The Reef Wars Part 2

The Reef Wars Part 2

Event Lore

Reef Wars Part 2

The Wolf Kell, Virixas, is dead. Half his fleet destroyed and the rest scattered by the Queen’s powerful weapon, the Harbinger. 3 wolf captains and barons now fight for power to contest the title of Kell; Irxis, Wolf Baroness; Parixas, the howling and Skolas, The Rabid^1.

Irxis proves to be the frontrunner by acquiring an Orbiks Servitor from the devastation. Orbiks servitors hold permission over other servitors and are superior in technology, thought to be modifications of inferior Kaliks servitors^2. Servitor’s act as giant communication relay’s coordinating defense, offense and star flight, consequently Irxis wreaked havoc upon rival fallen forces.

Despite this, Skolas was cunning and had secured the support of another Fallen Captain, Peekis. With sheer numbers and desperation, Peekis lead an assault on Irxis, managing to pin Irxis’s forces against the planet Eos. The two sides engaged in the bloody, bitter battle known as the Eos Clash, which left Irxis dead and both fleets nearly decimated. Though technically a victory for Skolas, the Eos Clash came at a terrible cost for him. He docked Peekis’ arms and demoted him to Dreg as punishment for his recklessness.

In the aftermarth, amongst the wreckage, The Queen’s brother, Master of Crows, sent his spies to the battleground. It proved invaluable, The Crows salvaged an Orbiks servitor, Mecher Orbiks-11, Irix’s servitor, a servitor superior to all others, believed to be the last of its programming. It would surely give the Queen the upper hand in future reef skirmishes.

After defeating the front runner, Skolas turned his attention to Parixas, The Queen believed both were too occupied with each other to attack the Reef. At this point, Skolas began to employ his master plan to secure the title of Kell. In secrete, he ordered Drevis, a baroness, who controlled the Silent Fang, lethal, invisible and highly skilled fallen assassins to attack the reef and take The Queen by surprise.


Drevis, with her company of silent fang attacked a reef battle station known as Amethyst. They massacred almost everyone at the station, including Coven Leader Pinar Venj. The Queen commands seven Paladins that control the Royal Amarda, the Royal Army, Battle stations have a duty in espionage and personal protection of the Queen. One of those Paladins, Paladin Abra Zire arrived at Amethyst station to find the bodies of her comrades.

Paladin Zire gave chase following the fang to the planet Iris. Zire was foolish, if the fang wanted to remain invisible, they could of, they intentionally lead Paladin’s Zire’s fleet to the planet. Skolas had simultaneously ordered a separate group of silent fang attack Parixas forces, with the same motive, lure them to Iris.

Both Paladin Zire and Pariax had taken the bait and pursued the silent fang attackers to Iris. On their arrival in the system, the fang quickly disappeared, using Iris’s natural blinding effects to cover their escape. Driven by revenge Paladin Zire quickly attacked Pariax’s ships with great ferocity, not realizing it was not the silent fang. Her smaller, faster ships out maneuvered the fallen with ease and battle was soon over. A fallen leader laid at Paladin Zire’s feet, however it was not Drevis as she expected but Pariaxs. She quickly realized that Skolas had played her, used her to destroy his last remaining enemy and contestant for the title of Kell.