Book of Sorrows Verse 2

Book of Sorrows Verse 2


A species known as the Osmiums, live on a planet known as the Fundament. This is not their home world and they are in fact at the bottom of the food chain. There are two major forces that act on all life of the planet, the “Sky” and the “Deep.”

The Osimium life is short, 10 years and they have many children in order to adapt and change. The Osmium King has three female heirs, Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro. They are betrayed by the teacher of the Osmium children and sterile mother, Taox. Taox assists the Helium Drinkers (which is the same species as the Osmiums) to invade the Osmium court and the King is killed. The three heirs flee on a ship but not before Sathona takes a white worm from the King. Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro look for a solution to reclaiming the throne and taking back the Osmium court whilst they drift in the sea of the Fundament.

Each heir has their own specific trait or skill. Aurash is known as the navigator and explorer, Sathona is known to be the most cunning and Xi Ro is the warrior. They are desperate for answers as their lives are only short and Aurash has predicted the end of all species resulting from a God- wave, which will occur when the moons of the Fundament align.

Guided by the white worm of the King, which now belongs to Sathona, they find the ancient ship Needle. Using Needle, they dive into the Deep of the fundament where they encounter the Leviathan. The Leviathan attempts to convince them that the sky is a better path to follow. The three sisters ignore the warning, with whispers from the white worm and the dive deeper.

Here they encounter, the worm gods, Yul the Honest and  Eir, Xol, Ur, and Akka, the virtuous worms. Here it is revealed that the Worm Gods called life to the Fundament so that they could find a host. The Worm Gods are truly powerful however they need a species to host their worm larvae. The Gods offer the three sisters a bargain, an opportunity to save their species, unimaginable power, immortality, the ability to right the universe.

However, there are some terms attached to this bargain, they must obey they nature forever,

“Aurash, you may never cease to explore and inquire, for the sake of your children. In your immortality, Xi Ro, you may never cease to test your strength. In your immortality, Sathona, you may never abandon cunning.”

If they do abandon their nature, their worm inside them will begin to consume them. If they adhere to the bargain they will become more powerful and as they become more powerful, their worm demands more of them and hence becomes hungrier, consequently they must obey their nature even more.

Verse 2:0- Immortals

Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro strike the bargain with the worms. The Worm gods tell Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro to visit their species, which are spread across four continents, the Osmium Court (still occupied by the Helium Drinkers), the Helium Court, the Bone Plaza and the Star-surgery. They are to offer symbiosis to their species, offer the worm larvae and if anyone refuses they are to be killed.

Aurash is granted the King Morph, which I assume is a worm larvae with the purpose of transforming her into a King. With the acceptance of the worm larvae she is renamed as Auryx. Which means “Long Thought”. Yes, as many of you already know, this is the very first clue that this story is about the Hive and specifically about the uprising of Oryx. I will now refer to this race as the proto-Hive. This is actually the name used in later verses.

Also, As you can tell, our female heir, Aurash has morphed into a male, King Auryx.

Verse 2:1 Conquerors

Sathona is given the Mother morph and is renamed Savathun and now as a mother she uses her ability to create mighty knights and plentiful warriors.

Within this verse, the Worm gods describe the ongoing battle between the sky and the deep. The leviathan is an agent of the sky and had caged the worms for millions of years. The Worm Gods reinforce that in the Deep they enslave nothing, liberation is their passion and they exist to help the universe achieve its terminal, self-forging glory.

It is hinted that Auryx and Savathun retake the Osmium Court and the traitor Taox has retreated to the Hydrogen Fountain, which I believe is on the Helium Court, with the Helium Drinkers. They are told that simply reclaiming their home is not enough and they must find a species on the Fundament with the technology to leave this world.

Verse 2:2 out of the deep.

Xi Ro is given the knight morph and becomes Xivu Arath. So Auryx had the King Morph, Savathun had the mother morph and now Xivu Arath had the knight morph. Collectively they have conquered almost two percent of the Fundament’s surface, which is a lot, because previous verses speaks of 511 species of the Fundament and later verses speaks of trillions of inhabitants.

