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Game Informer article reveals new Destiny Lore

Every time she pulled the trigger, an enemy of the City died. Her keen eye, never missed her mark. Eight Iron Lords fell when sealing SIVA away and whilst most are familiar with Saladin’s survival, another Iron Lord may yet live.

Welcome back guardians, today I wanted to summarise any new lore that was released in the Game Informer article, podcasts and videos. I sifted through the current material available, with the assistance of AnonPig, (link to his twitter below) and extracted information that was more lore based. I do not believe this will have any major spoilers, however it will likely take the surprise out of some of the events or missions in Rise of Iron. So if you want everything to be a surprise in Rise of Iron then suggest leaving now.

As you may have guessed via the intro I will be covering the Iron Lord Efrideet. Other information that I will cover includes, information about the other Iron Lords, Thorn, Tyra Karn, Shiro-4, new fragments, the Raid, mentions of a rampaging werewolf, increased information on SIVA, the recycle factor of the Vex and the Iron Wolves. There is a lot of information here, so if you have heard it before feel free to skip to any section with the links on screen or the time stamps in the description.

Links to my twitch channel, where I stream destiny lore and my Twitter is in the description below, as well as links to the guardians who helped film this video. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

Let’s begin with Efrideet. She is a Hunter Iron Lord and was infamous for her sharpshooting. Efrideet’s spear reads,

“A sharpshooter’s weapon forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner”,

Efrideet’s eye reads,

“every time she pulled the trigger, an enemy of the City died”

and the Iron Camelot Casque reads,

“Forged in remembrance of Efrideet, she whose keen eye never missed her mark.”

Prior to the GameInformer article, we assumed that Efrideet died with the other Iron Lords. Remember that, multiple information sources, including Bungie’s website, specifically said that Lord Saladin was the LAST and only surviving Iron Lord. However, in the GameInformer article it explains that there are only eight artefacts each representing eight Iron Lords who fell when sealing SIVA away. Efrideet does not have an artefact (that we know of yet) and similarly she does not have a statue in the Mausoleum.

The article reads,

“Only the eight Iron Lords who fell when sealing away SIVA have their own named artifacts, but canny players know that two more heroes once stood at their side. Saladin is the most familiar; he has hosted the Iron Banner to hone the Light of newer Guardians and prepare them for the threat of SIVA’s re-emergence. But the sniper named Efrideet also may have survived, as she has no statue in the Mausoleum. Bungie won’t be waiting long before exploring the mystery of her disappearance.”

Furthermore, the article also says,

“The scourge was sealed away in a terrible moment of sacrifice by eight of the Iron Lords.”

This seems to imply that Efrideet survived, or possible wasn’t even there, but for whatever reason disappeared afterwards. Obviously, discovering her disappearance will be a portion of Rise of Iron.

Let’s continue on and speak about new information regarding the Iron Lords. Firstly, the Iron Lord classes have now been confirmed. Previously, our best guess was that the Iron Banner armour matched the Iron Lord’s class, for example, Radegast’s Blade was a Titan artefact, hence we believe that Radegast was a Titan. The new information about the artefacts in the article, now confirms this speculation to be true.

Efrideet, Gheleon and Perun are Hunters. Felwinter, Skorri and Timur are Warlocks. Jolder, Radegast and Silimar are Titans.

We are also provided with some specific information about each Iron Lord, well specific information about eight of the Iron lords. Radeghast is described as the King Arthur of the group, that strode into battle with a mighty sword in hand. The King Arthur reference implies that he was the leader of the Iron Lords and the reference to sword may reference King Arthur’s legendary sword, Excalibur. What we do know, that Radegast’s sword was symbolic of the strength of the Iron Lords/Iron Banner and when it eventually broke, I assume in battle, the Iron Lords fell.

This can be seen in the item description for Radegast’s Blade which reads,

“So long as this sword was whole, the Iron Banner could not be broken.”

Silimar was the Iron Lord who designed the Iron Temple on top of Felwinter Peak. He was a defensive Titan, hence the fascination with architecture. Silimar may have been the Iron Lord to design the temple upon the peak, however, it was Felwinter who discovered the mountaintop fortress. The Memory of Felwinter says

“The great enigma of the Iron Lords, Felwinter, was an Iron Lord with good intentions, but sometimes questionable and unusual ways of interacting with the Light.”

Felwinter is often speculated to be the villain in the Iron Lord saga because of his Iron Banner items, Felwinter’s LIE and the Iron Camelot Hood, which reads,

“Forged in remembrance of Felwinter, he who stared into the void.”

I actually think that the new artefact is less incriminating and portrays Felwinter in a more positive light. In fact, it just seems that he has a different way of achieving the same goal, which is common for a Warlock. Just because he appears to be a voidwalker, does not mean he is necessarily evil.
In fact, if any Iron Lord is to be seen as villainous, it is more likely to be Timur. Timur is described as having powers bordering on necromancy and can turn enemies into allies. The Memory of Timur reads,

“Creepy and misunderstood. Timur’s Warlock powers and demeanour almost recall those of a controlling necromancer. Guardians willing to flirt with shadow can take up Timur’s artifact and transform their melee attack giving it a chance to turn low-power minions of Darkness into allies.”

The Iron Lords I have not mentioned include, Perun, a hunter Iron Lord who is described as the field commander, an excellent strategist with very good situational awareness, Gheleon who is a sullen pessimist and Skorri who is described as the Merlin of the group. We actually knew of Skorri previously; she sings the Iron Song that buffs her companions.

I wanted to know briefly mention Thorn. Obviously, the story of Thorn relates to Dredgen Yor and Jaren Ward, I do already have a 3-part series already on this topic. However, I found it interesting that the Phogoth strike has been remastered, called Abomination Heist. Remember that in the original Thorn quest line, you have to complete the Summoning Pits. So… I hope and expect that the new Phogoth strike will provide a grimoire card that adds to the story of Thorn or that the new strike mission will once again be involved in Thorn’s exotic quest line.

