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Hammer of Sol

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Welcome back everyone, this video is going to cover some speculation on the origins of the Hammer of Sol, the new super ability for the Sunbreaker Titan, which will be released with the Taken King DLC later this year. The flavor text for this new sub class reads “Forge the fury of the undying suns.”

Like most of you, after seeing the  new Titan super, Hammer of Sol, the first question I had was; who is Sol? Is Sol a Destiny character, similar, to other characters like Saint-14. Well, I quickly learnt In less than a minute of searching, that Sol means Sun in Latin, which you guys probably already knew, so it would literally translate to Hammer of the Sun. Which obviously, makes perfect sense considering it is a solar ability.

HOWEVER, there is more to this story, especially if you are happy to speculate. I believe the Hammer of Sol is linked to the Vex, Mercury and our mysterious exiled warlock Osiris. So let me explain, if you can cast your memories back to when you first completed the campaign mission of Destiny, you will remember destroying the heart in the Black Garden, well more specifically the three Vex bosses called the Sol Progeny. This is our first clue that Hammer of Sol is linked to the Vex. Progeny means descendant, so these guys have a literal translation, of descendant of the sun. In some way, our planet destroying Vex friends are descendants of Sol, what Sol is we do not know, it may be some ancient Vex god or it might literally be a sun.

In addition, to links between Vex units with Sol in their title, I believe, Hammer of Sol shares simarilarities with Vex weaponry. If you take a look at Vex Slap rifle, it was not always intended as a weapon but from an engineering perspective was a construction tool. The grimoire card says

“The Slap Rifle receives a bolt of Solar energy from somewhere (or somewhen) else and redirects it to the target”,

so the rifle not only draws energy from somewhere else but from also somewhen, which is not a real word, however it implies it draws energy through time and space. And the source of this power, I believe, is this Sol. Similarly, when we activate that super ability and form a Hammer in our Titan’s hands, I believe the solar energy is being transferred through time and space, like other Vex weapons, from the same source, Sol.

Whilst we will be using our time/space Hammer to disintegrate our enemies, it most likely, was not always a weapon. It is more likely that it is an ancient tool of the Vex, for engineering, construction, building. Remember that within Vex lore, the Vex are architects, builders, they are creating a world in their image, they are trying to bind themselves into laws of the universe itself. So the fact that it is a Hammer, fits quite nicely within Vex lore. I don’t know how well the Hammer would go at building things, but it would surely be good at demolition.

Lets move on to where we will find the Hammer of Sol. The Vidoc basically says that guardians will need to complete a small quest to receive their new ability.  The trailer for the Taken King, shows a Titan placing his hand into a solar spot, and pulling from it, a hammer, in the background, is undeniably Mercury.

“Legends say that Mercury was once a garden world. Now its surface, baked in the Sun’s glare, is honeycombed with forgotten Vex structures.” Now we don’t know whether the Vex intentionally destroyed Mercury or whether it was actually destroyed when they left, the ghost fragment for mercury says quote “Or perhaps what thrived here for a day or for ten million years decided to leave, peeling its wet organics off the bones”

This suggests that it was actually not until the Vex left, that they striped the planet of organic life. Either way, the ancient Vex ruins on Mercury likely contain the secret and power of the Hammer of Sol.

So I believe, Titans will likely be given a quest somewhere in the already playable areas, and then the lighthouse on Mercury will open as a location (without completing trials of Osiris 9-0 because that would be ridiculous), you visit the lighthouse and collect Hammer of Sol. Some players, have even said that you can see the spot where you will collect the Hammer by glitching into a certain area.

When you think of Mercury, and you think of the lighthouse, you also think of Osiris! Now Osiris, was originally an apprentice of the Speaker, however become bored with his teachings and started to dabble in other areas of exploration, eventually becoming obsessed with the Vex, similarly to how Toland The Shattered became obsessed with the Hive. Osiris is thought to have uncovered the secrets of the Vex gate system and also the origins of the Vex… Now this is where everything comes together!

The theory that the Vex were liquefied and are a liquid race, links very well with item descriptions for Trials of Osiris gear. The liquid race theory speculates, that the white goo that comes out of the Vex when you get a precision shot, is the Vex themselves, unicellular microorganisms that are just controlling the robots in unison and for one purpose. There is a lot of evidence for this, I am going to cover it very briefly, first, Deej, the Bungee community manager, in an interview actually refers to the Vex as a liquid race, secondly have a quick read of the item descriptions of some of the Vault of Glass raid gear and it talks about dead Vex cells in the armour, that have the ability to interface with the wearer and the major part of evidence for the liquid Vex race, is the grimoire card that refers to radiolaria, which in real world terms is microscopic unicellular organisms. Lets pretend for a moment that you do believe this theory and read a couple of item descriptions from Trials gear.

The Plate of the Exile reads

“Let the heat melt your body so your soul might flow with the river of time.” —Parables of the Allspring

The Draught of nectar reads

“Does one life across infinite realities equal immortal life?”

It literally sounds like, the Sun or lets assume Sol, is liquefying the physical body, which has allowed the Vex to be a fluid race and to flow through different timelines.  This is actually reinforced by my very first point, the Sol Progeny’s, descendants of the sun, and their individual unit names are the Primeval Mind, the Imminent Mind, and the Eschaton Mind, which translates to Past, present and future, i.e existing in different timelines. I believe, this is what Osiris has done, and this is why his ‘death’ is so cryptic, he now exists like the Vex in multiple futures. He has let Sol, melt his body and he now can flow through the river of time.

This is why I believe that Sol is the central power of the Vex, it not only allows them to channel energy for construction and destruction but allows them to transcend time itself.

One thing is for sure, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the Hammer of Sol later this year and even if my speculation is too far fetched for yourself, I am still going to imagine space hammers being thrown through time itself.

I hope you have been enjoying these speculation videos, I find it is a great way to learn some facts about the Destiny world, through the grimoire cards but also allows me to have a bit of fun with the lore. Even more so, I enjoy your comments and your speculation in the comments below, I look forward to reading them.