The Last Word Finale

The Last Word Finale

Exotic Weapons

Welcome back guardians. The hardest thing about making this video was dragging myself away from the Taken King. I have learnt from previous DLCs and this time around I am taking it nice and slow, enjoying each moment and soaking up all the new lore.

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Today’s video will cover the story of the Last Word and Thorn using the new information from the Taken King grimoire cards. It will contain three parts, you can skip to any part with the annotations on screen or by using the time stamps indicated on screen and in the description. The first part will be a recap of the story prior to the Taken King for new players. Part Two of this video will cover the new Taken King grimoire cards and Part 3 will cover some speculation on Dredgen Yor’s identity.

Part 1

Part 1- Story recap. A young boy, named Shin Malphur is living in a frontier settlement named Palamon. These settlements are clusters of people that never made it to the Traveler and never made it to safety of the city. They have formed their own government and are under constant attack by Fallen. A young Shin Malphur actually loses his parents to Fallen Dregs. There is a ruler of Palamon, named Magistrate Loken. He was not always a cruel man, however sadness and loss corrupted him. Many wanted to leave the town however they knew that the frontier was harsher than Loken’s rule.

One day a man wanders into the town, his name is Jaren Ward. He wears a piece of iron upon his hip, named The Last Word. Shin Malphur is drawn to the man, he was dangerous but also had a pureness to him. Shin Malphur actually approaches Jaren Ward when he first enters Palamon, Jaren Ward sees Shin’s fascination with his hand cannon and offers the boy the opportunity to hold The Last Word.

Jaren Ward stays for some time within Palamon however at some point Magistrate Loken becomes threatened by Jaren Ward, potentially Loken felt threatened by Jaren’s power and appeal to the people. Loken confronts Jaren in the courtyard with 9 men, all pointing firearms at Jaren. At the pinnacle of the escalation Jaren Ward shoots Loken dead, quick drawing The Last Word from his hip and leaving a gaping whole in Loken’s forehead. Loken’s men quickly stand down.

Once again we are unsure of the exact timeline, however sometime after that, Palamon is destroyed, leaving only ash. Jaren Ward and a team, including an older Shin Malphur leave Palamon tracking something, you are not 100% certain what they are tracking at this stage, however you assume it is the Fallen or Dredgen Yor.

Whilst the group is sleeping, Jaren Ward sneaks off and confronts Dredgen Yor alone. The group awake to the sound of gunfire. The Last Word is fired first and then Thorn is fired second and then silence. Shin Malphur feels hopeless and awaits for sunrise before looking for Jaren’s body. Shin eventually discovers Jaren Ward’s ghost and Jaren’s ghost speaks with him.

We assume that Jaren’s ghost becomes Shin’s ghost and Shin also finds the Last Word. Shin then confronts Dredgen Yor at Dwindler’s ridge and kills him.

Now we need to back track for a moment, as that was the story of the Last Word, and obviously whilst that was happening, the story of Dredgen Yor is occurring in parallel. What we know about Dredgen Yor, was that he was once a noble man and was a hero, wielding a hand cannon called Rose. At some point, he was corrupted, the cards seem to suggest it was linked to a great sadness and loss. Also, there was likely influence of the Hive that corrupted him, especially considering that Thorn is a Weapon of Sorrow.  As he was corrupted his hand cannon transformed into Thorn. I have more details in my Thorn video, however I speculate that the noble man went to the moon and witnessed the Great Disaster and potentially had contact with a Hive wizard which started his corruption.

The ghost fragment: Thorn 2 card depicts a particularly gruesome scene where Dredgen Yor shoots three bandits dead. The ghost fragment: Thorn 3 card depicts a conversation between Dredgen and his ghost, which ends with Dredgen threatening to carve the light from its shell consequently his ghost leaves him. Also certain item descriptions in game indicate that Dredgen Yor murders numerous guardians including the Hunter Pahanin and the Titan Thalor.