I wanted to also mention Tyra Karn. She is described in the article and on the podcast as an “Old Awoken Archivist”. In the podcast, they mention that she is

“fascinated by the history of the Iron Lords, and as you are on the path to becoming a new Iron Lord yourself, she is sort of fascinated with you as well”.

Interestingly, Tyra Karn has almost the same Cryptarch symbol on her clothing, as you would expect, however it is missing two characters. Some have speculated that this alludes to a hierarchical system in the Cryptarch or a ranking system in the Cryptarch, maybe it has something to do with separate branches of the Cryptarch, like we have the Tower and the Reef section of the Cryptarch.

On the topic of new vendors, let me also mention Shiro-4. I initially confused this character with Shuro, who is techeun and that is incorrect. Unfortunately, there is no item descriptions or grimoire cards on Shiro-4. So we can only go on what was said in the dialogue, which is that he seems like a scout of Cayde, and appears to be an Exo Hunter. The most interesting thing about Shiro-4 is his cape, which has some striking resemblances to the House of Kings Insignia. We will have to wait and see whether that was just a bad angle or whether he is in fact bearing the House of Kings insignia.

In the podcast, they made mention to “new fragments”, items that are different from the dead ghosts we collect. They said this,

“They also have the new fragments to find, very much like the calcified fragments from the previous expansion in the Taken King, I do not think there are as many you are going after, but I saw a couple of those hidden around, there are new dead ghosts to be found.”

Does this mean that Rise of Iron will be getting something similar to the Books of Sorrow which we saw in the Taken King and the Maraid, which we saw in House of Wolves, but just on a smaller scale? Either way, I am excited for new grimoire cards!

The new raid was very briefly mentioned, it is called “Wrath of the Machine” and the theme is “collision”. Both the podcast and the article emphasised that the raid will reveal the relationship between SIVA and the Fallen. In the podcast it says, the Raid made an

“effort to explore the fallen interaction with SIVA. Found out the relationship between the Fallen and SIVA.“

The articles read,

“The raid is a continuation of the main story but it is specifically about SIVA and the devil splicers.”

I assume that the true nature of SIVA and who is controlling SIVA will be revealed in the Raid. The podcast was somewhat critical that after completing the 5 campaign missions, they were still not quite sure what was going on with SIVA. So I do think, the twist in Rise of Iron will be revealed in the Raid.

Both in the podcast and in the article, GameInformer hints at a larger enemy or beast in the Plaguelands. Something that cuts the metal, something more than just the SIVA shanks. The podcast mentions that if they were too talk about what caused this, it would be spoiler. They say

“A lot of the steel is really sliced up…what did that.. you’re a lore guy, what is slicing up those boxes”…

“It is unclear without spoiling some things”

“I played through it and I still don’t think I know what sliced through those things”…

“People will get a better sense of it once they played through all of the content”…

“What was previously walls, have been shredded and your now passing into this space that looks like some rampaging werewolf come through and tore it to shreds, and created a path”…

“I am following the path to whatever this is!”

The article reads,

“Dark orange scorch marks indicate the passage of some juggernaut destructive force, like a massive rampaging werewolf that has torn its way through buildings.”

The article actually later mentions a strike mission called, Wretched eye strike, it says

“The Wretched eye strike sends my fireteam deep into decayed missile silos within the Plaguelands to confront the Splicers as they attempt to subvert and infect a Hive nest with SIVA. Its concluding fight seems inspired by the classic monster story Frankenstein”.

I wonder whether his boss is the rampaging werewolf they speak of!?

There is also some new information about SIVA. Previously, I was not aware that we were able to use SIVA for ourselves, I knew it was a golden age technology and I knew that the Iron Lords thought it could save us and save humanity but I was not aware that we had already used SIVA during the Golden Age. The articles reads,

“SIVA was developed during the golden age- this powerful nanotechnology that, when programmed, could become anything they wanted.”

“They used it to build cities. That’s one of the things that allowed the great expansion of the golden age.”

“But for all its remarkable power, SIVA is only as good as the knowledge and wisdom of its controller, and it has now come into the hands of the Fallen.”

We might even be receiving more information about the Vex! Specifically, what is referred to as their recycling plant. One of the PvP maps will provide this information, so be on the look out for the grimoire card for Floating Gardens. The articles reads,

“Floating gardens is a Vex Shrine on Venus where the mysterious aliens go to recycle themselves when a body is no longer fit for service. The strange milky substance inside of them flows like a waterfall from the shrine, even as Guardians fight to hold down a bridge that can dominate the shrine’s interior.”

Really cool stuff about the vex?

Lastly, lets talk about the Iron Wolves. Once again, very little talk, actually none about the Iron Wolves. Lots of mentioning of wolves at Felwinter peak but nothing specifically about the Iron Wolves. What I did find really interesting is that GameInformer podcast mentions that when you are in the new social space, you are referred to as the “young wolf”. This is similar to how you are called Hives Bane in the tower. This just adds to the mystery of the connection between the Iron Wolves and the Iron Lords. So do Iron Wolves become Iron Lords? BUT from a lore point of it seems to indicate the wolves came after the lords. Once again, we will have to wait and see.

That concludes all the new lore that I could gather from the Game Informer information podcast, video and article, the links will be in the description below. I know they are releasing more information very soon and I will be sure to update you on the new lore as it is released. If you would like to support the channel and cannot think of a comment, leave the phrase, “Rampaging Werewolf”, to acknowledge the unknown enemy cutting the place to pieces.

Once again, it has been a pleasure this is myelin games. Peace