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Welcome back guardians. As voted by you, today’s video will be on the Sunbreaker Titans. Once again, there will be another poll in the top right corner of this video and over on twitter so you can vote for the next Destiny lore video.

What does it mean to be a Titan? As a Titan, you are part of the City- in a way no Warlock or Hunter can understand. The dream of the City rests upon our shoulders. However, there are those who forge a path outside the City Walls, the flame in the Darkness, the Sunbreakers. This is their story.

The Sunbreakers are a Titan order, however they are an ancient order, that pre-dates the City. With the birth of the first guardians, light was an untamed weapon, there was no crucible to hone their skills, no great warlocks to pass knowledge, no walls to hide behind and so the Sunbreakers sought battles and alliances beyond the Walls bringing honor to the wild.

The Titan mark, Mark of the Sunforged, shows that the Sunbreakers at one stage were aligned with the city, the hexagon representing the Battle of Six Fronts, where four Titan orders defended the City against the Fallen. Whilst it is disputed which exact four orders where present during the battle of six front; Pilgrim Guard, Firebreak, Chain, Stoneborn or First Pillar it is thought that the Sunbreakers were not present at the battle, they were already forging a path beyond the wall.

Despite this, they had made a name for themselves as those Guardians willing to leave the safety of the city and reclaim the land and the people showed their support by streaming the Sunbreaker’s Mark proudly from the City’s rooftop.

However, the Sunbreakers are mercenaries and now their mark is associated with defiance. It is thought that after the Battle of Six Fronts Osiris reached out to the Sunbreakers,

“Osiris brokered a contract between the Sunbreakers and the City. [However] its terms were… unacceptable… [to the vanguard] and now the Sunbreakers hate the Vanguard.”

Why Osiris needed a group of mercenary Titans is unknown, the contents of the contract can no longer be discovered, in fact all records of the

“Sunbreakers have been effectively removed from the history of the City.”

Osiris was once the apprentice of the Speaker, however  he deviated from the teachings, pursuing thantonautics, ahamkara-lore, the nature of the darkness and his greatest obsession, the Vex. It is difficult to tell whether the Sunbreakers had already made contact with the Vex prior to their association with Osiris, considering they are an ancient order, or maybe Osiris’s teachings led the Sunbreakers to the Vex and Mercury.

The Sunbreakers have not been seen in years, however a trail leads us to the Burning Shrine and we are welcomed by Ouros, the Third Empyreal Magistrate of the Sunbreakers. Ouros is predicted to be the most powerful Titan alive today, yet, the records do not reflect her legendary status. Like the history of the Sunbreakers she appears to have been erased.

However, Ouros announces her title as the “Third Empyreal Magistrate” which may provide a clue to the Sunbreaker’s existence. Empyreal pertains to the highest heaven or outermost heavenly sphere of ancient cosmology, which is often thought to contain or be composed of the element of fire, pure fire and sometimes even referred to as pure light.

Have the original Sunbreakers, the mercenaries of Osiris, ascended? Have they by-passed the Traveler and can now access pure light? Are they communing directly with the Sky, similarly, to Oryx by passing the Worm gods and communing directly with the Deep?

Did the Sunbreakers, with the assistance of Osiris, harness this power through using the time traveling technology of the Vex? Their link to the Vex is undeniable with their presence on Mercury. In the burning Shrine, the Sunbreakers have created a forge. A forge that does something to your light, what it does to your light must be respected and feared. The forge breaks the brittle. And it bends the weak. But the strong, the strong walk away steeled and tempered. Unbreakable.” Those who are worthy may weld the Hammer of Sol, which appears to have been influenced by the time traveling nature of the Vex, as its legend is a thing of both past and the future.

When we summon the Hammer of Sol, we draw the power of undying suns, scattered across multiple timelines to bring pure light to where only Darkness survives.

Thank you for watching this latest Destiny Lore episode, the most interesting part of this video I believe is Ouros’s title of “Third Empyreal Magistrate”. I find it extremely interesting how this hints that the Sunbreakers have accessed this highly level of light. I also find it really interesting the Hammer of Sol has legend in both past and the future. This reminds of my the strangers rifle which has components from the future. Obviously a direct link to the vex time travel and the exo.

Only time will tell what exactly the Sunbreakers have achieved, however if you have enjoyed this video and would like to support the channel you can leave the comment, Empyreal. Once again it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games, peace.