Kabr and Pahanin

Kabr and Pahanin

Character Lore

Welcome back guardians. This lore video will focus on Kabr- the legionless, and add further knowledge to information about the Vex. Whilst it is a story about Kabr, it is strongly linked to the legendary Hunter Pahanin and today I will share my theories about who Pahanin is, so be sure to leave your own theories in the comments below.

Like all great Destiny characters, Kabr walked the line of light Vs Dark, insanity Vs sanity, real Vs unreal. This is his story as enters the Vault of Glass to oppose the Vex.

As Kabr entered the Vault, was he alone or part of a fireteam? The Vault of Glass grimoire card quotes Kabr,

“No one can open the Vault alone. I opened the Vault. There was no one with me but I was not alone.”

There is a well-known theory that provides explanation to how Kabr single handedly opened the Vault yet was not alone. It suggests that he did have a fireteam to enter the Vault, which I presume at the very least included Praedyth, and maybe Osiris. However when they reached The Templar, Kabr’s fireteam was erased from time itself, ceasing to exist. A lot of people believe that he actually got past the Templar and it was in fact the Gorgans that erased his fireteam.

However, if you strictly look at the grimoire cards, I have not found evidence that he made it to the Gorgans, people postulate that he destroyed a Gorgan to make the Relic, The Aegis, however the card for the Relic just says

“from my own light and the thinking flesh of the Vex, I made a shield”

. It doesn’t specifically reference the Gorgans. Either way, the Gorgans, the Oracles and the Templar all have the ability to erase subjects at their will and the “Legends say that the Oracles foresee what is to come, a world as the Vex desire it – and that the Templar has the power to shape reality to match the Oracles’ design, expunging any threats.” I believe that the Oracles saw something in Kabr, something useful, something they can use and hence when they activated the Templar they spared him, alternatively did someone save him, which I will talk about soon. Either way Kabr’s fireteam was erased.

If you also look into the item descriptions of some of the Vault of Glass weapons, the author is unknown. For example, Atheon’s Epilogue “Atheon’s story is still being written. The wielder holds the pen”- Unknown. This can be seen as reinforcing the erasure of Kabr’s fireteam and gives explanation to how Kabr loses all memory of his team and so he believes he entered the Vault alone, yet a part of him still remembers.

Whether you believe the Gorgans erased his team or the Templar/oracles did, there is still one major flaw with this theory…The Hunter Pahanin. Pahanin says

“His name was Kabr. He wasn’t my friend but I knew and respected him as a Guardian and a good man. He fought the Vex alone. This destroyed him. In the time before he vanished he said things that I think should be remembered. These are some of them:”

the card for Super Good Advice, links Pahanin to the exotic machine gun and also says that Pahanin “witnessed the fall of Kabr and became terrified of traveling alone”. How does Pahanin know all this information about Kabr, if Kabr’s fireteam was completely erased from existence.

My favorite theory and explanation of this, is Pahanin is the Exo Stranger. There are some really great links between the two. This is what the Exo Stranger card says

“Legends say this anomaly dissolves in and out of the world, intangible and elusive, as if she is a visitor from somewhere beyond. Some believe she’s the last of an ancient Exo squadron, fighting a long-forgotten war. Others dismiss her as a hallucination caused by exposure to Vex technology. But there are those who maintain that her intervention saved their lives – or averted unspeakable catastrophes”.

I believe it is possible that the Exo Stranger, was there, watching and observing Kabr’s fireteam, as they battled the Templar. She was spotted by members of Kabr’s team but considered no more a hallucination. Vex cells are known to be entheogenic, meaning a substance that causes hallucinations, that is from the Ghost Fragment Vex 4 card and even the armour that Kabr made from Vex cells has the ability to infect you. For example, The Prime Zealot Helm from the Hunter says

“Forged from the cores of Hezen Vex. If you feel a sense of revelation, remove immediately and inject antientheogens”

The Exo Stranger was able to enter the Vault because of her mysterious abilities to dissolve in and out of worlds and she provided an intervention to Kabr’s team, to prevent an unspeakable catastrophe. She saw that Kabr was losing and in a final act assisted him in creating the Relic shield, the Aegis.

The relic you find in the Templar checkpoint was created from Kabr’s own light and the thinking flesh of the Vex, designed to change the fate of future guardians and allow them to penetrate the shields of the Templar. This is also why I believe Kabr did not make it to the Gorgans, as his shield lies within the Templar Well. The idea though of this Exo Stranger, as a guardian Angel is further reinforced in Kabr’s dialogue, “there was no one with me, but I was not alone”. The Exo Stranger was there for him, dissolving in and out of the world, supporting him as he was consumed by the Vex.

Another equally exciting theory about Pahanin draws upon our knowledge of Dr. Shim’s experiences. Dr Shim was able to view different realities through a Vex mind, basically watch himself and others in a different timeline. If you look at the Vault of Glass armour, it talks about linking yourself with the Vex, infecting youself. Façade of the Hezen Lords says

“The helm’s nerve interface incorporates Vex cells. They’re dead, of course. But not too dead to dream”. The Prime Zealot Greaves says “Skinned in the membranes of the Hezen Vex. There is very little risk they will become permanently attached to your body”. The Cuirass of the Hezen Lords says “Slept in the armor last night. Woke to feel my heart stuttering to the pattern of an unknown signal.”

It is possible that Hunter Pahanin, simply wore Kabr’s armour, and by doing so, has become connected with the Vex, and considered all Vex are interconnected, this provided Pahanin with a dream, a reality, a vision of Kabr’s mission into the Vault of Glass. Pahanin was able to watch Kabr enter the Vault, hear what was said and what was done and therefore provide an account of events. This theory is reinforced by Kabr’s Forceful Greaves which says

“He was claimed by the Vault, his armour and myth are all that remain”.

My last theory, which is slightly more boring can also explain the character of Pahanin. It specifically says that Pahanin witnessed Kabr’s fall. I believe this could be a metaphor, Pahanin only witnessed his fall from sanity, similarly you could witness Toland’s fall into his obsession with the Hive. It does not require you to literally be there. So there is a possibility, that Kabr was exposed to Vex technology in some way, returned to the City, obsessed with the Vex, whilst in the city he began to make his Vex armour and he met Pahanin. Pahanin viewed Kabr as infected by the Vex, confused and mad, therefore metaphorically witnessing his fall. The theory of the fireteam being erased can then still remain true.

Regardless, what you believe, Kabr made a wound in the Vault, pierced it and let the light in, destroyed himself, binding his blood and brain with the Vex. His last act of defiance was to immortalize himself, taking his own light and the thinking flesh of the Vex to make a shield, The Relic, the Aegis. A tool that could pierce the Templar’s shield and change the fate of future guardians. He reminds us to make the same sacrifice, if we lose purpose within the Vault, let the Vault consume us, as it has consumed him. Use the Vex technology against them to make weapons for future guardians and preserve our timeline.

I hope you have enjoyed this video, I really tried to add some new information that I had not seen before to revitalize this story of Kabr. Be sure to drop a like and leave a comment with your own theories and we will see you next time. Peace!