Why Osiris created the Trials?

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Trials of Osiris

Have you ever questioned why you compete? Why you enter the Trials? Why access to the Mercury Lighthouse is only granted to the undefeated? Maybe your victories have nothing to do with teamwork, consistency or luck but everything to do with fate…

Welcome back guardians, today we are discussing the lore behind the event, Trials of Osiris, why does this event exist, what is it’s purpose. I apologise for the use of footage, of course this would be a perfect opportunity to feature some Trials of Osiris gameplay, however as fate has it, I have only visited the lighthouse on one occasion! If you have not seen my Osiris the Time-traveller video, I highly recommend watching that video, as understanding how Osiris may have mastered time travel does play a role in this video. The link will be in the description.

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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy this latest Destiny Lore episode.

This video is highly speculative, however I will provide as much evidence as possible leading up to the conclusion, where I will describe what I think the purpose of Trials of Osiris is.

The first topic I want to draw your attention to is “Judgement”. The Trials of Osiris, is very different from the Crucible, the Crucible is about honing your strength, your light, and whilst the Trials of Osiris has elements of this, there is an overarching theme of being watched, observed and judged. As the event title suggests, this is a Trial, that Osiris has set for us. What we are being judged for, I will get to later in the video.

This idea that we are being tested and judged is reinforced by Trials of Osiris gear, specifically, the Watchers’ Grips which reads,

“The Watcher does not just observe. The watcher defines the observed.”- Parables of the Allspring.

And the Transcendent Eye which reads,

“You are not the seer. Not yet. You are the one who is seen.” – Parables of the Allspring.

And this from the Lighthouse grimoire card, which details a report from New Monarchy who visited the area, it reads,

“The site we were invited to is clearly a Cult of Osiris camp. We found stores of Glimmer, equipment, and books. A grounded ship of conventional design rests unguarded. The architecture is clearly, self-evidently Vex, but it has been ornamented extensively with fabrics and ritual objects of unknown provenance. I became convinced during the inspection that we were being watched.”

So the first theme is Judgement, but why are we being observed so closely? Well, this leads to my second theme, “weapons” and I am not talking about the weapons you receive as a reward from the lighthouse, but rather the act of weaponizing guardians themselves. There is a theme, that the Cult of Osiris, or Osiris himself, is selecting guardians as a weapon for some yet to be seen battle.

Have a listen to what Brother Vance says in game,

“The right weapon, honed in the Trials and ready at the right moment”

“The purpose of the Trials is to hone the right weapon for the right moment.”

“Maybe you’re the one we need, come forward.”

“If we miss our moment, if we’re not ready, it won’t come again”

“Ah, here. If were not ready when the moment comes, if we miss by seconds. Darkness”

So it appears, that we are being judged to see if we are the right tool, the right weapon, for Osiris to use when a specific moment occurs, a very specific event. We do not know what this “moment” is however I think there are three distinct possibilities, firstly this is a reference to the coming of Oryx, secondly this is a reference to an event that has not yet occurred or thirdly it is an event that occurred a long time ago, such as the collapse, i.e. an event from our present, our future or our past.

The reason why I say it may actually be a reference to Oryx, is that the grimoire card Ghost Fragment: The Queen 2 implies that Eris Morn and Osiris visited the Queen of the reef to construct a plan on how to defeat Oryx. This is actually reinforced by Brother Vance when he says,

“The Queen and Osiris, I believe they conspire. Have you heard the name Oryx, Guardian?”

In addition, you may have noticed the similarities between a phrase that Brother Vance says and what the Queen says during the Taken King Cut scene. The Queen says,

“That was all part of the plan”

Brother Vance says,

“This is all part of the pattern.”

So, I do think it is very plausible that when Brother Vance is talking about this moment that we cannot miss, he is referring to the Battle between the Awoken fleet and Oryx, I speculate that Osiris helped the Queen fake her death, somehow helping her escape moments before the Dreadnaught’s superweapon destroyed the Awoken fleet… Yes the Queen is still alive as confirmed during a Bungie Livestream.

The second theory, is that this moment in time that we are preparing for, has not yet come and it will be revealed in a future Destiny release. Or alternatively, this moment is actually in our past, maybe a reference to the collapse.

Regardless to which theory you believe, I think it is reasonable to say that when we participate in Trials of Osiris, we are being judged to be a weapon of a greater plan orchestrated by Osiris. However what is the judging criteria? Well this brings us to the third topic “fate”.  The Trials of Osiris grimoire card makes it clear that the Trials is about identifying Guardians who never lose, teams that destined for the Lighthouse. The card reads,

“The Trials are a competition built to identify Guardians who never lose… The Cult invites only select Guardians to their tournament, and only in teams of three. The Cult wants effortless teamwork, inexorable momentum, and something else: consistency, perhaps, or luck, or fate. Any fireteam that loses three matches is ejected from the tournament. Fireteams that win again and again earn spectacular rewards.”

So we can interpret from this, that the reason the Trials of Osiris requires Nine wins and zero loses, is to test the element of Destiny or Fate. Those who make it to the lighthouse have more than teamwork, more than luck, they are meant to be there, they are destined to be there. It is identifying guardians, who never lose.

Why would Osiris want to identify Guardians who never lose… well it comes back to my second theme, he needs Weapons for a catastrophic event in our past, present or future. The Trials of Osiris may be a method for identifying the Guardians who are most likely to succeed, Guardians who can travel with Osiris to the past or to the future to prevent this catastrophic event from occurring… Yes, I am speculating that Osiris is trying to recruit Guardians who can time-travel to moments before the collapse and prevent it from occurring, or to send warriors to our future, where another catastrophic event awaits us.

Remember, it is called a

“Trials Passage”

also remember that there is a shader called,

“Aaru’s Passage”

Aaru is from Egyptian mythology and represents the Egyptian Reed Fields, which is a heavenly paradise, ruled by none other than Osiris. Therefore, a completed trials passage is literally a ticket to an audience with Osiris.

It is no coincidence that Flawless Guardians are granted access to the Lighthouse on Mercury, they have been “judged” as “weapons” … “destined” to succeed by the Trials. It is a Lighthouse, this is meant to be out entry point to the Vex network to seek out Osiris, and like Osiris we are meant to transcend the physical substrate, melting our bodies and setting sail into the river of time… becoming time-traveling warriors and if we ever got lost within the network all we must do is search for the lighthouse, and it will guide us home.

That concludes this latest Destiny lore episode, if you would like to support those Destined individuals that form Osiris’s personal army of time-traveling guardians, leave the phrase, “the travellers”. By the way there is a tonne of Brother Vance quotes that I did not include that confirms Guardians, transcending into something more, which may reinforce this whole theory. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is myelin games.