XUR Agent of the Nine

XUR Agent of the Nine

Character Lore

Our debt to the Queen and the Reef will not be forgotten and we now prepare to walk where no one has trod for centuries, the Jovian Colonies and beyond. Brother Vance would argue that this is not true and someone has taken this path, Osiris.

“Osiris stood before the Nine on the ice fields of Europa but the time wasn’t right”.

In Jovian exploration, as in all things, the Titans will lead the charge but despite their fearless appearance, all Guardians, Titans included are apprehensive about making contact with the Nine.

Welcome back Guardians, I have had many requests to cover the new items in the April update that hint at Destiny expanding into new planets, specifically, the Jovian Colonies and so I thought it more appropriate to cover a Destiny Lore video surrounding the Nine.

I will discuss what we DO know about the Nine, what is still a mystery about the Nine, the Nine’s symbol seen in the Tower, the answer to my Twitter trivia, where I posed this question… and lastly I have got some new artwork to share with you all, which will feature weekly on my channel, so be sure to stick around to the end to see the first piece of art.

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I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode, this is Myelin Games.

Let’s begin with what we do know about the Nine. Firstly, it is commonly accepted that the Nine’s territory includes the Jovian Colonies, although they potentially also rule beyond the Jovians. This is reinforced by Xur when he says,

“I am only an Agent. The Nine rule beyond the Jovians.”

The word, Jovian, has a number of different meanings however I believe it is being used in this case to represent the four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and specifically the Golden Age colonies built upon the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

The moons mentioned within Destiny include, Europa, Hyperion, Titan and Rhea. Europa  is the icy moon of Jupiter, (thank you to all of those people who corrected my Cayde-6 video) and although we are yet to see this as a playable space, Bungie has released concept art of Europa. Hyperion is a moon of Saturn and in Ghost Fragment Vex 5 grimoire card it reveals that one of the Vex scientist, Chioma Esi, lover of Maya Sundaresh, is conducting research on Hyperion. Chioma previously worked for the Ishtar Collective however it is not confirmed that she is still with the Collective whilst on Hyperion.

In Cayde-6’s journal, he details visiting an icy moon of Saturn under the instructions of Clovis Bray and at this location, Cayde implies that he is transformed from a human to an Exo. His journal reads,

“Saturn. No, someplace else. Someplace colder. This moon has been almost completely converted, a sarcophagus of ice and iron. Stone towers rung round with glaciers, rooted deep within a heart of snow. I came here flesh and bone. Gave everything to the ice. Started over. Rebooted.”

This Saturn moon, could be the same moon as Chioma Esi, i.e. Hyperion, which would mean that Chioma was no longer conducting research for the Ischtar Collective but now was working for Clovis Bray. But it equally could be another moon of Saturn, such as Titan or Rhea. Both of which are mentioned in the grimoire cards. Ghost Fragment Legends 2 mentions the “hydrocarbon pits of Titan” and the Ghost Fragment the Queen, mentions the “Cauldrons of Rhea.”

To summarise, they are a number of moons of Saturn and Jupiter that were colonised during the Golden Age and they were lost during the collapse. I believe the Nine have claimed these Jovian colonies. The Nine appear relatively hostile to anyone entering these areas. This is reinforced by the Ghost Fragment: The Queen grimoire card, where the Nine become angered by the Queen’s presence near Saturn. It reads,

“More of your brother’s Crows have entered the Cauldrons of Rhea.” The Witch directly before her spoke with a dry buzz. “The Nine do not approve.”

Their hostility in this case may actually be explained by the research facilities that may be present on the moons. If Cayde 6’s journal is correct and the Exo’s were created on one of Saturn’s icy moons, the Nine would be very interested in claiming this research facility.

After the Queen has angered the Nine in, Ghost Fragment: The Queen grimoire card, she attempts to apologise by sending a gift, she sends Skolas as a gift to the Nine. The card reads,

“Send them one of our prizes. Something to commemorate our mutual victory.” “ And which of your prisoners would you gift?” “Send them Skolas.” “And remind them this: the Crows are mine.”

