The Reef Wars Part 4

The Reef Wars Part 4

Event Lore

Drevis, leader of the Silent Fang and Pirsis, Skolas’s second in command both laid imprisoned due to the efforts of Commander Hallam Fen, now Paladin Hallam Fen after ending the siege on the asteroid, Pallas.

Beltrik, the Veiled, Skolas’s chief Wolf strategist and Skolas himself are all that oppose the end of the Reef wars. Paladin Abra Zire had already attempted to capture Beltrik and Skolas at the Hildian Asteroids, however the mission proved futile. Beltrik now massed the fleet at the asteroid Fortuna, which contained organic compounds, allowing the Fallen to replenish the ketches’ ether.

Beltrik had learned of Paladin Zire’s fury and impatience during the Hildian missions and expected a similar head on attack at Fortuna. He deployed a defensive screen around the asteroid and waited for Paladin Zire to smash her fleet upon the shield wall. However, Paladin Zire’s fury at the failed mission had chilled over the years into an icy, clever resolve. She separated her forces in two, and engaged Beltrik’s veil with what he thought was her entire host. But in secret, Paladin Zire deployed her second fleet with a weapon the Reef had been working on: Carybdis. The weapon was inspired by the battle of Bamberga, where the Queen successfully forced Fallen forces into the path of an asteroid with great affect. Carybdis, is a gravity weapon that is strong enough to knock asteroids off course and the Queen intended on manipulating asteroids with devastating effect. The secret team used the weapon to catch asteroid Tinette in its beam and flung it into Fortuna, destroying both the asteroid and severely damaging Beltrik’s fleet. Beltrik was easily captured in the ensuing chaos, and brought swiftly to the Queen. The fight became known as the Fortuna Plummet.

Following the Plummet, one of Prince Uldren’s Crows received an unexpected message from a Fallen, by the name of Variks, of the House of Judgment. Variks had predicted Skolas’s demise and sought to betray him, selling information to the Queen. Variks warned the Queen of the upcoming planned attack on the military Fortress, Cybele. Skolas, was desperate and with few Captains and Barons remaining he personally led an assault on the fortress Cybele, capture of the military base was essential to his survival. All four Armada Paladins—Abra Zire, Kamala Rior, Leona Bryl and Hallam Fen laid in ambush at Cybele, and no sooner had Skolas’ ketches arrived at the asteroid, they were caught in the pincer grip of the Queen, witnessing the full force of the Armada, captured easily and with little resistance. Kaliks-12, the High Servitor of Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed, tried to escape, but Abra Zire chased it down.

Skolas’ Cybele Uprising had failed. Skolas and the remaining leaders were cast into the Queen’s prison. Variks of the House of Judgment declared Queen Mara Sov the new Kell of Wolves, and advised those captured at Cybele to serve her. The Reef Wars were effectively over.