The Taken King New Lore

Taken King New Lore

Event Lore

Firstly, thank you for the overwhelming support with the video comic book! As of this moment, it has over 700 likes and 0 dislikes, which is absolutely insane. You guys have spoken, you want to see a part two! And I will make a part two! You will need to be patient though, it does take about 4-5 weeks to make these comics.

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One final note, I have hit the bitter sweet reality… I can no longer reply to every comment. I usually spend at least 1-1.5 hours each day checking and replying to comments, however now they are just too many. Even so, if you do ask a question I will endeavor to answer it and at the very least I will be reading the comments even if I don’t reply.

Lets move on to today’s video. For the next couple of weeks, the videos I release will be shorter videos covering multiple topics, this will give me time to complete all the new Taken King story missions and end game activities. Then I can compile all the new information into an engaging and accurate lore video.

Today’s will cover multiple topics, including the Hive theory related to the Worms, new speculation on the Ahamkara, which involves a new Fallen House, and the lore surrounding the new subclass abilities. Today’s acknowledgements include reddit user, electriccartilage and also ExiledExo’s tumbler who both have previously presented theories on the Hive relating to the worms. Those theories were actually written before The Taken King gear was released. I used Planet Destiny’s database to search all the new Taken King items. And lastly, a shout out to DBMGamer, who has already made a video on additional lore on Vell Tarlowe, the Iron Lords and Thorn. Be sure to see the link in the description.

Topic One, The Hive worm theory. The basic speculation taken from Reddit  or as I mentioned ExiledExo’s tumbler is that the Hive were infected by these worms, parasites almost. The worms provide the Hive with all their powers, but drain the Hive of their own Light and leave them with nothing but Darkness. The worms also keep the Hive from dying and this is why the Hive look so withered, dried out, and drained. They are hollow, when you kill them they fall to ash, they also have hallowing rituals, agonizing rituals of torture, I speculate this is the worms being introduced to the Hive body and transforming them.

Now check out some of these new items. A new Warlock bond called, Worm Gods’s Boon says “They had a choice. They chose the hunger. They chose the Formless One. They chose the Worm Gods.” Firstly, we have the introduction of a new character, the Formless One. If we search for the “Formless One” in the database another item is presented, the raid warlock gauntlets , Grasp of Eir,  it reads “At the beginning, they stood in thrall of the Formless One, and they offered themselves to its depth”. If you speculate that these items are referring to the Hive, considering they are found within the new raid, then it is saying that the Hive merged with the worms, the worms leader was the Formless One.

Another legendary Warlock Bond reinforces this, Bond of the Wormlore, says, “They were two once. In the Darkness they joined. Such is the Hive’s strength. And such is their hunger”- Eris Morn. To me, that pretty much confirms that the Hive merged with the worms, the worms provide their strength, as the card reads “Such is the Hive’s strength”, however they consumed their light, as the card reads “And such is their hunger”. Don’t forget there is also a new emblem called “Worm Gods’Servant”  and also the dreadnaught contains new material called Wormspores.

And lastly another Kings’ Fall Raid helmet, Mouth of Ur  says “For the more light the Worms consume, the hungrier they become”. The only additional speculation that I would add, would be related to the Nine. Let me read the Ghost Fragment: Legends 2 card; “The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival”. Maybe the Nine also made a pact with the Worm gods to ensure their own survival. I mean, Xur does have worm-like projections that protrude from his face!

Topic two- The Ahamkara. If we take a look at the legendary scout rifle from the new Raid, King’s Fall, it is called Doom of Chelchis, it says

“Where is the Great Machine? Where is the Great Machine?”

Chelchis, Kell of Stone. This is the first time I have seen any reference to a Fallen house called the Stone. If it is a Fallen House, I would assume it was present prior to the collapse and prior to the event Whirlwind, which wiped out many Fallen houses. “Where is the Great Machine? Where is the Great Machine?” has an element of confusion and maybe this relates to when the Traveler left the Fallen, and the Kell of Stone is asking where the Traveler has gone.

So what does this have to do with the Ahamkara? Well, if you search the database for “Kell of Stone” or “Chelchis” another interesting item is presented. A Warlock Artifact named, Broken Crown. This item reads, “Eliksni songs still tell of Chelchis, Kell of Stone, who stood before the Maw.” Once again this reinforces that the house is an older house, as the Fallen sings tales of their history. However, the word Maw, is what I am interested in. Maw, has a capital M, meaning it is the name of something. However, the literal interpretation of Maw, is the throat or jaw of a voracious animal. If we search the database for the word Maw, another two interesting items are presented. The Fangs of Nyx, a rare ship, that reads “Beware her maw”. And a new Taken King legendary Warlock helmet called Devouring Maw, which reads “Our enemies hunger for our knowledge.”

