Exotic Weapons

Welcome back guardians. In today’s video we will try to uncover the secretes of Praedyth, a guardian lost in time within the Vault of Glass. This video will discuss the lore from the mission the Paradox and then the information provided by the alternative Paradox ending, which leads us to the exotic quest line for “No time to explain”, an exotic pulse rifle.

Let’s begin. Prior to the release of The Taken King, the only clues about Praedyth were weapons found within the Vault of Glass. The sniper rifle, Praedyth’s Revenge, reads

“Praedyth’s fall isn’t over… because it hasn’t happened yet.. and it will happen again.”

And the pulse rifle, Praedyth’s Timepiece reads,

“He skipped like a stone on times ocean. That is what is left- Unknown author.”

Previously, we could only assume that Praedyth had been lost in time after entering the Vault of Glass and encountering the Vex.

The Taken King mission the Paradox reveals more information about the fate of Praedyth. Thank you to reddit user, BetaChieftain for providing a full transcript of the mission. In the mission, we are tasked with destroying the Taken that have infiltrated the Vault, as Ikora Rey fears that if the Taken control the vault, they will seize control of the Machine Planets of the Vex, not to mention the ability to manipulate time itself.

As we continue though the vault, a message interrupts our comms, and we hear Praedyth for the first time. He confirms that he was part of Kabr’s fireteam who entered the Vault of Glass and that fireteam only consisted of three guardians, Kabr, Pahanin and Praedyth.

Praedyth continues to speak through static and intermittent comms, revealing that the Vex did in fact predict their annihilation. This has been a theory for some time with a great deal of evidence however it has never been out right confirmed until this mission. This confirms the motives of the Vex and the purpose of the Vault of Glass; they are looking for or trying to create a timeline where they can exist, where they are not destroyed, they are trying to weave themselves into the law of the universe.

Once we have destroyed the Taken, we lose communications with Praedyth.

Praedyth: I lived! Just remember, tell them I lived!

It becomes evident that Praedyth is being held prisoner by the Vex and the Vex allowed us to enter the vault, they lured us into the vault with Praedyth’s signal as bait, once inside we assisted them by destroying the Taken. With the Taken destroyed, the Vex closed the door to Praedyth’s cell and communications was lost.

The grimoire card, Mystery: Praedyth’s door confirms that the Vex are holding Praedyth as a prisoner, trapped between timelines. In an attempt to escape, Praedyth had built a crude comm scanner, which took him over a decade to build. This is how Praedyth communicates with us. However, he can only send and receive signals at certain times, and this is referred to metaphorically as the door being open. I consider this metaphoric door as the occurrence of timelines intersecting each other, which provides Praedyth an opportunity to call out and send signal from his timeline into ours. The Vex allowed this to occur in the mission the Paradox.

Whilst being held prisoner, Praedyth is somewhat tormented, his mind is pulled between

“timelines and potentialities that might have already happened, might happen and might never happen.”

Many guardians would have succumb to the endless possibilities, lost to confusion and insanity, however Praedyth persists. He has hope, he describes how the Vex can be beaten and that Guardians have already proven this and that maybe one day he will escape the Vault. Even though we find the bones of Praedyth at the end of the mission, this does not mean he is dead, it only means he is dead in our timeline and still calling for help.

Praedyth has also learnt that whilst being held prisoner, he is somewhat connected to the Vex system and this has a certain advantage. He says this,

“He would be the man on the outside looking in, a viewpoint into the consciousness of Minds that spanned galaxies. He would try to understand the Vex.”

Being somewhat merged with the Vex network, Praedyth has had visions of the future and the past, which is revealed by the Ghost memories you collect. The grimoire card, Mystery: Vault of Glass, depicts a memory of the Fallen, prior to the Traveler entering our system, when the Traveler still protected the Fallen or as they were previously known, the Eliksni. The Mystery Vault of Glass 2 card, describes a war between the Vex and the Exos. The Exos themselves are still somewhat of a mystery and a mystery that Bungie has confirmed that they will not yet reveal until future Destiny expansions or games.

The third and last memory, is a memory and prediction of our future. The tower has fallen, and civilization has been reduced to a mobile fleet wandering through space. A fleet that is battle-scarred and potentially still fleeing something. Their desperation is emphasized when the main fleet jumps through space, however they leave behind their fellow comrades whose spacecraft was unable to make the jump. The abandoned craft spin helplessly, lost in the stars. It is uncertain if we have already prevented this future from occurring or whether it still exists in our timeline.

Regardless, there is still more to Praedyth’s story, as you are likely aware, there is an alternative ending to the Paradox mission. Upon completion you discover a chest, when opened we discover Praedyth’s ghost. A ghost branded with Future War Cult Headers. This item grants access to the mission to obtain the exotic Pulse Rifle, “No Time To Explain.” A quest line that deepens the Lore surrounding Praedyth.
Upon handing in Praedyth’s Ghost Shell to Lakshmi-2 she says this,

“A guardian I’ve never heard of leaves behind a Ghost I’ve never seen carrying files stamped with Cult headers, files I would have had to authorize to be stamped that way.”

I believe this reinforces the power of the Vex, Praedyth was a member of the Future War Cult and ventured into the Vault of Glass, and his name was wiped from existence, consequently, Lakshmi-2 has no recollection of Praedyth.

As the quest line proceeds, Lakshmi-2 is able to uncover certain information from the files of the ghost and says this

“I have results from the simulation core. The heart of the Minotaur revealed a… ripple. A snag in the timestream around the Twilight Gap.”