At this stage we are unaware of Dredgen Yor’s former name and this has been removed from all transcripts, however I did speculate that Dredgen Yor was a warlock name Pujari, and the reason why he wore a Hunter cloak was because he stole the Hunter cloak from Pahanin’s corpse. I will come back to Dredgen’s Yor identify in part 3 of this video.

Part 2

Part 2- the new Taken King grimoire cards. The first is Ghost Fragment: Thorn 4. The card describes a conversation between Dredgen Yor and Jaren Ward’s ghost. This is directly after Dredgen kills Jaren.

Similar to the theme of previous ghost fragment cards, Dredgen Yor reinforces that he is not the evil one and that we are in fact ignorant for believing the story we have been told by those before us. Dredgen says

“I am all that is right. You may not see it – for lack of looking, or blind ignorance – but I am all that is good”.

Dredgen also reinforces previous Thorn cards that emphasis that he created Thorn, his corruption came from within and then it corrupted his cannon, Rose. Dredegen says in reference to Jaren’s hand cannon

“Guess he put too much faith in the wrong steel.” Jaren’s ghost rebuts “Is that where you’re faith lies, in steel?”, Dredgen disagrees and says “Not for some time. My steel is only an extension. My faith is in the shadow.”

At this point, Dredgen does not kill the Ghost, but rather encourages the Ghost to find Shin Malphur and deliver The Last Word to him. Dredgen says

“Give the apprentice his master’s sword. It is a gift.” Jaren’s ghost says “You’re trying to temp him. You’re feeding his anger. The cannon. You wish to tempt the boy. Too spur him on and fuel his rage. There is intent there. The actions of a man, monstrous, mad or otherwise… you are nothing more”

This is a similar theme to the previous Thorn cards about this internal sorrow which opens the gate for anger and corruption. Dredgen Yor knows this and believes that he can corrupt Shin Malphur by fueling his anger. *Cough* Star Wars.

The card ends with this. Jaren’s ghost says

“A man can be killed.” Dredgen responds “and there it is…”, the ghost questions “There what is…?”, Dredgen finishes with this “A sliver of hope”

Now this has some significance and is reference back to the Ghost Fragment Thorn 3 card. In this card, Dredgen is talking to his own ghost before they depart. Dredgen says

“If I am being honest, I care only to give hope to the frightened, huddled masses so that when I come upon them they will have more to lose. Their pain will be greater. Their screams more pure.”

So, another motive is revealed, Dredgen not only wants to anger Shin Malphur by gifting him The Last Word but also wants to give him hope because then Shin’s pain will be greater and his screams more pure, when Dredgen preys upon him.

Let’s move onto The Last Word 4 grimoire card. Once again, like the previous ghost fragments, we assume the narrator is Shin Malphur. The card begins with a flashback, it says

“Then. Palamon was ash. I was only a boy – my face caked in soot, snot and sorrow. I’d assumed Jaren, my friend, our Guardian, the savior of Palamon, would always protect us – could always save us… But I was a fool. Jaren, and the others, only a handful, but still our best hunters, our hardest hearts, had left three suns prior. Tracking Fallen, after the bandits had caused a stir. The stranger – the other – arrived the following day.”

I interpret this as, Fallen attacked Palamon and consequently Jaren went after them with some Hunters. Shin Malphur was still a boy at this point, with Dredgen Yor arriving in the town and they meet for the first time. Shin says

“I was intrigued by him, as I was Jaren when he’d first arrived. But the stranger was cold. Distant. Damaged, I thought. But I wasn’t afraid. Not yet. The stranger was polite, but solemn.

I took him for a sad, broken man, and he was. Though, at the time, I didn’t understand how that could make one dangerous. As with Jaren, father made an effort to keep me away from the stranger.

It wouldn’t matter. As the silhouette approached, fear held tight. The dark figure towered over me. Looking into me – through me. He smiled. My knees weak. All lost. Then, he turned and walked away. Leaving ruin and a heartbroken, terrified boy in his wake without a second glance. I’ve been chasing that stranger’s shadow ever since.”

Whilst it does not specifically say it, it hints that Dredgen further destroyed the town, maybe killed others within the town, quote

“Leaving ruin and a heartbroken, terrified boy in his wake”.

