Character Lore

The Might of Crota expands on the process of torture. Toland says,

“When a God’s will is met with force, its might will be unleashed in the form of those raging beasts we call the ogre- monsters bred of pain, tormented by the light, nothing but hatred for all who bring its suffering forth.”

Toland seems to suggest that the light is used within the torture and that the Hive Wizards condition Ogres to hate and despise the light, and this is why I believe they have so much rage and hate towards the Guardians.

Using the light to torture the Hive is reinforced by the Ghost Fragment: Warlock 2 grimoire card. This card describes a member of Eris Morn’s fireteam, Eriana-3 interrogating a captured Hive Wizard with the assistance of her ghost. The card reads,

“It responds to pain. It responds to the Light. Hurt it again. Monster, heed me. Who is your master with the sword? I can hear it. In my head. The swordbearer’s name is CROTA. Record that. Should I burn it again? No. I think you’re only feeding it.”

This confirms what we know about the Light and the Hive. The King’s Fall raid card, amongst numerous other cards confirms that the Hive feed off the Light, it reads ,

“Do you not know that the Hive pursue Light precisely for the purpose of devouring it with slavering jaws and slick greedy gulping throats?”

. However, I do think that the Light can also be used to torture the Hive and obviously as Guardians we use the light to power our abilities as weapons.

In the case of the Ogre, I believe the summoning ritual uses light to torture the Ogre’s however it is never used to feed them. I believe this is reinforced by the Telthor, Unborn card and the Phogoth, the Untamed card. The Telthor card reads, “Telthor, protector of the Chamber of Night, is kept hungry and chained” and the Phogoth card reads

“Phogoth’s presence in the Summoning Pits reveals yet another of the Hive’s depraved designs- a ritual of rebirth, where an Ogre’s ravenous hunger and violence is honed and given purpose.”

With the use of the words “Hunger” and “depraved” I believe that the summoning ritual involves an Ogre being chained and starved and then beaten and tortured by the very thing that could feed them, the Light. The very thing they crave, the thing they wish to devour with gulping throats, tortures them.

Upon completion of the summoning ritual they are given the title of Reborn and become a formidable enemy. When a reborn Ogre sees a Guardian, filled with Light, filled with the thing that they have been tortured by and have never been able to feed upon, their rage and violence becomes uncontrollable.

Without question, the most powerful Ogre seen in Destiny, lies in the dark Cellars of the Dreadnaught, its name, Golgoroth. Golgoroth is not your typical Ogre, in fact, there is not even much evidence to suggest that Golgoroth was subjected to a summoning ritual and I believe that Golgoroth was designed with a very specific purpose in mind.

In the Book of Sorrows, Oryx creates the Tablets of Ruin. He did this by killing Akka, the Worm God with a sword, chopping Akka into pieces. He took from the pieces the secret of calling upon the Deep. Those secrets were written on a set of Tablets, not just one tablet, but a set and he called the Tablets, the Tablets of Ruin.

The Tablets of Ruin allow Oryx to commune directly with the Deep, which grants him the power to take, he can swallow enemies into wounds and return them as Taken. Oryx even used a verse from the Tablets of Ruin to create the Dreadnaught, which required him to push his Throne world inside out, with the Dreadnaught being within the throne of Oryx and the throne of Oryx being the Dreadnaught.

After Oryx creates the Tablets of Ruin, he uses them to enter an abyss where he can talk to the Deep. This is detailed in Verse 4:1 Battle made waves. It reads,

“Oryx went down into his throne world. He went out in the abyss, and with each step he read one of his tablets, so that they became like stones beneath his feet. He went out and he created an alter and he prepared an unborn ogre. He called on the Deep, saying: I can see you in the sky. You are the waves, which are battles, and the battles are the waves. Come into this vessel I have prepared for you. And it arrived, the Deep itself.”

In Verse 4:2- Majestic Majestic, Oryx has a direct conversation with the Deep, through the Ogre vessel. At first I thought that this Ogre vessel may be Golgoroth, however I believe the Golgoroth grimoire card disproves this speculation.

