Vision 47 Osiris

Vision 47 Osiris

Character Lore

Welcome back guardians. Today I wanted to discuss new lore that was released with the December patch. The new cards include, Osiris: Vision 47, Ghost Fragments: Ocean of Storms 2, Ghost Fragment: The Exo Stranger 2, Rezyl Azzir- Before these walls. I first saw this news on Destiny Follower. Whilst all cards have interesting components, including a sentence in the Ocean of Storms card that will surely re-ignite the debate about the Worms and the Ahamkara. However, I wanted to focus on the Vision 47 card and see if we can decipher this riddle, which we assume is narrated by Osiris. It reads;

The first comes in a shadow.
A window becomes a door.
An ebb becomes a gulf.
The second comes in bones.
Tithes offering feasts, carrying laws.
A path torn, minds shattered.
The third does not come alone. It cannot.
Our truths woven into their being, desires beyond our own.
The first needs the second to fail, the third needs the first to succeed.
The second will never cease, yet the first always prevails. The third is born of all outcomes.
Unless, all ends flow from the same pit.

I have seen theories that this is a reference to the three Queen description by Toland, however I think this card is referring to something else.

Lets go through each line. “The First comes in a shadow”, I believe the shadow, is the shadow of the Traveler, hence the first is a reference to guardians. This is reinforced by the grimoire card, Earth,

“Once our cities lit the whole world. Now we huddle under the shadow of the Traveler, in the last place it protects. It is so very fragile, this small blue ship, our home.”

The next line, “A window becomes a door”. A window is something that you can look through but do not normally travel through. This line could be interpreted in multiple ways, however it reminds me of space exploration. Prior to the arrival of the traveler, humanity could only peer into space, i.e. a window, however with the arrival of the Traveler, the door to space was opened and allowed the advancement of technology and space exploration by humanity.

However, like all doors access occurs in both directions, as we ventured outwards into space, the Darkness was let into our solar system.

This leads directly into our next line, “an ebb becomes a gulf.” An ebb is the movement of tide out to sea, I considered the sea being Guardians moving out into space, however it then becomes a Gulf, the sea surrounded by land i.e. Guardians being surrounded by the Darkness. The imagery of the opening scene supports this theory.

So if Guardians are the first then who are the second, “the second comes in bones.” If you have listened to my Book of Sorrows series or are familiar with the Hive, you will understand that they have left a trail of bones for thousands of years with the conquer, destruction and extinction of many species. Many bones can be observed within Hive locations, such as on the Moon.

Tithes offering feasts, carrying laws. In religious terms, a tithe typically refers to paying 10% of your wage or produce to support the Church or Clergy. So I believe, Tithes offering feasts, refers to the tribute system that Oryx designed, after killing, the Hive offer the energy gained as tribute and pay it to those above them, with it progressively passed up the hierarchy until it reaches the Hive Gods, satisfying the hunger of their worms.

The line about carrying laws, I believe is a direct reference to the Tablets of Ruin that Oryx created and the law that he creates.

“A path torn, minds shattered” I believe is a reference to Toland, the Shattered, who is obsessed with the Hive. It also could be a reference to the Taken powers of Oryx and how he converts beings to his will.

If the First are the guardians and the second are the Hive, then who are the third. “The third does not come alone, it cannot.” I believe this is a reference to the Vex. We know the Vex work as one, one mind across all units, the milky white fluid, the radiolaria that connects them all, all working collectively towards the same goal.

“Our truths woven into their being, desires beyond our own.” The reference to “our truths woven into their being” I believe is a reference to the Vex simulations, where they create simulations of every possible outcome by weaving information from us i.e. our truths, into their system.

In summary, my predictions are, the First are the Guardians, the second are the Hive and the Third are the Vex. So when reading the last sentences.

“The first needs the second to fail, the third needs the first to succeed. The second will never cease, yet the first always prevails. The third is born of all outcomes.”

This would translate to,

“The guardians needs the Hive to fail, the Vex needs the guardians to succeed. The Hive will never cease, yet the Guardians will always prevail. The Vex are born of all outcomes.”

From my knowledge of Destiny lore this is definitely plausible.

So now we move onto the punch line, “unless all ends flow from the same pit.” In general, I assume this is a giant hint that we all connected in some way, we all originate from the same place. I also assume that the word “pit” is a reference to the Hive, therefore we are connected to the Hive in some way.

This makes sense, as we have those within our ranks who are closely connected and associated with the Hive, Eris Morn and Toland, the Shattered. This final sentence may be a hint that perhaps Eris is no longer aligned with guardians but supports the Hive? A theory that continues with Toland also joining the ranks of the Hive, as I believe he is the narrator of the King’s Fall grimoire card, which reads,

“You fools! You disastrous, bumbling squanderers! It’s not right! Who now shall be First Navigator, Lord of Shapes, harrowed god, Taken King? Not you! But you have toppled Oryx and you have not replaced him! There must be a strongest one. It is the architecture of these spaces.”

As for the Vex and the connection with the Hive, we don’t know the exact origins of the Hive, however we do know that the Crota brought them into our dimension and in the Book of Sorrows, Verse 4:9 open your eye, go into it, the Vex mind Quria captures some worm larvae and manufactures a priesthood, ordering all its subminds to believe in worship of the worms in order to gain additional power. So there is somewhat of a connection with the worms, if not the Hive directly.

So does this mean we are all on the same side as the Deep, the Darkness, and the Traveler is truly our enemy? Or alternatively, maybe there is no good or evil, there is no right or wrong side, we all flow from the same pit, we are all same, we are all just pawns in this cosmic war between the Light and Dark. The Traveler and the Sky, and the Deep and the Worms, do not care for the species that worship them, the beings that kill for them, they are only concerned with winning the game.

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