The Ahamkara, were mighty dragons that made bargain’s with Guardians, making trades with knowledge. When I think of the words, Hunger, Knowledge, and Maw (i.e. the jaws of a voracious animal), I associate all these with the Ahamkara. It may be a bit of stretch, however here is my speculation, I believe we now know the names of three Ahamakara, one is Eao, from the Bones of Eao. One is Nyx, from The Fangs of Nyx and the new name we have learnt is Maw, from Devaouring Maw. You will notice, each Ahamakara name, has only 3 letters. Maybe that is because the hindu translation of Ahamakara is Ego, another 3 letter word. On a side note, Nyx, is the Greek Goddess of the night, a shadow figure. I really do think that the story of the Ahamkara will tie in the Darkness and the Hive in some way in The Taken King. So if you would like to accept this speculation, the Warlock Artifact named, Broken Crown, would translate to, The Kell of Stone, stood before the Ahmakara, named Maw. Maybe the Kell of Stone asked this question to the mighty dragon “Where is the great machine? Where is the great machine?”, trying to make a bargain with the Ahamkara to return the traveler to the fallen.

Topic 3, the new subclasses. I will give a spoiler warning now because I do discuss quests, that we have not got yet, I don’t tell you the outcome of the quests, however I discuss the descriptions of the new subclass quests lines. So if you don’t want to anything about the quests because the Taken King has not dropped yet, please leave now. Firstly, lets just show off the exotic class item, the Nightstalker Cloak, the flavor text reads, “Live and die by the draw of a bow”. Not much lore to go by… however if you search the database for the word Nightstalker, we find an extremely interesting quest, called “A Ranger Found”, the quest reads “Hold the line against the Vex of the Black Garden and save the Nightstalker Tevis.”

What??? Does this mean, we will fight alongside an NPC, who is a Nightstalker. I don’t think so, I have a feeling I know how this will play out, however I will keep that opinion to myself for the moment. Regardless, if you now search the database for the new word “Tevis” who is a Nightstalker, an exotic helmet reveals itself. “Graviton Forfeit” , which reads “Doesn’t matter how good you are- you stay out there too long, you’re not coming back. Not the same way you left, anyway”- Tevis. It alludes that the Nightstalker is created either from being out in the frontier too long, typical of a Hunter, or being out in the void somewhere or being consumed by the Void.

Lets move onto the Titan Sunbreaker. The Mark of the Sunforged reads-

“Of all the Lights, we burned the brightest.”- Unknown Sunbreaker.

This implies the Sunbreakers are a group of Titans. If we search the database for the word Sunbreaker, we find a mark called, Sunbreaker’s Mark , which reads

“Once, these marks streamed proudly from the City’s rooftops. Now, they are a symbol of defiance.”

It appears that the Sunbreakers were once accepted within the City, part of the City, however now they are not, renegades almost.

This is actually reinforced by a Sunbreaker quest “A march of fire” which reads-

“Head to Venus in search of the Sunbreakers, a mercenary clan of Titans.”

The use of the word mercenary is extremely interesting, Mercenary implies that they are soldiers who are hired by a foreign army. I believe they still fight for the traveler, however at some point they have disagreed with the Vanguard and have pursued other avenues for destroying the Darkness. A little bit like Osiris and his cult.

Lastly is the Stormcaller Bond. It’s description reads “You are the calm eye of the dire storm”. Unfortunately, there is not much to say about this, the quest lines for the Stormcaller don’t reveal much of the lore, they are very generic. I am still working through this one, however, I think the Stormcaller missions themselves will be more revealing.

Lastly, I saw a couple of new things on DBMGamers channel, firstly about Vell Tarlowe, who was a Titan in Eris Morn’s fireteam, and they have fleshed out his backstory, secondly DBMGamer presents some new speculation about the Iron Lords, which I think is quite accurate at this stage and lastly there is a Hunter artifact, names Dredgen Yor’s Rose! It reads, “In his strong hand the man held a Rose. And his aura burned bright.” So it looks like TTK will reveal the final chapter of Thorn and The Last Word.

Thank you to everyone who has informed about the new Lore cards about Thorn and Last Word, once they are released I will update their stories on my channel. The amount of lore already, just in the items, is amazing and I am super hyped for the release of the Taken King. This is Myelin Games.