Within this verse, the syzygy has now occurred, which is the alignment of the Fundament moons which caused the creation of the God-wave. The destruction is not instant and the Worm Gods inform them that it will take two years for the god wave to reach them.

The traitor Taox, is still on the run and travels to Kaharn Atoll, which is like a trading post on the Fundament. Many different species gather at Kaharn Atoll and Taox hopes to rally a force against Auryx.

Xivu Arath, being the Knight Morph and warrior, is told to overwhelm Kaharn Atoll and slaughter everyone who is there. With the slaughter, they will obtain logic, the logic to cut space open and migrate to orbit. The worms say, tf they cannot make ships, they will become them.

The verse ends with “Reality is a fine flesh, oh general ours. Let us feast of it.” Obviously, extremely similar to the dialogue of the Ahamkara.

Verse 2:3 into the sky.

Xivu Arath succeeds at Kaharn Atoll and a wound is opened, a wound leading to orbit. This allows the proto-Hive to leave the Fundament. It doesn’t really explain how this works, however it’s depiction sounds a bit like a portal. All we know at this point is that it was created with this “logic” later to be revealed as “Sword Logic” and a requirement to cutting open space involves the killing of others.

Auryx begins to question his conquest and feels sadness. The Worms reinforce that this war is divine work, this is a sacred and majestic task, this needs to happen to complete the Universe. As Auryx continues to grow in power, his will begins to warp the law of the universe.

Verse 2:4 52 and One

Auryx and his proto-Hive travel to the moons of the Fundament, only to discover that the Fundament moons host sophisticated civilizations. One of which is the Ammonites, which are bony six-armed cephalopods. A cephalopod in real world terms is a marine animal to the likes of an Octopus, squid or cuttlefish.  Taox’s has also fled the Fundament and has aligned herself with the Ammonite race.

We were previously aware that the Fundament had 52 moons and that their alignment would cause the syzygy, which would bring about the God-wave. At this point, a 53rd moon of the Fundament is revealed, it is the Traveler. The Traveler is defined as the “divine presence of the sky.” There are a couple of different meanings and interpretations of divine presence, however if we consider divine presence in regards to religion, it means that God is present within us, within humans. So in Destiny terms, the Sky, is God, and the Sky’s presence is within the Traveler and the Traveler is performing the Sky’s will.

What is revealed next, is that the Traveler, an agent of the Sky, was the one to arrange the moons of Fundament to cause the syzygy which enacted the God-wave, killing trillions.

I believe the Sky did this because the Worm Gods were calling different species to the Fundament because they needed to find a host. If successful, the Worm Gods would escape the Fundament and then they would perform the will of Deep. Just as the Traveler performs the will of the Sky. The God-wave would wipe all inhabitants off the Fundament, therefore trapping the Worm Gods and consequently containing the Deep.

The Ammonite race have sided with the Sky and hence the Traveler. We assume that like us, the Traveler gave the Ammonites technology to enhance their civilization. They prepare to defend their home against Auryx and the proto-Hive.

Verse 2:5 Born as Prey

The Ammonites are stronger than expected, led by Chroma-Admiral Rafriit and Auryx loses the battle. The proto-Hive are forced to retreat back to the 6th moon of the fundament and tt is revealed that Auryx is still having second thoughts about his conquest and still holds ideas of peace and stability.

The worm gods encourage Xivu Arath, the Knight morph, to breed back their forces across the many moons and that they will attempt a different tactic, they will infect the weaknesses of the ammonites.

Verse 2:6 The Sword Logic

The Traveler provides the Ammonites with Paracausal weapons. We ourselves, have used weapons with causal loop. Whilst the Traveler provides technology and weapons to the Ammonites, the proto-Hive are provided with their own weapons.

The worm gods sayWe will not give you the Deep, King Auryx — that power is for us, your gods. But we will teach you to call upon that force with signs and rituals.” This is where the Hive draw their power from or for no better use of a word, their magic.

The hierarchy in this war becomes quite clear. The Sky empowers the Traveler, who then empowers the Ammonites. The Deep empowers the Worm Gods who then empower Auryx.

