Book of Sorrows Verse 1

The Book of Sorrows Verse 1

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Today’s video will cover the first verse of the Book of Sorrows, most people are aware of the general plot of this book however I will not be revealing that until later chapters. The menu for this video is; Topic number one will cover the world in which the Book of Sorrows is set, secondly I will cover one of the species of this world, the Osmiums, thirdly, a brief description of the main characters in the first verse, fourth the plot line in Verse one and lastly will be the giveaway winner and also gift for everyone. If you are on PC, this menu is annotated so you can skip to any section, if you are a mobile user, the time stamps are listed on screen and in the description so you can manually skip to any section.

Let’s begin. Topic 1. The World. The Book of Sorrows is set on a planet known only as the Fundament, a titanic gas giant, with an endless storm and raging ocean. We learn in Verse 1, Chapter 8, that the Fundament houses trillions of inhabitants. It is also described as a refuge world and suggested that many of the species are migrants, with only a very subtle hint to what brought these species to crash land on the planet. It appears that the continents of the fundament are extremely mobile, tossed about in the raging oceans.

The Fundament contains many threats and dangers. Giant beings live in the clouds, known as Stormjoys. They have tentacles that reach down to the continents and try to lure their victims with light. To the oceans deep below, lie great monsters, they are larger than the continents themselves.

The beasts of the Fundament are not the only thing that takes life, the storms above rains poison that can dissolve flesh and the lighting from the clouds can vaporize a person.

Maybe the greatest threat to all species of the fundament, is the God-Wave. This is the prediction of the end of the world, where the 52 moons of the Fundament, align perfectly, and pull the oceans from the crust, forming a gigantic wave that would swallow whole continents.

We are introduced to numerous locations throughout the first verse. Some include the Tungsten Monoliths, Shvubi Maelstrom and the Kaharn Atoll. We have little information about these places with the exception that; the Tungsten Monoliths contains ancient knowledge of the Fundament, the Shvubi Maelstrom is the crash landing site of ancient ship, the needle. The word maelstrom actually means giant whirlpool. And the last location Kaharn Atoll, is a gathering location for different species, potentially a market place or trading post. However, it is important to remember that not all species on the Fundament are allies or willing to trade.

We know of at least two continents that are adrift on the seas of the fundament, one is the Osmium Court, home to the Osmiums and the second is the Helium Court, home to the Helium Drinkers. Both continents are actually thought to be a part of the same planet, multiple fragments of their planet broke off as it crashed into the Fundament, becoming their respective continents. Consequently, the Helium Drinkers and the Osmiums are of the same species.

As previously mentioned, the continents are extremely mobile and vulnerable to the oceans of the Fundament and the Osmiums have tried to re-direct themselves through the use of specifically designed engines attached to the Osmium court.

So now let’s explore the Osmium Race. It is believed they came to the fundament in order to escape some sort of threat. They have 2 arms, 2 legs but 3 eyes. They are referred to as people throughout the chapters and during a blood ritual it describes them as having ‘hands’, not claws and bones, not an exoskeleton. However, despite this, they have insect like traits and have been referred to as Krill People.

Their lifespan is very short, 10 years, unless you are mother, in which case you can live longer. Mother’s also have the unique trait of being able to fly. The mother’s spawn broods of children, which is believed to have allowed them to adapt to the harsh conditions of the Fundament. They also have segmented roles, similar to that of insects and the soldiers of the Osmiums are called Knights.

The Osmiums function as a monarchy, with the Osmium King as ruler. He has three female heirs to the Throne. It appears that the Osmiums are born female and potentially change gender later in life. The Osmiums are by no means a powerful race and even consider themselves as one of the weakest life forms on the Fundament. So much so, that they have a scripture known as The Timid Truth, which reinforces they are the smallest and most fragile things alive.

Despite being of the same home planet and species, the Osmiums have a known enemy, the Helium Drinkers. The Helium Drinkers are considered bright and evil and have previously raided the Osmium Court.

Before moving onto the plot, lets become familiar with some of the main characters. The first is the Osmium King, who is ten years old and considered mad. He studies an ancient text, which many believe has consumed him and babbles about the end of the world, which will be brought on by the alignment of the moons and the God-Wave.

The King has three female heirs. The first born is Aurash, who is a navigator and explorer. The second is Sathona, who is clever, cunning and wishes to be a mother. The last is Xi Ro, the youngest and bravest who wants to be a knight.

Another important character is Taox, Osmium-mother, neutered to watch. She was once a mother, however is now sterile and has become a teacher of the children of the Osmium Throne. She was also the one who designed the great engines that moves the Osmium Court.

Lets move onto the plot of the first verse.

Chapter zero and chapter 1 are covered by the information I have already presented, so I will move straight to Verse 1, Chapter 2, The Hateful Verse. This chapter describes a letter from Taox, the teacher to the children of the Osmium Throne, and the letter is to the Helium Drinkers, their enemies. Taox has betrayed the Osimium Court and has provided information to the Helium Drinkers to invade the court and claim the throne. She believes the Osmium King has gone mad from the study of an ancient text, and the three heirs to the throne are not fit to rule. For the betrayal, Taox will be allowed to rule the Osmium Court as proxy for the Helium Drinkers and she will also help the Helium Drinkers design their own engines for their continent.