The Golgoroth card reads,

“Xol issued you to eat us. The new flesh will be testament. O Eir, decree the shape of this new thing. Judge its testament to the last truth. This new shape is Golgoroth.”

Whilst this card is very cryptic, it appears that the worm gods, Xol and Eir have ordered the creation of Golgoroth, which means Oryx would not have created him in the abyss.

Regardless, on how you believe Golgoroth was created, he is undeniably linked to a Tablet of Ruin, which may provide a clue to his purpose. When you face Golgoroth in the Raid, a Tablet of Ruin can be seen in the chamber. Upon each Guardian death, a Hive sign is lit, upon six deaths, the fireteam will receive the message, “Tablet of Ruin is complete” and the team will be drained of light until dead.

This tablet is quite interesting, as Crota wanted this tablet for himself. The Golgoroth card reads,

“Crota rose to petition. Father, cut the shapes into a tablet. Give me the tablet. I will bear it in battle and tithe one side of my sword to you.”

So Crota petition against his father, he puts forward an argument that the tablet should be given to him, however, rather than giving the tablet to Crota, Oryx sets the tablet within Golgoroth.

There are a number of reasons why Oryx did not give the tablet to Crota, firstly, Oryx understands that true power does not come from giving but from taking and if Crota is to become powerful he is to take what he wants, also in the eyes of the Hive there is no difference between love and war and lastly, depending on the time in which the Golgoroth card is set, Crota may already be considered a failure as he accidently let Vex into Oryx’s throne world.

Whilst the Tablets of Ruin grant the ability to take your enemies, this particular tablet appears to have a secondary function involving Oryx’s system of tribute. We only have limited information to how this system works, but what we do know is that Oryx designed a tribute system where the Hive would take some energy from each kill for themselves however any excess would be paid as tribute to their superior, with energy following from Thralls, through ascendant ranks and into Oryx.

This was system designed to allow Oryx to satisfy the hunger of his ever growing worm. It appears, that this Tablet of Ruin, that Crota wanted, can assist the mechanisms of the tribute system. Crota says that he will bear it in battle and tithe one side of his sword to Oryx, meaning that with every kill with the sword would pay tribute directly to Oryx.

I believe that this mechanic continues and the Tablet of Ruin we see in Golgoroth’s cellar has the same function, so know that when you die in the Golgoroth’s cellar, your light from being killed is being tithed directly to Oryx. And this is what I believe is one of the purposes of Golgoroth. Any being that has been able to progress that deep into Oryx’s throne world will be confronted by Golgoroth, killed by Golgoroth and the light directly sent to Oryx.

This is reinforced by the mechanics of the raid. When the Tablet of Ruin is complete, your team will be drained of your light. In addition, the death screen reveals that you have been killed by the “Soulsiphon plinth.”

I speculate that this is why Golgoroth receives the symbol of the Spider as his emblem. You may also notice that when you stand in a pool of reclaimed light, it is represented with symbol of Spider. Spiders are patient hunters that lie within their cave trapping their prey. Any unfortunate victims may be kept alive, spun within web, paralysed by venom and only later to be liquefied by digestive enzymes and consumed. If you have been ever been caught within Golgoroth’s gaze you will know that Golgoroth attacks with Ogre Venom, designed to poison his prey.

If you apply this symbolism to Golgoroth, the sacs that hang from the roof, are previous victims of Golgoroth, caught in his web, liquefied guardians reduced to their purest form, light, this is how Golgoroth prepares the light to be offered as tribute to Oryx.

Their sacrifice will not go unnoticed, we will reclaim the light and turn it upon Golgoroth until he lay defeated.

Some spiders are given the name “orbweavers” as their web looks like a dome, considering Golgoroth does not have a title, it is fitting that he now be called, Golgoroth, the Orbweaver. Thanks you watching, if you would like to support the channel and cannot think of comment, leave the comment, Orbweaver, to acknowledge those failed guardians, reduced to an orb of light hanging from the cave of Golgoroth. As usual it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games, peace.