Taken King, which obliterates the awoken and the Queen.

Verse 4:11- Dreadnaught, confirms that the superweapon is a creation of the Deathsingers, it reads,

“Flotilla surrounded his Dreadnaught, Oryx put his sword into the hull, and he used the power of the Deep (and the clever systems his daughters built) to push his throne-world out into mere reality. By wrath and confidence he filled space with an egg of his throne. It swelled up like a ghost star to smash the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible. Oryx broke the last word off their name.”

This verse also provides greater clarity to what the weapon actually is and it appears that the weapon causes a collision of Oryx’s throne world with our own reality. Oryx’s dreadnaught is a tricky thing to understand and Verse 4:11-Dreadnaught, says that it was created by pushing his throne world inside out and that the Dreadnaught was within the throne of Oryx, but the throne of Oryx was the Dreadnaught. Regardless, of our understanding of the Dreadnaught it appears that the superweapon smashes these two dimensions together creating a destructive wave or that just by pushing Oryx’s throne world into our reality it destroys everything in its path.

Remember, the Queen is not Dead, which was told during one of the live streams, and considering this weapon collides dimensions together, it is completely plausible that the Queen understood this and with the assistance of her Coven, rather than be destroyed transitioned into the Hive netherworld to meet up with Toland.

In summary, the Deathsingers created immensely powerful weapons, the Deathsinger’s song, the Oversoul, the Annihilator totems and the superweapon aboard the Dreadnaught. Not only that, but I also believe that they influenced certain weapons that guardians use, specially, Touch of Malice, Black Spindle and Bad Juju.

To create Touch of Malice, you need the Shroud of Ir Anuk, amongst the other relics, Blade of Famine and the Ravenous Heart. The Form the Ritual quest reads, Board the Dreadnaught and recover the Blade of Famine, the Shroud of Ir Anûk and the Ravenous Heart. “The Famine, the Feeding…and always the Deathsinger’s shroud covers all…these are the keys. These are the keys…” —Toland’s Journal. Whilst this is very cryptic, like anything from Toland’s Journal, the Deathsinger Ir Anuk is essential to creating the Touch of Malice.

Another weapon, the Black Spindle directly references the Deathsingers and says,

“Your only existence shall be that which I weave for you out of sorrow and woe.

Sing death-songs: Fatal. Final. Absolute. Ir Halak and Ir Anûk laugh at Crota. Finality is a child’s plaything, Fit for one such as Crota,
They say. No Hammer for the Unraveler and the Weaver, But a Spindle, wound with woe. For their foes,
No end of suffering.”

The Bad Juju also has loose connection to the Deathsingers because it’s design was created by Toland. If you remember back to Eris Morn’s fireteam, who initially tried to take down Crota and failed, you will remember that Toland was part of that team and had questionable intentions as he appeared to only be interested in learning the Deathsinger’s song.

The Ir Yut, the Deathsinger grimoire card reads,

“Eriana! Let’s sing. Sing with me. No, no, you rattling machine, not yet, it’s too soon: we don’t know the words. We’ll learn the song down there. We can learn it from Her. She comes up from the deep dark places where the greater Hive await to sing it to us, and here’s a puzzle for you— The song is death. To hear it is to die. To know the words is mortal. Oh, good point, Eriana, death is just a word, isn’t it? A catch-all term for the failure to go on, nothing spiritual, nothing with its own quiddity. We all died once, and it did not prove insurmountable. But what if what if what if, shhh listen, what if death were reified, described in its totality, made autonomous and universal, separate from any context or condition? What if She could invoke the ending of anything? How, then, would She know the song, and sing it, without Herself dying? Perhaps they know a way to make themselves part of the song, part of something vast and burning that rots and peels into ash but never ever ends. Perhaps She has engineered this for Him, and pinned His power up against the quiddity of death itself. I am so terribly curious to know.”

It turns out that with the release of the Taken King, Toland did meet a Deathsinger, Ir Yut and from this meeting transitioned into the Hive netherworld. The Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth reads

“I, too, am detached from my source. The charming Ir Yût made her introductions, and I was very pleased to meet her. We had a conversation, a little tête-à-Yût, a couple old wizards exchanging definitions. I defined myself a friend. She defined for me the quiddity of death, and she sang the song of that fearful autonomy. Revelation, my friends, it does go down hard. The definition killed me. The killing redefined me. This is the shape and the point of the tooth: nothing has ever lived that will not die. Now I fly between green-black suns in the labyrinth beyond Crota’s god-star. This is the Overworld, the Sea of Screams, where the throne-universes of the great Hive fester in eternal majesty. I move among them. I map the shapes and connections of this world.”

Even though Toland only had contact with Ir Yut the Deathsinger, rather than the sisters, I believe some of this Hive knowledge was reflected in Bad Juju. Bad Juju, Black Spindle and Touch of Malice all have a similar mechanic; that is that bullets return to the magazine. Returning bullets to the magazine in this Hive weaponary, might be a design or might have some influence from the Deathsingers considering the can weave and unravel reality.

So far we have spoken about why Oryx decided to have children, the creation and growth of the Deathsingers and the weapons they created, now let’s look at their main purpose.

