The Book of Sorrow Verse 5

The Book of Sorrow Verse 5


The proto-Hive, a Krill like species lived on a refuge planet known as the Fundament. The Fundament has two overarching forces, The Deep, later to be revealed as the Darkness and the Sky, later to be revealed as the light. The Worm Gods, are agents of the Deep and are trapped on the Fundament, and require a species to form symbiosis with in order to escape. The Sky attempted to prevent this occurring by wiping out trillions of species with a titanic god-wave. The Traveler, an agent of the Sky, carried out this plan by aligning the 52 moons of the fundament.

Upon forming symbiosis, both the proto-Hive and the Worms escaped the Fundament prior to the God-Wave. The worms granted immortality to the Hive Gods, Oryx, Savathun and Xivu Arath who returned to a separate dimension containing their Throne worlds upon death. The Hive Gods eventually were able to traverse dimensions willingly through a greater understanding of the Deep and the power of the sword, cutting “wounds”, also known as portals in space.

Whilst the worms grant immortality to the Hive gods, the Hive must continually satisfy the hunger of their worms through bloodshed and conquest, otherwise their worms will consume them. In order, to feed the ever growing worms, Oryx designs a system of tribute, by which the Hive pay tribute to their above commanders, consequently Oryx receives a continuous flow of tribute to feed his worm.

In order to cement the flow of tribute, Oryx creates his son Crota and his twin Daughters, Ir Halak and Ir Anuk. The mother of Oryx’s spawn is not named. The twin Deathsingers create the Deathsingers song, annihilator totems and also the technique of removing one’s soul, i.e. the Oversoul. The Hive Gods do not distinguish between war and love and in an effort to dethrone Oryx, his sister Savathun, tricks Crota into creating a portal that leads to the Vex. The Vex invade Oryx’s Throne world and a Vex mind, Quria, Blade Transform is created by the Vex.

By this time, Oryx is already the Taken King, and possess the Tablets of Ruin, which he created from the secrets of the Deep, after killing the Worm God Akka (who by the way is not really dead). He easily eliminates all threats within his Throne world and punishes Crota by throwing him through the Vex gate system. Crota proceeds to battle through time becoming a legendary demon.

Once again, to further solidify his rule, to protect his Throne world and to solidify his lines of tribute, Oryx creates the Dreadnaught. He pushes his Throne World inside out and the Dreadnaught and his throne world become merged and one.

Oryx pursued a ship called the Nicha-thought ship, in the hope that it would contain the Gift Mast, an object left behind by the Traveler, which Oryx is eager to consume. After defeating the defenses, Oryx discovers that it was a trap and the ship contained the Vex Mind, Quria.

Book of Sorrows, Verse 5 now begins.

It appears that after discovering the Vex Mind, Quria, upon the nicha-thought ship, the Vex mind boards the Dreadnaught and attempts to simulate Oryx. Oryx scoffs at the failed attempts and the Vex simulations crash. Understanding the Vex simulations is a complex topic, one that I actually need to revisit, with the new information about Dr. Shim (and the other virtual researchers), in addition to the new information on the Warminds.

Regardless of how we define the Vex simulations, verse 5:1 gives the impression that the Vex mind is creating simulations in order to find out Oryx’s weaknesses, basically creating a virtual Oryx to determine how to beat him. However, Oryx’s symbiotic relationship with the worms is causing major problems with the simulation and the Vex mind fails to successful mimic the power of Oryx and the worms.

Regardless, the Vex mind continues to attempt the simulation and Verse 5:1 details a conversation between the real Oryx and his virtual self. By pure chance, the Vex simulation had actually created Aurash, Oryx before meeting the worms, before he had gained the power of the worms, Oryx’s original name, the Osmium heir that had struggled for existence thousands of years ago. Oryx says to the Vex simulation, “You’ve made me as I was. You’ve made a tiny Aurash. Ha!”

The Vex, did not actually know Oryx’s original name, until Oryx said

“You’ve made a tiny Aurash.”

The Vex mind quickly updates the simulation to include this information and the virtual Aurash says to Oryx,

“You’re me? You’re me as I become?”

It is unclear, however Oryx appears weakened for a moment and he drops to his knees. If you have been following this whole series or reading the book of sorrows carefully you would know that a very small portion of Oryx questions what he has done, questions his conquest of the whole universe. The Vex appears to try and exploit this weaknesses by simulating the past of Oryx, by simulating Aurash.

