Rise of Iron

Rise of Iron

Event Lore

“The Iron Lords once pledged our lives to protect humanity. We sought a great treasure from our long-forgotten past. We thought it would save us. Instead, it turned against us. One by one we fell, until at last we sealed it away. But what we buried long ago has been unearthed by an army of scavengers. The Ironsbane has returned. I will finish this. I will honor the memory of the Iron Lords. But, I cannot do it alone. For the City’s enemies to fall. You must rise.”

Welcome back guardians today we are going to discuss the lore surrounding the Rise of Iron, beginning with the history of the Iron Lords and ending in the present day as we approach the newest threat to the City. I will cover the victories at Six Fronts and Twilight Gap, the Iron Lord patrols led from Felwinter Peak, the creation of the Iron Banner, the last remaining Iron Lord, Lord Saladin, the Iron Wolves, the new threat, SIVA and finish with some speculation about Jagi’s Host, which may have some greater significance to the Rise of Iron storyline. I will use information from the grimoire cards, item descriptions and more recently the Rise of Iron reveal stream.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore video.

Let’s begin with the Battle of Six Fronts. The Battle of Six Fronts occurred in the earliest days of the City and was the first major and coordinated attack on the City. The attack was led by the Fallen. The City decisively repelled the attack with the assistance of four Titan orders. We are relatively certain about the name of three of the Titan orders, which include Pilgrim Guard, Firebreak and Chain. The following Titan marks confirms the involvement of these Titan orders;

Mark of the Gatekeepers reads,

“The Pilgrim Guard was the first Titan order, formed to protect refugees entering the fledgling Last City.”

Mark of the Sortie reads,

“At Six Fronts, two Firebreak commanders led a sortie beyond the walls. They reclaimed five miles of scorched land from the Fallen.”

Mark of the Chain reads,

“Even at Six Fronts, the City’s darkest hour, some Titans broke orders, but the Chain prevailed.

Whilst I believe the Pilgrim Guard, Firebreak and The Chain are three of the four Titan orders involved with the defense of the City, the fourth and final Titan order can be debated.

The Stoneborn is one option, the Stoneborn Relic reads,

“A piece of the City’s first Wall, carved into the shape of the sigil of the Titan Stoneborn order.”

Considering this order has a piece of the City’s first wall, it implies they were present during the earliest days of the city and consequently were likely present during the Battle of Six Fronts.

However, another order is equally plausible, which The First Pillar Titan order. The First Pillar Mark reads,

“The many strategic victories of the First Pillar Order are not without cost.”

Whilst there is no direct reference to the Battle of Six Fronts, considering they are called, First Pillar, you could assume they were present during the early construction of the wall and therefore present during the Battle of Six Fronts.

The Sunbreakers are also a Titan order and I also came across a reference to another Titan order called the Sun Legion. The Titan helmet reads,

“The Sun Legion order donated this helmet for the use of newly reborn Titans.”

I believe that the Stoneborn or First Pillar Titan Order are the most likely option for the fourth Titan Order that defended the City at Six Fronts.

Whilst we may not know the exact Titan orders that assisted in the defense of the City we do know that it was not just the Titan Orders that defended the City; the Iron Lords also played a large role in the victory.

The Iron Banner grimoire card reads,

“The Lords of Iron, ancient warriors from the City’s founding, have no time for mollycoddling. The City remembers Felwinter and Jolder, Skorri and Timur, Radegast and Gheleon and the others, for their invincible patrols during Six Fronts and the Wall-building. The Iron Banner asks Guardians to live up to that legend.”

It is interesting that this card says “patrols during Six Fronts”, meaning that the Iron Lords did not sit behind the City’s walls but rather pushed into enemy territory to secure a victory. What is also interesting is that the Iron Lords are described in pairs, “Felwinter and Jolder”, “Skorri and Timur”, “Radegast and Gheleon”, I had not paid much attention to this previously, because I had always thought that there were only Nine Iron Lords, meaning that they could not patrol in pairs with an odd number.