The purpose of the Deathsingers was actually revealed in the live stream by Jill Scharr who said, “One of the tasks the daughters have is to unravel our world and re-weave, expand Oryx’s realm, they are literally taking over on a metaphysical level.” This is also confirmed in the both the Ir Anuk and Ir Halak grimoire card. Ir Halak reads, “She who stands ahead at the prow of the ship of Oryx, her father, she is Ir Halak, The Unraveler. She plies her blades upon the fabric of space, cuts the seams, pulls apart the cloth,
leaves worlds in tatters.” Ir Anuk reads, “Behind the Unraveler comes Ir Anuk, The Weaver. She takes in hand the threads of her sister’s work, weaves them into the tapestry of Oryx’s realm.”

With this knowledge, this gives explanation to why the Deathsingers are at the head of the Dreadnaught, they are unraveling reality as they move through space and they are weaving in Oryx’s throne world.

In addition to this, their purpose is like all other Hive faithful to Oryx and that is to tithe energy to Oryx in order to feed his worm. This is confirmed in Verse 5:8 of the Book of Sorrows where Oryx says,

“Lately I have realized how much I depend on Crota and my daughters, and even upon my court. If I lost them, my outlays would exceed my intakes, my tribute would not be enough to feed my worm. But this is proper — for if I lost them it would be because they were not mighty enough, and then I would be a bad father, a bad King. I must test them and fight with them, to keep them strong. This is my geas.”

Now that we understand the backstory of the Deathsingers and their puporse we can better understand the mechanics of the King’s Fall Raid. As you enter the room, Ir Halak, the Unraveler is on the right hand side and Ir Anuk, the weaver is on the left hand side. They are surrounded by a brand. Ir Halak the Unraveler has the “brand of the weaver” and Ir Anuk the Weaver has the “brand of the unraveler.”

We steal these brands to protect our fireteam from the songs of the Deathsingers. We gain an object, called Brand Claimer, from platforming when a guardian is torn between dimensions; this allows us to steal the brands from the sisters. From a lore point of view we don’t really know why we have to go between dimensions to grab this relic. However, similarly to how the Deathsingers hid their ascendant soul in another dimension, they too may have hid the Brand Claimer in another dimension to make in more difficult for anyone trying to defeat them.

We cannot just claim any brand and be protected from the Deathsinger’s song, if the Hymn of Weaving is active, we need to steal the “brand of the Unraveler” from Ir Anuk. If the “Dirge of Unraveling” is playing, we need to steal the Brand of the Weaver from Ir Halak. If we do not have the correct brand or aura protection when the song finishes, we will be instantly killed.

For protection from the songs, we need the opposite, if weaving is playing we need unraveling, if unraveling is playing we need weaving. I can only assume that the act of simultaneous weaving and unravelling allows guardians to continue to exist. As I mentioned before, The Oversoul may have been used by the Deathsingers so that they would not die when practicing the song, however the raid mechanics implies that they would later invent brands and auras to also protect them from the deathsong. I speculate that maybe this was developed to by the Deathsingers to protect Oryx’s own forces from the songs, i.e. the songs could be used in battle and it would not kill the Hive because they would be protected by the appropriate brand/auras… however…. The Hive in the room are not wiped by the songs anyway, so maybe there is a better explanation to this.

I also thought that the brands protected each deathsinger from each other so that they could practice the death song. However, this theory is also flawed because technically you steal the brand from one sister to protect yourself, sooo that sister that no longer has the brand, should be killed by the Deathsong, regardless about how much damage your fireteam deals.

It is at this point that I became completely obsessed with trying to better explain the raid mechanics, specifically focusing on which exact sister is singing the “Hym of weaving” and which sister is singer the “Dirge of Unraveling”. You may think this easy, when the “Hym of weaving” is playing, Ir Halak, the unraveler is glowiong red and Ir Anuk, the weaver is doing nothing. So Ir Halak, the unraveler must be singing. Which means that the deathsingers sing the opposite song. The unraveler sings the Hymn of Weaving, the weaver sings the Dirge of Unraveling.

BUT there is one piece of evidence that completely ruins this theory, if you die to the Hymn of Weaving the death screen says, that you were killed by Ir Anuk, using the Hymn of Weaving, not Ir Halak. If this is true, this means, the deathsinger doing nothing is actually singing, not the one that actually looks like they are casting a song.

However, this theory also becomes impossible because when you only have one Deathsinger left, a Hymn of Weaving is playing and the Deathsinger is glowing red. So unfortunately, I do not have any solid conclusions from the raid mechanics and if you feel like you have answer please leave a comment.

You stand victorious on the prow the Dreadnaught and think yourself clever but did you honestly think the Deathsingers could be defeated so easily?? Did you destroy their Oversoul? Well did you? No? Well why are you so confident that they have been destroyed? We destroyed the Deathsinger Ir Yut in Crota’s End Raid, were you so blind that you did notice her return in the Last Rites. Death is just a word isn’t it?

Anywya that is all the information I could pull about the Deathsingers and the lore surrounding the Deathsingers in the King’s fall raid. Let’s now move on to the artwork for this week. It is titled “Drowned in blood” and draws inspiration from the Warpriest encounter, where we have to prove our worth through bloodshed. I hope you enjoy the art.

If you have made to the end, I know it has been an extremely long video, please let me know by leaving the comment, “spawn divider” to acknowledge speculation that Oryx was carelessly separating his larvae into groups using his sword, which resulted in accidently cutting the larvae in half, which resulted in the deathsingers. Once again, it has been pleasure, if fact, this video has even been a tad exhausting, this is myelin games. Peace.