Verse 1, Chapter 3, The Oath, is written by Aurash and describes the events following the invasion by the Helium Drinkers. We do not know exactly what happened when they invaded however we do know that the Osmium King was killed, the Helium Drinkers have taking control of the Osimum Court and the three Hiers to the Osmium Throne, Xi Ro, Sathona and Aurash have fled on Aurash’s naval ship. The three sisters make a blood oath, Xi Ro pledges vengeance, Sathona pledges to become a mother and re-build their race and Aurash pledges to follow her Father’s work and discover how to avoid the end of the world.

The description of Aurash’s ship is very interesting, it has a mast and so seems typical of a nautical ship, however it also has lighting sails, which seems to suggest it has other technology infused with it. The Osmium court, their continent, had engines, so it would seem fair that this is not your typical sail boat. We know that there are massive storms on the Fundament, so I assume the lighting sails harness this power to propel the ship.

Verse 1, Chapter 4, Syzygy. provides greater insight into the world of the Fundament. It is an ocean world, with thousands of species a drift. Aurash had discovered this information at the Tungsten Monoliths. We don’t know where Tungsten Monliths are located, however I do not believe it was on the Osmium continent, it sounds like prior to the invasion Aurash had explored parts of the Fundament in her ship and discovered the Tungsten Monoliths and at this location learnt about the world of the Fundament.

Aurash also speaks of her father’s Orrery, which is an apparatus that represents positions, motions and phases of planets and moons in our solar system. It is like the Osimium King’s planetarium where he studied the moons and was trying to predict the end of the world.

What he predicted was a God-wave, that when the 52 moons of the fundament aligned, their gravity would pull on the seas of the fundament, creating a swollen bulge, a wall of water that could swallow entire continents and civilizations. Aurash is desperate to reclaim the Osmium Court so that she can revisit her Father’s planetarium and hopefully discover how to prevent the end of the world and save her species.

Verse 1, chapter 5, Needle and the Worm. now this is where it starts to get interesting. It is written by Sathona, the second sister and the smartest sister. They have already been at sea for one year following the Helium Drinkers invasion and they need to find a solution, they need to find a way to save their people. Sathona, knows of a ship, not any sea-ship but an artifact of high technology, unbreakable as time and older than death. The ship crashed into the fundament long before their ancestors. The ships name is, Needle. And its appearance reflects that.

The three sisters manage to salvage it from a placed called Shvubi Maelstrom. They then have different opinions on what to do with the ship. Xi Ro suggests that they sell it at a place called,  Kaharn aToll, which is where many different species gather to trade and with the wealth acquired from trading needle they could hire mercenaries to take back the Osmium throne. ON the other hand Aurash wants to take control of the ship and use it to their advantage.

Sathona agrees with Aurash, and she agrees with Aurash because the worm told her so. It is revealed that this worm creature initially belonged to the Osmium King, however, when the helium drinkers attacked, Sathona ripped it from her father as they fled. It is described as a dead white thing, it appears to have originated from the sea of the Fundament, as it had washed up on its shores of the Osmium Court.

Whilst being dead, it speaks to Sathona and says this, “listen closely, oh vengeance mine…”. This style of dialogue should sound familiar, as it is very similar to the Ahamkara (which on a side note is the hindu pronounciation of Ahamkara). I will speculate on the relationship between the Ahamkara and the worms very soon .

The worm is also called a “familiar”. Santhona says my “father’s familiar”. Apart from the obvious definition familiar, it also has another meaning, “a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal”. So to translate this, the worm has a master and is trying to influence the sisters by whispering to Santhona.

It would be later revealed that Sathona was guided to ship, she was guided to Needle, by the worm.

Verse 1:6 Sisters, jumps ahead in time, the sisters are now 5, half of their life now gone. They begin to fear that they will die at sea, never having reclaimed the Osmium Throne. We also find out a snippet more of information about their ancient ship, Needle. It has a birthing room, which has been filled with carcasses. At first, I thought that one of the three sisters managed to give birth, however I believe the carcasses are from the previous crew and this is reinforced in later cards. It is also says that an atrocity was born in this birthing room, that something was taken from the depths of the Fundament and born upon the ship.

The sisters are desperate for answers, they decide to dive, dive deep into fundament, to travel into it’s core. They believe this is what Needle is designed to do, and in fact the ancient crew died attempting this same feat. However with little time remaining, it is their only hope to ensuring their survival.

Sathona is sure this is the right action and is convinced by the worm. She now refers to the worm as her Familiar. The demon that once sat upon her father’s shoulders whispering in his ear, now belongs to her.

Verse 1:7 the dive, details the three sisters, travelling deep into the fundament with Needle. And in the depths and layers of the ocean, they meet monsters of continental proportions. Amongst the sounds of struggling monsters, they also hear the sound of something else… in the depths it comes apparent the oceans are being pulled, tugged by the moons, raising their tide. It is here that Aurash’s suspicions are confirmed, the ending of the world is approaching, the God-Wave will wipe them out.