One of these rituals gifted to Auryx is the concept of Sword Logic. The Worm Gods instruct him to kill 100 of his children with a long blade and that the blade will begin to change and the universe will shrink in terror.

Future verses go on to explain Sword Logic in further detail, however for the moment, we only understand that this act of murder, this horrendous act, murdering his own children, can influence the universe by creating terror and that the physical blade itself begins to change. We saw the same thing happen in Verse 2:3 where Xivu Arath slaughtered everyone at Kaharn Atoll, once again a mass of people killed and this gave them the power, the power to cut a whole in space, which then allowed them to escape the Fundament.

Despite this, the verse reminds us that Auryx does not really want to do this, however he is bound by his worm and if he does not adhere to his nature, his worm will consume him.

Verse 2:7 The Weakness Verse

Auryx was unable to destroy the Ammonites and attempts to make a parley. Savathun, Auryx’s sister murders Auryx for his weakness. The worm justifies Savathun’s actions and reinforces the same message; this war is just, it is what is required to build a perfect, undying creation, an everlasting civilization. If a civilization cannot defend itself, it must be annihilated, there is no space for mercy. If a King cannot hold his power, he must be betrayed.

However, in Auryx’s death and immortality, his might created his Throne World, this was the first creation of the Hive Netherworld. It is revealed that from this day forward, Auryx, and his sisters will each survive death so long as they are not killed within their own thrown.

Verse 2:8 Leviathan Rises

With Auryx dead and negotiations lost, the battle between the Ammonites and the proto-Hive continue. In order to reinforce the Ammonites, The Leviathan, an agent of the Sky and obviously ally to the Ammonites, leaves the fundament to provide support.

The Ammonite fleet leader, Chroma-Admiral Rafriit and his elite guard join with the Leviathan. The worms order the destruction of Rafriit’s fleet, to boil the Ammonite seas and to slaughter the leviathan with witchcraft.

The Worms promise that if the proto-Hive achieve this they will show them how to eat the Traveler.

Verse 2:9 Crusaders

There is little description of the battle, however the proto-Hive are victorious, the leviathan is killed and the Traveler flees. The worms Eir and Yul feed on the carcass of the leviathan. Xivu Arath makes a temple with the impaled body of Chroma Admiral Rafriit. Savathun poisons the sea of the Ammonite home planet and their screams flavor the void.

Once again, the worms justify their conquest. The Ammonites needed to be destroyed, they were simply occupying space, occupying reality, their golden age was a cancer, they did nothing to advance the cause of life, they did nothing to help the universe towards its final perfect form. Their entire race were killed for this reason.

The worms reinforce that they are not the Deep, but they move within it and that they will grant Auryx the same power. They reinforce that this is a cosmic war between the Sky and the Deep and that Auryx must liberate the Universe and join the war against the Sky. His death was because of mercy and should  be taken as lesson upon his return to the material world.

The Verse ends by revealing that the Traitor Taox, who sought protection from the ammonites, is still alive and has hidden.

Wowza, information overload in verse 2. I usually finish these videos being excited and pumped up to jump straight back into the Destiny universe, however this video has made me feel a little odd. And I think that is because it reflects our own world very closely.

This is a story of genocide, this is a story of justifying genocide in order to create the perfect race, or in this case the perfect universe, the final form of the universe. And at the centre of this story is Auryx, who we are made to feel sympathetic for, held hostage by his worm, a character that has always been preyed upon, who has always been the weakest and now he has power and immortality and yet he goes on to commit these atrocities.

And on the other side, is the sky and the Traveler, the Traveler caused the Syzygy, which killed trillions! And the justification for this, was that the Sky was trying to prevent the worms finding a host and escaping the fundament. This sacrifice was necessary to contain the Deep.

Bungie presents this theme, this critique of our own world through two words, Sword Logic. To oversimplify this concept, Sword Logic is not about killing to survive, it is about killing to be powerful and the never ending loop of war that this creates.

Sorry guys, that got really serious towards the end, if you would like to support my channel and cant think of a comment, feel free to leave a comment with the words, “Sword Logic”, which has been the theme of this verse. Until next time, this is myelin games.