However, I understand that that could be interpreted in a number of different ways. Regardless, terrifying Shin and leaving him heartbroken comes back to Dredgen’s grand plan, to enrage Shin, to evoke anger and with that, to allow Shin to become corrupted.

The second half of The Last Word 4 card jumps forward in time, where an older Shin has already found Jaren’s ghost and already acquired the Last Word and now is standing upon Dwindler’s ridge for the showdown with Dredgen Yor.

Dredgen Yor taunts Shin by saying,

“Been awhile. The gunslinger’s sword… his cannon. That was a gift.” Shin remains silent. Dredgen continues “An offering from me… to you. Nothing to say?

I’ve been waiting for you. For this day. Many times I thought you’d faltered. Given up…But here you are. This is truly an end…”.

With all the taunting, a fire burns within Shin, in the centre of his chest, his gun moved as if it had its own will. Reflex and purpose merged with anger. Two shots. Two bullets engulfed in an angry glow. Dredgen Yor fell. Dredgen Yor never even raised his cursed Thorn. Shin’s cannon still embraced by the dancing flames of his light, and a sadness came over him. He thought back to Palamon and Jaren. He walked over to the corpse, placed the cannon at the dead man’s helm and pulled the trigger whilst saying, “yours… not mine.”

In a gruesome ending, I interpreted this as Shin Malphur activating his golden gun to kill Dredgen Yor and then he puts one final golden gun bullet into the head of the dead corpse, quote “Shin’s cannon still embraced by the dancing flames of his light.” You may notice, Shin had three golden gun bullets, the same as we do in the game.

Very interesting that after Shin kills Dredgen, it says that a “sadness came over him”, also that Dredgen did not even raise Thorn. I believe that this was Dredgen’s grand plan all along. He had planted the seed of sorrow, pain, anger, he had been tormenting Shin for years, he had let Jaren’s ghost give The Last Word to Shin, so that it would haunt him and build his anger for vengeance.

I believe Dredgen always planned to be killed by Shin, the final chapter that would corrupt Shin, Dredgen knew that even when Shin succeeded at Dwindlers Ridge, at the showdown, the pain would not got away, the sadness would creep over him, the pain would become worse. It would consume and corrupt him even in Dredgen’s death.

This is my question, by allowing himself to die, did Dredgen complete his master plan and create the greatest villain in Destiny, Shin Malphur? If you look back at The Last Word and Thorn cards, they refer to Shin being very special and so we have a familiar plot line evolve, a child with amazing gifts, unique and different from all others, two forces, one light and one dark are fighting over him, trying to convince him to join their side. I do not think this story has finished, or at least I hope this story is not finished and that we learn what happened to Shin and who he became, an agent on the light or an agent of the darkness.

Part 3

Part 3. Lets move onto some more speculation about Dredgen yor’s identify. I am sure the conversation will be re-opened re: Jaren Ward actually being Dredgen Yor, mainly due to the addition of the Golden Gun in the grimoire cards. Reddit user TrefTheLucid actually speculated this some time ago, saying that Shin Malphur was the first Golden Gun gunslinger who killed Dredgen Yor. And this theory allowed the possibility of Jaren Ward and Dredgen Yor to be one in the same. Please see the link in the description if you would like to learn more about this theory.

What I would like to do is cover some different speculation. And here it is. The reason why, Dredgen Yor’s name has been hidden from the transcripts is because Dredgen is Jaren’s brother, in fact twin brother. If his name was used in the transcript it would instantly give away their relationship, with the last name Ward.

Let me tell you why I think this, it is because of the new Exotic hand cannon, The First Curse. The grimoire card for this cannon reads,

“People always forget about the other one. The first one. They remember its twin, the Last Word, because that’s an easier story to tell. But it’s not the whole story.

Truth is, there were two of ’em, back then in the lawless days before the City was anything more than a rumor. There are thousands of tales of the fate of The First Curse, which one will you tell?”