This grimoire card is very insightful as it not only reinforces that Jovian space belongs to the Nine, but the Queen knows how to contact the Nine, she knows their location well enough to mail them “gifts”. It also implies that the Nine and the Queen are working together, hence a “mutual victory.”

Despite what the Queen describes as a mutual victory, there are a number of reasons why we should not trust the Nine. We have never received direct assistance from the Nine, with the exception of Xur and the Speaker even says, ““if only the Nine would help”. The other main reason to why we might not trust the Nine is because they set Skolas free after the Queen sent Skolas as a gift

This is detailed in the Mystery: Fate of Skolas grimoire card. It reads,

“If Skolas were a Kell he would ask his Archon to dock him. Ether hisses in his mask and it tastes cold, so cold. He looks up. At the tiny hooded shape before him. The cell’s mist is clearing. He can see. “I believe that I am here,” the creature says. To Skolas’ ears it has a strange voice, a strange accent. It speaks his language. “I have a clear purpose. I cannot explain it. Forgive me.” From beneath its hood, tiny fingers of shadow probe the air. Skolas rises up to smash it, to show his strength, because the alternative to violence is waiting for violence to come from a universe that has neither respect nor compassion. But he checks himself. His ambitions have brought him here, to this cell in this strange place… only it’s not so strange, is it? It’s the hold of a Ketch. “The Queen,” he says to the thing. “You work for the Queen.” “The Nine made me aware of my purpose,” the creature says. “If am here, then it is because the Queen sent you to the Nine, and they wish you sent back.”

Brother Vance in the Reef reinforces this and says, “They say the Nine released Skolas, no doubt they had their reasons. But it brought you here and they may yet regret that.”

Whilst Xur argues that the Nine are allies, saying “It is very possible that the Nine will help humanity” we are still unsure who the Nine truly support. Only those who have made contact with the Nine may understand their true intentions and Brother Vance confirms that there may be one other being, apart from the Queen, who has had contact with the Nine, and that is Osiris. Brother Vance says “Osiris stood before the Nine on the ice fields of Europa but the time wasn’t right”. Unfortunately, we do not have any more information regarding this interaction and the allegiance of the Nine still remains questionable.

The last thing that we can say for certain about the Nine, is that they control Xur. Xur often speaks about how his movements and will is not his own. He says,

“My movements are not full under my own control”, “My will is not my own” and “If I am here it is the Nine that sent me.”

Now that we have covered what we do know about the Nine, lets cover what still remains a mystery. Firstly, we do not know why Xur provides weapons and armour to Guardians for strange coins, equally we do not understand the significance of strange coins. Secondly, we have never seen the Nine, do not know what they look like or even know what species they are.

However, many look towards interpreting the Ghost Fragment Legends 2 card to discover who or what the Nine actually are. The card uses Nine statements that describe the Nine in completely different ways, for example; The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival, The Nine are deep-orbit warminds who weathered the Collapse in hardened stealth platforms. The Nine are ancient leviathan intelligences from the seas of Europa or the hydrocarbon pits of Titan.

I believe this card is likely more metaphoric than literal and is meant to emphasize their power and that we do not really know what or who the Nine are. However, you could also look at it from a literal point of view, especially considering there are Nine statements and maybe  each member of the Nine are represented by a different statement, i.e. one of the Nine is a survivor of the cis-Jovian colonies, one of the Nine is a warmind, one of the Nine is leviathan from Europa.

Despite your viewpoint, I do think that we can pull a general theme from this card, a common thread between the Nine statements. Something that stands out to me, is a theme of survival and the Nine were formed during the collapse. It says

“survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies”, “warminds who weathered the Collapse”, “first born-Awoken”, “ghosts who pierced the Deep black”, “broken by the Traveler’s rebuke”, “shadows left by the annihilation of a transcendent shape.”

All of the statements to me have a general theme of surviving the collapse.

Xur reinforces that the Nine survived, transformed, adapted and became something new, something different. Xur says,

“For organic life to exist it requires constant adaptation.” “We came up from the dust and burrowed into flesh for warmth and became something new.” “Some of these cells in this body began on this world, so strange to return.” “Some of this bodies ancestors were born on this world but we were greatly changed to live in the outer worlds.” “We saw the colony fail, god knowing what we saw”

Not only do these quotes reinforce that the Nine witnessed and survived the collapse, it hints that some members of the Nine were originally from Earth.