Oryx responds to the simulated Aurash,

“Child, I have everything you wanted. I am immortal. I know the great secrets of the universe. I have scouted the edges of the Darkness and I have chased the lying god down galactic arms in a howling pack of moons. In my fist I carry the secret power that will rule eternity. In my worm I bear the tribute of my Court and of my children, the Hope-Eater, the Weaver, and the Unraveler; and with this tribute I smash my foes. I am Oryx, the Taken King. I am almighty.”

It appears that following this outburst from Oryx the Vex mind discovers another name, Taox. It is stated that this information is found in the “Ecumene Gate”, remembering that Taox was taken out of stasis by the Ecumene and provided intelligence when the Ecumene were fighting the Hive.

From this, the Vex discovers more names, Sathona and Xi Ro. Updating the simulation again, the virtual Aurash asks his future self,

“What about your sisters?” “Sathona? Xi Ro? Are they with you?”.

Despite the advances in the simulation, the Vex mind still predicts its defeat, and Verse 5:1 states that it begins sending the information to the “greater Vex” to “points in space and time where this data is vital. There will be great projects undertaken in the study of this ontological power, this throne-space”. Thanks to subscriber, Hoshikage869, who as speculated that this point in time, is actually the Vault of Glass, this specific sentence may be in fact evidence to how the Gorgons possess ontological power, they discovered it from simulating Oryx. Maybe even more evidence that these concepts are linked is the original name of the Vault of Glass… the Glass Throne. A glass mirror, a reflection of the Hive Gods.

In one final effort to break Oryx, or gather more vital data, virtual Aurash shouts, “Where are my sisters?” “What have you done with my people? What have you done?”. The attempt is not enough to break Oryx’s deepest fears and the simulation is broken and the Vex mind, Quria is captured. Rather than completely destroy the Vex mind, Oryx leaves it with some of its own will and gifts it to his sister Savathun to study. Hesitant to accept the gift Savathun says, “I suppose it’ll blow up and kill me, Or let the machines into my throne, where they’ll start turning everything into clocks and glass.” Oryx responds, “If it kills you, then you deserve to die.”

With the Vex, no longer an issue, Oryx continues to pursue the Gift Mast. It is revealed that the Gift Mast was created by the Traveler and contains the light of the Sky, it also now supports a system of planets, including a race known as the Harmony. The Harmony defend the Gift Mast and battle against the Hive, empowered Dragons that make wishes. I am still under the impression that these are the Ahamkara and are in fact different from the Worm Gods, please see my previous video, link in the description, and also please read some of the comments as it contains many amazing theories that I have not thought of.

Regardless, the Harmony are defeated and Oryx claims the Gift Mast and the Hive eat the light from it, like marrow from a bone. Verse 5:4 ends with both Oryx’s sisters, Savathun and Xivu Arath leaving Oryx and moving their Throne worlds. Savathun says

“Siblings, listen, we must part ways a while, so that we may grow different.” Xivu Arath says, “King Oryx, you take up too much space, your power constrains too many choices. I must go away from you.” Then Oryx was alone.

Whilst Oryx is alone he increases his power even more so by communing with the Deep and Oryx’s motives is reinforced thoughout multiple verses, in summary it says

“Only by eradicating from ourselves all clemency for the weak can we emulate and become that which endures forever. This is inevitable. The universe offers only one choice and it is between ruthlessness and extinction.” In Oryx’s self-reflection he also confirms that “If my Court and my throne can be beaten, if I am confronted in my throne, if I am defeated there, then I will die. My work will end.”

The last chapter, Verse 5:9, I’ll Make sure, details Oryx’s preparations to never be defeated. It reads,

“If I am defeated I know it will be because my understanding of the universe was incomplete. I failed to anticipate some strategy, some nemesis. (Perhaps Taox, if she still lives.). So I will prepare a book, which is a map to a weapon. And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going. And then they will take up my weapon, and they will use it, they will use that weapon, which is all that I am.

And armed thus with my past, and my future, and my present (which is a weapon, a weapon that takes whatever is available, a weapon bound to malice), they will mantle me, Oryx, the Taken King.

They will become me and I will become them, each of us defeating the other, correcting the other, alloying ourselves into one omnipotent philosophy. Thus I will live forever.

I’ll make sure.”

Yes, in case you did not work it out, this is a reference to the exotic scout rifle, a Touch of Malice. A weapon that Eris helps us to create, a weapon that requires us to collect calcified fragments and uncover Oryx’s story before possessing. Stay tuned, as Touch of Malice will have it’s own detailed lore video in the near future. If you would like to support the channel but cannot think of anything to see, leave a comment with the phrase, “bound to malice”.

Thank you for watching, as usual it is a pleasure, peace. matt