However, with the new information from the Rise of Iron live stream, Lord Saladin is confirmed as an Iron Lord, bringing the total number of Iron Lords to an even 10. DestinyTheGame website says this about the Iron Lords, “Before the City and the Vanguards, there were the Iron Lords. Blessed by the Traveler’s Light, these brave warriors dedicated themselves to defending humanity and rebuilding a lost civilization. From their mountain fortress on Felwinter Peak, the Iron Lords ranged across the planet, battling the Darkness and protecting the survivors of the Collapse. They did great things … but then they encountered an enemy they could not defeat. Now Lord Saladin, the LAST Iron Lord, honors the memories of his lost brothers and sisters. And he waits … because he knows that someday the thing that destroyed the Iron Lords will return.”

We can conclude that the Iron Lords were based at Felwinter Peak and it seems that they complete patrols in pairs to assist survivors of the collapse i.e. they did not just assist the City but would assist the other outer settlements and other survivors that never made it into the City.

It just so happens, that when the City was in need, during the Battle of the Six Fronts, the Iron Lords came to their aid. If this is true, The Iron Lords are actually quite separate and neutral to the City, which may explain why Lord Saladin is not a permanent fixture in the Tower. For this reason, I do not think that any of the Iron Lords were actually part of the four Titan Orders that defended the City during Six Fronts.

In fact, most people will argue that not all of the Iron Lords are Titans and that the Iron Banner gear suggests that Felwinter, Skorri and Timur are Warlocks, Efrideet, Gheleon and Perun are hunters and Jolder, Radegast and Silimar are Titans.

So the Iron Lords were based at Felwinter Peak, assisted the Titan orders to defend the City at the Battle of Six Fronts, assisted survivors of the collapse, outside of the city walls through their patrols BUT then what happened?

We know from the warlock artefact, Segoth’s Head, that the Iron Lords turned upon each other. The item reads,

“Thought we formed the Banner to fight the Darkness, not ourselves. Just don’t bode well, s’all I’m sayin’.” —Gheleon. We also know that Radegast’s blade had been broken, signifying the defeat of the Iron Lords, the item reads ““So long as this sword was whole, the Iron Banner could not be broken.”

Obviously, the Rise of Iron DLC will uncover the fate of the Iron Lords, however from the information we already have, I speculate that SIVA has something to do with the demise of the Iron Lords. Not only defeating them but turning them against each other.

If you go to Bungie’s website you will see a short script play out, which is what I read from in the introduction to this video. The Iron Temple is in the background and the script reads,

“The Iron Lords once pledged our lives to protect humanity. We sought a great treasure from our long-forgotten past. We thought it would save us. Instead, it turned against us. One by one we fell, until at last we sealed it away. But what we buried long ago has been unearthed by an army of scavengers.”

We know that the word “scavengers” refers to the Fallen and we know that Fallen have uncovered a technology called SIVA, hence it seems logical to conclude that the Iron Lords were also trying to access this technology, hoping to use it to defeat the Darkness, however it turned against them, with all of the Iron Lords falling, except Lord Saladin, who managed to seal it away.

I believe that when the Iron Lords accessed SIVA, somehow SIVA (or whoever controls SIVA) influenced the Iron Lords and turned them against each other.

This may be reinforced by the description of SIVA on Bungie’s website which says,

“SIVA, a Golden Age breakthrough in self-assembling, self-replicating nanotechnology” and it also says “This area near the Cosmodrome has been quarantined for centuries. Now the Devil Splicers have broken through the walls, dug deep into the earth and found technology of almost limitless power. The Splicers are using this forbidden technology – SIVA – to transform the region to fit their twisted desires.”

Destiny The Game websites reveals that Fallen Splicers are not a new things, saying, every “Fallen House has splicers- body hackers and bioengineers”, remember that Dregs can grow their arms back  I wonder whether every Fallen house has Splicers that used to re-grow limbs. However, in this case, the House of Devils have now discovered the ultimate technology- SIVA, and they are using this technology to become machine Gods.

