Takanome Rangers and Nightstalker

Takanome Rangers and Nightstalker

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Welcome back guardians. Thank you to everyone who voted for the Takanome Rangers to be the next Destiny Lore. This video is for you. You will be able to vote again with this video by clicking the Poll card in the top right hand corner of the screen or by following me on Twitter. The link is in the description.

Today’s video will explore the legendary Hunters, known as the, Takanome Rangers, as well as the lore surrounding the Hunter subclass, the Nightstalker. This is Myelin Games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore video.

The story of the Takanome Rangers is told through Hunter armour item descriptions. The Takanome Rangers emerged following the Collapse, during the Dark Age. This was before the safety of the City and before the rise of the Tower. Like the first Titans, the Takanome Rangers protected the refugees as they migrated towards the Traveller. Some may argue that the Takanome Rangers even pre-date the first Titans, before the Titans built the first walls and defences of the City, the Takanome Rangers were there, they ventured into the wild, armed with Sniper Rifles and camouflage Cloaks, ushering the refugees and protecting the roads that led to the last remaining Earth City.

The leader of the Takanome Rangers, was Ayane Takanome. She was actually not a guardian, which made her role all the more perilous, as Chiyoko Mey says,

“You could not get far on one life alone. Not in those days.”

This lead many to believe that Ayane Takanome was no more than a myth, as one life was not enough to survive the wilderness, consequently Guardians would eventual absorb the role of the Takanome Ranger and defend the first people of the city.

That is all I could find on the Takanome Rangers, they do not appear in the grimoire cards, nor is their any more information about Chiyoko Mey, who appears to narrate the Ranger story, or leader Ayane Takanome.

Lets move on to some lore surround the Nightstalker. This story is revealed through the Nightstalker Trail quest line, which has us track down a missing Nightstalker and long-time friend of Cayde-6, Tevis Larsen. Whilst Tevis is referred to as a Ranger, I do not think he is a Takanome Ranger, however there is no reason he could not be.

Cayde explains how Tevis “cheated in every game of dice [they] played” and seems to be an old friend from his gambling days. Tevis, may in fact be very old, as he makes a joke about Cayde-6’s breath,

“Cayde? Good I can’t smell your breath. Listen, I stepped through the gate. My Ghost is still on the other side.”

This has a loose implication that Tevis knew Cayde when he was human, as I assume Exos don’t have bad breath, or maybe that was just a pun about Cayde becoming an exo and he could not have bad breath.

Regardless, it would be nice if it was true and he knew Cayde when he was human, so this places the timeline back to when Maya Sundaresh was experimenting the on Vex mind, then means Tevis would be very very old, which I don’t know how that would be possible for a human.

Regardless, His wisdom and age is emphasised with other quest lines, for example both the Bladedancer “Complete the Path”, the Gunslinger “Complete the Path” and the Promethean Code. In the Bladedancer questline Tevis says

“Don’t believe Cayde. Half the things out of his mouth are lies, the other half are fibs. My favourite line of his? Oh, easy. He likes to say he stole the secret of stealth tech from Rasputin, and that’s how Bladedancers learned the trick. Hah!”- Tevis.

The Gunslinger quest line says,

“Why is it golden? Well, let’s see, what’s the fundamental force we’re dealing with here? Solar energy, right? Like, from the Sun? I swear, you kids come out of the Tower greener and greener every year. Why is it gold? Feh.”- Tevis.

The Promethean Code mission reads,

“Rasputin isn’t an ally. You hear me, blood? You find yourself thinking that, you shut it down. He may not be against us, but he doesn’t care if you live, if the City lives, if the Traveler lives. Trust me. He told me himself.”- Tevis Larsen.

With Tevis’s extensive knowledge of Hunter Subclasses, it is no wonder that he is a Nightstalker. Cayde-6 describes him as the most “experienced Nightstalker” and that

“There aren’t a lot of Nightstalkers in the field. We cant afford to lose his connection with the Void to the Vex.”

Tevis explains that he is able to summon a Dusk bow because he has no fear. “A Ranger Found” mission reads,

“I’ve had a dozen Hunters ask me why it’s so hard to summon a Dusk Bow. I asked ‘em what they thought of the Void, and their eyes told me everything. You can’t be afraid. That’s the secret. No fear.”- Tevis, Log Entry 19338

The Nightstalker’s trail mission also explains how becoming a Nightstalker can twist your light,

“Picking it up is the easy part, Hunter. Putting it down again, well, you’ll find that it’s addictive, that power. This weapon is something special. Your light gets twisted.”

It appears that the void contains a tremendous and dangerous amount of power but what is the Void. Toland explanation is relatively clear,

“The Void is not the Darkness. The Darkness is what it is. Void energy is like all things this universe, it is Light seen through a prism. A fundamental force, the vacuum between the stars, the absence of everything else. Just try explaining that to someone who has never walked the Void.”- Toland’s Journal.

Ulan-Tan reinforces that the Void is the space between spaces and also explains it is just another form of light.

“If Light connects across space and time, what is the Void? What role does the vacuum- the absence- play? What stops the Darkness from entering into the places between the stars? The answer is simple: the Void is just another type of Light.”- Ulan-Tan.

Interestingly, the Void, features heavily in the Book of Sorrows, Savathun, Oryx’s sister, strokes the Void with one long claw and space-time groans beneath her touch. The Ecumene, an intergalactic organisation, destroyed by Oryx, also fled into the void in Versre 3:9 Carved in Ruin. This may also explain the Voidwalker grimoire card, that says,

“The Traveler came out of the void that surrounds all things.” When the Traveler fled Oryx, did the Traveler pass through the void, exiting Oryx’s universe and entering ours?

Here is a summary of my interpretation of the Void. I previously used a metaphor to explain the Veil and I will use it again. If we are sitting inside a house, the house represents our reality/universe, the outside of the house is another universe, whether it be parallel universe, a hive netherworld or something completely different, the curtain in front of a window is the Veil, where certain individuals like the Queen (and Future War Cult subjects) can pull back the curtains and see into the other universes, therefore the Void, would have to be the window itself, or the walls of the house, it represents the space between universes, the Void, nothing, a vacuum. However, somehow we have managed to pull power from nothingness and manipulate it to create Void light.

Ikora Rey reinforces this with reference to Hunters making great improvements in their Void Manipulation and Light Manipulation.

Starring into the Void is not without consequence and the most experienced Nightstalker can tell you that,

“Doesn’t matter how good you are- you stay out there too long, you’re not coming back. Not the same way you left, anyway.”- Tevis.

Tevis showed us how to be fearless, and with each draw of the bow, we pull power from the unknown, power from the Void that can match any Voidwalker Warlock or Defender Titan.

I hope you have enjoyed this latest Destiny lore episode. If you would like to support the channel and cannot think of comment, leave the comment, Void Master Tevis… may he rest in peace. Once again, it has been a pleasure, this is Myelin Games, peace.