More information is also provided on the birthing room upon Needle. It appears that the previous crewed pulled something from the ocean, in a cocoon and birthed it on the ship, however no one survived.

As the sisters continued to dive, the Leviathan appeared, it’s head larger than whole continents! It says this, “You must turn back, save yourselves from the deep, save the world from yourselves, you must turn back”

Verse 1:8, the leviathan continues to speak with the three sisters and attempts to convince them that the deep depths of fundament has nothing to offer but death. The Leviathan makes two clear distinctions, the deep and the sky. To choose The deep is to take the tortuous path, the worship of death. The sky is a harder way but is a kinder way, the sky is life.

The sister’s protest the Leviathan’s preaching’s, Aurash’s says, “Old Leviathan, creature of myth, this world is no refuge. We live short, hard lives. We die in the dark. The storm above us will never end. And soon the God-Wave will take us all. Above us there are only stormjoys, monsters, and moons of apocalypse. Let us go down, down, where we may discover truth, some power to avenge ourselves upon our betrayers, some hope of survival.”

Sathona also agrees and says this “I have my father’s familiar (i.e. the worm). Look! It answers me in plain words. It helped me find this ship. It gives me strength when hope is lost.

Who will you trust? The voice that wants us to live and suffer, as we have lived and suffered? The Leviathan that offers no hope against Taox or the world-wave? Or the plain, honest worm?

Let us see where its whisper leads us, Aurash. Let us go deeper, Xi Ro! Let us dive, oh sisters mine.”

Ignoring the leviathan, they dive deeper into the fundament. Of an important note, Sathona’s dialogue, “oh sisters mine”, reflects that of the worm and is extremely similar to that of the Ahamkara. This makes me think that the Ahamkara also made a deal with the worms and were influenced by the worms, hence how they also spoke in the same way. I am not 100% sure of this yet, and I am still analyzing the rest of the book, and I have heard of people suspicions that the worms and ahamkara are one in the same.

The last chapter in verse one, the bargain. The three sisters dive deeper in the fundament, past the leviathan and they meet the worms. The dead white worm, that is Sathona’s familiar has been guiding them here, to this spot. Now they meet the true worms.

Yul, The Honest Worm, says this “Behold my passage. Behold my vast displacement, my ponderous strength, my great and coiling length, my folded jaws and curled wings”.

Three other worms are with Yul, Eir, Xol,, Ur, and Akka. The Virtuous Worms.

The Worms describe themselves as gods!

Yul continues, “For millions of years We have been [trapped|growing] in the Deep. From across the stars We have called life to Fundament, so that it might contend against extinction. For millennia We have awaited you… our beloved hosts. Against you stand the cruel Leviathan and all the forces of the Sky. They would crush you down into the dark. They have arranged their moons to drown you, in fear of your potential. We want to help you, Princes. We offer to each of you a bargain… a symbiosis.”

It is revealed the worms may have been the ones to call all the different species to the Fundament, however despite their power, the worms need a host, they needed a species to dive deep into the fundament and find them. You may have also noticed that Yul now refers to them as Princes, the three sisters are no longer female. The worms offer the Princes a bargain.

“Take into your bodies our children, our newborn larvae. From them you shall obtain eternal life. From them you shall gain power over your own fragile flesh: the power to make of it as you will. And should you find an imperfection in the world, an injustice or an inconvenience — you will have the power to repair it. Let no mere law bind you.”

However, the bargain contains some rules. “You must obey your nature forever. In your immortality, Aurash, you may never cease to explore and inquire, for the sake of your children. In your immortality, Xi Ro, you may never cease to test your strength. In your immortality, Sathona, you may never abandon cunning.

If you do, your worm will consume you. And as your power grows, oh Princes, so will your worm’s appetite. But we offer eternity, Aurash. We offer you a chance at the universe. Would you deny your people infinity? Reach up to me. Let my flesh be your sacrament.”

And that is the ending of first verse. It truly is amazing and well worth a read. I will continue to cover each verse on my channel. But for now, let’s move on to some announcements. I mentioned I had a gift for everyone, this is to show my appreciation of the amazing support I have recently received on the channel. I didn’t actual celebrate 10 000 subs, I did celebrate a million views and actually this week I have been so busy I forgot about my birthday!

After reading the first verse of the book of sorrows, it had some amazing imagery in it and so I got Zach Bradley involved with my channel again, he was the artist that created the comic book for my channel. I do pay Zach for his time and as I should, this is his trade and his art work.

Like with previous videos I try to think of word that can describe the entirety of the video and today’s word is God-Wave and so I had Zach represent this, I wanted him to create an image that represented the struggle of the Osmium’s, the clouds have tentacles that want to eat them, monsters lurk below them and the end of world is approaching with a titanic god wave. I wanted it to demonstrate their desperation, their desperation to just survive.

This is actually the draft, I was hoping for it to be finished by now, however I will release the final copy in my next video, which will be the Q and A, so make sure you leave a question in the comments. In that video, I will provide instructions to how you can download the image as a gift from me to you. I know it will be going straight onto my laptop as a screen saver ☺

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