This makes me instantly think back to the description of Praedyth’s Timepiece,

“He skipped like a stone on times ocean. That is what is left.”

And like when you skip a stone across the water, what does it leave… a ripple. Praedyth is guiding us through time, using his crude comms device to create a trail of ripples, snags in the timestream, so that we can find something.

The ripples lead us on a quest with the discovery of two items, one the bracelet of Ana Bray and the second, a ring, with the symbol of the Warlock Pujari. The last name Bray, should sound familiar, as in Clovis Bray. Clovis Bray was a research facility on Mars that rivaled the Ischtar Academy on Venus, during the Golden Age. A new grimoire card was released with the Taken King named, ghost fragment: Clovis Bray. Which revealed that the research facility was named after a man called Clovis, a man who understood the universe is infinite and probably in multiple ways, a lesson that he taught his children.

I believe Ana Bray is the daughter of Clovis Bray and as well as being a Hunter who participated in the Battle of Twilight Gap, I also believe she continued with her father’s work, an obsession with understanding the universe.

As I mentioned before we also find the ring of the Warlock Pujari, who is a thanatonaught, someone who kills themselves to have a vision, later to be revived by their Ghost. After drowning himself in the Shores of Time, Pujari had a vision of the Black Garden.

So how are these two characters connected with Praedyth. Well, both have a general link to trying to understand different timelines and the universe, so maybe due to their inquisitive nature, Ana Bray and Pujari are also lost in time, just like Praedyth and like Praedyth they have created ripples for us to follow in the hope that we will find them. Alternatively, in their adventures maybe they discovered Praedyth or even met Praedyth.

What I find really interesting, is that both these item are jewelry pieces, a bracelet and a ring. In fact, this is not the first time an item like this has been involved with time travel or other dimensions. The grimoire card, The Coven, describes the Coven Mother, a Techeun and advisor to the Queen, who is able to “have visions beyond the Veil” and this ability is provided by the amulet she wears. The veil appears to be the fabric between realities, timelines and dimensions.

So now we have, a bracelet, a ring and an amulet all of which are connected in some way with travelling between timelines. In addition, Kabr had a pocketwatch when he ventured into the Vault of Glass and this can be acquired as a Titan artifact. I speculate that these items are the key to travelling between timelines and finding their respective owners.

It is by no means coincidence that we hand these time travelling jewelry pieces to Lakshmi-2, the Future War Cult leader. Future War Cult are known as a secretive faction and in the original grimoire card, Ghost Fragment Future War Cult, it details experiments on their members. They attempt to have visions of the future using a prototype device, this experience is known as the “opening of the Veil”. Similarly, to the Techeuns visions beyond the veil. However, the use of the device was eventually abandoned, as most participants turned mad from the experience, babbling non-sense.

I speculate that Kabr, Praedyth and Pahanin were sent into the Vault of Glass by Future War Cult, not to destroy the Vex or destroy Atheon but as an intelligence team, so that Future War Cult could discover the secrete to crossing between timelines, time travel and influencing their future. They had previously tried this with their experimental device however the participants went mad, hence they were searching for alternative solutions within the Vault of Glass. This also explains why the fireteam only had three members rather than a full six. And now we have provided Lakshmi-2 with some seemingly innocent jewelry pieces.

On completion of the exotic quest line, the files of Praedyth’s ghost unspool. Their data undone like uncoiled strands of hair and as if opening portal, a weapon is transmitted from some time and some place, the exotic pulse rifle, No Time to Explain.

The grimoire card for No Time to Explain reads,

“Novarro’s timeline analysis indicates the weapon is the fabled Exo Stranger’s Rifle, enhanced at a future point in this continuity and then sent back to this present. Deliah’s timeline analysis indicates the weapon was built by Praedyth, who based it on his own version of the Exo Stranger’s Rifle, and then set it adrift in a time ripple. Hari’s timeline analysis indicates the weapon was built by beings of unidentifiable origin, and arrived here by pure accident. Inachis’s timeline analysis indicates the weapon originates from Earth, late Golden Age, and will eventually be lost to time ripples once again, where its systems will degrade and be replaced until our recent past acquires it as the Exo Stranger’s Rifle.”

As far as I am aware, these characters that have performed the analysis do not appear in any other grimoire cards, so unfortunately I do not have any more information about them. I do assume though that they are members of Future War Cult.

Personally, I believe the weapon is a gift from Praedyth, which also means that he has met the Exo Stranger, as he designed the weapon based upon the Strangers Rifle. This would also mean that Praedyth was the one to etch a word onto the inside of the casing: “Soon”.

Time is running out guardian, Praedyth’s memories scattered in the Vault is evidence of our own destruction, our home destroyed, our tower turned to rubble, civilization adrift in space broken and desperate. He etched a warning onto the weapon before sending it adrift, Soon, our end is soon.

You must find Praedyth as he holds the key to destroying the Vex, enter back into the Vault guardian, maybe Praedyth’s cell door will be open and the crackle of his voice will seep through time, maybe we can change fate or maybe we are just fools.

Thanks for listening, obviously there is still more to this story. The story of the Exo stranger still alludes us, however as you can see, Bungie is slowly bringing all these storylines together.  I have edited this script to ensure it is of a manageable size, so if you are looking for more details I will place any notes that did not make the final cut in a comment or the description, if it is too large for that I will provide a link to an external document. Once again it has been pleasure, this is Myelin Games, peace.