Whilst it appears that SIVA technology is giving increased power to the Devil Splicers to combine flesh and machine, I get the impression that the Fallen are not in full control of their new found bodies and power, Bungie’s website says

“Fallen mutants now scavenge the tombs of the Golden Age, and the plague they have unearthed in the wastes is more dangerous than even they understand.” It also says “Hidden in the Cosmodrome lies the true source of the SIVA outbreak.”

SIVA is spoken about as if it was an infection, spreading like a plague and that the Fallen do not fully understand this technology. Which is one of the reasons why I do not think the Fallen are in full control.

Secondly, SIVA is described as a self-assembling, self-replicating nanotechnology, which makes me think of sentient nanobots or possibly that someone is controlling SIVA, and as the website says, the raid will reveal the

“true source of the SIVA outbreak.”

Whilst we do not know what the true source of the SIVA outbreak is, what we can be certain of is SIVA is connected in same way to the Warminds. The trailer appeared to show a Warmind bunker and so this has multiple possibilities, SIVA may now be in control of a Warmind, a Warmind may be controlling SIVA or the Iron Lords used a Warmind to seal and safeguard the technology.

Furthermore, the connection between SIVA and the Warminds is emphasized with its capitalization. A word completely capitalized is something that does not commonly occur in the grimoire cards with the exception of the Rasputin cards. Rasputin’s protocols are capitalized, such as VOLUSPA and YUGA. These protocols also have metaphoric meanings, i.e. VOLUSPA relates to a Nordic poem and YUGA relates to Hindu term. Interestingly, if you google, SIVA, the top search will be a Hindu term, where SIVA is one of the three major deities of Hinduism. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer or transformer. Coincidence, that SIVA is transforming the Fallen and also is a deity of transformation and destruction in Hinduism?

The similarities between SIVA and the other Warmind protocols I believe further proves that SIVA is connected to the Warminds in some way.

Of the Iron Lords, all of them were killed except, Lord Saladin, who I assume managed to seal SIVA away. However Lord Saladin knows that it will return, as reinforced on the Destiny the Game website which reads,

“Now Lord Saladin, the last Iron Lord, honors the memories of his lost brothers and sisters. And he waits … because he knows that someday the thing that destroyed the Iron Lords will return.”

This is what I believe to be the real reason to why Lord Saladin created the Iron Banner, to prepare guardians for the return of SIVA, this new threat, this plague. We have always assumed that the Iron Banner was to prepare guardians to face the Darkness, however some grimoire cards alludes to a different war, without mention of the Darkness. The Iron Banner card reads,

“Lord Saladin, once Shaxx’s mentor, runs the Iron Banner tournaments to strip Crucible weaklings of their illusions and prepare them for a battle with no concept of fair play. The Iron Banner tests a Guardian and the Guardian’s gear in a definitive, relentless mock war.” The Iron Hued bounty reads, “The Iron Banner will forge a legion, the City’s brightest line of defense.” —Lord Saladin.

If Lord Saladin is preparing guardians to face SIVA, preparing the next generation of Iron Lords, through trial of the Iron Banner, does anyone else know about the impending threat, the Consensus, the Vanguard, the Speaker or the Factions.

Whilst we cannot be sure if the fate of the Iron Lords and the knowledge of this technology is common knowledge within the tower, we do know that after the Battle of Six Fronts, Lord Saladin was a mentor to both Zavala and Shaxx. Saladin was also in charge of the City’s defenses during the Battle of Twilight Gap and is described as a hero. Shaxx was also hailed as a hero during this battle because he led a counterattack that pushed the Fallen from the City Walls.

I have always speculated that the relationship between Shaxx and Saladin was strained from the Battle of Twilight Gap because maybe the counterattack led by Shaxx had not been approved by Saladin, the leader of the City Defenses and Shaxx disobeyed direct orders leading his combat frames beyond the wall.

