Stormcaller Warlock


Character Lore

Whilst some Guardians would prefer to bath in the sunshine peeking through the banners of the tower, there are those amongst us that prefer something more turbulent, a storm. Arc Storms are raw power, power that cannot be controlled but only channelled, channelled through a trance, a trance that few Warlocks can master but those who do.. are known as the Stormcallers. The Stormcaller commands Arc lightning as if the sky becomes wholly theirs for a finite time.

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The Vex understood the power of the Arc Storm, they are practical and focused. They store energy in all its forms and in the Tunnels of Freehold, The Conductive Mind, Vekron, distributes the arc energy, supercharging the Vex Units.

Upon Vekron’s defeat, the source of the Arc energy was determined to be Mars. The Vex crawl across her surface, seeking out rare Arc Storms, bathing in their power like hot springs. An arc storm has been located at blind watch. Observing the Vex and studying their techniques, the Warlocks invented the Stormtrance, an unbreakable focus, a way harnessing the Arc energy from the Storm.

But what is Arc? The universe is defined by fundamental forces. Complex matter is bound together by deep forces – and in the study of this binding lies the secret of Arc Light.

Therefore, Arc is inside all life. You must feel it take hold, let it flow through, but not consume you. You are a conduit. Between sky and earth. Electricity and matter. Life and death.

Therefore, the Arc Storm is alive and Stormcallers understand this, they commune with the storm through mediation and focus, channelling the arc energy to form a living weapon.

The first Stormcallers discovered this knowledge upon Mars, which is of no coincidence considering the planets ability to produce Dust Storms. Annual storms that have the ability to create Dust Clouds the size of continents that can last for weeks. Some, on the rare occasion, every 5 earth years, can encircle the entire planet known as a global dust storms.

Prior to the colonisation of Mars, humans predicted lighting could possibly occur in a Martian Dust Storm and on June 8, 2006, their predictions were confirmed and lighting was detected to have occurred on Mars.

Mar’s ability to produce massive storms combined with the terraforming influence of the Traveler, makes it an appealing location for those Warlocks chasing the Storm.

For those who stand as Stormcallers, Ikora Rey fears she has no more knowledge to give. However, in collaboration with the gunsmith, she provides one final gift, the perfect companion of a Stormcaller, the Tlaloc.

The weapon is named after the Aztec Deity, Tlaloc, god of the rains, and whilst this is associated with  fertility and water, Tlaloc was also feared for his ability to produce lighting. This is a fitting name for a scout rifle wielded by a Stormcaller, Warlocks who understand Arc is inside all life and a spark can revive, yet a surge can kill.

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