The question is how did the Nine survive and adapt, there are a couple of clues that are eerily similar to Oryx’s pact with the Worm gods. Xur says,

“We came up from the dust and burrowed into flesh for warmth and became something new.”

The Ghost Fragment: legends 2 card says,

“The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival”

and lastly Xur says

“The Awoken did not make a choice… we did.”

The Awoken were born in space as they fled Earth, however Xur implies that the creation of the Nine was not by accident and they made a choice to adapt and change, unlike the Awoken, whose survival was accidental.  This is very similar to how Oryx made a choice to form a symbiotic relationship with the worms to survive! I mean Xur does have worm like projections coming from his face.

There is also an argument, that the Nine are not the parasite’s host, like Oryx is the host for the Worms, but the Nine are the parasites themselves. This speculation completely changes the meaning of these statements,

“We came up from the dust and burrowed into flesh for warmth and became something new”, “Some of these cells in this body began on this world, so strange to return”.

The theory that the Nine are parasite like creatures, similar to the worms, can be used to explain the statements in Ghost Fragment: Legends 2 card. The reason why the Nine are all of these different things, or these different beings is because they infected a number of different species.

An obvious conclusion would be that the Nine are the Worm gods, Xur even has a three letter name similar to that of a worm god. I think it is plausible but unlikely. I don’t have any evidence to contradict or to support it, I just have a gut feeling that this is not the case.

Lets move onto Xur’s symbol in the Tower. I wanted to give this a brief mention even though I think it is very difficult to form any symbolic interpretation from this symbol BUT there are a couple things I would like to point out.

Firstly, there are three triangles, 1 triangle points upwards and the other 2 point downwards. Consequently, there are Nine points for these three triangles, so potentially the triangles represent the Nine. The two outer triangles encapsulate a circle. I think it is reasonable to assume the circle represents the Traveler. So what does this mean? Who knows, The nine were born from the Traveler, The Nine grew larger and more powerful than the Traveler? The Nine now imprison the Traveler and force its slumber? I don’t know, I looked into many symbolic meanings of triangles and circles but had a hard time not getting a Harry Potter related search result.

The colour of the symbol is slightly easier to interpret. Purple represents wealth and royalty. So this may confirm the Nine as rulers of the Jovians, which we already knew. Also in Destiny, Purple is synonymous with the Reef and the Queen of the Reef Mara Sov. This may reinforce the Nine’s relationship with the Awoken which I mentioned early in the video.

Let’s finish off with some Twitter trivia. I posted on Twitter this question, “Which of these sentences does Xur actually say? A) dollar dollar bills yo! B) Stop eating salted popcorn C) I will betray you. Well here is the answer… “You must stop eating salted popcorn!”

Finally, let me tell you about this artwork. Each week, you will receive a sketch, which is a simple, black and white outline that relates to one of my videos. It is incomplete at this stage. After a month, so once you have seen four sketches, each at the end of four videos, I will make a poll and you can vote on your favourite sketch. The winning sketch will be completed, i.e. colour added, background, more detail etc. This has been a long time coming and I was trying to think of a way to give you regular artwork, and I know a lot of people want to see the comic book return, however the comic book takes 5 weeks and is very expensive to make, and you only get one video from it. And so for me this was an alternative to give you weekly artwork and something that you can have control over to and vote for your favourite piece. So I hope you enjoy this system.

Let me explain this first sketch, it relates to Touch of Malice. It represents the potential for Guardians to continue Oryx’s work, to follow Oryx’s philosophy, it has this two face look to it, Oryx’s never ending conquest when Guaridans pick up and wield Touch of Malice. When this picture is complete, this Guardian will be holding touch of malice in his left hand, showing the influence and the power of the weapon.

I hope you enjoyed this latest Destiny Lore video and if you would like to support the channel, leave the phrase “salted popcorn”, which may represent the Nine who are parasites and despise Salted popcorn! Once again, it has been a pleasue. This is myelin games. Peace.