Obviously, the card is talking about two hand cannons, however the way they personify the cannons gives me the impression that the owners were also twins. I am speculating that Jaren Ward and Dredgen Yor were twins and consequently had identical hand cannons, one The Last Word and one the First Curse. However the First Curse was not its original name, it was originally called the Rose. So the Rose, became the First Curse, which then became Thorn. If you remember back to the conclusion of The Last Word 4 card, Shin says this

“He never raised his cursed Thorn – the jagged gun with the festering sickness.”

To further support this theory, the noble man who became Dredgen Yor and Jaren Ward are described extremely similarly, so much in fact that is why people thought they were the same person during vanilla Destiny. However, maybe they were just twins and that is why they are described so similarly. Both could be seen as heroes and beacons of hope. However, the noble man removes himself from his family and claims a new birth right. The Thorn grimoire card makes a very clear reference to family with this sayin

g “The first and only of his family. The sole forbearer and last descendent of the name Yor.”

I also find it very interesting the use of the word “Noble”. Noble can be used to describe someone’s character, however you could interpret it in another way. The first born child could be consider next in line for the throne and consequently noble. If Jaren and Dredgen are twins, I believe that Dredgen was the first born twin, the noble twin. Obviously, I direct link with The First Curse, as the first Born Dredgen inherited the exotic hand cannon, and his twin received The Last Word.

Being the first born explains why he pursued the power of the Hive. He felt an obligation to protect his family. If we think back to the Thorn grimoire card, it says this about Dredgen,

“pride had led him down sorrow’s road.”

The pride may have come from being the first born and the responsibilities that it holds. The Game Informer article reminds us that Dredgen Yor was quote,

“so intent on fighting back against the Darkness that he becomes utterly corrupted by it, and Rose becomes the much darker weapon called Thorn”

The Game Informer article also confirmed that Dredgen Yor and Jaren Ward were old friends. Being twins would be a great explanation to why they would be old friends.

In addition, if you look at the in-game dialogue for the Thorn exotic bounty, it says this.

“This is the weapon of Dredgen Yor, whose name is now a curse.”

Potentially, a subtle hint back to the exotic hand cannon, The First Curse.

There are a couple of different themes taking place with this story, however one strong theme, is the theme of family. Shin lost his parents as child. Jaren Ward became his third Father. Magistrate Loken was also a broken man after losing his family. What a great twist, if this theme of losing family continued with Dredgen and Jaren being brothers.

Now, the next thing I am going to say is exactly why I read the comments because you guys inspire my own speculation. User, 45x45bw made a very good point, why did Jaren Ward miss. He fired first at Dredgen Yor and as Jaren’s ghost says, “he never misses.” 45 propose that this could be explained by Dredgen being a Warlock, being killed, then a sneaky self-resurrection, to kill Jaren as he walked away.

I have another theory. Maybe Jaren missed because he could not do it. He could not kill his own brother. Despite all the pain and suffering Dredgen had inflicted upon countless lives, he still could not shoot him.

Lastly, and probably slightly obscure and more likely coincidence, however I still found interesting. If we look at the perks for The First Curse hand cannon, one is called Triple Tap, which involves landing three precision shots. Well, Dredgen Yor did this to three bandits in the Ghost Fragment Thorn 2 card, shooting all three dead. As I said, likely more coincidence than intentional.

You guys made me extremely happy when I saw all the comments saying “Level 4”in the Toland video, it was a bit silly, a bit goofy, and actually I almost took it out of the video because I did not quite like it but you really made my week and I laughed almost every day when I saw how many people commented with Level 4. If you made it this far is this video, Leave a comment that says EvilTwin, I am sure that will confuse people who don’t watch the whole video. Or alternatively, let me know who you think Dredgen Yor is. Also I will leave some information about my Pujari speculation in my first comment because I ran out of time in this video. Also I know, I need to read the Book of Sorrow, that is likely next on my list with Praedyth and probably Cayde-6. But I am sure the Book of Sorrow will contain more information for understanding this story.

As always, guardians, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games and I will see you next time. Peace.