Despite Saladin and Shaxx being praised for their heroism, many guardians were killed at the Battle of Twilight Gap and Fiezel Crux a gunsmith, used the armor of Fallen guardians to forge Gjallarhorn. Considering Gjallarhorn is returning in Rise of Iron, I assume we will be given more information about the Battle of Twilight Gap and maybe even why Shaxx and Saladin’s relationship was strained.

I also find it very interesting that Lord Shaxx has been given the title of Lord, despite not being an Iron Lord. As  I previously mentioned it is said that Lord Saladin is the LAST Iron Lord. So potentially, maybe this is why their relationship has been strained. Maybe Saladin does not believe Shaxx deserves the title of Lord and Shaxx has no idea about the sacrifices the Iron Lords made to seal SIVA away.

Before finishing I do need to mention the Iron Wolves, how do the Iron Wolves fit into this whole picture. What was obvious during the live stream was there is zero mention of the Iron Wolves, despite the trailer featuring wolves and despite screen shots showing wolves in the Iron Temple.

The story of the Iron Wolves is thought to be told by the Wolfswood Hunter Cloak, Wolfswood Warlock Bond and Wolfswood Titan Mark. They read,

“In our darkest hour, nine Iron Wolves emerged from the ruins.” “Under a red dawn, the Iron Wolves gathered beneath the Ironwood.” “And beneath its branches, the Iron Wolves forged an unbreakable oath.”

Because it reads that the Iron Wolves emerged from the ruins and formed an unbreakable oath, I always thought that the Iron Wolves came after the Iron Lords. That the Iron Wolves learnt from the mistakes of the Iron Lords and forged an unbreakable oath. However, this is never confirmed and I can only hope that the story of the Iron Wolves will be explained and expanded upon in the Rise of Iron.

I believe this will be the case because the screen shots of the Iron Temple on Felwinter peak, the mausoleum of the Iron Lords, showed the Iron Wolves gathering below, what I assume is the Ironwood tree. So I assume this was the location where the Iron Wolves gathered to form an unbreakable oath.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with some information I came across that I could not make sense of, however it had a number of potential links to this new storyline. I am speaking about Jagi’s host.

Mark of the Lost Seven says “One by one, the Ghosts of Jagi’s Host returned to the City. If they knew of their Guardians’ fates, they would not reveal it.” Where did Jagi’s host travel or where did they go, Mark of Jagi’s Host reads, “Jagi’s Host was last seen marching south of the Cosmodrome, toward the shores of the Caspian Sea.” South of the Cosmodrome? South of Russia towards the Caspian Sea?

Well, we now know this area, this area is the Plaguelands. Jagi’s Host did not return from the plaguelands but the ghosts returned to the city, the Ghost Fragment Titan cards reads,

“The time Ghosts from Jagi’s Host came back without them. Remember – they got in that fight at some point east of the Caspian? Seven Ghosts, damn near silent, buzzing with some sort of corruption. Drifting back to the Tower, one by one. Scared the Speaker well enough.”

Maybe, the Iron Lords were not the only ones to be defeated by the plague, by SIVA, were the ghost that returned to the City, from Jagi’s host already infected??

To add further fuel to the fire, Iron Banner Iron Regalia gear, was initially called something else; Plate of the Seven, Gloves of the Seven, Helm of the Seven and Greaves of the Seven. I believe this gear references, the lost Seven, Jagi’s host that ventured into the Plaguelands and suffered the same fate as the Iron Lords and just like the sacrifice of the Iron Lords they were honored by naming the Iron Banner gear. Then for some reason Bungie removed that naming and it was replaced with Iron Regalia.

Thank you for watching, if you would like to support the channel and cannot think of a comment, leave the phrase, SIVA ghost, to speculate that the seven ghosts returned from the plagueland are already infected by SIVA technology. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is Myelin Games. Peace